The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 999

Chapter 999 Return Accepting The Battle

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A small spaceship was flying through the universe at warp speed, resembling a gleam of white light against the dark backdrop.

The spaceship was on autopilot, with only two people in the cabin. They were Ames and Hila.

Hila sat in a precarious position, her eyes closed and her hands flat on her knees. Her fingers were continuously moving as she controlled wisps of death energy to flexibly swim between her fingers, training her control over her power.

Opposite her, Ames reclined on the sofa with a hand on her head and the other on her waist.

Watching the death energy move, Ames could not help but sigh. "Youre really working yourself to the bone. Even at the Beyond Grade A realm, youre continuously training."

Hila opened her eyes, her tone indifferent. "Beyond Grade A is not the endpoint, and theres no limit to my path ahead of me. I cannot be satisfied with just this."

"I feel that you should still rest a little though. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Ames shook her head in resignation. She was very satisfied with this disciple of hers, but her desire to grow stronger was so intense that it made her, as the teacher, seem like a lazy bum.

"Ill always have time to rest in the future." Hila shook her head. "When I return, I will definitely spar with Han Xiao once and test out my current strength. Thus, I cannot rest now. However little I can improve, its better than nothing."

"Relax, based on what I know of Black Star, he will definitely not let you lose too badly and damage your self confidence." Ames laughed. With a flick of her finger, she opened the star map. "We only need two more days to arrive at the Inter-Star Field Stargate of the Ancient Star Desert, then well arrive directly at the Constellation Corridor. We can use Black Stars identity to borrow the dynastys channels, which will save us a lot of time"

Before she could finish her words, the communicator beside her started to ring.

"Its Black eh? Its actually old man Aesop." Ames was surprised after giving it a look. She originally thought that it was one of Han Xiaos desperate serial calls, but it turned out that it was her teacher on the line.

Sitting up, Ames activated her force field to bring her communicator over before answering, and Aesops face appeared.

"What do you want?"

"Where are you guys now? When are you returning to Floating Dragon?" Aesop asked.

"Were still at the Ancient Star Desert, almost reaching the stargate."

"You should still make it on time." Aesop relaxed. "Try to hurry. Ive foreseen that, in a while, the new Beyond Grade A of the Arcane Church will come over to challenge you, and you need to step forward."

This was really insane. Tolaen only had the thought, and Aesop had already sensed the changes in the world. The powerful ability of this old man surfaced once again.

A flicker passed through Ames eyes, and she laughed harshly. "A new Beyond Grade A challenging me? I know, that person is probably looking to gain a battle record. Hehe, to pick me when theres five of us within the Shattered Star Ring, does he think Im that easy to bully?"

While Floating Dragon was stationed by Planet Aquamarine, allowing the Black Star Army to aid them, this was a battle between Beyond Grade As. Since the other party was targeting Floating Dragon, the Black Star Army had to receive the permission of Ames before they could help. But such a small matter could be settled on her own, and she did not intend for Black Star to step in.

After hanging up, Ames found Hila staring at her.

Ames looked at her and immediately understood what she wanted. "What, are you interested?"

"Youre my teacher, so this time, let me help." Hila nodded, and a cold gaze flashed across her eyes.

She had originally intended to directly head toward the army to give Han Xiao the good news after arriving at Shattered Star Ring, but with such a situation, she changed her mind.

The other party was also a new Beyond Grade A, and such an opponent was not commonly found.

It was a good time for her to test out how much she had grown.

On one of the islands around Floating Dragon, a group of newly recruited Supers were practicing in the square, and the current commander of the Floating Dragon Island Field Team, Vilna, was supervising them.

It had been more than twenty years since Floating Dragon Island anchored itself to Planet Aquamarine. The main island continuously expanded, along with its subordinates and troops. While they could not compare to the scale of the Black Star Army or Bloodshed Land, they could be considered a passable Beyond Grade A organization.

Correspondingly, the scale of Floating Dragons officers also expanded, and the work for everyone was becoming more and more arduous. Vilna had taken over Han Xiaos post and helped manage Floating Dragon to the best of her abilities.

While her temperament was mild, she could be fierce and strict when needed, so this batch of new recruits did not dare slack off, fully engrossing themselves in exercise.

Beep beep!

At this moment, the communicator on Vilnas wrist rang. It was Aesop.

The moment she picked up, Aesop did not even greet her, immediately shooting out commands.

"Gather the fleet and set down a defensive formation."

"So fast" Vilna stuttered but did not hesitate, immediately calling out all her subordinates to assemble the fleet.

Ames had specifically instructed earlier on that if she were not present, Aesop would be the highest in command.

