Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 358

Chapter 358

Chapter 358

Broken Sword Peak was especially lively today.

He Cailing was a violent-tempered person who wouldn’t let herself suffer losses. She could reveal such dirty matters to everyone. In fact, when she caught him red-handed on the peak, she especially took many people with her. As a result, things blewup so far that it couldn’t be concealed.

Many of the peak’s disciples were talking about Lin Yurou and Du Qiying being caught in bed with each other

This Lin Yurou went from an outer-door disciple to an inner-door disciple shortly after she arrived at the sect. I felt strange at that time. Unexpectedly, her inner-door disciple status actually came from this.

Bah, what a shame. A girl being so unruly. I really dont know what her parents would think if they knew about this.

I feel sorry for Senior Martial Sister He. To think that such a confident and free woman should have to suffer through this kind of anger.

You also dont have to blame it all on Lin Yurou. One palm alone cannot clap. Although we never explicitly talk about exactly what kind of person Du Qiying is, we all understand his personality in our hearts.”

Yeah, Young Peak Master DuahHaha, a trashy pot to match the trashy lid.

Sigh, I really miss the time when Senior Martial Brother Lin was still on Broken Sword Peak. At least the atmosphere then wasn’t so foul.”

Despite the spirited whispers from the outside world, no one dared to speak loudly in Broken Sword Peak’s inner door.

He Cailing’s hands were playing with a whip that she got from somewhere, and on her face, which couldn’t be considered good-looking but certainly wasn’t ugly either, dark clouds of fury threatened to spill over.

Lin Yurou was covering half of her face, having fallen to the ground while weeping. Her hair was still in a mess and her clothes were in disarray. She cut a sorry figure.

However, no one was on her side, including Du Qiying, who had also been caught in bed red-handed.

Du Qiying stood by with a malicious expression, his hair loosely falling behind him. Just when he wanted to move, a snake covered in colorful scales appeared beside him and flicked its red tongue at him; its slender snake eyes made his heart go cold and he dared not move anymore.

Ah Ling As soon as Du Qiying wanted to say something, he was interrupted by He Cailing.

Well settle the score between us later. He Cailing coldly swept a glance over Du Qiyings face, and a trace of disgust flashed through her eyes. Wait until I deal with her first.

Du Qiying choked back the words he wanted to say.

Senior Martial Sister, you might as well let me handle this bitch. One of He Cailings inner-door junior martial sisters narrowed her eyes, First I’ll scratch up this face of hers, then strip her of her clothes and directly throw her out. Let everyone see how shameless she is!

Lin Yurou shivered and raised her head in horror as she cried and shouted, You guys cant do this to me, Senior Martial Brother Du, help me,sniffle

Du Qiying’s expression was also full of embarrassment. He couldn’t even save himself. How could he speak up for Lin Yurou?

He Cailing showed her impatience, Why are you crying? I neither hit you or scolded you, so dont act like you’re the victim.

Senior Martial Sister He is right. A clear voice came from the door. Lin Xuanzhi, who was dressed in white, arrived in front of He Cailing with light steps.

He Cailings ugly expression eased slightly. She stepped forward and studied Lin Xuanzhi, I havent seen you for three years and didn’t even know that such a big matter occurred when I was outside.

Lin Xuanzhis eyes smiled a little, Senior Martial Sister He has been secluded deep in the mountains and forests all year round, so it’s normal for you to hear no news of this. However, since Senior Martial Sister caught them red-handed today, it is better to resolve some problems now.

He Cailing nodded. Lin Xuanzhi’s words and her words contained double meanings. Not only were they talking about Lin Xuanzhi being seriously injured, but they were also talking about catching the adultery today.

He Cailings gaze swept over Lin Yurou, She is from your Lin family. Now that such a thing happened, I’m waiting for you, the Lin family’s Young Master, to give me an explanation.”

Lin Yurou looked at Lin Xuanzhi with trepidation and anticipation as if she had seen a lifeline.

Lin Xuanzhi gave her a look and replied lightly, The Lin family is innocent in these matters; I have never heard of matters involving illicit affairs with a married man in the Lin family before. However, since I am the Young Master of the Lin family and am also in Profound Sky Sect, it is also my fault for letting my own family’s disciples cause such trouble in the sect. I will first apologize to Senior Martial Sister on her behalf.”

He Cailing threw Lin Xuanzhi a sideways glance, Since when did you become so careful and cautious? Do you think I want you to apologize on her behalf?

If Senior Martial Sister is not satisfied, then

Lin Xuanzhis voice became cold as he stared at Lin Yurou, Do you choose to give up your sect or your family?

Lin Yurou stared blankly for a while. When she understood the meaning of Lin Xuanzhi’s words, she quickly stood up in a panic and tried to rush to Lin Xuanzhi’s side, but two disciples on either side of her caught her arms.

No, I dont want to choose, I dont want to leave the sect, I dont want to leave the familysniff Whenever Lin Yurou encountered matters, she only knew how to cry and shake her head. She had none of Lin Yufan’s courage or boldness.

She was extremely flustered. If she was expelled from Profound Sky Sect, there would never be any celestial-level sect willing to accept her after that. If she was removed from the family register, she would undoubtedly lose even her final backing.

Lin Yurou never would have imagined that Lin Xuanzhi would be so cruel and decisive.

Lin Yufan stood by and stared at Lin Yurou, who was crying like this. He couldn’t help curling his lips in ridicule, My good younger sister, you’ll eventually have to choose one of the two. Who can get the best of everything in this world?”

