Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Setting Off

Ch140 – Setting Off

Lin Liuchen looked at Lin Xuanzhi with his long, narrow eyes for a moment, and came to a sudden realization, Oh thats right, its already been six years since Ive returned home, But when I drank with your father a few days ago, he mentioned that your sword skills have been getting more and more exquisite.

Lin Yan couldnt bear to look at him, and the other Lin family disciples all had faces full of confusion. They couldnt understand what this person was saying or doing.

Lin Xuanzhi was unmoved, and merely looked at him peacefully as he said, My father had already passed away two years ago.

Lin Liuchen froze then sat up straight. Passed away?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head, The family should have sent someone to inform you of that some time ago.

Lin Liuchen thought for a moment, then used his fan to tap his head when he realized, Thats right, he definitely did die I was wondering why in this period of time no one looked for me to drink wine together. But well, if hes dead, then so be it. Is there anyone who can say that they wont die?

Yan Tianhen pursed his lips, What do you mean if hes dead, then so be it? You are being way too disrespectful to the dead right now.

How am I being disrespectful? Lin Liuchen looked towards Yan Tianhen with his eyebrows slightly scrunched up. His expression then rapidly changed, his mouth hooking up into a smile, Little beauty, youve also grown up quite a bit.

Yan Tianhen covered up his face and vigilantly took two steps back. He hid behind Lin Xuanzhi and peeked out. Why are you speaking so truthfully now?

Haha, theres no need for the little beauty to be angry, I wont say it if you dont want me to. Lin Liuchen gave out a hearty laugh.

Lin Yurou and the others revealed an expression of disbelief. They wondered what the hell these people were talking about. Their conversation was all over the place, and sounded completely nonsensical.

And calling him little beauty? It would have been one thing if it were Lin Xuanzhi, he really does have looks that are hard to find fault with, but to call Yan Tianhen that, is this person blind?

Fourth elder, dont tease Ah Hen anymore, Lin Xuanzhi said, also, I no longer practice the sword nowadays.

Lin Liuchen assessed Lin Xuanzhi with his eyes, and said Yes, you are now a craftsman. Its much more impressive than a mere sword cultivator. In the past, you werent given any heavy responsibilities though you were such a strong sword cultivator. But as soon as you changed paths and became a craftsman, you managed to gain the familys trust and become the supervising officer.

Lin Xuanzhi was a little speechless, gloomily thinking, this fourth elder really never changes, hes constantly drawing hatred for him.

The other disciples of Lin family secretly grinded their teeth. They stared at Lin Xuanzhi with jealous and envious gazes, only a few in the crowd felt that the situation had little to do with them.

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, and said, Fourth elder, what you said was not right.

Lin Liuchen looked at him from the corner of his eye, How so?

Yan Tianhen said, While my brother was still a sword cultivator, he was also entrusted with responsibilities. Its just that at that time, my brother was away from Lin Family, and a distant well cannot quench ones thirst, so the head didnt arrange any work for him.

Lin Liuchen let out a pft and laughed, patting Yan Tianhen on the shoulder a few times. Your brother will always be the best in your eyes no matter what hes like.

Yan Tianhen nodded his head, You have discerning eyes.

Lin Zezhi almost couldnt stand these people standing around flattering each other. He stepped forward and said, Fourth elder, its about time for us to set off ba.

Dont you know how to watch your words? Lin Liuchen rolled his eyes, You cant throw around the words, set off, others who dont understand may think were heading for the gates of hell.

The corners of Lin Zezhis lips twitched, but he managed to hold it in and said, I understand.

Lin Xuanzhi checked the hour and said, The auspicious hour has arrived, we can leave now.

With that order, the heavy double doors slowly opened under the combined effort of ten warriors pushing and pulling on them. This is the true main door of the Lin family. On normal days, when the Lin family enters through the main door, they in fact enter through a side entrance besides the larger true entrance. Only when greeting important guests, or when there is an important occasion, will these doors be opened.

