The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 984

Chapter 984 Punishmen

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The door opened up, and a butler-type robot walked in with a push cart with boxes of food stacked on it.

"Its time to eat!" the dynasty soldiers who were currently on duty cried out.

Ever since they became captives, these Kunde Race civilians had lived in fear toward their unknown future. However, they were not abused in any way. The dynasty gave them their meals every day, and the civilians had calmed down greatly because of this. None of them made any irrational moves.

The butler-type robot then weaved through the crowd to pass out food. These captives all sat up straight and began devouring their food as they chatted with each other. The atmosphere was still pretty calm.

In the crowd, an adult and a child were eating their meal. The female adult then poured half of her food for her child.

"Mummy, arent you eating?" Upon seeing that, this child raised his head.

"You eat first. I will eat after you are done."

The adult female looked at her son lovingly.

"No, lets eat together." The child shook his head and mumbled, "If only daddy was here. Mummy, where did daddy go?"

Upon hearing that, the mother fell silent. She then looked at her son and forced out a smile. "Your father may be on another spaceship and is unable to visit us. He will come and visit us after everything is over."

"Hurray! I really miss him," the child said with excitement. "When will everything be over?"

"It should be soon"

She obviously was not confident, but she still had to force herself to look calm.

Upon seeing her child engrossed in his meal, she turned around and wiped her tears away.

She knew full well that her husband would probably have met with misfortune because her husband was a military officer.

She had been sent away at the start of the war but brought back again as a captive because of the dynasty. Although the dynasty had sealed off all information, she could imagine the losses in the battlefield since the Kunde Race had lost.

Since she could not communicate with the outside world, she did not know if her husband was dead or alive, and she was still holding onto the last bit of hope in her heart. In front of her child, she had to suppress her fear and unease, and she was enduring a huge pressure in her heart.

After her child went to sleep at night, her face would be washed in tears as she wept silently.

She did not know how the Crimson Dynasty would treat them and could only lie to her own child.

Beep beep beep

Right at this moment, a holographic screen popped out and attracted everyones attention.

A familiar figure then appeared on the screen.

"Its the leader!"

A commotion broke out immediately with some of them standing up.

The same scene happened on all the Kunde Race prison spaceships. Most of them were completely clueless about what was happening on the outside after the dynasty sealed off all news. This was the first piece of news that they had received ever since they became captives and also the first time that they had seen their leader on the television since.

This mother placed down her food and pulled her child to watch the screen.

On the screen, the Kunde Race leader faced the camera and slowly said, "Members of my fellow race, I have a piece of news to announce. We have lost the war completely, and around seventy percent of our military strength has been wiped out. The fleets that are lost or destroyed are as follows"

He then began reading out the long list of units that had been lost or destroyed. The family members of the soldiers all had their attention focused on the screen, afraid that they might miss a number.

As the list was read out, there would be some who collapsed on the ground with their hearts shattered and heart-wrenching crying from time to time.

This little child did not really understand what was going on. However, he suddenly felt his mothers body swaying, having almost collapsed. He hurriedly turned around to hold her hands.

"Mummy, whats wrong?"

This mothers body was trembling slightly. If she was a human, her face would definitely have been pale at the moment. She stabilized her body and tried to speak calmly. "Im alright."

She had heard the name of the fleet that her husband was serving, and her final trace of hope had been shattered. Her vision blacked out, and she almost fainted.

But upon thinking about her son beside her, she suppressed her emotions and could not even cry.

Sobbing sounds could be heard everywhere, and grief filled the entire room.

After finally reading out the entire list, the Kunde Race leader said with a deep voice, "I have to take responsibility for the loss of the war. This wrong decision made by the upper echelons resulted in the loss today.

"In truth, this war could have been avoided. The enemy wasnt the one who started the war; I was.

"The dynasty came from afar to explore the unknown. They are actually a peace-loving civilization, but my arrogance and enmity blinded my heart. A third party made use of me to view the Crimson Dynasty with enmity. We then attempted to take the initiative to attack the Crimson Dynasty, which incurred the rage of the dynasty.

"We originally had the chance to live together peacefully without any war or bloodshed. We would only have had to change our culture. It is a pity that my mistake resulted in us losing this option.

"My arrogance destroyed the bridge for both parties to communicate. I take responsibility for everything that has happened, and my mistake has pushed the entire civilization into the pits of despair."