Thus, under Vilnas instructions, Floating Dragons armed forces finished assembling, surrounding Floating Dragon in a tight defensive array.

There were a lot of people thinking that something serious had happened, but after a long while, everything was still calm, with no new orders.

"Theres nothing. What are we going to do now?"

"Was it just a drill?"

Just as everyone was getting confused, an abrupt change took place.


All the spaceships within the fleet let out warning alarms as a humongous fleet appeared on their radars, rapidly drawing closer to them!

The next moment, streams of light could be seen from the distance, and an armed fleet appeared on the outer space of Planet Aquamarine, each marked with the insignia of the Arcane Church.

"Arcane Church"

Vilnas expression changed as she jumped.

Her reaction was mild, as the other Floating Dragon members were showing even more exaggerated reactions. All of them panicked, as though facing their mortal enemy.

Floating Dragon was different from the other organizations like Black Star Army, which regularly had dealings in the universe. Thus, seeing such a scene would easily ruffle them.

However, it was not just Floating Dragon. Even the observatory post on Planet Aquamarine was also alarmed!

The observers scrambled to send the news back to their headquarters, and this information was quickly uploaded, skipping through all the layers of authority, directly to the decision makers where Bennett was.

"The Arcane Church have come?"

In the administration building at Planet Aquamarine, Bennett also received a shock.

As the leader of a civilization protected by the Peace Treaty, the Black Star Army, the Crimson Dynasty, and Floating Dragon Island, he was not afraid that the Arcane Church had any malicious intentions. However, such an abrupt visit left him with a bitter taste in the mouth, and the lack of a diplomatic etiquette showed that the other party did not have any good intentions.

Thinking about this, Bennett immediately sent an order.

"Invite Black Stars avatar!"

His voice had just sounded, and he found out two figures had suddenly accelerated quickly toward the sky. Raising his head, he saw Nero and Mia shooting up toward the sky, taking the first step to check on the situation.

At the same time, Tolaen was staring down at the defensive troops from his main flagship, pouting.

"Sigh, I thought I could scare them a little and look at them scramble and panic but they seem to have already known that I would come. Was the stealth function rendered invalid, or is it the legendary Aesops ability?"

Shaking his head, Tolaen did not bother to think so much. This sudden appearance was just a passing evil thought of his. After all, he still had to publicly declare his challenge.

Turning to the commander, he said, "Send out the broadcast; announce my intention."

The commander nodded before moving on to carry out the tasks.

The arrival of the Arcane Churchs fleet was imposing, causing both Planet Aquamarine and Floating Dragon to be on alert. After some negotiations, both sides reached a consensus, with the Floating Dragon fleet giving way to allow Tolaen to land on Floating Dragon Island with a spaceship.


The spaceship landed on the main island, and Tolaen walked out with large strides, setting foot on Floating Dragon Island.

Surrounding him was a group of Floating Dragon Warriors bearing arms, with visibly nervous expressions.

There was no helping it, for he had announced his identity and intentions a moment ago, and without Ames helming Floating Dragon, everyone felt nervous at having to face an unfriendly Beyond Grade A.

Tolaen swept them a glance before coldly saying, "I want to speak to the commanding officer."

The crowd moved, parting to allow Aesop and Jenny to step out.

Jenny was impassive as she said, "Im the Chief Administrator of Floating Dragon. Her Excellency Dragon Emperor is not here at the moment. Youve come at a bad time."

"I dont care if shes present or not. You just have to give me an answer. Does she dare accept my challenge?" Tolaen stood with his arms crossed, revealing a high and might pose.

"I cannot make that decision." Jenny shook her head.

"Then you should just shut up, Baldy. Contact Ames and have her answer me." Tolaen was not polite at all.

He had a different temperament to most Beyond Grade As. While he had been reformed, he still carried the air of a wanted criminal, arrogant and brash.

"Bald Baldy"

Jenny froze for a moment before flaring up.

My hairline is just a little high. This lady here is not bald! I have hair!

At that moment, Aesop blandly replied, "Ive already contacted Ames. She has indicated that she will accept your battle."

"Oh, youre Aesop?" Tolaen turned to look at him with an interested expression. "Ive heard your name, and everyone says youre an immortal species with a good ability. How about it, would you like to work for me?"

"You dont have the qualifications." Aesop slightly smiled. While he was not a Beyond Grade A, his bearing was more regal and dignified than Tolaen.

"Tsk." Tolaen only snorted before ignoring him. He raised his voice. "Since Ames has already agreed, Ill wait here until she arrives What are you waiting for? Arent you going to prepare a room for me"

At this moment, a few figures flew up from Planet Aquamarine, landing on the main island of Floating Dragon.

