Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 281

Chapter 281

Chapter 281

Esteemed Huai Yu joyfully took Yan Tianhen to patrol the spiritual plant fields and showed him which parts of it needed daily watering, which parts didn’t, which needed weeding, and so on.

Yan Tianhen quickly remembered them. After all, this was his job from now on.

After a whole mornings walk, they only managed to go through less than one-tenth of the spiritual plant fields. Glancing at the sun, Esteemed Huai Yu clapped his hands, Im hungry. You should find some way to eat.

Yan Tianhen was listening attentively at first, but when the topic suddenly changed, he couldn’t immediately respond.

Ah? Yan Tianhen stupidly said.

Ah, what ‘Ah’? Your master is hungry.” Esteemed Huai Yu began to order him, “Go and cook for this master. Yesterday and this morning, Master was generous enough to give you a break. But from this moment on, you have to obediently give me a meal. Hurry up.

Yan Tianhen had to quietly accept the fact that he would soon become an elite servant. Anyway, he had already figured it out last night. He would just regard Esteemed Huai Yu as his Dage, then it wouldn’t be so difficult.

But the problem was was that there wasn’t a single shred of similarity between Esteemed Huai Yu and his Dageah!

Yan Tianhen sighed in his heart and continued to deceive himself pitifully.

What are you still doing here? Why aren’t you going? Esteemed Huai Yu urged.

Master, cooking isn’t actually difficult for me, but I cant make food for you out of thin air, can I? Yan Tianhen said with a bitter face.

He had done his homework last night. There were quite a few fruit trees on top of this mountain. Esteemed Huai Yu had also raised some chickens and ducks that were fed with spiritual rice and grains, but the number wasn’t very big. It looked like he kept them for laying eggs and nothing more.

There were quite a few dense forests under the mountain to hunt, but they were all Broken Sword Peak’s territories. Yan Tianhen naturally wouldn’t take the initiative to throw himself into a trap.

Esteemed Huai Yu narrowed his eyes, You cant do something as simple as this? Then what are you capable of doing? This mountain forest is full of food. Go hunt and eat whatever you hit.

Yan Tianhen looked towards the towering and lush mountain next door.

Esteemed Huai Yu picked up a stone, threw it and watched as it fell into the bushes far away. After a while, they heard the sound of things flailing about. It was like a ripple effect that made circles and spread around. Colorful birds of an unknown species fluttered their wings toward the sky one after the other, emerging from the middle and spreading to all four sides.

The scene was spectacular and lasted only for a moment, but Yan Tianhen felt as if he had been watching for a long time.

Esteemed Huai Yu patted Yan Tianhen on the shoulder, See?

Yan Tianhen nodded, Yes.

Esteemed Huai Yu continued in a measured voice, Then why are you still standing here like a wooden stake? Why dont you hurry away and cook for this Master already?

Yan Tianhen was shocked and he cried out, You want me to go hunting there?

This, this, this this was too far away!

Esteemed Huai Yu cooly said, That mountain peak is the closest one. The most important thing is that there are many vicious monsters and fierce beasts on it. The monsters on my mountain peak have all been cleaned up long before I planted the spiritual plant fields, saving me from having monsters trampling on them.

“” How, how vicious and fierce!

Yan Tianhen trembled in fear and anxiously asked, Todayah?

Esteemed Huai Yu’s eyes were sharp like knives, capable of killing, Then when?

Yan Tianhen sadly murmured, All right.

He was sure he couldn’t beat Esteemed Huai Yu. He didn’t know what method his Master had used, but his bells could no longer send out messages. It was too late to ask for help now.

Master, I have another question.” Yan Tianhen looked over at the mountain and swallowed his saliva.

Why do you have so many questions?” Esteemed Huai Yu said impatiently, Ask!

How can I get to the other side?

Esteemed Huai Yu, ..

He narrowed his eyes and stared down at Yan Tianhen. He saw that the boy was flustered and almost couldn’t help but step back.

Your present cultivation is at least on the first layer of the Foundation Stage.” Esteemed Huai Yu said.

It’s almost to the second layer. Yan Tianhen stressed.

Esteemed Huai Yu fought back the impulse of slapping Yan Tianhen to death. He said with a dark face, Then how did you cultivate to this level?

Yan Tianhen honestly admitted, I ate a pill and leveled up by sheer force.

Esteemed Huai Yu, .

What the hell kind of disciple did he take in?

Esteemed Huai Yu’s eyes fell on his storage bag, Isn’t your Dage very powerful? He should have given you something to help you ascend.

Yan Tianhen quickly stretched out his hand to cover his storage bag and stuffed it into his clothes, afraid that Esteemed Huai Yu would attack his storage bag again.

No, nothing for ascending. There’s nothing left.” Yan Tianhen’s words flew fast.

Esteemed Huai Yu laughed scornfully and sneered, I dont think so highly of that junk. If I really wanted it, you can shove it in your stomach and I can still rip it out of you.

The little man in Yan Tianhens heart wept right away. Oh my god, what kind of Master did he end up with? Was it true that Esteemed Lan Yue was deliberately torturing him?

All right. Go, said Esteemed Huai Yu.

Yan Tianhen nodded in low spirits and said to Ah Bai and Hu Po, Lets go, cubs.

Wait. Esteemed Huai Yu raised his brows and looked down at Hu Po with great interest. He pointed at it. This young tiger will stay here as a hostage first.

Yan Tianhen was stunned, What hostage?

Esteemed Huai Yu rolled his eyes and explained, What if you run off halfway? Where can I find another disciple this obedient?

Yan Tianhen was so angry that he was going to release smoke all over his body. He clenched his fists, Since Im here, I wont run away!