He then took out a document, which was the confidential report of the first psionic explosion trap and the dynastys casualty tabulation to prove that he was not lying.

Following which, the Kunde Race leader stood up and bowed to the screen.

"I was the one who destroyed many families in this war, and I apologize for that."

Everyone now understood the reason for this speech. It was for him to own up to his mistakes and explain the reasons for the war.

Looking at this scene, many people flew into a rage.

Im sorry?

You caused such great harm to the entire race. Is apologizing even useful

If not for you starting the war, all those soldiers wouldnt have died, and we would still be leading a normal life. How would we have been reduced to captives

It is all because of you that our civilization has met with such a crisis! All of these could have been avoided!

A single sorry is enough

The Kunde Race leader then returned to his seat and continued speaking expressionlessly.

"I know that everyone is very concerned about how the Crimson Dynasty will deal with us. Rest assured, the Crimson Dynasty is a civilization far more advanced than us, and they will not massacre commoners or take away our intelligence. They have decided to let go of us and settle us down in another Star System. They will return our freedom to us and help us construct our new homeland"

Upon hearing that, everyone began to calm down slightly. This was the problem that they were all worried about.

It was already extremely lucky for them to emerge alive, and the other party was still willing to let them go and return their freedom.

It seems like the Crimson Dynasty is a peace-loving civilization indeed Many people had such a thought.

Their race had provoked the war and was in the wrong, but the dynasty still treated the captives with mercy and behaved benevolently. After making such a comparison, everyones enmity toward the dynasty weakened.

Of course, there was no such thing as rationality for such a matter. As the party who started the war, there were still many people in the Kunde Race who harbored hatred toward the dynasty, especially the family members of the soldiers.

However, after this explanation, their anger was mainly directed toward the Kunde Race leader.

At this moment, the Kunde Race leader took out another document with Han Xiaos resume written on it. This was provided by the dynasty.

"Our new homeland will be in the territory of a bigshot in the Crimson Dynasty. His name is Black Star, and he will provide protection for us. He is a respected figure, and it was because of his request that the dynasty decided to return us our freedom."

Looking at Han Xiaos picture on the document, everyone remembered this individual who had spoken up for them.

In the office on Planet Lighthouse, Han Xiaos projection was currently watching the Kunde Race leaders speech together with Tarrokov. Upon seeing that scene, Han Xiao looked at Tarrokov and laughed.

"You guys are truly the best. You didnt only give me the resources of the Kunde Race population but also helped me build up my image for free."

Tarrokov took a sip of his tea and smiled. "Youre welcome."

The speech continued, and the Kunde Race leader introduced their new homeland to them but did not mention anything about the propaganda and lockdown of news that they would be subjected to.

"The outcome today is a result of poor strategies, and the upper echelons will have to take responsibility for this matter. The upper echelons will all be punished, and I will keep this lesson in mind to lead our race with wisdom in the future to build up our new homeland."


As these words were said, the crowd immediately broke out in a huge uproar.

"What right does he have to lead us after making such a huge mistake?"

"He punished all the upper echelons but didnt suffer the slightest punishment? Too hypocritical!"

"Does he plan to hold on to the position of leader until he dies"

Everyone flew into a rage.

The entire race was harmed by you to such an extent. What right do you have to continue leading us

Did we agree

All the other upper echelons are to be executed, but your only explanation to us is a simple sorry

Whats the meaning of this

Even if you arent executed, you should step down at least!

Your desire for power is too strong!

The entire race has been defeated, but you are still sitting in such a position. On what basis

Although you seem to be blaming yourself, you are actually making the other upper echelons the scapegoat!

At this moment, the Kunde Race leader stood up and revealed a smile. "I will head to every spaceship to comfort and encourage all of you personally. I hope to bring all of you the courage to start off again. Defeat isnt scary, and I will be able to make the Kunde Race great again."

These words should have encouraged the Kunde Race greatly, but almost everyone was furiously glaring at the Kunde Race leader on the screen.

The Kunde Race leader then stood up and walked out with a floating camera floating behind him.

At this moment, the door opened, and a member of the Kunde Race walked in. The civilians all looked over and began whispering among themselves.

"Who is this person? Why is he able to move around freely?"

"I know who he is. He is one of the secretaries by the leaders side. Hes appeared on television before."

