The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Deity Assassinator Gold Grade Par

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After memorizing the name of the spaceship factory, Han Xiao left the hangar and returned to his room. He then activated his mechanical army located in the headquarters at the Shattered Star Ring to make their way toward the Primeval Star River.

As soon as he gained [Quantum Infinite Distance Transmission Channel] and [Lords Descent], he had garrisoned his mechanical army in many different bases so that he could activate Lords Descent in emergencies.

Manison had the largest Beyond Grade A faction in the Primeval Star River, and the Black Star Army did not have much strength in that region. Currently, his relationship with Manison was not too good, and he had to be careful when he was in Manisons territory.

After sending out his long-distance mechanical army, Nero came to find him with the strange enchanted weapon.

"Godfather, this is the item that I was talking about."

Han Xiao accepted the weapon from Nero and studied it carefully.

The weapon was in the shape of a spear, and it was broken in the center. The body of the entire spear was dark green, and it felt like bronze. There was a golden fog flowing on the surface of the spear.

The instant he touched the broken spear, a notification popped up on his interface.


Deity Assassinator (Damaged)

Type: Close Combat Enchanted Weapon

Grade: Legendary (Orange)

Equipment Requirements: Lv.230, 830 STR, 1,000 DEX, 600 MYS

Attributes Bonus: +146 STR, +171 DEX, +223 MYS

Basic Stats: 21,000 24,000 Basic Damage, 3755/9000 Durability, 744/15,000 Energy

Enchantment: [Deity Assassinator (Damaged)] When the target is above Lv.200, +240% damage.

Enchantment: [High Grade Enchantment Rapid Phantom] +60% attack speed, 1.5% chance of releasing two phantom attacks (75% damage) with every attack.

Enchantment: [Divine Lock Double Layer Energy Restriction]. 20% chance of inflicting [Energy Restricted] status when hitting the target. The target will not be able to circulate or activate energy. 30s cooldown after being triggered.

Enchantment: [Spiritual Energy Surge]. Rune capable of absorbing different forms of energy to replenish the Energy Value and sustain the effects of the various enchantments. When Energy Value is above 50%, your attacks will have AOE damage.

Enchantment: [Molecular Penetration]. +1,600 Armor Penetration.

Enchantment: [Berserk Magical Energy]. +33% Critical Rate, 20% of Critical Damage will be turned into True Damage.

16 other Enchantments (Expand/Collapse)

Remark: This weapon is currently damaged. Equipment Requirements, Basic Stats, and Enchantment effects will be greatly reduced.


"This" Han Xiao was startled.

Even in its damage state, the equipment requirement was still level 230. If it was in its complete state, would it not mean that only a Beyond Grade A would be capable of using this weapon?

All the enchantments were high grade runes, especially the [Deity Assassinator] enchantment. When the target was above level 200, the damage would be 2.4 times the original!

What kind of a concept was this

The greater the number of enchantments, the greater the load. For this weapon to be able to endure so many enchantments, its material must be extremely sturdy.

Why would the Kunde Race have such an item?

"Tell me how you obtained this weapon," Han Xiao said.


Nero then began narrating what had happened.

"It was an ordinary battleship battle. My teammates and I killed our way into the hold of the spaceship and exchanged fire with the enemys forces. I charged straight at the enemys commander, and his armor was shattered by my attack. I remembered your teachings and didnt forget to deal a killing blow. However, the ground exploded before I could do so, and we all fell down.

"We then landed in a pitch-black warehouse, and this weapon was placed in a transparent vacuum container. That commander then opened up the container and charged at me with this weapon. I tried to avoid the weapon, but he exploded midway. That was how I obtained this weapon."

Exploded? Oh, it should be because the other partys level was too low, and he couldnt endure the enchantments on the weapon, Han Xiao thought to himself.

The more powerful the weapon, the greater the strength required to control it. If one did not reach the equipment requirements of the weapon, one would not be able to unleash the true might of the weapon. However, a small portion of weapons had the risk of causing the user to explode, and it was commonly seen in enchanted equipment.

"Deity Assassinator it should probably be a Beyond Grade A weapon. Since it is a weapon with a name, will it be recorded on the web?"

Han Xiao then entered into the dynastys database and searched for the Deity Assassinator. A large amount of information immediately popped up before him.

He then clicked on the top file.

The Deity Assassinator was forged from a Beyond Grade A dwarf Mage called Divine Craftsman Thorne. He was a grandmaster at forging magical weapons and died in the year 79 of the Galaxy Calendar. He had crafted numerous magical equipment during his lifetime and made a huge contribution to the study of forging magical weapons. He was a character that one would definitely see in the textbooks of enchantments and crafting.

The Deity Assassinator was a Beyond Grade A weapon that Thorne forged for his friend, and it was only a part of the [Deity Butcher] set.

