Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 361

Chapter 361

Chapter 361

Translated by: Laplace

Edited by: mollysnow

Wan Yitongs expressions changed continuously, his eyes softened gradually from sharp, finally ending in self-mockery.

Wan Yitong looked down at his hand, “Bei Shitian, since you came to the Five Continents, you have always avoided me. You even acted as if we were strangers. When I wanted to treat you well, you would not accept it. When I was bad to you, you would not say much. This is the first time in many years that you have taken the initiative to talk about your emotions.”

Bei Shitian became rigid.He really did not want to face Wan Yitong, It was because when he saw Wan Yitong he thought of the massacre of his family, how his relatives and disciples died one by one before him as well as the repulsive faces of the Wan family

Therefore he would always avoid Wan Yitong. For many years he was no longer the youth that placed Wan Yitong as the most important in his heart.

When Bei Shitian did not open his mouth,Wan Yitong raised his head and smiled at him. “If I didn’t still have a lingering love for you, how could I have broken apart my life and followed you to the trivial small world of theFive Continents, willingly leaving behind my position as the Wan family heir to stay in a place where the spiritual Qi is so thin, living so absurdly?”

Bei Shitian coldly looked at him. “So what do you want me to do? Do you still want it to be like before, where I listened to your words without question and treated you like my beloved? I told you when my family burned to ash that is impossible for me and you in this lifetime. The evil done by the Wan family, because of my past affection and us being in the same sect now, I won’t hold you accountable, but that is all.”

Wan Yitong felt a pain in his heart, forcing out a smile. “The decisions of the family were not what I wanted. However a father’s debt is for the son to repay, in all, I am in your debt. I already knew you and I are completely over, however I just wanted to watch you from far away and make it up to you, is that also not possible?”

Bei Shitian coldly replied, “Then could you please be farther away from me, far enough that I would not know.”

Wan Yitong’s body trembled slightly, tightly clenching his fists, his down turned peach blossom eyes were faintly turning red.

No matter what he does, he is in the wrong.

“Senior Martial Brother Bei.” When Lin Xuanzhi saw the unexpected guest who would not easily appear in front of him, he was slightly surprised. “Come in first.”

Bei Shitian stood at the door frame, his left hand clenched Killing God hanging at his side, his eyes followed Lin Xuanzhi. “I won’t enter, I just want to say one thing.”

“Senior Martial Brother, please speak.” said Lin Xuanzhi.

“When you go to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, don’t bring alongWan Yitong.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Senior Martial Brother Bei came late, Younger Senior Martial Brother came by earlier to talk about this matter and I also already promised him.”

“I know.” Bei Shitian faintly replied. “I just met with Wan Yitong just now, as for him, I came to tell you that you just don’t need to deliberately notify Wan Yitong when we leave.”

“Naturally if Senior Martial Brother has told Younger Senior Martial Brother then it doesn’t matter to me.” Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “It is just Younger Senior Martial Brother might not agree.”

Normally Wan Yitong’s temper was quite short; the more he was not allowed to do something, the more he would oppose it.He was also a person with his own thoughts and would not change his mind easily.

Plusconsidering Wan Yitong’s attitude of love and hate and avoidance forBei Shitian,Wan Yitong would not listen toBei Shitian’s words.

Bei Shitian nodded his head “I won’t let him go.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him, “Can I ask why?”

Bei Shitian was silent for a moment. “Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is very dangerous, it is very likely that we will never leave once we enter.”

Even if he and Wan Yitong will never happen, he does not want Wan Yitong to be in danger.

In the past, most of the places he picked were dangerous, although Wan Yitong would secretly follow along, but before entering the dangerous placesBei Shitian would walk around in circles to loseWan Yitong and make him unable to track him.

Most times Wan Yitong would wait outside for him to finish training, he would take the initiative to come but would not show himself.

It was not until one time, when BeiShitianreturned to a small town, his whole body completely covered with blood and his steps were unsteady, Wan Yitong, who was hidden in an unknown place, rushed to him nervously and dragged him to a private house to treat his wounds.

Since then Wan Yitong changed to openly following in the name of their master, watching as he killed people and hunted demons, watching as with every step he stainedLianlian with fresh blood, both of his hands filled with human lives.

BeiShitian also noticed that asWan Yitong saw his dark and gloomy side, Wan Yitong’s attitude towards him became increasingly uncertain. From openly being concerned at first to gradually developing a tone of mockery whenever he saw him. Allowing fellowJunior Martial Brothers of the Peak to isolate him and exclude him, hoping to use this atmosphere to pressure him to exercise restraint.

BeiShitian thought it was laughable. Since childhood,Wan Yitong was a young master whose way of thinking was bold and imaginative, he did not understand the feelings of people, so he was ignorant of why the Wan family would suddenly attack the Bei family, and also did not know that BeiShitian already sold himself to the devil, in this life it was impossible to walk by his side.

Wan Yitong was not aware of the careful thoughtsthat he could not hide. Tricking outsiders was one thing, but when it comes to the fellow Martial Brothers of the same peak, how many would not have understood his thought process.

