Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 244

Chapter 244

Chapter 244

While Lin Xuanzhi discussed business with others, Yan Tianhen sat beside him to collect money. The two of them worked together without getting tired, their cooperation was so smooth that it seemed like they had a natural rapport with each other. Of course, collecting money wasn’t something that required much rapport.

Lin Xuanzhi’s rule was very simple: 50% paid in advance as a deposit, then, when the magic treasure was crafted and delivered to the buyer for inspection, Lin Xuanzhi would withdraw the remaining 50% from a common bank deposited by the buyer.

If this was done according to market rules, the buyer would only need to pay a deposit of 10 to 20% in advance. Lin Xuanzhi’s requirement could be considered to be a lot higher.

However, Lin Xuanzhi had performed too well at the Hundred Families Gathering, and coupled with having the Yuan and Ji families as guarantors, these pupils were willing to believe in him.

Golden stars could be seen in Yan Tianhen’s eyes as he stared at the stack of gold banknotes in his hand after they saw the last guest off, almost drooling.

He said happily to Lin Xuanzhi, “Dage, there’s 200,000 gold here! If doubled, it’ll be 400,000 gold! We’re rich!”

When Lin Xuanzhi saw how happy Yan Tianhen was, he couldn’t tell him the truth, which would deal him a heavy blow. For someone on the craftsman path, 400,000 gold could be casually thrown away after crafting just a few top-grade magic treasures.

Moreover, Lin Xuanzhi was leaving aside most of this money for Yan Tianhen to waste when he refined pills.

Of course, he definitely wouldn’t say that, as it would deal a heavy blow to Yan Tianhen.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “If Ah Hen has anything you want to buy, feel free to go buy them all in these two days. There are a lot of materials in Sky Peak City. Once we return to Qing City, we may not be able to buy it even if we do have the money.”

In the afternoon, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t entertain any more guests. He took Yan Tianhen to the market to buy a lot of spiritual plants required for refining pills, and also spent a lot to buy the materials required for crafting a pill furnace. Yan Tianhen’s heart almost ached to death.

However, according to what Lin Xuanzhi thought, the main reason why Yan Tianhen always blew up his furnaces was probably because he lacked one Yang and one Yin soul. Now that one Yangsoul had been replaced by the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire, and the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire itself could be used as a pill fire as well that could even neutralise the Yin Qi in his body, Yan Tianhen would probably be able to avoid blowing up his furnace when refining pills from now on.

Of course, the actual situation would only be known when Yan Tianhen refined pills again.

Lin Xuanzhi saw that there were a lot of people waiting for him after returning to the inn, so he went to receive them one by one. He obtained a considerable amount of commission, and the crowd only broke up when it was quite late. A lot of people were taking the opportunity to get close to Lin Xuanzhi, and Lin Xuanzhi didn’t refuse anyone who tried.

Another day passed. Young Master Bai invited Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen to the Bai residence as guests. This naturally wasn’t an invitation for a simple chat over tea, but it was to discuss the Craftsmen Alliance.

Fourth Elder Bai was the most enthusiastic one in regards to the Craftsmen Alliance. He patted his chest as he decided to take over and only said that he had already contacted many sects and the craftsmen of other families. He planned to draft a copy of the Craftsmen Alliance with the others first, then when preparations are more or less complete, they would make it public.

Lin Xuanzhi put forward some opinions on a few key points based off his memories of his past like but didn’t otherwise interfere much with the rest.

Bai Yichen personally sent Lin Xuanzhi to the gate of the Bai residence before leaving.

Lin Xuanzhi’s face was enveloped in the moonlight, making him seem even more indifferent and like an immortal.

But this immortal held some fruit wine that he had drank, and seemed a little more human because he was slightly drunk.

Bai Yichen leaned against his wheelchair and smiled as he stared at Lin Xuanzhi. “After we bid farewell today, I’m afraid that the next time we meet will be in the East Continent’s Profound City.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly. “Young Master Bai catches wind of news as fast as ever.”

