Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Swallow Yin Gu Bugs

Ch130 – Swallow Yin Gu Bugs

Yan Tianhen rubbed under his nose, I heard from Yanyan that he also slandered you

Lin Xuanzhi didnt really mind, Hell have grown up some when he no longer tries to blacken my character.

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Yan Tianhen was speechless.

It does seem that although Lin Zezhi is older than Lin Xuanzhi by many years, thinking over the things that hes done, he is much less mature and stable than Lin Xuanzhi.

Sure enough, its better to be satisfied with what you have; if you compare yourself to others, you might just be angered to death.

Although Lin Zezhi has already built his foundation, just this could not cause Lin Xuanzhi to have any fluctuations in his heart. After all, he had never considered Lin Zezhi to be his competitor, nor did he want to let Lin family fall apart.

So long as Lin Zezhis most basic concepts of right and wrong were still there, Lin Xuanzhi would actually prefer him to be as strong as possible. He is, after all, still a part of the Lin family.

As for the Bai madam and the Third elder, the past lifes grievances they had forced onto Yan Tianhen were not forgotten by Lin Xuanzhi, he was merely biding his time and waiting for the most opportune moment.

Lin Xuanzhi shoved a few thunder balls into Yan Tianhens hands, saying, Keep these around to protect yourself.

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Yan Tianhen smiled brightly as he collected them, With Dage here, I dont need to worry about anything.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head and faintly smiled, Ah Hen really is getting better and better at sweet talking

Yan Tianhens face turned a bit red, blinking coquettishly, Everything I said came truthfully from the heart, I wasnt purposefully trying to give you false praise.

Lin Xuanzhi could only feel that, from his heart to the end of his veins, everything became overly sweet, like he had been submerged in a bath of sugar water.

But even though it was like this, Lin Xuanzhi never relaxed about supervising Yan Tianhens cultivation.

How have your alchemy studies been going recently? he asked.

With this new topic, Yan Tianhens face immediately collapsed.

I dont know why, the chant is correct, the control of the flames is also correct, theres nothing wrong with the hand signals, and yet, I just cant refine a pill, even the medicinal liquid is unable to be refined successfully. Yan Tianhen pouted, a little discouraged, Dage, maybe its because Im not suitable to be learning alchemy in the first place!

Lin Xuanzhi furrowed his brows slightly, he also felt something was wrong; previously, he had personally seen Yan Tianhens refining process, there were no mistakes, yet Yan Tianhen seemed to be personally blocked by the heavens. No matter what he tries, he couldnt succeed even once.

Lin Xuanzhi secretly thought: could it really be the heavens interfering?

If that were the case, to let Yan Tianhen successfully refine would require a miracle.

Lin Xuanzhi pondered over the problem and responded to Yan Tianhen, If the situation is like this, then set aside refining pills for now, how is the corpses situation at the moment?

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This new topic brought a light back into Yan Tianhens eyes, Ah Gu already woke up last night, its just that he is still unable to speak yet.

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Naturally, he has no idea, but Benzun knows. a voice belonging to a third party spoke up from the stone house.

Lin Xuanzhi tensed up and searched his surroundings with a cold gaze and shouted, Since his honor is already here, why continue to hide, might as well come out and meet face to face. Even better, it will let me know which saint it is that is capable of taking outImperial Corpse Technique a secret and undistributed high level demonic cultivation manual.

Yan Tianhen was also able to tell who this voice belonged to. He blinked, Its that demon?

What demon? You took Benzuns secret technique and refined a corpse with it, so calling Benzun Shifu shouldnt be too much skin off your back.

A person dressed in expensive looking red and black judicial robes appeared in the stone house.

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Lin Xuanzhis pupils shrank in response.

Lin familys practice hall is greatly protected as it is an important place, powerful arrays surrounded the building, and there are even quite a few hidden guards in wait nearby, all because the family is afraid that someone would barge in at an inopportune moment and ruin the Qi circulating within the place located at the leyline dragons head.

