Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 356

Chapter 356

Chapter 356

Yan Tianhen answered, My Dage went hunting in the back mountain. My Dage made all the food these days.

Esteemed Lan Yue spoke, Go and see if he has come back.”

Okay. Yan Tianhen nodded and ran out.

After Yan Tianhen left, Esteemed Huai Yu’s casual expression instantly became grave.

Senior Martial Brother, before you coaxed me into coming here, you never mentioned that the Five Continents’ barrier can only allow people to enter and not leave, and even Profound Realm cultivators cannot break it. Esteemed Huai Yu’s expression turned a little ugly.

That made sense; no one would be happy to find out that such an important matter had been concealed from them.

Esteemed Lan Yue flatly responded, It’s true that I hid this matter from you and have wronged you, but you should know why I had no choice but to use Ah Hen’s trail to lure you over.

Esteemed Huai Yu had a dark expression. I dont know, and now I dont think its very necessary.

Esteemed Lan Yue explained leisurely, You had already become madman at that time, and your life star was about to fall down. The only way to escape from death lied in the Five Continents. Over the years, I have spent more energy on you than anyone else. If it werent for you being my Junior Martial Brother under the same Master, do you think I would take care of you? Esteemed Huai Yu kept his mouth shut, not daring to make a sound.

Esteemed Lan Yue continued, Youve been fighting Yan Zhonghua so hard over these years that you’ve spent too much energy. It would be better to come to the Five Continents to have a rest first. It’s not too late to slaughter your way back when you’ve preserved and nurtured your spirit.”

Esteemed Huai Yu wasn’t truly angry with Esteemed Lan Yue either. He sighed, Senior Martial Brother, I know you are doing this for me, but I still have a lot of important things to deal with in the demon realm. Now that I cant get out of the Five Continents, those matters naturally can’t be dealt with, so I feel anxious.

Esteemed Lan Yue asked, Is your so-called ‘important matter’ vying for territory or fighting with the other Demon Venerables?

Esteemed Huai Yu’s face was full of bewilderment, You mean the sole purpose of fighting isn’t to snatch territory?

Esteemed Lan Yue,

That’s why he thinks it’s better for You Ming to stay in the Five Continents.

Esteemed Lan Yue narrowed his eyes. Are you sure you havent revealed anything?

How can a person as cautious as me be easily exposed?

Esteemed Lan Yue studied him suspiciously.

Esteemed Huai Yu sighed, Dont worry. When have I not heeded your warnings?

When have you ever not made me worry?

Esteemed Huai Yu, It does seem like he’s always been causing trouble for his senior martial brother.

Esteemed Huai Yu decided to change the subject.

Senior Martial Brother, did you really agree to let these younger generation fellows go to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest together? Esteemed Huai Yu frowned. The present appearance of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is not suitable for travel at all. Perhaps it’ll become like the Five Continents’ situation, only allowing entry and prohibiting exit.

Don’t tell me that they shouldn’t go if it only allows entry and not exit? Esteemed Lan Yue asked lightly.

Esteemed Huai Yu took a deep breath, If a single farewell is a farewell for eternity, it’s better to slowly wait for death together.”

Esteemed Lan Yue was somewhat astonished, Your previous thoughts were quite radical. You would rather break than bend. This doesn’t seem like something you would say.

Esteemed Huai Yu smiled, Senior Martial Brother, peoples thoughts will change.

In the past, he felt that love was the most crucial thing and reigned supreme. As long as love was engraved on the hearts of two people and they genuinely loved each other, all other evil monsters and untold dangers were nothing to fear.

However, reality gave him a heavy and painful blow.

Never again could he be that Demon Venerable You Ming who could do as he pleased and dared to love and hate.

Right now, he was just a father who hoped his child could survive and live well.

When Esteemed Lan Yue saw that Esteemed Huai Yu had become like this and had changed so much from his original thoughts, he could not help feeling distressed and regretful. In the end, he still liked that confident and carefree junior martial brother who did whatever he wanted.

As if all the changes were due to Yan Zhonghua.

But what did Yan Zhonghua do wrong?

Sometimes, right and wrong in this world are unclear.

Esteemed Lan Yue nonchalantly revealed, Don’t you want to leave the Five Continents? I pried into heaven’s secrets and learned that one of the possibilities for opening this Five Continents’ barrier is in this Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.

Esteemed Huai Yu’s expression changed.

When Yan Tianhen returned with Lin Xuanzhi, Esteemed Lan Yue had already left first.

Without waiting for the two people to speak first, Esteemed Huai Yu asked, I heard that you two plan to go to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “We have this intention and it has already been decided.

Esteemed Huai Yu said disapprovingly, You guys aren’t going to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest because of that reward from the Yuan family, are you now?

Yan Tianhen answered, We will still go even if there is no reward from the Yuan family. So many mercenaries have failed to find the Icy Water Lotus and Colorful Caterpillar Grass in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, and Yuyang Gege’s body cannot endure for much longer. Naturally, we have to go there ourselves.

You also said that so many professional mercenaries failed. Esteemed Huai Yu’s expression didn’t look good. Where do you get the confidence that you can get in and out alive?

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose and blinked, My Dage is hereah.

Esteemed Huai Yu was even more displeased, Don’t tell me that your Dage can guarantee that he can get in and out alive?

Lin Xuanzhi answered lightly, I cant guarantee it.

Esteemed Huai Yu’s expression darkened.

Lin Xuanzhi then continued, But I can assure you, whether we live or die, I will always be together with Ah Hen.