Bei Shitian was not isolated, both Zhan Fengting and Esteemed Lan Yue talked to him and sought him out to have conversations. Using those conversations as a way to find a breakthrough and the demons in his heart, and resolve them.

However, Esteemed Lan Yue found Bei Shitians obsession was too deep for him to resolve easily.

His heart demons were born from the raging fire of revenge and because the demons were too heavy, they were more eager for revenge. This was a cycle of death. The answer was there was no solution.

Esteemed Lan Yue told him, “From then on, no matter what you kill or experience, Teacher will never intervene again, but you must not do anything against the worlds moral principles or hurt your fellow disciple, Wan Yitong.

BeiShitian agreed.

He simply wanted to extinguish the Wan family, he was not born to kill nor did he enjoy it.

As for Wan Yitong, even if he was not his fellow Junior Martial Brother of the same teacher he would never desire to consider him as an enemy, to kill him was even more impossible.

Perhaps Lan Yue said something to Zhan Fengting, Zhan Fengting never looked for him to chat alone again. It’s just that whenever he saw him, he occasionally sighed with sadness and had the wish to say something but didn’t.

BeiShitian became more alone, he traveled by himself and did not talk to others easily when he met them. His whereabouts were even more uncertain.

For a time, Wan Yitong had started sleeping on the tree outside his door because he was scared he would leave in the night. If there was any movement inside, he would realize.

One person goes, one person follows. Both pretended not to acknowledge each other’s existence, for ten years that was all that happened.

However this time, BeiShitian did not want and could not pretend to know nothing.

Wan Yitong was a delicate young master.Myriad Beasts Demonic Forestwas not suitable for him.

Lin Xuanzhi also stayed silent for a moment, then he lifted his head to calmly look atBeiShitian, inadvertently seeing a new scar appearing and spreading, inch by inch, near his neck.

“Senior Martial Brother Bei, the relationship between you and Senior Martial Brother Wan, I have no qualifications to speak on it, I only want to say a few words for Younger Senior Martial Brother.” Lin Xuanzhi calmly spoke, “Treasure the people in front of you, don’t wait until you lose them to treasure them.”

BeiShitian’s expression was cold. “You are still young, even if you say those words they do not hold much persuasiveness.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled softly, “Indeed it is not persuasive, however even though I am young, when it comes to matters of the heart I have had past experiences, but since Senior Martial Brother has made up his mind, it is useless even if I say more.

Bei Shitian opened his mouth. “How has it been, having Lianlian in your hands?”

“Lianlian is not my sword after all, I can purify it, however I can not fully use it.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Bei Shitian had some disbelief. “With your cultivation and talent, you can’t even conquer Lianlian?”

“Conquering is fine” Lin Xuanzhi revealed a secret. “I am a craftsman, if I wanted, I could completely refine all the Qi you left on Lianlian. However, I am a single-minded person, I already have Zhige, I will never need another sword.” Lianlian let out a few contending noises but was kept in check by Lin Xuanzhi and pressed down.

Bei Shitian: “.”

Bei Shitian was visibly doubtful. “Isnt Zhige already missing?”

Lin Xuanzhi replied, “The missing can still be found.”

The look in Bei Shitian’s eyes slightly changed, with deep meaning he said, “It seems you already have a plan, then I look forward to the day Zhige will see the sun.”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly smiled, “There will be.”

A few days later when Lin Xuanzhi was sword training Lin Zezhi came to him with a grave expression.

Lin Xuanzhi finished the set of sword practice techniques before he slowly sheathed his sword, walking over to Lin Zezhi, he asked. “What has happened with the family again?”

Lin Zezhi’s expression did not look good and carried tones of anxiety. “Young Master, the family has sent news, they said Yurou is pregnant. Now, Fourth Uncle’s family says Du Qiying must marry Yurou or else they will come find you and ask for an explanation!”

Lin Xuanzhi raised the tip of his eyebrow.

These kinds of things, Lin Xuanzhi already told Ji Lanjun to not specifically tell him and just handle it herself, but it seemed that currently, Ji Lanjun could not control Madam Bai and those people.

However, it was no wonder; the funerals and marriages of children of the main family members were a matter of great importance to the entire household, Although Lin Yurou’s reputation was truly terrible to the point no one in the Five Continents would want her, now she was suddenly pregnant. This was also an opportunity Ji Lanjun probably did not know what choices would be good here.

Lin Xuanzhi pondered slightly, “What does the family think?”

“Mothers rely on children.” Lin Zezhi concisely answered.

Lin Xuanzhi suddenly laughed. “What a good plan. What are Lin Yurou’s intentions?”

Lin Zezhi walked with Lin Xuanzhi along the lake.

“Yurou’s intentions are quite obvious. The only person she can depend on is Du Qiying. Du Qiying and He Cailing’s engagement is now completely void, there was no way for it to recover, if Yurou can take this opportunity and marry Du Qiying, it would be thought of as a good thing.” A good thing?

It seemed that Lin Yurou’s attitude was very resolute.