So he hadnt thought that it would have been possible for a demonic cultivator to enter this place in such a just and honest, open and grand style.

This is not to say that the guards of the Lin family are not up to par, but rather that this mysterious and unknowable demonic cultivators level is too high, scarily high, high to the point of being hard to imagine.

The soul bead suddenly exclaimed, The Qi flowing through his body is so overbearing, Im afraid, he has at least reached the rank of a Demon Lord

Demon Lord?! Lin XuanZhis heart skipped a beat.

The path of demonic cultivation goes Demon, Demon Soldier, Demon Officer, Demon General, Demon Lord, Demon Monarch, Demon Emperor, and so forth. Furthermore, a Demon General is equivalent to Primary level, while a Demon Lord is equivalent to a Profound-level cultivator.

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In the entire Lin family, after the master that is currently in secluded cultivation, there isnt a second who could reach the realm of being at profound level.

Moreover, the soul bead actually said that this demonic cultivator is on the level of a Demon Lord.

Lin Xuanzhi blinked his eyes, Your honor, what is the reason for coming here?

The person in the ghost mask let out a sly laugh, I came to visit my disciple and give him a gift, what other reason do you think I could have?

Yan Tianhen squinted his eyes and said to the Ghost Masked Man, Last time, didnt you say that you didnt want to take me in as a disciple?

The Ghost Masked Man rolled his eyes, Of course, youre so annoying on top of being an idiot. Benzun naturally doesnt want to take an idiot as a disciple.

Yan Tianhen,

The Ghost Masked Man continued, But seeing as how youve gotten good results from studying thatImperial Corpse Technique, Benzun will reluctantly accept you as a disciple.

Lin Xuanzhi coldly glared at the Ghost Masked Man, What are you staring at Ah Hen for? What are you looking for him to do for you?

Hey, the Ghost Masked Man tsked, Youre such an uncute kid, Benzun simply doesnt want to see such a talented kid get buried in the mud simply because you cant tell shallow from deep waters. He was born with a body filled with Yin from the heavens, if you force him to change his physique it is simply going against heavens will and he will be ruined. Im just providing him with the path that is best suited for him to walk down, is all.

Lin Xuanzhi took a deep breath and slowly asked, It seems that who this honorable one is will not be easily revealed to us.

With a face full of meaning the ghost mask responded, The identity of Benzun will be revealed to you sooner or later, but not now. You only need to know that Benzun will not harm him.

Yan Tianhen hurriedly added, Then you need to promise to never harm my Dage either!

The ghost mask fluttered his eyelashes, That, Benzun cannot absolutely promise.

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Yan Tianhen was shocked.

The ghost mask smiled and threw a glass jar into Yan Tianhens hands, At your current level, wanting to catch a powerful Gu bug on your own would take three to five years. Take this Swallow Yin Gu bugs as a gift from your teacher.

Once he was done speaking, the Ghost Masked Man vanished.

Coming without a shadow, leaving without a trace.

Hey, he still hasnt promised to leave Dage alone! Yan Tianhe shouted angrily.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt really care, Dont worry about what he said, I, for one, dont trust a single word he said.

Yan Tianhen took a deep breath, Dage, I shouldnt provoke him.

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Lin Xuanzhi opened the jade bottle and looked inside at the pair of Gu bugs, one big one small, both covered in blood red chitin. Thats not necessarily true, sometimes you need to gamble on it.

At the very least, the Ghost Masked Man has indeed been helping Yan Tianhen, helping him find the cultivation path that truly belongs to him.

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, taking advantage of the fact that it was still night and dark out, left the cultivation room and returned to their courtyard.

The exploding bamboos that Lin Xuanzhi had stuck on the outside of Yan Tianhens room were the same as they were when they left. Nothing had been touched.

Lin Xuanzhi removed the bamboo and released the prohibition seal before entering the room.