He had only just replied to the person from Profound Sky Sect that had given him the invite today. If the other party agreed to let him take Yan Tianhen along with him up the mountains without having to take part in the entrance examination for the sect, he promised to disregard their previous enmity and return to Profound Sky Sect to cultivate.

How could Profound Sky Sect mind letting Lin Xuanzhi take another person up the mountains? Even if he’d wanted to take a burdensome“oilwith him, Profound Sky Sect certainly wouldn’t let go of this genius craftsman who could make his name resound throughout the Five Continents’ mainlands based on his own strength alone.

What’s more, Yan Tianhen had displayed remarkable talent in the alchemist competition and the Pill Limit Mysterious Land. Now everyone knew that the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire, which was considered rare and precious to alchemists, was currently in Yan Tianhen’s body, he was highly likely to become an outstanding alchemist in time.

The person from Profound Sky Sect happily agreed to Lin Xuanzhi’s request and expressed his hopes for him to ascend the mountain as soon as possible.

Lin Xuanzhi had not spoken of this with anyone else before, yet Bai Yichen already knew about it. One could see that his source of information was indeed reliable.

Bai Yichen didn’t deny it either. “The headquarters of myHidden Tools Pavillion is at the foot of Profound Sky Sect after all. If I don’t even know about the latest, most important matters of Profound Sky Sect, then wouldn’t such a good position be wasted?”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly. “Looks like I’ll have even more opportunities to have dealings with Young Master Bai in the future.”

Bai Yichen smiled back, “The East Continent is Brother Lin’s headquarters, I’ll still have to rely on Brother Lin to cover me in the future.”

Lin Xuanzhi and Bai Yichen flattered each other for a while before Lin Xuanzhi took Yan Tianhen home.

On the way back, Yan Tianhen asked, “Dage, have you decided to go back to Profound Sky Sect?”

Lin Xuanzhi turned around to look at him. “Yeah. Profound Sky Sect is close to home after all, so if anything were to happen, it’ll be easier to take care of each other.”

Yan Tianhen pouted and kicked a rock below his foot. “But I don’t like Profound Sky Sect.”

Lin Xuanzhi had guessed that that would be the case. Moreover, he knew why Yan Tianhen didn’t like Profound Sky Sect.

It was for no other reason than that Profound Sky had driven him down the mountain when he had fallen to the depths of the abyss after he was plotted against without any reservation, which had made him lose all face and turned him into a laughingstock.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “Actually, I don’t really like Profound Sky Sect either. But it’s not like everyone in Profound Sky Sect had offended me. The one accepting me as a disciple now is Sinking Sword Peak’s Peak Master. Although he rarely shows his face, he is a really powerful figure, so he probably won’t put us in too difficult a spot.”

Yan Tianhen pondered for a bit and sighed. “Forget it. Since I can follow along to take care of you, I won’t bother about it too much with them for now.”

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help laughing. “Make it clear, who will be taking care of whom?”

“I’ll be the one taking care of you of course. Dage, it’s not that I’m looking down upon you, but that you’re really bad at taking care of other people.”

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him askance. “Only you’re good at it, right?”

Yan Tianhen nodded and said with great pride, “Yeah yeah, when Dage was seriously ill, wasn’t I the one who waited upon and took care of you at all times?”

Speaking of this, Yan Tianhen tugged Lin Xuanzhi’s sleeve, pulled him to a halt, then looked up and gazed into Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes.

“But Dage, I don’t want to experience those days of not daring to close my eyes day and night as I take care of you ever again.” Yan Tianhen was extremely serious. “Dage, I don’t wish for you to be very powerful; I only wish that you can stay safe. That is Daddy’s wish as well.”

Lin Xuanzhi rubbed Yan Tianhen’s head forcefully, feeling greatly comforted.


Yan Tianhen grinned from ear to ear. He pulled Lin Xuanzhi’s hand and swung it in a childish way as they continued walking.

