The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Migration And Clue

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Around ten days later, the dynastys fleet and the Black Star Army escorted all the Kunde Race civilians to the Odoran Star System in Garu. This was one of the territories of Black Star.

Han Xiao chose to settle the Kunde Race down in this Star System.

With abundant territories in his hands, he generously lent over a hundred planets to the Kunde Race. After splitting them up, every planet had about ten billion inhabitants.

With the Galactic Societys production capacity, housing ten billion people on a planet was an easy task, and their living conditions were not too bad. However, compared to the original living conditions of the Kunde Race, it would definitely be a lot more densely populated.

Before they received the stargate technology, the Kunde Races mobility in the universe was extremely poor. As such, their transportation efficiency was low. Despite the Kunde Race having a few Star Systems and over a few thousand colonial planets, there were few migrants, and those who migrated to a new planet would usually stay there permanently.

The Black Star Army fleet had rapidly constructed a simple city on the planet with the dynastys planet modification package before sending the members of the Kunde Race to their respective planets.

Countless Kunde Race migrants then obediently exited the spaceships and stepped onto their new homeland.

Many of them looked around curiously as they explored their new homeland.

At the same time, in the command hall of Black Star Palace, there were many uniformed personnel monitoring the situation of every single planet.

Han Xiao stood in the center of the hall and overlooked the entire operation.

"Migrating an entire Star Cluster is truly a huge project." Aurora lamented by the side.

Herlous nodded. "After the death of the Kunde Race leader, they can only listen to the dynastys orders and are extremely obedient. Thus, the migration has been smooth."

He had also followed the fleet over. After not seeing Han Xiao for a long time, he truly missed his boss and would steal occasional glances at Han Xiaos back.

"There arent many accidents. Good job," Han Xiao replied.

"How are we going to make use of this sudden increase in population?" Sylvias long-distance projection asked.

Han Xiao then stroked his chin and slowly said, "We wont be able to make use of them immediately. The dynasty will have some plans to educate and reform them. During their reformation, they wont be allowed to come into contact with the Galactic Society or develop their technology. The dynasty will only impart the relevant Super knowledge to allow them to slowly grow.

"It isnt time for us to make use of them yet. We need to rear them for now until the dynasty releases the seal. At that time, they will be an important source of soldiers.

"As such, all of you must include something extra in the dynastys reformation process to brainwash them to join the army as well"

The size of the Kunde Race was even larger than the entire Black Star Army. If he wanted to harvest good crops, he would first have to fertilize the soil. Thus, he needed to emphasize the importance of the Black Star Army to the Kunde Race.

Although the mission reward contained a large amount of Faction Favorability points, it was still important to mold their thoughts.

Han Xiao then paused for a while before continuing.

"Also, spread the Machinery Faith in the Kunde Race and try to get more of them to believe in the Machinery Faith."

During the reformation period, the Kunde Race would not be able to go online, and it would be akin to being separated from the world. This was the best environment to convert them into the Machinery Faith and also erode the beliefs of the Kunde Race.

Without any disturbance from the outside world, their only target of worship would be himself. As such, the Kunde Race would become a treasure chest for the [Key of Adeptus Mechanicus].

To other Mechanics, developing a new batch of believers would be the best option for them to trigger the [Key of Adeptus Mechanicus]. Although the efficiency was extremely low, it was better than nothing.

Manison wanted the current believers to worship him as that was the biggest piece of meat. Apart from that, he was extremely glad to see others spread the faith. With the cake being bigger, he would only receive benefits. There would definitely be some believers flowing toward him, and he would not lose out.

To Manison, when other Mechanics tried to spread the faith, it was akin to planting crops for him. All he had to do was harvest them when the time came.

As such, Manison would not make an appearance as long as no one challenged his position.

Everyone then chatted casually for a while before one of the operators said, "Army Commander, the migration is complete."

Han Xiao then looked at the screen. All the Kunde Race civilians were already on the planets.

"Alright, display the virtual sky screen."

The spaceships hovering around the various planets then projected a screen, and all the Kunde Race civilians looked up.

Han Xiaos figure appeared on the screen, and he said with a smile, "My friends of the Kunde Race, I am Black Star, and I will be in charge of settling all of you down. Thus, you will frequently see my face on the television for a long time to come.

"Today, all of you have moved into your new homeland, and all these planets are a part of my territory. All of you can seek assistance from the members of the Black Star Army located on every planet at any time, and there is no need to worry about your safety.

"I can empathize with whats happened to all of you, and the dynasty is currently tracking the mastermind behind this entire affair. We will definitely find them and punish them, seeking justice for all of you.

"In any case, I hope that all of you can walk out from your pain and embrace your new life."

Han Xiao did not say much. He still did not have the influence for the Kunde Race to feel gratitude toward him. As such, he only made a simple speech.

The screen in the sky then disappeared.

Compared to the dynasty, most of them still had an impression of Black Star. However, they were not exactly friendly toward him.

Seeking justice on our behalf? Who knows if he is serious about it?

After everything that they had gone through, it was difficult for the Kunde Race to believe the promise of an outsider.

After the end of his speech, Han Xiao nodded toward Herlous, and Herlous left the hall.

After a while, a cluster of footsteps could be heard from the outside of the hall. Herlous then brought Nero and the other graduates in. They had returned with the fleet and were scheduled to meet Han Xiao.

"All of you are here."

Han Xiaos gaze swept over these students.

After four months of training on the battlefield, most of their auras had changed greatly.