Yan Tianhen entered the room, There doesnt seem to be anyone trying to randomly break in these days.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, The entire family already saw what happened to Lin Yangzhi, the tracks of the first car remain visible to follow. Even if there are people who still want to break in, they wont really take action. They would just make a laughing stock of themselves for no reason.

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Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose, Truthfully speaking, I feel a bit of sympathy towards Lin Yangzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi swept his eyes across Yan Tianhen, Put away your unnecessary sympathy. Dont you know that if it werent Lin Yangzhi who was punished, the one getting punished would have been you? And your punishment would have been harsher than his by several degrees.

Yan Tianhen stuck his tongue out, Im just saying whatever pops into my head.

Lin Xuanzhi took out the jade bottle and looked into the tub at the corpse soaking within. Both his eyes were open, yet his pupils were staring blankly forward without focus. How are you feed the Gu bug to him?

Yan Tianhen retrieved the bottle and faced Ling Chigu, Its very simple, I just need to perform some magic seals and Yin energy to put one bug into my body, and induce the other into Ah Gus body.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head and took a step back, Go ahead and give it a try.

Yan Tianhen looked into the dark, empty, and spiritless eyes of Ling Chi and inexplicably felt that there was an endless amount of sorrow within them.

Yan Tianhen took a deep breath and said in his heart, Ah Gu, Ah Gu, you need to also put in some effort so I can refine you successfully in one try. Once you become the strongest corpse general in the world, I will help get revenge for you, you can count on me. So long as I have the chance in the future, I will let those you have deep hatred with suffer.

As soon as he finished saying the words in his heart, Ling Chigus empty eyes flashed with a cold needle-like light, but neither Yan Tianhen nor Lin Xuanzhi noticed this flash.

Yan Tianhen placed the first Gu bug in the palm of his hand. As soon as the bug landed on the warm flesh, it disappeared without a trace.Yan Tianhen then placed the second bug on the acupuncture point of Ling Chis forehead.

This time, the Gu bug took a good bit of effort to enter the body of Ling Chigu.

Yan Tianhen felt a mysterious feeling that was hard to describe. It was as if there was another source of power in the place where his contracts are stored.

Ah Gu. Yan Tianhen gazed at the corpse in front of him, Get up.

Ling Chi Gu continued to be motionless and stared at Yan Tianhen.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After a period of time passed, Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose and said to Lin Xuanzhi, Dage, it seems like it failed.

Lin Xuanzhi stared silently at Ling Chigu, This pair of mother and child Gu bugs are already inside you twos bodies. The soaking technique was also without mistake, wait a bit more.

Yan Tianhen was just about to nod when suddenly there was a hualalala sound of water and the naked body of a matured man appeared in front of Yan Tianhens eyes.

Lin Xuanzhis eyes turned cold and blocked Yan Tianhens behind him, Tell him to put on some clothes.

Yan Tianhen was shocked silly for a second before suddenly jumping up in excitement and hugged Lin Xuanzhis waist, saying joyfully, Dage, Dage, Ah Gu woke up!

Lin Xuanzhi,

Lin Xuanzhi and Ling Chigu had the same expressionless face as they faced each other.

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Ling Chigu stared at Lin Xuanzhi for a moment, then turned his head around with a little stiffness. However his gaze remained sluggish and spiritless, and it was obvious in his eyes that he still lacked a consciousness.

Lin Xuanzhi furrowed his brows, Why does it seem like this corpse is a bit silly?

Yan Tianhen released Lin Xuanzhis waist and spun in circles as he threw some clothes over, They are all like that at the start. Wait for me to teach him some, soon hell be both nimble and strong!

Lin Xuanzhis gaze lightly swept over Ling Chigus body, it seemed like there was a possibility of that being true, so he calmed down a bit.

Yan Tianhen said, Ah Gu, step out of the tub.

Ling Chigu was motionless for a few beats, before reacting to the command.

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