Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 246

Chapter 246

Chapter 246

Come on! Dont be modest in front of your family. Fifth Elder laughed happily and clapped Lin Xuanzhi on the shoulder. He suddenly felt a rush of Qi from Lin Xuanzhis body and was shocked. He stared at Lin Xuanzhi with burning, intense eyes and asked with a surprised tone, Xuanzhi, is your Dantian Qi sea back to normal?

Not a lot of people knew that Lin Xuanzhi had restored his Dantian. Lin Liuchun had always been too lazy to take care of things and didnt report it to the family in advance. So when the Fifth Elder first discovered that Lin Xuanzhis body was flowing with mighty and slow Qi, he was shocked. If he didnt care about appearing strong like the wind and the waves, he would have jumped up in joy without any regard for his dignity.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Thanks to Fifth Elder’s blessing, I found a celestial-level pill in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land and managed to recover my Dantian.

This calls for a big celebration!

Fifth Elder was so relieved that he could hardly speak in excitement. Finally, he said good three times with his eyes moist.

Lin Xuanzhi could be regarded as a model of promising youth no matter where he was placed, whether itd be as a swordsman or a craftsman.

What was even more amazing and enviable was that Lin Xuanzhis unique luck, which others dared not think about, could really go down in history. He feared that once Lin Xuanzhi soared, no one could stop him!

The rest of the Lin family standing behind Fifth Elder all gasped and proceeded to congratulate Lin Xuanzhi.

Of course, not everyone was happy that Lin Xuanzhi had returned to normal.

Madam Bai was taken aback. This Lin Xuanzhi’s luckhow could he be so fortunate?

Madam Bai stood beside the Third Elder and they secretly exchanged glances, seeing surprise and panic in each others eyes. There was also a hint of dark resentment that could not be missed in Third Elders eyes.

Just then, Lin Zezhi got off the carriage.

Madam Bai stepped forward and pulled Lin Zezhi to look at him all over with a loving smile on her face, saying, I think Zezhi is tired after the long journey home. My son must have put a lot of effort while competing in the martial arts competition of the Hundred Families Gathering.

Lin Zezhi smiled, I wasnt that strong. Lin Yan had more strength than me and he was lucky enough to get the attention of an elder from the Heavenly Fire Sect and went directly to the North. Of course, it is cousin Lin Xuanzhi that did the most for the family.

Madam Bai was shocked. It was the same feeling she had gotten after hearing that Lin Xuanzhi had returned to normal.

Did Lin Zezhi actually praise Lin Xuanzhi in front of everyone?

Madam Bai clearly knew how much her son hated Lin Xuanzhi. Moreover, under her instigation, her son should be disgusted and dissatisfied with this cousin who had been greatly favored since childhood before he left!

But now, Lin Zezhi was surrendering calmly to Lin Xuanzhi. It was completely unacceptable to her.

In front of everyone, Madam Bai didn’t dare say too much so she softly said, My son is becoming more and more modest. I think the journey was very tiring. I will take Zezhi back to rest first.

Fifth Elder didnt pay much attention to Madam Bais change in mood and nodded, You go back and rest. Tomorrow, Ill hold a big banquet to celebrate all of you.

After thanking Fifth Elder, Lin Xuanzhi and the others left with them.

Yan Tianhen naturally followed Lin Xuanzhi back to their courtyard.

It’s been more than a month since they’d last seen home. When they arrived, Yan Tianhen felt instant warmth.

He removed his outer shirt and threw it on the chair, racing straight to the bedroom where he rolled around in the bed. Holding the quilt, he stretched and said comfortably, Ah, it feels good to be home. It was bumpy all the way here and my butt almost fell apart.

Lin Xuanzhi also came in and slapped Yan Tianhen on the butt, laughing, Well then, take off your pants and let Dage see if you have been bumped into four pieces.

Yan Tianhen turned over and laid face up. He stretched out his hand to hold Lin Xuanzhi’s neck, pulling him closer with a smile, Dage, you’re only saying it but not actually doing it. Your skills are fake.

Lin Xuanzhi pinched the tip of his nose and said with a chuckle, Little children shouldn’t think so much about what they dont have. When you grow up, you’ll get what you want. Why rush?

Since he and Yan Tianhen had expressed their love for each other, Yan Tianhen seemed to have found a new hobby and tried every means to seduce Lin Xuanzhi all day. The craftsman was in constant distress. He couldn’t lay his hands on Yan Tianhen yet.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t care much about desire and, for cultivators, it was extremely important to cultivate ones morality.

Yan Tianhen faced another defeat and sighed sadly, I really want to grow up quickly.

Lin Xuanzhis eyes bent like crescents when he smiled. He leaned forward to kiss Yan Tianhens lips, There are some things you can do without growing up.

Yan Tianhen held Lin Xuanzhis neck lovingly and exchanged a close, tender kiss with him.

All of a sudden, Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi felt their cheeks rubbed by something soft.

Yan Tianhen was startled, hurriedly turning his head to find a bald bird with three feathers on its head, standing on the pillow and staring at them with golden-red eyes.

Next to the bed, two white fluffy heads poked up. Ah Bai and Hu Po watched them curiously as they kissed.

Yan Tianhen, ..

This was fucking embarrassing!

