Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Saw Blood Admonitions

Ch125 – Saw Blood, Admonitions

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu

Edited by: Butter

What youngest Foundation Stage craftsman in history? What is worthy of being called the top talent in Qing city? Incidentally, even Duan Yuhao, the most outstanding junior in the Duan family, was merely used to showcase Lin Xuanzhis excellence when he was compared with Lin Xuanzhi.

The proud Duan Yuhao hated Lin Xuanzhi to death.

And now, Lin Xuanzhi actually dared to discipline his younger brother? And mislead this fool?!

Duan Yuhao said coldly, Dont tell me you believed everything he said?

Duan Yufei scratched his head, But, I think that they were right.

During this period, he had been feeding the kitten demon religiously. As a result, the kitten demons fur became both shiny and beautiful, and its cultivation even improved a little.

Duan Yufei saw this with his eyes and felt happy in his heart. The first thing he did when he got up everyday was imagine a scene where this kitten demon inflicts mass destruction everywhere.

A murderous glint flashed through Duan Yuhaos eyes.

Youve only met Xuanzhi once, yet you already believe his words so easily. Duan Yufei, youve really let me down.

Duan Yufei was puzzled. Why was his Gege angry?

Duan Yuyao stared coldly at Duan Yufei, who was still bewildered, then looked at the kitten demon with shiny hair that was worlds apart from how it looked when it had just been caught. He suddenly seemed to have thought of something as he whistled.

At this moment, a ferocious eagle came flying over from a tree.

Duan Yufei recognised it it was a Hunting Blood Eagle, and it was Duan Yuhaos contracted beast that he took with him everywhere.

Duan Yufei had a sudden sense of foreboding that came out of nowhere. His eyes widened as he stared at Duan Yuhao, who was much taller than him, and asked, Er Ge, what are you going to do?

Duan Yuhao sneered and said in a pleasant tone, Ah Fei, Gege told you before that you can just kill useless trash like that kitten demon of course. Its merely trash in the first place.

Duan Yufei blinked and said, puzzled, But I think its improving ah!

Thats just what you think.

Duan Yuhao made a gesture with his hands; the Hunting Blood Eagle that was circling about in the sky received his order and, like an arrow that was released from its bow, mercilessly dove down and used its sharp beak to quickly and accurately bite the kitten demon that was fleeing amongst the trees. Without any pause, it swallowed the kitten demon whole!

Duan Yufei turned frozen stiff.

Duan Yufei looked like he had just received a huge blow. He didnt budge an inch or even blink as he continued to stand rooted to the spot.

Okay now, dont get angry over a mere beast. In two days, Ill find you an amazing demonic beast. Ill take you to the demonic beast arena to take a look. By then, youll understand what it means to be a true demonic beast.

After Duan Yuhao finished talking, he laughed, turned around, and left. The Hunting Blood Eagle had eaten its fill and flew away with a bloody mouth.

Only then did Duan Yufei snap out of his reverie. He was both flustered and upset, and now he burst into tears and starting wailing.

He didnt know why he felt so upset, but when he saw the empty kitten nest, as well as the half eaten demonic delight fruit that still retained a few of the kittens teeth imprints, Duan Yufei understood that the kitten demon would never come back again.

Waaahhhh Duan Yufei wailed loudly.

Duan Yuyang had just found an alchemy manual from the storage bag his mother left behind after she passed away, and he was ready to deliver it to Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen. But not long after he left, he heard a loud wail of anguish.

Duan Yuyang uttered a tsk, and with the intention of spectating a show, he walked towards the little chubby boys yard.

Duan Yufei was the little tyrannical devil of the Duan family. Usually, only he could bully others, how could other people ever bully him?

Duan Yuyang went into Duan Yufeis yard. When he saw Duan Yufei, who was currently bawling like his heart had just been broken, he asked out of curiosity and surprise, Third bro, what are you crying for?

Duan Yufei, under Duan Yuhaos guidance, has always disliked Duan Yuyang. Whenever he saw Duan Yuyang, he would just hold his head up high and walk past him without even bothering to greet him.

But now, Duan Yufei was in a fragile state of mind. His parents were in seclusion as well, so no one would pay attention to him right now. Thus, Duan Yufei seemed like he was grabbing onto his last hope as he dashed over to Duan Yuyang with his two stout legs, and hugged his thigh as he cried and rubbed his snot and tears all over Duan Yuyangs clothes.

Duan Yuyang, .

This kid couldnt be doing this on purpose ba?

Duan Yuyang narrowed his eyes, Third bro, are you crying at someones funeral?

Duan Yufei sniffed, Im going to tell Er Ge, Father and Mother that you cursed them, and talked bad about them behind their backs! Wuwuwuwu..

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes and thought, Duan Yuhaos teachings to drive a wedge between them was working really well.

Duan Yuyang said, You can just lodge a complaint if you want. Ill be leaving first, you can keep crying your heart out.

Youre not allowed to leave! Duan Yufei called out and rubbed his eyes, I wont lodge a complaint this time.

Duan Yuyang raised an eyebrow, Then tell me, what are you crying for? Duan Yuhao beat you up?