In fact, all of the major families that are ranked highly function like this.

When the black, stone doors that were ten-feet tall fully opened, five horse-drawn carriages appeared before the eyes of those who were present.

The carriages looked incredibly exquisite. They were also quite large; five or six people could easily fit into one without problem. Every carriage had three chasing sun horses pulling it, as well as three sturdy-bodied coachmen.

Behind the carriages, there were twenty death knights wearing the clothes of the Lin Family. They each rode upon a black Qingyun horse that was of a somewhat low quality. Their expressions were respectful, their backs were straight, and they were clad in armour. Furthermore, their attitudes were daunting and frightening.

The people present were shocked by this.

The younger generation had never seen Lin Family be this extravagant before. Additionally, when Lin Zhan was still around, the family preferred to keep their heads down and keep a low profile.

Is the Lin Family planning on steamrolling our competitors? Lin Liuchun stroked the tail feather of his blue Luan and raised his eyebrow while studying the arrangement before him. Slowly following the steps of his bird, he arrived at the side of the first carriage.

Lin Xuanzhi came forward, leading Lin Xuanzhi along. To win the entire competition would be difficult, but doing well enough to become a first-class family is much easier.

Lin Liuchun tapped his toes and floated into the carriage. He reached out his finger from the window and crooked it. The blue Luan bird transformed into a palm-sized small bird, and landed on his finger. It cried twice, and even lowered its head to peck at his fingertips.

Youre really quite arrogant, like a newborn calf that doesnt know how to fear the tiger. Lin Liuchun laughed, But I like those like you who cant properly estimate their strength and yet has so much enthusiasm.

Lin Xuanzhi softly smiled, but declined to comment upon Lin Liuchuns evaluation.

He gestured towards the people behind him, Except for the second carriage, everyone should find a place for themselves to sit.

Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen to enter the second carriage. The two tiger cubs followed up, and once they were in the spacious carriage, they started leaping around excitedly non-stop.

Lin Zezhi looked at the two carriages in front and couldnt help but grind his teeth. He quietly thought, this Lin Xuanzhi is really good at finding conveniences for himself. But then again, hes designated supervisor afterall.

Lin Zezhi swallowed his anger and entered the third car, but before he could sit down, Lin Dong quickly followed him in.

Lin Zezhi coldly gazed at him and said, Sit with those in the back.

Lin Dong rubbed his nose and smiled in a fawning manner, The cars in the back already the two young missies sitting in them, its not very convenient for me to try to enter now. Besides, a young master such as you should have a little servant around to pour tea for you, how about you let me take on that role for you?

Lin Zezhi wanted to get angry, but after thinking it over, Lin Dongs words werent unreasonable.

Its unknown why, but during this long journey, the young masters and missies who have never needed to be self-sufficient in their lives werent allowed to bring any servants to tend to them. This made Lin Zezhi suspect that Lin Xuanzhi was deliberately retaliating against them because he had no servants at all when he had turned into a good-for-nothing.

Damn that Lin Xuanzhi.

However, since someone willingly and eagerly sent themselves to his door to become a servant for him, Lin Zezhi naturally wouldnt refuse.

Lin Zezhi glanced at the smiling Lin Dong from the corner of his eyes, Then you can stay.

Many thanks to young master Zezhi! Lin Dong said excitedly.

Lin Dong is clearly trying to kiss up to Li Zezhi, so he was willing to bear the hardship without complaint.

The fifth elder stood on top of the towering testing stone and looked down at the procession preparing for their journey. Unhurriedly and with great confidence, he said: Each and everyone of you are the descendants and pride of the Lin family. This time, you will be visiting the Middle Continent to take part in the Hundred Families Gathering. Keep one thing in mind together, we are strong, but apart, we are weak. Regardless of whatever problems you have had with one another, the interest of the Lin Family must come first. With a united front, the Lin family could become a proper first class family, do you understand?