Lin Yurou couldnt stop herself from crying again, You are my elder sister, but you actually dare to make taunting remarks. If Daddy gets to know about this, he definitely won’t let you go. Maybe you even set me up in this matter.”

Lin Yufans eyes became somewhat colder. He stared at her, You can go to my father to sow discord. Let’s see whether he believes you or me.”

The affairs of Lin Ruhai’s branch of the family were a hideous mess. The child of Lin Ruhai’s original wife being unpopular wasn’t merely a recent thing. Even Lin Xuanzhi, who didnt manage the Lin family’s internal affairs that much before, had heard about it.

The most rotten event was when one day, Lin Ruhais family of four went out and met one of Lin Ruhai’s enemies. In order to save his own life, Lin Ruhai unexpectedly threw Lin Yufan behind into the enemy’s hands.

In the end, after that enemy caught Lin Yufan, nobody knew whether the enemy felt compassion or whether Lin Yufan said something to him, but the enemy let Lin Yufan go.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at the two of them flatly, If you want to quarrel, Ill leave you time to quarrel in private. Lin Yurou, have you decided?

Lin Yurou shook her head, I dont want to, I dont want to choose! Lin Xuanzhi, you don’t have the right to make me choose!

The family had more power than the sky. On the sect’s side, as long as Lin Xuanzhi opened his mouth, Lin Yurou would no longer be able to remain in Profound Sky Sect, and the family’s side didn’t even need to be mentioned. Since Fifth Elder delegated power to Lin Xuanzhi, he would naturally defend Lin Xuanzhi’s authority.

Lin Xuanzhi stated, In that case, I will choose for you.

He turned to He Cailing, Senior Martial Sister He, my Lin family has let you down in this matter. Please ask Profound Sky Sect to remove Lin Yurou’s name and never allow her entry again. In addition, when she returns to the Lin family, there are still internal family laws waiting for her. What does the Senior Martial Sister think of this punishment?

He Cailing coldly swept a glance over Lin Yurou, who had been hit hard by those words. She got off lightly. If she wasn’t part of your family, I would have peeled her face off long ago and cut off her four limbs to feed the dogs.

When Lin Yurou heard this, she shivered inexplicably and seemed to be frightened by the picture, not daring to speak anymore. After Lin Yurou was escorted out by Lin Yufan, Lin Xuanzhis eyes turned to Du Qiying.

Du Qiying was scared by that gaze, which he couldn’t see through. However, whenever he was in front of Lin Xuanzhi, he’d make himself look extremely calm and deliberate out of habit.

Du Qiying straightened up and looked at Lin Xuanzhi without confidence. It was your Lin family member who insisted on clinging to me. I was seduced by her.

He Cailing looked at Du Qiying with disdain, Du Qiying, originally I thought you were just childish, but I didnt think that you’d actually be an irresponsible bastard too. You and I are in the same sect, and you are even the Young Peak Master of Broken Sword Peak. Although I cant beat you, I will never let this matter go. I will report this matter to my Master and the Sect Master, as well as my parents and elders. My husband can never be such an irresponsible person!

Du Qiyings expression changed greatly, and he couldn’t even afford to care about Lin Xuanzhis presence anymore. Ah Ling, listen to my explanation.

No need. He Cailing waved her hand carelessly, Now, you and I will go to Master and discuss this.

Lin Xuanzhi cut in at the right time, Since Senior Martial Sister wants to settle private affairs, I will not intervene anymore.

He Cailing looked at Lin Xuanzhi with profound meaning, Ill see you another day.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, I welcome Senior Martial Sister at any time.

He Cailing was very pleased. She’d heard that Lin Xuanzhi had almost broken off his relationship with the entirety of Broken Sword Peak. Although he still had contact with Bei Cangmo, it couldn’t compare with the past when he was on Broken Sword Peak and everyone had a close relationship eating, living, and practicing swords together.

When Lin Xuanzhi was gravely injured, He Cailing got the news from outside after a period of time. She hurried back to the sect in the dim light of the night to visit Lin Xuanzhi.

However, at that time, Lin Xuanzhi did not reveal who did this to him, but even when he was so weak that he could hardly speak, he still insisted on telling He Cailing, Du Qiying is not a good match. Senior Martial Sister should find a reason to dissolve this engagement as soon as possible.

He Cailing immediately turned pale with fright, and her mind was agitated, extremely upset.

She had always held quite the affection for Du Qiying.

Although the engagement between them was arranged by her Master without her consultation when he made an offer directly to her family, Du Qiying was nevertheless a child that she watched growing up in front of her. As the Eldest Martial Sister, He Cailing was naturally more tolerant of Du Qiying and really liked the ambitious, gentle, and polite youth.

However, she didn’t know when Du Qiying started to change so much.

Although He Cailing had been training outside over these years, she had also heard a lot of rumors regarding Du Qiying. She had always told herself that it was because of Du Qiyings youthful temperament and because she had never been the kind of woman who knew how to please and flatter others, so Du Qiyings womanizing behavior wasn’t a big deal.


He Cailing suddenly snapped out of her memories. She glanced coldly at Du Qiying, who was standing beside her with a terrified expression. Her feelings had already cooled a long time ago.

He could even backstab his junior martial brother under the same master for the sake of the Young Peak Master position. What did she want with a man with such crooked schemes? Dont tell her that she should keep him to sweep her tomb when she’s dead?