The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Go For Wool And Come Back Shorn

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After coming to an agreement on the matter regarding the Modo Civilization, both of them chatted about the Flickering World for a while before engaging in idle chatter.

Tarrokov took a sip of tea and said, "The dynastys research facility is now studying the Spacetime Splicing Technology. A few of my old friends there told me that this will be a new theoretical direction for research that will give birth to an extremely powerful technological skill. We will now be able to gain a new trump card in the spacetime field. This is all thanks to you."

"This is a good thing. Even without me, the dynasty wouldve obtained the technology." Han Xiao lowered his head and wanted to grab onto the cup on the table, only to have his holographic hand pass through the cup. He then looked at Tarrokov with resignation.

Upon seeing Han Xiaos gaze, Tarrokov placed his cup down and coughed dryly.

"The Federation of Light has the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device, but the dynastys spacetime research isnt a match for them. This time, we obtained the Spacetime Splicing Technology, and we may be able to develop a trademark technology in the future. Thus, a confidentiality agreement cannot be helped."

"I understand. This technology will not be spread out from me." Han Xiao nodded.

In his previous life, the Spacetime Splicing Technology was monopolized by the dynasty. This time, the dynasty was not able to monopolize the technology and could only request that Han Xiao did not let it spread.

During this period, Han Xiaos level and attributes were not increased by much, but he gained quite a few powerful abilities and talents. If the Mechanic Emperor attempted to infiltrate his database again, he would not be afraid anymore, and history would not repeat itself.

Tarrokov suddenly seemed to have thought about something and smiled. "Speaking of which, the Spacetime Splicing Technology is the greatest wealth of the Kunde Race Civilization. The Modo Civilization is obviously a step ahead of us in this respect, but they were made use of by others and are still hidden in the dark."

"If the Modo Civilization knew that their plan didnt only harm themselves but gave the dynasty a huge advantage, theyd probably regret it."

The two burst out laughing together.

After laughing for a while, Tarrokov changed the topic and said, "With my status, it isnt appropriate for me to ask you this question, but I still want to ask you What are your arrangements with regards to your marriage?"

Han Xiaos face suddenly became strange.

What? You want to be a matchmaker now?

With both of our statuses, it isnt too good for you to ask me such a private question, right?

Tarrokov also had an odd look on his face but continued. "The dynasty places a huge emphasis on their alliance with you and also pays close attention to your lifestyle. Maybe you arent aware, but you are very popular among the daughters of the upper echelons."

Upon seeing his look of resignation, Han Xiao understood what was going on.

A Universal Civilization generally would not interfere in the private life of a Beyond Grade A Super. However, the alliance between the dynasty and Black Star Army was currently in the honeymoon phase. The potential that the Black Star Army had displayed resulted in many of the upper echelons having high expectations in him. As such, the idea of a marriage alliance was born, but such matters could not be forced.

Although the dynasty did not have a royal family, a marriage alliance was still a common method to rope their allies in. A portion of the upper echelons had such thoughts, and the others were happy to see the marriage happen as well. With a marriage between the two, this would cause a change in their relationship. It would be much easier to take care of the Evolution Cube problem as well. Black Star could keep the Evolution Cube after the marriage, and the upper echelons would not find the matter that unacceptable.

On the other hand, a Universal Civilization had always placed huge emphasis on the various Beyond Grade A races. This would be a cradle for new Supers to be born. The dynasty also wished for Han Xiao to have his own children and Beyond Grade A race.

To put it simply, they were pushing him to get married.

The matter of an arranged marriage might not be Urranrells suggestion; it was probably the various upper echelons getting Tarrokov to pass on the message.

Seeing Han Xiao remain silent, Tarrokov could only continue. "If theres time, you can participate in some of the dynastys banquets. There are many daughters who want to get to know you."

They want to get to know me?

They probably want to sleep with me!

Humph, a guy needs to know how to protect himself. I will not give you such a chance.

"We can talk about this again later." Han Xiao chuckled and changed the topic. "Does the dynasty have any other upcoming plans?"

"Let me think" Tarrokov thought for oa moment, "Right, a Beyond Grade A from the Arcane Church has not appeared for a long time. It is a little strange."

"Whos that?" Han Xiao had not paid attention to such matters recently.

"Ninjia, do you still remember him? He is one of the members who attacked Planet Lighthouse. He was the one who escaped with the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter."

"Oh, him." Apart from Ninjia, the other Beyond Grade As of that group were sealed in the Spacetime Amber.

"Ninjia hasnt appeared all these years, and the Arcane Church claim that hes recuperating. However, as times gone on, things have become more and more suspicious. Even if he was recuperating, theres no reason for him to not appear for a decade. There is probably a hidden reason behind this"

"Is the Arcane Church lying?" Han Xiao raised his brows.

"Hmm, its possible that Ninjia is missing or already dead. I think that it is possible that Ninjia didnt return with the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter and was intercepted by someone," Tarrokov said with a deep voice.

