The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Incoming Storm 2

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It was the day for Black Stars Party again, and the Black Star Army headquarters located in the Shattered Star Ring welcomed the representatives from many different organizations.

Over the past ten years, Black Stars Party had become an iconic event of the army.

Compared to the first few years, there were many more participants with many of the organizations coming from other Star Fields. They were all organizations preparing to head to the Flickering World. With the Flickering World about to open to the outside world, many organizations wanted to have a good relationship with Black Star, who had territory in the Flickering World.

The number of explored Star Clusters would be increased to nine, and the Dawn Star Cluster, which was the entrance to the Flickering World, was being managed by the dynasty. Garu, Renault, and Crown, which were explored in the first exploration phase, had been split up to the dynastys allies, and their basic facilities had been completed. The five Star Clusters of the second and third exploration phase had plenty of room for development, and the dynasty was prepared to open more slots and get the various organizations of the universe to bear the cost of developing them.

The dynasty announced that the Black Star Army would be given two Star Systems, located in the Russo Star Cluster of the second phase and the Mark Star Cluster of the third phase. Only a small portion of the other allies had a territory assigned to them.

Unlike the first phase, the dynasty would not give out too many territories but considered arranging various National Pillars to maintain their control over the various Star Clusters.

Within the territory of the nine explored Star Systems, the Black Star Army was the organization that had the largest territory in the Flickering World, except for the dynasty. Thus, there were many organizations fawning over the Black Star Army and hoping to gain more benefits from the Flickering World.

The party was boisterous and filled with individuals from many different races. It was almost as though it was a gallery to view all the different races.

There were many who were joining in Black Stars Party for the first time, and they gathered in small groups to chat with each other while gossiping about the various Black Star Army officers.

"That woman with a Star Cluster representative beside her is Chief Administrative Official Sylvia. She is Black Stars head butler, and I heard that she is extremely capable. The one beside her is Fleet Commander Herlous, and his student Mia is beside him. She stepped into the Calamity Grade a year ago and uprooted a traitor of a galactic civilization organization that had a Calamity Grade Super single handedly. It is said that she is the lover of Nero, the heir to the Black Star Army."

" Look there. That is Vice Commander Lagi, the former leader of the Hidden Red Robe Abbey. He is also the principal of the Black Star Super Academy and entered the list of Beyond Grade A seeds last year. The one beside him is Tomar, a genius Mage. It is said that Austin wanted to rope him in a few years ago but was rejected by Black Star."

"The individual reading blueprints in the corner is Reynold, who is in charge of logistics. The one beside him is the vice head of the intelligence department, Shazik. There is also the upper echelon of the Germinal Financial Group, Iapetus Most of the important personnel of the Black Star Army are gathered here. I think that there are more than thirty Calamity Grade Supers present."

"This is only a small portion of the Calamity Grade Supers in the Black Star Army. The elite Black Star Guards such as Hadavy and Feidin are all in the Flickering World. The entire Black Star Army has about sixty to seventy Calamity Grade Supers with two Beyond Grade A seeds."

"Black Star has lived in seclusion for the past few years and almost never made any public appearance. It is only possible to see him during Black Stars Party. I wonder if there will be a chance to talk to him"

Just as everyone was chatting, a holographic projection appeared on the stage.

The attention of the guests was immediately attracted by the screen, and they all greeted the silhouette that had appeared.

"Your Excellency Black Star."

Han Xiao nodded and smiled. "Welcome to the Black Star Army."

With his current life span, a decade was no more than a snap of his fingers, and he did not seem to have aged the slightest.

With the main character appearing, the plaza became boisterous with plenty of people coming forward to chat with Han Xiao.

Han Xiao was already used to this and dealt with them with a smile.

According to his memory, a portion of these organizations were active in the Flickering World.

Apart from the three Universal Civilizations and Super Star Cluster Civilizations, some neutral civilizations and civilian organizations also played an important role in the Flickering World.

Because of Han Xiaos hard work, the army had gained an advantage in the Flickering World and had nine Star Systems as their foundation. They could make use of their foundation to build ties with more organizations and form a large net of benefits. This was also the reason for the party today.

Han Xiao dealt with all those who approached him while searching through his memories to match these individuals to their organization.