That’s not necessarily the case. Esteemed Huai Yu smirked, Last night, I used the bell by accident and seemed to overhear someone crying and shouting that he didnt want to stay in this place where there are pickpockets.

Yan Tianhen, !

He had left that message for his Dage. How could he have been heard by Esteemed Huai Yu?

However, Yan Tianhen immediately focused on a crucial point.

His Dage’s ability to communicate with him through the Voice Transmission Bell was nothing more than Lin Xuanzhi imposing his own soul seal into these bells. If there was someone who could surpass Lin Xuanzhi, erase the soul seals and add their own seal, Lin Xuanzhis Voice Transmission Bell would naturally become invalid.

There were alarm bells blaring in Yan Tianhen’s mind. Suddenly, a cold thought appeared it wasn’t because Esteemed Huai Yu had the capabilities but because the Voice Transmission Bell made by Lin Xuanzhi was absolutely not safe!

It was good that it had been Esteemed Huai Yu who had robbed it. If it had been cut off by anyone else with malicious intentions, the consequences would have been unimaginable. Yan Tianhen, who relied heavily on Lin Xuanzhis magic weapons, never thought of such an accident. He suddenly realized that his strong admiration for Lin Xuanzhi had placed him on a pedestal as the most powerful person in his heart. However, there were in fact people out there who were stronger than Lin Xuanzhi, several of them. These magical weapons were not completely safe.

Esteemed Huai Yu watched as Yan Tianhens expression went through change after change, a soft little face becoming stiff in the next moment. He pinched those cheeks and gloated, Your Dage is really too weak. This Master can easily wipe his soul marks, even the two Voice Transmission Bells hidden in your storage bag. Through it, I can change the soul marks to mine. Therefore, you better stop fighting with these petty tricks.

Yan Tianhen was so angry that he glared at Esteemed Huai Yu. He turned around and furiously walked towards an open space.

He opened his storage bag and took out a Piercing Cloud Plate.

In any case, not even his storage bag was safe from that vicious guy, so what else could he hide?

Anyways, since the jar was already broken, why not smash the entire thing as well?

Esteemed Huai Yu raised his eyebrows in surprise. He rolled his eyes slightly, muttering to himself, “There was actually such an auxiliary item. Lin Xuanzhi is mysterious indeed.”

Only Esteemed Huai Yu had deep suspicions. Although this Piercing Cloud Plate couldn’t compare to the Piercing Cloud Shuttle that could cross the East and West continents overnight, it was still very difficult to make. In this entire Profound Sky Sect, there likely weren’t any core disciple of Thousand Hammer Peak that could craft something like it.

This Lin Xuanzhi had only recently suffered a major illness. He had been away from Profound Sky Sect for two years. How did he suddenly come back to such a severe degree?

Yan Tianhen stood on the Piercing Cloud Plate and Ah Bai jumped on it with his tail raised. Hu Po wanted to sneak away, but Esteemed Huai Yu mercilessly captured him by the soft skin of his nape.

Ao!” Hu Po cried out.

Tsk, what’re you howling for? Esteemed Huai Yu was a little dissatisfied and directly carried Hu Po in his arms.

The Piercing Cloud Plate, with Yan Tianhen on it, was not too big and flew very steadily. He didn’t dare look down and closed his eyes instead, every hair on his body standing on end.

Its almost over. Its almost over. Its almost over.

Yan Tianhen was praying in secret when suddenly, a huge gust of air rushed at him from behind, smashing the entire Piercing Cloud Plate directly into the air.

Ahh! Yan Tianhen released a cry, his body suddenly falling!

With a roar, Ah Bai suddenly sprouted two wings longer than his body on his back. He rushed over and grabbed Yan Tianhen by the collar, yanking him up.

However, Ah Bai’s body was still too small. Although he had developed wings, it could only guarantee that he wouldn’t fall down at most. Now there was Yan Tianhen in the mix. They were gradually falling to the ground.

Yan Tianhen quickly reached into his storage bag and grabbed another Piercing Cloud Plate. But a very powerful air slice came from a distance, swiping at his hand and flying past. It accurately and fiercely cut off the rope on his storage bag.

No! Whoa, ah, ah! Yan Tianhen reached out for it, only to watch the bag fall towards the valley below.

Yan Tianhens eyes grew red and he almost broke down.

That storage bag had been left to him by his Daddy. They contained all of the medicinal pills and magic treasures his Daddy gave him!

If it fell like this, he didn’t know how long it would take to find it. Maybe others would have snatched it before he could.

He didn’t know where the rage came from but Yan Tianhen suddenly bellowed loudly. He pushed away Ah Bai, who was carrying him, and rapidly fell down. Esteemed Huai Yu, who was standing in the distance watching the drama, suddenly had his smile frozen in place.

Fucking son of a bitch! He cursed. Like lightning rushing in mid-air, he caught the falling Yan Tianhen.

When Yan Tianhen was thrown to the ground with several stones, his ears were still buzzing. For a moment, there was still blackness in front of him until his eyes and ears became clear. He could hear Esteemed Huai Yu shouting and swearing.

Are you a fool with a hole in your head? Do you want to die for this trash of a bag? Fuck your ancestors, you little idiot. Its better if you had fallen to your death!

Esteemed Huai Yu thought Yan Tianhen would cry and make a scene, but when he saw a pair of bright red eyes, he knew he was wrong.

Of course I want to live.” Yan Tianhen laid on the ground and rolled his eyes at Esteemed Huai Yu. His look made others want to beat him, “You wont let me die anyway.

Where the fuck did you get that self-confidence from? Esteemed Huai Yu was obviously furious.

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