No, my Er Ge wouldnt beat people up. At this moment, Duan Yufei still didnt forget to put in a good word for Duan Yuhao.

Duan Yuyang was about to say if your Er Ges such a good guy then go cry to him when Duan Yufei continued.

Just now, Er Ge let his Hunting Blood Eagle eat my kitten demon. Duan Yufeis body slacked as he wept.

Duan Yuyang was stunned, Did your kitten demon offend his Hunting Blood Eagle?

Duan Yufei wiped his eyes and pursed his lips, It didnt provoke that eagle. But Er Ge said that my kitten demon was fed until it became that fat just to become food for other beasts, and even said that hell bring me to the demonic beast arena next time to see what true demonic beasts are like.

Duan Yuyang, .

Duan Yuyang frowned, Duan Yuyang is still hanging around the demonic beast arena recently?

Duan Yufei nodded, And Er Ge won quite a bit of money there too.

The demonic beast arena isnt a good place. That kind of place can be considered an underground black organization, it could never conduct its activities in broad daylight. Although human cultivators are wholly able to suppress demonic beast cultivators in the Five Continents mainlands now, there are still strong demonic beast cultivators around.

It was still necessary for human cultivators to maintain peace with demonic beast cultivators on the surface.

And an underground place like the demonic beast arena completely goes against the peace that has been maintained between humans and demonic beasts.

Inside the arena, demonic beasts are treated as tools as they engage in cruel and meaningless fighting. Human cultivators appreciate such killing from behind and enjoy the feeling of possessing control over the fates of these demonic beasts.

Duan Yuyang knew long ago that Duan Yuhao liked to mix around at that kind of place. Beforehand, his father had already severely criticised Duan Yuhao for it.

He thought that Duan Yuhao had already restrained himself somewhat, but he didnt expect that he was still hanging around in that kind of place, and even wanted to take Duan Yufei there too.

Although Duan Yuyang wasnt that close to Duan Yufei, he was still a part of the Duan family, so he couldnt possibly allow him to grow askew from an early age.

Duan Yuyang stroked his chin and thought that he needed to find an opportunity to lodge a good complaint against that Duan Yuhao.

As for now

As he looked at the crying Duan Yufei, Duan Yuyang kindly took a sugar bean from his storage bag and stuffed it into Duan Yufeis mouth.

When Duan Yufei tasted the sweetness of the sugar bean, his attention was immediately diverted.

Duan Yuyang thought that kids were really easy to cajole.

Duan Yuyang said, Lets go, Ill take you to the streets to play.

The pitiful Duan Yufei nodded. Although his mother said that he couldnt get too close to Duan Yuyang and couldnt go out with him alone, he was in an extremely bad mood right now and needed someone to play with him.

But someone immediately stepped forward to stop them.

A cultivator that was hiding somewhere appeared in front of Duan Yuyang. First Young Master, Madam and Master wont allow Third Young Master to go out with you.

Duan Yuyang narrowed his eyes, Father and Mother said so?

The cultivator looked at him coldly, First Young Master, please dont make things difficult for us.

When Duan Yufei heard this, he immediately became anxious, I want to play with Dage! All of you go away!

Duan Yuyang thought, and you even said you all. Looks like there were quite a lot of people who were protecting Duan Yufei in secret.

Duan Yuyang narrowed his eyes, Where were you guys and what were you doing when Third Young Master was being bullied just now?

The cultivators expression didnt change as he said lightly, Second Young Master was educating Third Young Master. We dont have the right to intervene.

Duan Yufei pursed his lips again and suddenly realised that these people didnt step forward when he was upset. So he threw a tantrum and took out a whip that was hidden in a small gold bracelet, then forcefully whipped it towards this cultivator.

With a snap, the cultivator was whipped once and turned, stunned.

He suppressed his anger and said in a pleasant tone, Third Young Master, may I know what I did wrong?

Although he was a Foundation Stage cultivator and his cultivation was much higher than Duan Yufei, but in front of Duan Yufei, he dare not act rashly.

Duan Yufei was absolutely infuriated. He waved his whip, Who asked you to stop me? I want to go out with my Dage right now, so get lost! Otherwise, Ill hit your face until it turns into mush!

The cultivators face changed and shut his mouth up as he submitted to the humiliation. He stared at Duan Yuyang, looking aggrieved.

Although Duan Yufei was extremely meek in front of Duan Yuhao, he actually had been spoiled by Madam Duan from an early age, so he was very hot-tempered and would easily lose his temper and beat people.

Duan Yuyang raised his eyebrow and thought that this third brother of his did look quite carefree when he hit people. But, he really had been spoiled and needed to be sorted out properly.

Butwhat Duan Yuyang was thinking about now was that his father and that Madam were really on guard against him. He really didnt know where this cautiousness of theirs came from.

That Madam has always treated him generously ever since he was a child and had never treated him unfairly, but he had also never felt the warmth of a mother from his stepmother.

Im just taking him out to the city for a stroll, its not like Im going to kidnap him and sell him somewhere. Duan Yuyang frowned as he said.

That wont do either. The cultivator looked gloomy and said with a firm attitude, First Young Master, please dont put us in a spot.

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