The banquet was a very successful one, and after sending away the guests, the officers followed Han Xiao into his office.

"Army Commander, the Flickering World is about to be opened to the outside. We need to make sufficient preparations and be prepared to fight off the various large organizations," Sylvia said.

Han Xiao nodded and replied, "Just go according to our plan."

The army had been preparing for more than ten years and had already made all the relevant preparations.

When the Flickering World opened, it would also be the start of Version 4.0 and the time for the players return. At the same time, inter-Star Field transportation would also be activated for the players, and all the players would flood toward the Flickering World.

Compared to the other players, the players of the Black Star Army obviously had an advantage as they had come in contact with the Flickering World during Version 3.0.

Han Xiao had been waiting for this day for a long time. The Black Star Army now had the foundation to welcome the new version, and they would be the leeks for him to harvest.

Through his hard work, the Black Star Army had become the largest private organization in the Flickering World and could provide the players with even more benefits to attract them.

Over the past ten or so years, the strength of all his officers had improved, and he had not remained idle either. He had replenished his mechanical army and perfected his Dimension Factory. At the same time, he had converted more first-generation Mechanical Lives to aid in the development of the machinery civilization.

Although he still was not capable of forging a Universal Treasure, Han Xiao would send his mechanical army out from time to time to search for opportunities to obtain some talents. He had also accumulated plenty of Random Reward chances.

The experience that he had accumulated was all spent on increasing the levels of his skills to obtain Potential Points. As such, his level did not change much, and he was still around level 300.

Apart from this, Han Xiao also searched for more Energy Training Techniques to increase the upper limit of his energy.

Because of his interface, his training efficiency far exceeded the other Beyond Grade As, and the increase in his energy level was pretty substantial.

After over ten years of accumulation, Han Xiaos foundation was no longer weak and could barely match up to his status of a peak Beyond Grade A Mechanic.

After remaining low profile for so many years, the outside world probably thinks that my strength has stagnated. I am already all prepared and only waiting for an opportunity. When Version 4.0 launches, my strength will be increased rapidly again

Nero stood up and said, "Godfather, I have a request."

"Speak." Han Xiao looked over. Nero was already an adult, and although he still had a childish appearance and was still short like before, he had a far more stable aura.

Nero had acted as his right-hand man over the past few years and helped him greatly.

"I wish to apply for leave to accompany my father on Planet Aquamarine. I also wish to take Mia with me," Nero said.

"Hmm, you should go back."

Bennett was getting older and older. As the leader of Planet Aquamarine, he was extremely busy, and Nero would apply for leave to visit him from time to time. Han Xiao naturally did not stop him from doing so.

After checking on the work of all the officers, Han Xiaos communicator suddenly rang.

Upon glancing at the caller, Han Xiao waved his arms and got his subordinates to leave the office before picking up the call. Tarrokovs silhouette then appeared on the screen.

"Black Star, the Flickering World is about to be opened, and you should know what you need to prepare. I am calling you for something else."


"You should have paid attention to the newly ascended Beyond Grade As over the past few years, right? One of them chose to join the dynasty, and they will head to Planet Crimson Ring to meet Her Excellency Ruler. The dynasty is going to gather the Beyond Grade A allies to meet him. Are you planning to meet him?"

Every Beyond Grade A that joined the alliance had the same treatment, and it had been the same for Han Xiao.

Over the past ten years, a few new Beyond Grade A Supers had risen in the various Star Fields.

He was no longer considered a newbie.

After taking a look at the information that the dynasty had sent to him, Han Xiao was immediately tempted. This individual had joined the dynasty during this period in his previous life and made the same decision.

"Alright, I shall go and meet him," Han Xiao agreed, and his thoughts began to drift.

Version 4.0 is about to open up. I wonder how Hila is doing.

At the same time, in the desolate universe belt, Ames floated outside the atmosphere of a planet and looked down at the boundless sea of red on the planet.

The red energy swept over the entire surface of the planet like a flood, and anything that came into contact with it disintegrated into dust.

The sturdy earth seemed to have turned soft, and the sea of red was still rapidly expanding.

All of a sudden, the red energy shot toward the sky with a red figure emerging from within it.

Her face was filled with the coldness of death.

Upon seeing that, Ames smiled.

"Welcome to the Beyond Grade A realm."

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