Understood! Everyone said in unison.

The fifth elder nodded his head. His gaze landed on the second carriage and he said, Lin Xuanzhi, you will be my stand in for this hundred families gathering. If anyone dares to make an unreasonable fuss or fight against you, you can punish them according to the Lin family laws without the need to report to me first!

Lin Xuanzhi said, Xuanzhi understands. Elder, please rest assured, I will put forth all my efforts to make sure Lin family keeps its dignity.

The fifth elderwas extremely satisfied and waved his hand, Go!

With that order, the fifteen horses that pulled four carriages neighed towards the sky. They galloped with their straight and powerful legs, and like an arrow released from a bow, furiously charged forward.

Twenty death knights quickly followed behind in a neat formation to protect the carriages, facing north where the sun was rising. The horses were spurred on, and with great momentum, they headed west.

Dust was kicked up as soon as they moved, and within the blink of an eye, that dust in the air was the only trace of them that was left behind.

The Hundred Families Gathering, was about to begin.

There are three major families in Qing city, but the departure time of each family is different.

Once they left Qing City, Yan Tianhen stuck his head out of the window and gazed at the scenery racing past, Dage, this is actually my first time traveling so far.

Yan Tianhen held Ah Bai in his lap, stroking his fur now and then. Ah Bai looked like a little lazy cat that was sticking his stomach out. He felt very comfortable being hugged by Yan Tianhen.

This is also my first time visiting the Middle Continent. Lin Xuanzhi said.

Yan Tianhen looked at the mountains outside, and worriedly said, Dage, I dont know if Ah Gu is able to keep up with our speed.

Three chasing sun horses, all furiously galloping as they pulled the carriages along this speed isnt something that just anyone could easily keep up with.

Lin Xuanzhis eyes were half closed, There shouldnt be a problem, Ah Gu should be able to catch up.

Yan Tianhen turned his head around. Hu Po was actually lying on his shoulders.

How can Dage be so certain?

I made him a pair of Piercing Cloud Boots. When running, they should be able to increase the speed of his steps. Lin Xuanzhi said.

Yan Tianhens eyes widened, he came over to sit beside Lin Xuanzhi and asked, When did you make the pair of piercing cloud boots? Why dont I know about it at all?

Lin Xuanzhi tapped him on the nose, Last night, you slept very soundly and it wasnt convenient to wake you. I gave him the shoes in private, otherwise, no matter how capable he is, he wouldnt be able to keep up with the speed of three chasing sun horses.

Yan Tianhen felt inexplicably stifled.

His brother actually met up with Ah Gu behind his back to give him gifts?!

Moreover, Ah Gu who listened to him the most, actually didnt inform him of something so important!

Yan Tianhen actually felt like he was being abandoned!

Yan Tianhen said sourly, Dage, you really care about Ah Gu, dont you? Youre always thinking about him no matter where you are.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head, He is going to be protecting you after all, I need to make sure that his equipment is in order.

Yan Tianhen paused, Dage did all that for me?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him, Otherwise, why do you think I would care so much for a corpse?

Especially a corpse that was getting particularly close to Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen burst into a smile, then leaned over and gave Lin Xuanzhi a kiss on the cheek.

The two tiger cubs felt like they couldnt keep on watching. They quickly jumped off Yan Tianhen and leaped towards the window, sticking their head out and looking at the scenery flying by.

Lin Xuanzhis pupils dilated. Unfortunately, even Yan Tianhen himself didnt notice what these actions of his meant for Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen, Dage, when will we stop to rest?

Lin Xuanzhi, We set off at sunrise, and well stop at every sunset.

Yan Tianhen calculated, There is still two hours to go before we can rest then.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, Ah Hen has something he wants to do?

Yan Tianhen blinked, I want to take a look at Ah Gu.

And while he was at it, he wanted to have a proper chat about life with Ah Gu!

Such as how secret rendezvous and gift exchanges were definitely matters that are prohibited!

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