Among them were Nero and Mia, and the rest were the machinery troops that Han Xiao had left on Planet Aquamarine, which included a mechanical host carrying his Lords Avatar.

Seeing that Black Star was there, the soldiers all heaved a sigh of relief.

The prestige that Han Xiao had left behind on Floating Dragon Island had continued to this day. In the eyes of many of Floating Dragons members, their ally Black Star was sometimes more reliable than their own boss, Dragon Emperor.

Han Xiaos consciousness had already descended as an avatar, and he sized up Tolaen before muttering in a puzzled tone, "What, are you tired of living already?"

He had guessed that the new Beyond Grade As would cause problems, but he did not expect them to jump the gun like this. To run all the way to his mother planet, were they seeking death?

His current identity was different from the past. If one provoked him, he would not mind getting rid of a Beyond Grade A Super from the Arcane Church. Since the dynasty had tasked him with maintaining law and order, nothing set an example like killing another.

"Its you." Tolaen eyed him before lightly saying, "Your Excellency Black Star, Im not here to go against you. This matter has nothing to do with you."

Oh, what an arrogant attitude. People like you, Ive already killed numerous of. Nothing much to add another to the list, Han Xiao thought.

He had read all the material on the new Beyond Grade As that the dynasty had shared with him, and he recognized this guy as Red Devil Tolaen, who had joined the Arcane Church. His strength was ranked around the middle of the Beyond Grade As, but he had a streak of self-confidence, making him think that he was the best. It seemed a miracle he had not gotten beaten to a pulp yet.

There was a wide variety of Beyond Grade A personalities, from those like a big brother such as the Mechanic Emperor or Dark Lord, and there were also old foxes such as Sorokin, lazy people like Ames, and Heber who was prideful. There were also people like him, who could not hide his handsome-ness even though he stayed low

"Dragon Emperor is my ally. Since shes not here, how about I play a round with you?" Han Xiao tilted his head.

"Its alright." Tolaen raised his hands up, an arrogant expression still on his face as he said, "I cant beat you."

Han Xiao was stunned.

With that expression, I thought you were going to say something insulting!

Could it be that those were the most courageous words you could squeeze out with that expression?

Directly blocking me like such, what a clever little brat you are!

Han Xiao had intended to teach this Tolaen a lesson, but to think that this person had seen through his ruse and arrogantly rejected it.

While Tolaen might appear very impulsive, he knew his limits clearly. He understood that it was not good to provoke Black Star, who was at the peak of the Beyond Grade A realm, so he decided to only challenge Floating Dragon and nobody else.

At this moment, fluctuations could be seen in the space not far away, and the Palace of Hidden Spells jumped out of the void.

Seeing this, Han Xiao froze.


Why is it you

How are you everywhere You really know how to join in the fun!

However, Austin did not come over to watch a scene this time. After his Palace of Hidden Spells arrived, it created another rift, and a small spaceship flew out, landing on the dock.


The door opened, and long, smooth legs appeared. Ames and Hila descended from the spaceship one after another.

Ames smiled and explained, "Just rushing would not have cut it, so I called Austin to help out."

Han Xiao could not help but raise his head, and he saw that at the peak of the Palace of Hidden Spells, Austin sat there like a little kid, with two fingers pointing up and twiddling around, making a ridiculous greeting to Han Xiao.

"Show off," Han Xiao grumbled.

After a quick greeting, Ames noticed Tolaen, and a smile appeared on her face.

"So, you wanted to challenge Floating Dragon?"

"Arent you asking the obvious?" Tolaen snorted.

Ames nodded before taking a step back, allowing Hila by her side to step out as she smiled. " If you wish to spar with me, thats fine, but youve got to win against my student first. Shes part of Floating Dragon."

While Han Xiaos avatar was present, Hila had not glanced at Han Xiao once after touching down. Her gaze was fixed on Tolaen with an indifferent expression.


Tolaen was surprised. He looked over her, remembered the previous material he had seen about Black Star Army, and snorted.

"I recognize her. Shes an officer under the Black Star Army. Just a mere Calamity Grade, are you sending her to die or to humiliate me?"

However, just as he spoke, the surging death energy burst out from Hila like a tsunami, exploding with intense energy fluctuations rising into the sky!


Shockwaves spread, and the land around them cracked.

Everyone steadied themselves in a hurry and refocused their attention on Hila, who was cloaked in death energy. Fright and amazement filled everyones eyes.

This level of energy fluctuations belonged to a new Beyond Grade A!

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