After Nero fell into the enemys trap, he learned from his mistake and reflected on it. He now had a sturdy aura around him, and Mia was also obviously better trained.

Han Xiao then could not help but notice the two of them holding hands.

"Cough cough." Upon noticing Han Xiaos gaze, Mia let go embarrassedly.

Both of them were originally close friends with a little bit of romance between them. After the previous event, the romance between them had increased greatly. Although they had not officially acknowledged the relationship, they were much closer than before and behaved like a real couple.

Why do I feel like a matchmaker?

Han Xiaos mouth contorted slightly. He pushed those thoughts aside and addressed the graduates.

"I am gratified to see your transformations. All of you are now qualified warriors of the army."

Upon hearing that, the students could not help but raise their heads proudly.

After encouraging them, Han Xiao looked at Mia and said with a smile, "I promised to find you a Calamity Grade teacher, and Herlous will be your teacher from today on. He will do his best to teach you."

Herlous had already been informed of this beforehand. He was the most loyal toward the army and did not have any complaints.

"Although I am usually very busy, I will try to find time to teach you. Dont worry, I am different from Reynold, and I like to adopt a more carefree teaching style."

"Thank you, Your Excellency Black Star!" Mia immediately thanked Han Xiao before greeting Herlous. "I pay my respects to you, Teacher!"

Upon seeing that, all the students could not help but be filled with envy.

Who was Herlous? He was an upper echelon of the army and a top character who had followed Black Star from the very start!

Becoming his student meant that Mia would definitely be a pillar of the army in the future.

However, all of them were not the most envious. The most envious individual was definitely Nero.

I also want a normal teacher! Why do I have to have Reynold

Han Xiao then looked at Nero and said with his brows raised, "Whats with that expression of yours?"


Nero felt bitterness in his heart but did not wish to say it.

He then remembered something and said, "Godfather, I obtained a weapon from the enemy during the battle, and I feel that it is a little strange. Can you take a look at it?"

"Whats so strange about it?"

"This is a weapon that I obtained from a Kunde Race officer during the battle. I got my teammates to help me identify it" Nero then rubbed his head. "It seems to be a high-grade enchanted weapon."

Han Xiao was stunned.

Enchanted weapon?

This item was extremely common in the galaxy, but the Kunde Race did not have any Supers and was a pure technological civilization. They did not know any magic at all.

Just where did the weapon come from?

"Let me see it." Han Xiao was slightly interested.

"It is in my room; I didnt bring it with me. I will bring it over later."

Just when Han Xiao was about to reply, his communicator rang and interrupted him.

He took out his communicator to take a look; the person calling was actually Aesop.

Why is this darn old man taking the initiative to contact me?

Han Xiao then walked to the side and picked up the call.

"Aesop, why are you calling me?"

"Its what you want," Aesop said with impatience. "I foresaw that you would contact me and thus took the initiative to contact you to ask if you want anything."

Han Xiaos mouth contorted slightly.

This ability of yours is truly useful

"Thats right. I do indeed need your help. I need you to help me find some people" Han Xiao then briefly described the situation of the Kunde Race.

Aesop was also very straightforward. "Send me the information later. The more information, the more accurate the prophecy."

"Alright." Han Xiao nodded and paused for a while before asking, "How are Ames and Hila?"

"Taking risks everywhere. How else can they be?" Aesop rolled his eyes. "It isnt as though you cant contact her. Why are you asking me? Alright, I will hang up if there is nothing else and inform you about my prophecy."

As he said that, Aesop hung up immediately.

Han Xiao then put his communicator away helplessly.

He was not planning on relying solely on Aesop. He then left the hall and walked to one of the hangars in the dock.

A severely damaged spaceship was placed in the hangar. This was the spaceship that the stowaways had intentionally placed within the Kunde Race. The dynasty had confiscated it a while ago.

Han Xiao had requested that Tarrokov send this item to him.

The dynasty had already made use of every method up their sleeves but could not find any clues from it. Thus, they did not mind letting Han Xiao try as long as they could find a clue.

Aesops prophecy could only see the future, but Han Xiaos special [Bold Explorer] skill would allow him to see the past of an item.

He felt that he would be able to find something.

He then placed his palms on the charred exterior of the spaceship.

Let me see what I can find.

Han Xiao let out a deep breath and activated [Bold Explorer].


His vision suddenly spun around, and the scene before him seemed to have been shattered like glass.

All of a sudden, these glass fragments joined back together, and his entire world changed.

The scene of a workshop could be seen with the skeleton of the spaceship floating in midair and mechanical arms assembling the various parts.

Han Xiao observed the surroundings and memorized everything that he saw.

The next moment, his vision shattered again, and he could see a spaceship crashing down on a planet like a meteor.

The images then stopped at this moment.

He regained his original sight, and he was still in the hangar.


[Bold Explorer] has ended.

-60% LUK

Duration: 14 days


Han Xiao was used to ignoring the side effects of the skill. There was no difference to him even if his luck was lowered.

He then recalled the scene that he had seen.

"The scene of the workshop and spaceship crashing down seem to be a pretty good clue"

He then realized that every worker in the workshop had the same insignia on their clothes.

Entering the dynastys database to take a look, he managed to find his target. This was a spaceship factory located in the Primeval Star River.

"The supplier of the spaceship has been located" Han Xiaos eyes glowed.

The factory would usually keep a record of all spaceships produced, and although they did not know the serial number of this spaceship, it was still a clue.

"It seems like I need to send my mechanical army to the Primeval Star River."

At this moment, Han Xiao remembered something.

"Right, the Primeval Star River is Manisons territory."

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