This secretary then clapped his hands and got everyone to keep quiet before speaking.

"Everyone, this will be the leaders first stop, and I hope that everyone can pretend to be full of gratitude to increase the leaders prestige."

Everyone was enraged.

You still want us to put up a show at this moment

All of our family members have just died in the war, and we still have to work together with you and appear grateful

Many individuals clenched their fists with their bodies trembling.

They did not even know how to describe their own feelings. Their anger toward the leader had reached its peak.

Very quickly, footsteps could be heard from the outside, and the door opened again.

The Kunde Race leader then walked in with his secretary and a group of followers with a consoling smile on his face.

Upon seeing his smile, many people could not hold in their anger any longer.

Youre still smiling

However, upon seeing the followers beside the Kunde Race leader, many of them no longer dared act up and could only glare at him furiously.

The Kunde Race leader then said with a smile, "Everyone, how have all of you been during this period? I know that all of you must be at a loss. Dont worry, you can tell me about any of your problems, and I"


Someone threw out a black sticky substance from within the crowd at the Kunde Race leader as he was talking.

It was the bowl that they were eating from, and the food inside it spilled out on the Kunde Race leaders clothes.

"Scram!" A furious voice could be heard from within the crowd.

With someone taking the lead, everyone immediately began throwing their bowls at the Kunde Race leader.

Pa pa pa

The Kunde Race leader was showered with food, and he looked extremely pitiful.

"Stop! Stop!"

The followers of the leader immediately stepped forward to block the bowls and protect their leader.

At this moment, the people from the back who wanted to throw something at the leader but were too far away began squeezing forward. This resulted in the entire crowd moving closer and closer to the retreating Kunde Race leaders entourage.

"Stop pushing! Everyone, back off!" one of the followers shouted and tried to resist the crowd that was approaching him ferociously. All of a sudden, he overexerted his strength and pushed down a female individual.

A childish roar then sounded from within the crowd.

"You hit my mommy! I will fight you!"

This follower then felt a sharp pain on his leg and saw a little child biting down on his leg.

"Scram!" He could not help but slap this child flying.

Everyone in the crowd erupted upon seeing such a scene.

"You guys actually hit a kid"

"Beat them up!"

Everyone could no longer control their anger.

They had abandoned all rationality and began to attack with their fists, teeth, and shells.

The entire situation went out of control.


The Kunde Race leader was pushed onto the ground with people beating him up from all directions.

Right at this moment, he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his neck as it was bitten by someone. Sharp teeth sank down into his throat, and his throat was bleeding incessantly.

The Kunde Race leaders body trembled, and he looked over. The one biting down on his throat was a female member of his race, the mother of the child who was beaten.

The gaze in the other partys eyes was imprinted into his head.

This was a gaze filled with anger, hatred, and despair


"Ah!" She then tore out the Kunde Race leaders throat with her teeth and let out a loud roar.

As blood spewed out from his throat, the Kunde Race leaders body became weak, and his consciousness became muddled.

He looked at the members of his race beating him up, and he was extremely calm.

"My show is finally over"


His consciousness then faded away.

The soldiers on duty then took action to control the situation but intentionally slowed down their actions to let the mess continue for a while longer.

Finally, this bloody incident was stopped by the soldiers, and only puddles of blood were left behind. The corpse of the Kunde Race leader was battered and deformed.

The floating camera had recorded the entire scene, and the Kunde Race members on the other spaceships could also see what had happened.

"They actually killed him? Good job!"

"This sinner of our race shouldnt be kept alive!"

"Only such a method would be able to punish him!"

Many individuals were extremely satisfied with the outcome.

In a walkway not filmed by the camera, a dynasty intelligence officer had his back against the wall with an emotion agitating device.

Upon hearing that the situation had calmed down, he turned off the device and walked away.

"The show is over." Tarrokov turned off the holographic screen.

"You guys truly made full use of him," Han Xiao said. "Not letting the dynasty punish him but having the Kunde Race execute their own leader. This will definitely be a lesson that the Kunde Race will never forget. This incident will be imprinted in the minds of the Kunde Race, and their mental state will be greatly weakened to facilitate your education process."

"This is much gentler than wiping them out," Tarrokov said expressionlessly and looked into Han Xiaos eyes. "Black Star, find the mastermind."

Han Xiao then nodded and said, "Of course, leave this matter to me."

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