You guys actually have this kind of relationship? Feng Jingyu jumped onto the roof beam in an instant before Lin Xuanzhi could reach out and catch him. His eyes were so wide and he almost yelled out.

Aren’t you brothers? You can still do this between brothers? You’re really going to blind this king!

Although Yan Tianhen tried his best to show his maturity and openness in front of Lin Xuanzhi, he was forcing himself in those instances, with some inability to restrain his emotions mixed into the equation. However, it was too damned embarrassing when it was seen by this bird, who pointed this out so clearly.

As a result, Yan Tianhen felt ashamed and resentful. He grabbed a shoe on the edge of the bed and threw it towards Feng Jingyu, Did I steal your rice? None of your business! Who told you to come in without knocking?

Feng Jingyu fluttered his wings and avoided the shoe.

Ah Bai, who was originally lying beside the bed, didn’t know how to think about it. Suddenly, he swooped down and pressed Hu Po to the ground, then leaned closer to gnaw at Hu Po’s mouth.

Hu Po was stunned for a moment before releasing a loud screech. He swiped Ah Bai away with a claw and slipped hurriedly under the bed like an offended daughter-in-law.

Seeing this scene, Yan Tianhen nearly puked out a mouthful of blood.

Feng Jingyu, who witnessed this, flew around with glee, Let’s teach the children bad things. These two tiger cubs are still milk-sucking babies. Sooner or later, they will be led astray by you.”

Yan Tianhens face turned red as a tomato. He accidentally caught sight of Lin Xuanzhis calm smile and immediately combusted on the spot. He uncovered the quilt and buried his head in it like an ostrich.

Lin Xuanzhi comforted him for a while until, eventually, Yan Tianhen lifted his head from the quilt.

After the uproar was over, Lin Xuanzhi looked at the phoenix comfortable in his cradle, You came back early.

Dont even mention it. The Five Continents are just evil. It’s as though it was covered by a huge barrier; I cant find a way out of here at all. Feng Jingyu’s round and small body turned over in a circle, stood up, and patted his wings. His childish voice angrily said, I can only come in but not out. Its simply horrible,ah. Moreover, this king’s cultivation has been confined to theSeventh Star Infant Stage. Maybe one day, if I’m not careful, I will be caught and roasted to be eaten! Its really pissing this king off!

Yan Tianhen watched the small shape of Feng Jingyu and thought he looked very cute. He slipped into his shoes and came to the cradle he had personally made for Maomao. He held out his right hand to hold the little phoenix in his hand.

Not only did Feng Jingyu not reject him, he also very affectionately rubbed on Yan Tianhen’s hand.

Young birds liked to be spoiled, especially pitiful birds like Feng Jingyu, who lacked love and affection ever since he was still in the egg.

Rest assured. Yan Tianhen patted his chest and promised, Follow me in the future and you will never be roasted or eaten. You’ll be treated well.

Feng Jingyu was born to be a king. Since the day he broke out of his shell, his cultivation level was equivalent to that of a Primary Realm elemental cultivator. By all logic, he should have no respect for Yan Tianhen, a boy who was just in the Foundation Stage.

But Feng Jingyu did not think Yan Tianhen overreached. Instead, he held Yan Tianhens thumb with a small foot, Pull the hookand Ill follow you in the future.

Okay, okay. Yan Tianhen hooked his thumb and whispered earnestly, “If I go to the Nine Lands with my Dage in the future, you’ll have to protect us.

Feng Jingyu clapped his chest as a pledge, Of course. When this king was in the Nine Lands, he walkedsideways!

Yan Tianhen asked, Walked sideways? Isnt that a crab?


Lin Xuanzhi sat on the couch and looked at the bald bird who was constantly rubbing against Yan Tianhen. I always thought phoenixes were the king of birds with magnificent feathers, great vigor, and elegant taste. But when I saw you, I knew that the rumors couldn’t be believed.

Feng Jingyu flew up and sat down on Yan Tianhen’s head, You must have heard of a phoenixs death and rebirth by fire. My appearance is one that just died and was reborn in the fire. All my feathers were burnt to ashes and now they’re all baby down. Of course, it doesn’t look very nice. But in a few more years, Ill be rid of this baby down and youll never find a bird more beautiful than me.

Speaking of which, Feng Jingyu held his head high, showing a confident and proud kingly air.

Feng Jingyu mentioned “death and rebirth” calmly and lightly, as if he was talking about eating and drinking water.

Yan Tianhen was concerned and asked, Maomao, you said you died once. What happened?

Feng Jingyu let out a cry and covered his eyes with a wing, My skills weren’t good enough. I lost a fight and was kicked into this place where even birds felt hurt. Bringing it up fills me with bitter tears.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced lightly at the playful phoenix and warned, Since you are the king of the West Imperial Palace, if you cannot go back after many years, the Western Land may fall into chaos.

Feng Jingyu carelessly cut some of Yan Tianhen’s thick hair with his claws while saying, The ministers of the West Imperial Palace are not placed there for decoration. Anyways, when I was there, I also ignored governing affairs and ate, drank, and played with fox and dog friends, fighting chickens and walking dogs all day.

Then you and Yuyang Gege are a match made in Heaven.” Yan Tianhen said.