Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Walk Carefully I Wont Send You Out

Ch149 – Walk Carefully, I Wont Send You Out

Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly, Its all thanks to Sky Peak Citys elite first-class families from a hundred years ago who deliberately showed off their power in front of us third-class families. Bitten by a snake once, afraid of ropes for ten years. Now the third-class families understand that those who strike first succeed while those who strike later perish. It seems that the lesson from a hundred years ago left an indelible psychological shadow on many families.

Huangfu Jin choked and couldnt say a word. Lin Xuanzhi could play this route of blatant ridicule exceptionally well.

I have also heard about the situation that year. A voice infused with a faint smile came from behind Huangfu Jin. Leng Jixues appearance immediately attracted everyones eyes.

Leng Jixue gazed at Lin Xuanzhi with a smile, Regarding todays events, Im afraid that Ah Jin has neglected his duty.

Lin Xuanzhi lifted his eyes and stared at Leng Jixue.

He could no longer remember how many years had passed since he had last seen this person, and later, he could not even recall what this person had looked like. When Lin Xuanzhi occasionally remembered him, the only recollections that flashed through his mind were a smile like spring breeze and a cold body wrapped in warm cloaks all year long.

Its my first time meeting you, I am Leng Jixue. Leng Jixue smiled slightly at Lin Xuanzhi, I dont know what to call this little friend?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, Lin Xuanzhi.

A strange expression flashed through Leng Jixues eyes. The Yu Huarong that makes one forget even immortals with just one glance. Today Ive finally witnessed this legendary figure with my own eyes.

Im flattered. Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Im afraid that all the legendary figures most likely reside in Sky Peak City. Fellow Lengs name of Sky Peaks Seven Stars is the legend that is truly known throughout the world.

Leng Jixue smiled at the Yan Tianhen beside Lin Xuanzhi, Whats the name of this little friend then?

Yan Tianhen stared at Leng Jixue and felt that his entire person gave others the feeling of being bathed in a spring breeze.

Upon hearing that he was named, Yan Tianhen hurriedly replied, My name is Yan Tianhen, my Dages little brother.

Leng Jixues gaze stayed on Yan Tianhen for a few more minutes, the smile seeming to freeze for an instant.

The youth before him also seemed to possess a Xuanyin constitution. This made Leng Jixue suddenly recall that two days ago, a Shidi from a collateral branch came back and, upon conversing, casually mentioned meeting a young man whose entire body was full of cold Yin energy, but who was unlucky, as he had dual wood and fire spiritual roots, which doomed him to never be able to practice the proper Dao paths.

Thinking back, that youth turned out to be Yan Tianhen.

Leng Jixue frankly said, I see that this little friend seems to possess a natural Xuanyin body.

Yan Tianhen glanced at Lin Xuanzhi anxiously.

Lin Xuanzhi held his hand and nodded. Indeed.

Leng Jixue saw this, Little friend Yan need not be so afraid. I say this with no malicious intention. Its just that I have the same constitution as you both of us have Xuanyin body type. I happen to have some medicinal pills here that I had someone refine specially for my constitution. I think it will be beneficial to you as well, so you may as well use them.

Huangfu Jin immediately frowned when he heard this and spoke bluntly, Shixiong, your pills are limited. They take time to make and are also critical to your health. How can you give them away so easily?

Leng Jixues expression sank. Ah Jin, where are your manners?

Huangfu Jin pressed his mouth shut and gave Yan Tianhen a warning look.

Many thanks to Dao friend for your kindness, but there is no need. Lin Xuanzhi flatly refused. My familys Ah Hen cannot afford to receive such valuable items. Besides, everyone has different constitutions. Since someone specially refined it for you, there is no need to waste that persons heartfelt effort.

Huangfu Jins eyebrows twitched uncontrollably, his eyes slanted at Lin Xuanzhi.

Leng Jixue seemed as though he didnt understand the implications behind Lin Xuanzhis words and did not insist further. He only said, When I saw you, I had a feeling that I should have known you for a long time. I will be living in the city lords residence these days. If you have time, you should drop by for some tea and wine together.