"You mean to say the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter isnt in the hands of the Arcane Church, and they are only pretending that they have it?" Han Xiao stroked his chin. "I have already unsealed the few Beyond Grade As from the Arcane Church, but they have not requested that I unseal the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter yet. Even if it is because they dont think that the dynasty will agree, this excuse is a little flimsy."

"Thats right." Tarrokov shook his head. "However, it doesnt matter who has the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter. Without your help, no one will be able to use it and pose a threat to us."

"Hmm This means that the dynasty will be the only party capable of using the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter. We may even have a chance to purchase the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter and make the once trump card of the Arcane Church ours."

"It isnt so easy. We still have to see the intentions of the upper echelons." Tarrokov was not too optimistic about that.

Both of them then chatter for a while. Tarrokov said that he had a meeting to hold, and Han Xiao did not disturb him anymore.

After deactivating the long-distance projection, Han Xiao returned to his room and thought about their conversation.

"I will have to wait for the fourth exploration phase to finish my revenge against the Modo Civilization. I should make some preparations before Version 4.0."

As he said that, Han Xiao opened Phillips database and looked at the current scale of the army.

After so many years of development, the Black Star Army had stabilized its position as the head of the Shattered Star Ring. Although it faced some challenges, their status would not be so easily shaken as long as he was around. The army had also received their own territory in the Flickering World and had plenty of room for improvement.

The Black Star Army had set up various divisions in the other Star Fields, but the scale of these divisions could not be compared to those in the Shattered Star Ring and Flickering World. Their main territories were still in these two Star Fields.

The second exploration phase was now on track. Although there would be more manpower being channeled in during the third phase, without an obstruction like the Kunde Race, the entire universe would be able to develop stably for the next ten years or so. The universe would only start to stir in the fourth phase.

"The army has sufficient time to build various facilities in the Flickering World during this period. The mechanical civilization and Black Spirit Race will also have sufficient time to develop."

Next, he went through the pressure that he would be facing from the outside during this period.

There was no need to mention the Mechanic Emperor. The conflict of interests between them would not be resolved so easily. The Limitless Financial Group was also fighting for business with him and probably would not let up. Then, there was the World Tree Civilization, a time bomb that could turn the entire universe upside-down.

"Theres now the Modo Civilization on the list as well. There are truly many things to take care of."

Han Xiao let out a deep breath.

There were plenty of powerful enemies, and they were all extremely powerful. In order to deal with them, the strength of his faction and his own individual strength was extremely important.

"My strength will be able to grow quickly when the players return, and it will be much easier for me to take care of these problems."

Although his efficiency in obtaining experience was not too low, it could not be compared to the frightening speed of harvesting leeks.

He was not planning to remain idle. Even if he could not increase his level, he was planning to make use of this time to search for the method to forge Universal Treasures. A Mechanic would have other ways to increase their strength.

It was already very good for a Beyond Grade A to have one Universal Treasure. Han Xiao already has two in his hands, but he would not mind having a third.

"The next batch of Beyond Grade As will be born in Version 4.0. Hehe, I have become a senior so quickly."

Han Xiao shook his head. Thinking about this, he could not help but think about Hila, who was in training.

He missed Hila after not seeing her for some time. After leaving Planet Aquamarine, the two of them had rarely seen each other.

"She will probably step into the Beyond Grade A realm in Version 4.0."

Han Xiao thought highly of Hila, and she was the only one who had the chance to become a Beyond Grade A among all his officers.

Hadavy, Lothaire, Feidin, and Lagi had potential, but they were too far away from becoming a Beyond Grade A.

"Perhaps I should think of a way to strengthen these officers."

Han Xiao thought for a while and took out an intelligence report. This was EsGods intelligence about the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy.

According to the information, the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy would appear in Version 4.0. Although he would not be able to use this special Esper Ability, he could obtain it first before finding an appropriate host.

The chance was rare, but he was not planning on letting go of it.

In a strip club within the transportation hub of the Constellation Corridor, the atmosphere was boisterous. However, the atmosphere was the complete opposite in the corner.

There were two individuals sitting opposite each other. One of them was wearing a windbreaker, and his appearance could not be seen. The other was a sentient creature that had zits all over his body. He looked like a standing toad and had a pair of sunglasses.

"This is what you want." The toadman took out a small disc and passed it to the other party before softly saying, "The information is inside."

"Hmm." The man in the windbreaker picked the disc up and walked away.

The toadman then called out to him and said, "I dont understand. I backed out from the intelligence community a long time ago, and there are only a few who still know me. How did you find me? Who are you exactly?"

"Dont you think it is very pointless to ask someone who is hiding his identity such a question?" the man in the windbreaker said with a hoarse voice.

He then boarded a galactic spaceship and left the transportation hub.

When he was in his room, he took off his windbreaker and revealed a pale face. It was Gaud.

Taking out a machine, he inserted the disc, and the information was displayed on the screen.

Gauds lips curled up slightly.

"Thats right. Its information on the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy"

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