Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Absorbing Yin Qi

Ch152 – Absorbing Yin Qi

Lin Xuanzhis lips curved up slightly.

When Yan Tianhen saw this, he asked, Dage, whats so funny?

He Lin Xuanzhi said, I was just thinking that Im not someone with a small appetite. Three materials would be far from enough to satisfy me.

When Yan Tianhen heard these words that didnt seem to have a head or tail, he nodded like their minds were linked up, Of course it would be more beneficial to collect more materials. Also, those who dont take advantage of available opportunities are fools. Since the Bai familys willing to give it out for free, why wont we dare to take it for free?

Lin Xuanzhi said, I guess someone is worried that we may live to take it, but not live long enough to use it.

Yan Tianhen thought about it for a bit and frowned with some distress. Thats reasonable too. The Bai family could possibly be driven to take desperate actions, or other cultivators could try to kill us to seize our treasures.

Its not just possible. Lin Xuanzhi waggled his finger, But it would most definitely happen. However, if we were to leave some room for the Bai family, with the Bai familys status, they naturally wouldnt bother with me. On the other hand, the other side would definitely stare upon with reddened eyes.

Yan Tianhen was stunned, Then what should we do?

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. Hermits who are certain of the outcome naturally have their own ingenuity. Ah Hen need only wait and see.

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhis fresh and elegant smile. His eyes twinkled, and the apprehensiveness he felt disappeared immediately.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but think that no one, or any thing, could be too difficult for his Dage to handle ba!

As there was a little alcoholic ghost around, the two of them went straight to the Heaven and Earth Winery.

Compared to Lin Zhan who liked drinking hard liquor and enjoyed getting plastered, Yan Tianhen preferred flowery brews, which people wouldnt easily get drunk on. It tasted sweet as well, and the wine brewer at Heaven and Earth Winery used a special technique to inject quite a lot of spiritual Qi into it to retain the pure Qi of the spiritual flowers used to brew the wine. As such, as long as this wine was consumed in moderate amounts, it would be very beneficial for ones body.

Which was also why Lin Xuanzhi did not plan on getting rid of this little hobby of Yan Tianhen.

The headquarters of Heaven and Earth Winery covered a very large area. At the entrance of the shop, there was a huge, slanted wine bottle, and a silver stream of water constantly poured out from the mouth of the wine bottle and into a massive wine bowl below.

However, the wine in the wine bowl would always maintain a state of being almost full. No matter how much wine was poured in, none would overflow, and the wine in the wine bottle didnt seem to have a day when it would run out of wine. Onlookers couldnt help but find it miraculous.

After walking out of Heaven and Earth Winery, Yan Tianhen smacked his lips and looked back at the winery reluctantly. Dage, the wine in Heaven and Earth Winery could really spread through an entire street.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and smiled slightly. As the saying goes, fragrant wine fears no dark alley. The pure brews of Heaven and Earth Winery are all treasures.

Yan Tianhen sucked his drool back and said eagerly. Dage, lets go back quickly and taste the wine we just bought to see what it tastes like ba.

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but laugh, Youre such a gluttonous little cat. Dont turn into a little alcoholic in the future.

Yan Tianhen shook his head and said solemnly, I wont! Daddy said before that drinking makes a botch of things, so I cant be an alcoholic.

However, Lin Zhan himself was a heavy drinker.

When he remembered Lin Zhan, Yan Tianhens mood fell uncontrollably.

Lin Xuanzhi saw this and said, We havent seen Ah Gu in a few days, why dont we go look for him now ba?

Yan Tianhens thoughts were immediately diverted. He smacked his head and uttered a ya, Dages right. I wonder how Ah Gu is doing outside of the city right now.

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen went out of the city together.

When they left the city, Lin Xuanzhi realised that all the gatekeepers had changed. There were still troops from many families around today and formed a line as they entered the city. Once in awhile, a first-class family would arrive and ride their flying demonic beasts straight through the sky above the city. However, the gatekeepers would just catch the invitation cards thrown from above, take a casual look at it, then let them through.

After they left the city, Yan Tianhen sighed, The family just now was really cool.

Lin Xuanzhi said, That was the Wan family from the North Continent, which is also the North Continents one and only elite family.

Yan Tianhen nodded, Another elite family? No wonder they made such a grand entrance.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, But not all elite families are like that. The Wan family had always been high-profile and high-handed, you could consider it as their unique style.

There are low-profile ones? Yan Tianhen has never seen an elite family that would keep a low-profile.

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a bit and said with slight hesitance. The West Continents Ji family seems quite low-key.

Right after he said this, Lin Xuanzhi heard someone shouting from the queue.

Did you hear? The West Continents Ji family actually killed their way out of the pathless road in Yudai Mountain. They entered straight through the West Sides Concealing Demons Gate. Even the Huangfu familys young master went to personally welcome them!

Lin Xuanzhi,

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi and blinked. Dage, the Ji family doesnt look very low-key either ah.

Lin Xuanzhi calmly nodded without any expression, Theres no family in this world that would be absolutely low-key, only be relatively low-key.

Yan Tianhen stroked his chin, Thats true. The big brother from the Ji family is quite low-key. If it wasnt because Dage exposed his identity, I wouldnt have been able to tell that hes the Ji familys young master.

And I heard that it was the Ji familys young master, Ji Yunwei, who took the lead and rode over a hundred demonic beasts to force their way through the Yudai Mountains Demonic Beast Valley and left behind a trail of blood in their wake. All demonic beasts bowed down in worship wherever he passed by!

Someone had started shouting excitedly with a voice full of longing and worship.

Yan Tianhen,

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Yan Tianhen, and couldnt help but laugh.