Huangfu Jins expression shone brilliantly, as though he had heard some sky-shattering secret, but it immediately became ugly, and even the gaze he directed at Lin Xuanzhi was no longer friendly.

Even the Yan Tianhen beside him was stunned.

This person was taking the initiative to show kindness to Lin Xuanzhi?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and replied in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing, I will definitely go if I have time.

Leng Jixue laughed, In that case, I will not disturb you guys from settling down in the city.

Huangfu Jin withdrew his gaze from Lin Xuanzhi and said to Leng Jixue, Shixiong, there are still some things here that I must deal with. Please go back first, I will return later.

Leng Jixue nodded and turned around, lightly flying towards the top of the city wall. Like a white crane spreading its wings, he gently and gracefully landed in the cloth curtain of the White Crane Immortal Carriage.

The white cranes spread their wings, and the ethereal carriage flew toward the faint outline of the city lords residence hidden in the clouds.

Yan Tianhen seemed to be in a daze. He opened and closed his mouth before saying, That big brother just now looks very unique and also very gentle.

Huangfu Jin, who had been seeing Leng Jixue off, withdrew his gaze and coldly swept Yan Tianhen a glance. He then glared at Lin Xuanzhi fiercely and warned sternly, Hes not someone you can have intentions toward. Youd better know whats good for you and stay far away from him, or else

Or else what? Lin Xuanzhis bright eyes suddenly felt cold, as if mixed with ice and snow.

When Huangfu Jin came into contact with this pair of eyes that lacked all warmth, his heart suddenly jumped, and he actually felt afraid for an instant.

Huangfu Jin calmed down, My Shixiong is a benevolent person through and through. He is soft-hearted and kind to everyone. When he sees injured demonic beasts, he will dress their injuries with the best medicine.

What does this have to do with us? Lin Xuanzhi did not give him any face.

Huangfu Jin endured it. I just want to remind you that although your Didi has a Xuanyin constitution, I made Shixiongs medicinal pills to be specially tailored for his physique. He is the only one in the world worthy of them. You guys shouldnt even think about those medicinal pills.

Lin Xuanzhi hooked his lips, revealing a sarcastic smile.

Huangfu Young Master can rest assured. Those pills may be sweet as honey in your eyes but arsenic in mine; not everyone values them. If my familys Didi needs medicinal pills to nourish his body, then it must pass through my hands. The ones you give, Im not sure theyre even safe.

Though Huangfu Jin could not be angry at Leng Jixue, who took the initiative to show kindness to Lin Xuanzhi upon their very first meeting, he could not bear the malice of one who dared to trample on Leng Jixues goodwill. He immediately responded with a cold expression, Fool who cant even tell whats good for you.

How is that any of your business? Lin Xuanzhi deadpanned.

Huangfu Jin grit his teeth, endured, and decided not to argue with this person any longer. He only warned again, My Huangfu residence does not welcome you.

Im just being polite to him as well. You actually took it seriously. Lin Xuanzhi said neither slowly nor hurriedly, Walk carefully, I wont send you out.

Huangfu Jin,

He hadnt finished yet!

Once, Huangfu Jin had only thought that Lin Xuanzhi was a talented person, but now, after Leng Jixue took notice of Lin Xuanzhi, he only thought that this guy was a person with deeply-hidden and unfathomable thoughts.

Huangfu Jin glared at Lin Xuanzhi one last time and turned to walk away.

Yan Tianhen was puzzled. Why did he suddenly become so fierce?

Lin Xuanzhi withdrew his gaze, Probably because he cant stand Leng Jixue showing kindness to others.

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, Dage, this is the first time Ive ever seen someone who suddenly wants to give me medicinal pills for no reason.

Lin Xuanzhi patted Yan Tianhens head and sighed softly. Leng Jixue is a real gentleman. He cherishes the world and helps the common people. On his cultivation path, he has never killed a single person or even a demonic beast, so his cultivation is extremely smooth, and even the Dao of Heaven is reluctant to hurt or trouble him.