The [Deity Butcher] set was a legendary product left behind by Thorne. It was ranked third in the Grandmaster Thorne: Hundred Legendary Products list. On their own, the individual parts were only of the orange grade, but the entire set was a Universal Treasure at the gold grade!

Throughout history, there had only been a single owner of the [Deity Butcher] set. It belonged to a Beyond Grade A Pugilist who had the title of Divine Spear.

Divine Spear had disappeared in year 103 of the Galaxy Calendar, and the set had also disappeared with him.

At this moment, Phillip suddenly appeared.

"My lord, hum I detect weak multi-dimensional energy from this weapon. Should I conduct a detailed scan?"

Han Xiao nodded and took out various equipment to scan the Deity Assassinator.

The results were out very quickly, and the composition of the multi-dimensional energy was displayed. The amount of negative energy was the highest, and it was the most obvious at the location where the spear was broken. This weapon was obviously destroyed by negative energy, and such energy was commonly seen in the secondary dimension.

"It means that Divine Spear was most likely killed in the secondary dimension," Han Xiao muttered under his breath.

Exploring the secondary dimension was filled with plenty of risks. For a Pugilist that did not have any doppelgangers, teleportation spells, or mechanical soldiers, he could only use his body to brave the dangers of the secondary dimension, putting his life on the line.

According to history, there were two common ways for a Beyond Grade A Super to die. The first was being killed by another Beyond Grade A, and the second was dying in the secondary dimension.

Han Xiao had a guess as to what was going on.

This weapon was probably drifting in the secondary dimension and encountered a wormhole or dimension crack. It then fell back into the main universe and dropped into the Dust Light Star Cluster. It was then discovered by the members of the Kunde Race.

However, it seemed like the Kunde Race was not able to research the mysteries of magic from this item.

Thinking about this, Han Xiao looked at Nero with resignation.

You were actually able to pick something like this up?

It seems like I was being too kind!

Having a conscience is probably pointless when dealing with you!

"Godfather, did you discover anything?" Nero asked.

"Cough" With a solemn expression, Han Xiao said, "According to my identification, this is a dangerous enchanted weapon. You will not be able to endure its load with your strength and will be in danger if you use it. Thus, this item shall be kept with me temporarily."

"It cant be right," Nero immediately said with a look of doubt. "Why didnt I feel anything when holding it? Are you trying to fool me?"

"Holding it is one thing; using it is another. Would I joke about something like this? Who do you think I am? Do you think that I would lie to you?" Han Xiao said righteously.

Just when Nero was about to say something else, Han Xiao covered his mouth and pushed him out of the room.


Before Nero could even react, the door closed.

Han Xiaos voice could then be heard.

"If you dont have anything else to do, go and walk around more. If you find something else, remember to bring it to me so that I can take a look at it."

"Dream on! I wont be back again!"

Nero puffed angrily like a child whose red packet had been taken away.

Han Xiao then opened a safe and placed the Deity Assassinator inside.

He was interested in the entire Deity Butcher set. However, a single part was not too useful to him.

But to a close combat fighter, the Deity Assassinator was a treasure.

A level 230 requirement was about peak Grade A+, and he did have such an expert. Hadavy was an example.

However, Hadavy was an Esper. Although he was tanky, he would not receive any bonuses when using a weapon and was only good for receiving hits. He was like a pure meat shield, unlike Han Xiao, who could tank and deal damage all while looking extremely suave.

The way Han Xiao saw it, Lothaire was most suitable for the Deity Assassinator. It was a weapon that Thorne had made for a Pugilist, and only a Pugilist would be able to fully maximize its potential.

Although Lothaire had not reached the peak, his assassination skills would definitely increase a few levels if he received this weapon.

Furthermore, he would probably have to use this assassin grandmaster to deal with the mastermind.

The Kunde Race incident came to an end, and the Crimson Dynasty began their exploration again.

The war delayed the exploration for a few months. However, the dynastys progress did not slow down, and they received plenty of rewards.

Taking over the Kunde Races territory was akin to receiving a few stargates connecting a few Star Systems in the Dust Light Star Cluster. It would save them a great deal of time as they did not have to construct new stargates.

Furthermore, the Kunde Race database also had plenty of information about the various planets and narrowed down their scope of exploration.

Without any obstructions, the second exploration phase continued smoothly.

The dynasty did not announce the battle in the explored universe, but they had secretly sent out many intelligence officers to search for the mastermind.

Aesop also made a prophecy and foresaw that the stowaways who sent out the spaceships would pass by a certain region. However, the region was far away from the explored regions and did not have any stargates. The dynastys spaceship could only travel by hyperdrive and might not be able to catch up to the other party.

Thankfully, Han Xiao had made other preparations, and his long-distance mechanical army had reached the Primeval Star River.

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