“Dage, I’ll become a disciple with you, I’ll cultivate with you, and we’ll always be together no matter what we do from now on!”

“That’s right, and we can sleep in the same bed too.”

“Ah Hen, why aren’t you talking anymore?”

“It’s nothing, I just suddenly felt that Dage is a bit immoral.”

“We’ll just be chatting under the blanket, what else is Ah Hen thinking about?”

“Ah Hen, why did you stop talking again? Don’t tell me Dage hit the nail on the head, so you’re shy now?”

“Dage Why have I never noticed before that you’re actually this mean?”

Hehe, will Ah Hen not like me anymore if I’m a little mean?”

“Of course I’ll still like you.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes turned into crescents. He couldn’t help but think that he would still like his Dage no matter what he turned into.

And it just so happened that this person liked him back.

Lin Xuanzhi had already decided where to go on his side, and they were both happy and harmonious too, but it remained uncertain on the other side.

In the inn, Du Qiying slammed harshly on the table and cracks like a spider web appeared on the table, making it seem particularly horrifying.

“Damn it, that Lin Xuanzhi is just like a centipede that dies without any signs of rigor mortis. I thought that after his Dantian Qi sea was destroyed, he would never be able to make a comeback. I didn’t expect that not only did he awaken his craftsman soulfire, but he also managed to obtain a celestial-level pill that could repair his Dantian in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land!” How could Du Qiying merely be angry?

He was also terrified.

In the beginning, when Lin Xuanzhi was dragged back to Profound Sky Sect from the Grotto Heaven, he had already fallen out with Du Qiying. At that moment, Lin Xuanzhi had even asked for the Peak Master of Broken Sword Peak to investigate clearly and account for it to him. However, not only did they not do that, but Du Qiying had also taken the lead in mocking him mercilessly and even chased him down the mountain.

Even if Lin Xuanzhi was a saint, he certainly wouldn’t repay his grievances with virtue when it came to Du Qiying and Broken Sword Peak.

Du Qiying had a vague hunch that the reason Lin Xuanzhi chose to return to Profound Sky Sect again this time wasn’t only because Profound Sky Sect was close to his home, but also because he wanted to retaliate and deliberately returned to take revenge.

Du Qiying wasn’t part of the Profound Sky’s Four Swords. Although he had a certain level of mastery in swordsmanship, he definitely couldn’t match up to Profound Sky’s Four Swords, let alone the leader of the Profound Sky’s Four Swords, Lin Xuanzhi.

He had managed to backstab Lin Xuanzhi through underhanded means only because he and a couple of his fellow disciples went to theYunqi Grotto Heaven to lure a devil beast and attacked Lin Xuanzhi in secret as well as activate a lot of magic treasures in the process. If Lin Xuanzhi had taken precautions, or if both of them had fought face-to-face, then they definitely wouldn’t have been able to take Lin Xuanzhi down so easily.

Even with this multi-pronged attack, they still had to expend quite a lot of effort.

Du Qiying couldn’t help but worry about his own future.

Upon seeing this, Tong Le sneered and said indifferently, “At the very least, you’re the Young Peak Master of Broken Sword Peak now with the support of both the Peak Master and Sect Master at your back, don’t tell me you’re afraid of Lin Xuanzhi?”

Du Qiying pulled a long face. “What do you know? You don’t really think that Lin Xuanzhi is a pushoverba?”

Tong Le grinned as he reached out to press down on Du Qiying’s shoulders, his caresses flirtatious. He shifted over to lean on his shoulder and bit his ear. “Although he isn’t a pushover, he’s soft-hearted and old-fashionedah. He respects propriety and abides by laws, and he’s both kind-hearted and soft-hearted on top of it all and has never liked arguing with others. Such a big fool, who takes it upon himself to help other people, has always been the type to be obedient to his superiors. All you need to do is get his original Shizun to both coerce and bribe him, then he would probably not dare think about taking revenge anymore. He had suffered so much when he was staying in Profound Sky Sect after all.”