Yan Tianhen uttered a cry, Isnt that too incredible?

A cultivators path was paved with bloodshed, but Leng Jixues hands were actually untainted by even a drop of blood. How could one not be surprised?

Such people are often respected and loved, but they will not have a good ending. Lin Xuanzhi said, Get on the carriage; lets enter the city.

Yan Tianhen nodded thoughtfully as he followed Lin Xuanzhi and climbed into the carriage.

This time, the speed at which the families entered the city accelerated a great deal, and the difference was akin to heaven and earth when compared to the prior situation where each family had to be searched one by one using magical items.

In the Sky Peak City lords mansion.

Huangfu Jin, who had returned to the city lords residence, did not go and find Leng Jixue right away but instead walked toward the mansions backyard, his aura exuding hostility.

When Huangfu Jins men kicked the door open, Huangfu Chengxuan and a group of fox and dog friends were gathered around a table and gambling, about to roll dice. Not only that, but there were also young men and women dressed in extremely revealing clothes beside them, wearing charming smiles on their faces and filling the room with what could only be described as an atmosphere of decadence and debauchery.

When he saw Huangfu Jin, Huangfu Chengxuans attendant hurriedly asked, Young Master, why are you here at this time?

Huangfu Jin stood at the door and did not go in. He just stared at Huangfu Chengxuan with cold eyes.

When he heard the sound, Huangfu Chengxuan stopped and looked at the door. He grinned, Yo, its my third brother. Its a nice day; do you want to play together?

Huangfu Jin gently opened his mouth, Eldest Brother, stay. Others, get out while I am still reluctant to dirty my hands with murder.

Although there were a few young masters among the fox and dog friends who accompanied Huangfu Chengxuan in gambling, they were not very influential, and their status in the family was not very high. Theyve lived in Sky Peak City all year round and naturally understood Huangfu Jins personality better than anyone else, so before Huangfu Jin had even finished his sentence, those friends have all scattered into smoke as they fled away, afraid that Huangfu Jin, this madman, really would kill at the drop of a hat. This left only Huangfu Chengxuan by himself.

Huangfu Chengxuans face darkened immediately.

He narrowed his eyes and glared at Huangfu Jin with displeasure. You dare to fucking interfere in even my business?

Huangfu Jin stared at him, You sent people today to intentionally embarrass Lin Xuanzhi at the city gate?

Huangfu Chengxuans expression was unnatural for a moment, but he said righteously, Whats the matter? Isnt it just a brat from a lowly-ranked third-class family? He dares to provoke the people of our Huangfu family. Dont tell me that as the eldest son of the Huangfu family, I dont have the right to teach him a lesson?

You moron! Huangfu Jin bellowed. Your so-called lesson is to frisk them. For a cultivator, this is nothing short of a complete provocation and a straight-out challenge!

Who the hell are you scolding? Huangfu Chengxuan countered, It cant be that you like that Lin Xuanzhi? Let honourable me think about itCould it be that Lin Xuanzhi complained to you?

Huangfu Jin was ready to cry from Huangfu Chengxuans foolishness. He narrowed his eyes and sneered, The situation has already escalated; there is no need for him to complain. When father comes home tonight, he will certainly ask about this. By then, youll have to think about how to wipe your own butt clean.

Huangfu Chengxuan froze at once. He watched Huangfu Jin, who immediately turned to leave as soon as he finished saying those words, and suddenly became anxious. He rushed over to pull Huangfu Jin, his face full of anxiety. How did this escalate? I, I just let people search their bodies and let the Lin family suffer a big humiliation, what happened

Twelve third-class families, including the Lin family, from the East, West, South, and North Continents who are about to participate in the Hundred Families Gathering, formed an alliance and jointly launched a simultaneous attack on the Sky Peak City gate.

Huangfu Jin hooked his lips dangerously, Each of the twelve families has at least one primary-level cultivator as backing and at least twenty death knights waiting to attack at anytime. The number of magic and treasure tools in their possession is even more unknown.

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