As they still werent certain about the layout, structure, and garrison forces of Sky Peak City, Yan Tianhen didnt let Ling Chigu rush hastily into the city.

Ling Chigu hid near Yudai Mountain.

Yan Tianhen didnt know his exact location, but from what he sees, Ling Chigu is extremely clever. And from the moment he turned into a Yin corpse, his behaviour and habits would turn from those he had as a human to one possessed by a Yin corpse, so he would naturally find a cave or grave that was suitable for him to hide in.

After summoning Ah Gu, not long after, Ling Chigu appeared in front of Yan Tianhen.

Ling Chigu does not need food or drink, but he still had to absorb Yin Qi constantly.

Yan Tianhen bit his finger till it bled first, then let a drop of blood drip onto the tip of Ling Chigus tongue before asking, Ah Gu, cultivate on Yudai Mountain by yourself for now first. Ill come over to feed you some blood once every few days. If you encounter any danger, tell me immediately.

A faint scarlet colour appeared on the corner of Ling Chigus lips. He stared at Yan Tianhen silently and didnt move at all.

Yan Tianhen thought about it for awhile, then said, Ah Gu, if you find other fresh corpses and want them to accompany you, you can also develop them.

Then Yan Tianhen extended a finger and tapped in between Ling Chigus eyebrows. A light enshrouded in black smoke flashed.

Within Ling Chigus consciousness that didnt have much intuitive knowledge, a set of methods for Yin corpses to control other Yin corpses suddenly appeared.

Ling Chigu finally responded a little, and nodded slowly.

Yan Tianhen smiled. A dimple appeared on his left cheek.

After Ling Chigu disappeared, Yan Tianhen clenched his fist and said with assurance, Sooner or later, Ill let Ah Gu be just like a living person who can speak and laugh, and have his own ideas.

Lin Xuanzhi said, Thats not a bad idea. But, to be able to become just like a living person, he would need to at least become a Corpse Monster or Corpse Ghost.

Yan Tianhen nodded, At that time, I would at least have to be a primary-level cultivator. I will work hard with Ah Gu.

Yunlai Inn.

Bai Susu pushed the door open and walked into Lin Zezhis room.

Susu, youre here. Lin Zezhi said.

Biaoge, youve come to Sky Peak City at last. I heard from Aunt that you arrived yesterday. Why didnt you tell me sooner? I couldve gone to pick you up. Bai Susu said excitedly when she saw Lin Zezhi.

I didnt have the time yesterday, and could only free some time today to send you a letter. Lin Zezhi said.

Bai Susu grinned and walked over to hoop her arm around Lin Zezhis. She leaned on his body and said, Biaoge, ever since they knew you were coming to the Middle Continent, my other cousins have all been very eager to meet you. They even invited you to pay the Bai family a visit as soon as possible.

Lin Zezhis heart jolted, and he couldnt help but have other thoughts.

Everyone knows that the Bai family holds a special status throughout the entire Five Continents mainlands. However, the Bai family is relatively closed up, and very few people have the right to enter the main Bai family.

And the Bai family was also very strict in dividing their descendants into those born by the main wife, and those born by concubines. The successor of the Bai family must be a direct descendant, and he or she must be the most talented craftsman within the generation. Similarly, in order to ensure that the Bai familys crafting inheritance through the generations remains uninterrupted, they are extremely strict about the selection of Dao partners the other half of those in the Bai family must either be a craftsman, or someone from an elite family.

However, Madam Bai Ling married into the Lin family, a family whose status couldnt compare to the Bai family at all. Even though Bai Ling was not a direct descendant, and her talent was only considered average within the Bai family, but the Bai family still felt like she had thrown their face away.

One of the important reasons why Madam Bai has never returned to the Bai family for all these years is that she no longer has a place reserved in the Bai family for her.

One must know, the distribution of every single one of the Bai familys resources are meticulously accounted for. They must be distributed to the one who was most suited for it.

Cruel competition was the norm for the Bai family.

Even Madam Bai couldnt return to the Bai family easily, let alone her son.

Which was why Lin Zezhi had never passed through the Bai familys gates in his entire life.

Although Bai Susu wasnt a direct descendant either, her father had broken through to the fifth layer of his Teal Soul stage two years ago and successfully advanced to become a Crimson Soul craftsman, and became one of the five craftsmen in the Bai family who had a Crimson Soul. Thus, the status of Bai Susus branch rose rapidly along with him.

And as Bai Susus aunt, Bai Ling naturally obtained quite a lot of benefits too, and she had been mostly pardoned by the Bai family.

It was unexpected for the Bai family to be willing to meet Lin Zezhi while he was in the Middle Continent this time.

With a smile on his face, Lin Zezhi said, Ive never met my relatives in the Bai family before, and I do hope that I can meet them soon as well.

Bai Susus eyes lit up, and she started fawning, Then Biaoge, theres no time like the present. Why dont you just stay in the Bai family from now until the Hundred Families Gathering ends ba? Itll be more convenient to strengthen your relationship with our other cousins as well.

Lin Zezhi did have such intentions, but he still feigned hesitance on the surface, Would that cause trouble for those in the Bai family?

How could that be? Bai Susu shook her said, Youre my Biaoge, half of the blood that runs through you is of that of the Bai family. The Bai residence is your home, you can stay as long as you like.

Lin Zezhi was immediately overjoyed. Even though he was used to putting on a pretense, he couldnt help but reveal a delighted smile right now. He asked with slight urgency, Is that what you think, or what the elders in your family think?

Bai Susu said, Of course its what the elders think. My cousins think the same too.

Lin Zezhi settled down and suppressed his excitement. Ill let Fourth Elder know. After a while, Ill pack up and go with you to the Bai residence.

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