When Yan Tianhen heard this, he was very moved and looked at Lin Xuanzhi, Dage, you’re so nice.

Esteemed Huai Yu couldn’t stand this pair. Whenever he saw someone kiss and show public displays of affection in front of him, he always had a strange feeling and felt the urge to tear them apart!

Lin Xuanzhi addressed Esteemed Huai Yu, Martial Uncle, in reality, besides going to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest to look for two kinds of spiritual plants, we also wanted to take the opportunity to cultivate. The Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is the largest demonic beast forest in the Five Continents. Although there are many dangers inside, there are also countless opportunities. Maybe we can get those opportunities there instead.

Yan Tianhen also persuaded, Yeah Master, don’t cultivators fight against the heavens? If they always stay in a tranquil environment and dont take part in actual combat, they will be useless no matter how high their cultivation.

Esteemed Huai Yu couldn’t help ridiculing, Youre an alchemist, dont talk about killing every day.

Yan Tianhen smiled, Alchemy is only part of my cultivation.

Esteemed Huai Yu couldnt persuade them otherwise. Seeing that the two had already made up their minds, he could only say, When the child grows up, he no longer listens to his mother anymore. However, before you all go, you must first understand the current situation in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest in detail. You must bring all the items medicinal pills, talismans, and magic treasures are all indispensable.”

Yan Tianhen touched his finger and pretended to sigh, Masterah, originally, we could have gotten the medicinal pills, magic treasures, and talismans, but recently we are too short on money.”

The corners of Esteemed Huai Yu’s mouth twitched, Dont think that I don’t know that your Dage is rich. Right now, even someone who doesn’t go out often like me knows that Yin Yang Studio and Heaven and Earth Pavilion’s businesses are booming.

Yan Tianhen replied somewhat awkwardly, But thats all my Dages money.

Esteemed Huai Yu narrowed his eyes suspiciously, Didn’t you let the Yuan family’s boy take those medicinal pills that you refined before to the auction house for auction? Where’s the money?

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose, Went towards paying my Dage’s debt.

Esteemed Huai Yu,

He wanted to slap and wake up this little fool so badly!

When he gave his own money to Lin Xuanzhi, he didnt care about anything, but when Lin Xuanzhis money was used, he actually dared to draw such a clear line!

In this world, how can there be such a stupid fool!?

Lin Xuanzhis heart was so touched that he couldn’t help smiling softly, Ah Hen is joking. My things are naturally Ah Hen’s things. There is no line between you and me.”

Esteemed Huai Yu couldnt watch this anymore. He took out a yellow-orange crystal directly from his storage ring.

It looked like a crystal on the outside, but there was no impurity inside. It was warm and cool to the touch and had a lot of texture.

This was actually a sparrow spirit.

Moreover, the level of this sparrow spirit was far higher than that of the milky white sparrow spirit.

Such a piece was worth a hundred milky white sparrow spirits.

Lin Xuanzhis beautiful eyes were slightly awed, Martial Uncle, this is too valuable.

Esteemed Huai Yu rolled his eyes at him. No matter how valuable this is, it’s still not for you. Originally I was going to secretly give it to Ah Hen, but now that I’ve thought about it, he won’t hide anything from you. Thats why I allowed you to feast your eyes on this.

Esteemed Huai Yu stuffed the sparrow spirit into Yan Tianhens hands and told him, This sparrow spirit contains a lot of spiritual Qi. It can instantly raise a person’s cultivation by two small stages. It can be used to protect your life at critical times. When I came to the Five Continents from the Nine Lands, I didnt bring too many sparrow spirits with me. Now there is only one left. You should use it carefully.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes stared at the sparrow spirit. He only accepted it with a clenched fist after a moment.

Yan Tianhen looked at Esteemed Huai Yu with a complicated expression, as if he wanted to see through him.

Esteemed Huai Yu was stared at so much that he felt goosebumps. Even if you gaze at me like this, I still wont fall in love with you.

The corners of Yan Tianhen’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. Even if you are this kind to me, I also wont fall in love with you.

Esteemed Huai Yu,

Lin Xuanzhi,

Why does he feel that the topic is a bit strange?

The two people decided to end this strange topic at the same time.

Lin Xuanzhi hunted a berserk rabbit.

This berserk rabbit was the size of a farm pig, with two sharp tusks sticking out of its mouth and fur sticking up like silver needles.

Lin Xuanzhi cleaned the rabbit with his own hands, then propped up the branches and made a fire to barbecue it.

Esteemed Huai Yu leaned in to smell it for a while and let out a satisfied groan. He then spoke jealously, Brat, you know I cant eat roasted food, but you still roasted meat in front of me. Did you do it on purpose?”

Lin Xuanzhi cut off a piece of the most tender meat and handed it to Yan Tianhen while replying, Martial Uncle, it’s not that you can’t eat roasted food, but that you need to stay away from all meat, right?

Esteemed in Huai Yu drew circles on the ground with his toes unhappily, Why? Are you gloating over this?

Lin Xuanzhi was somewhat puzzled. Why doesnt Martial Uncle eat meat?

Esteemed Huai Yu’s answer was concise and comprehensive. I might suffer a Qi deviation and no longer recognize people close to me.

Yan Tianhen gnawed at the meat as he raised his head to stare at Esteemed Huai Yu.

Esteemed Huai Yu looked at his adorable gaze and took a deep breath, You guys keep eating, I refuse to suffer this injustice anymore.