Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Almost Angered To Death

Chapter 375

Almost Angered to Death

Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, "Then lets quickly go in."

Fu Zisang and Liu Zhaoyue led them inside the opened metal double gates.

After passing through a long street once again, and turning an uncountable number of times, the sight they saw suddenly became clear. They saw a vast scene of towering and magnificent buildings.

"Young Master, Ah Hen!" A familiar voice came from not far away, only to see Qing Zhu on a rattan landing in front of them full of excitement.

Yan Tianhen was also very excited, throwing himself over to hug Qing Zhu. "Brother Zhuzi, I finally get to see you again, Ah Hen missed you so much."

Qing Zhu smiled and patted Yan Tianhens head. "I also missed Ah Hen."

Yan Tianhen looked at Qing Zhu from head to toe and nervously said, "Brother Zhuzi, that Liu Mengchen hasnt mistreated you right?"

When Qing Zhu heard Liu Mengchens name his smile faded a bit. "He still does not have the ability to."

Yan Tianhen exhaled in relief, frowning, he said, "Why does he want to detain you in the Liu family?"

Qing Zhu closely looked at Fu Zisang who was standing to the side with an awkward smile. "How would I know how those kinds of people think? Fu Zisang, go tell Liu Mengchen, if he dares to harm my family, I will definitely not let him go."

Fu Zisang said in his heart, Even if it wont harm your family, dont you think you and the Family Head are already involved in this situation?

Of course, he could only silently keep these roasts in his heart and not say them out loud. Otherwise the day Qing Zhu actually becomes the Madam of the Family Head, remembers his animosity and whispers into the wind next to the ears of the Family Head, he definitely could not handle the consequences.

Fu Zisang said, "Madam, you can be at ease, the family head absolutely will not indiscriminately embarrass people without reason, furthermore, these are all your friends and family, the family head could not wait to make them honored guests, how could he make things difficult for them?"

Qing Zhu spoke with disgust, "Who let you address me like that?"

Liu Zhaoyue was startled, completely dumbfounded he stated, "Madam?"

Qing Zhu and Fu Zisang simultaneously looked at Liu Zhaoyue.

All the others then looked at Qing Zhu.

Liu Zhaoyue looked at Fu Zisang with dazed eyes.

Fu Zisang felt he had some pains in his brain, "Young Master, this matter will be explained to you later."

"Oh," Liu Zhaoyue still had a dumbfounded expression, however he took the initiative and said to Qing Zhu, "Sister in law."

Qing Zhu: ""

Qing Zhu narrowed his eyes a bit looking at Liu Zhaoyue, without any further words, he directly raised the rattan towards Liu Zhaoyues body and swung at him.

Liu Zhaoyue was caught off guard by the attack, in addition it was an attack from a Profound Realm cultivator, naturally it was impossible to dodge. However the instant the rattan was about to hit him, a silver blue dagger wrapped in electricity that was stuck to Liu Zhaoyues arm flew in front of him, colliding together with the rattan and knocking the rattan aside.

Other people were also unable to avoid having received more or less some of the effect. Only they were standing a bit further away and ran relatively faster, naturally they would not be as miserable as Liu Zhaoyu.

"Whatever annoyances you have, let it out directly to me, why would you hit my younger brother?" A man who gives off a dusty appearance came from far away, stopping in front of Qing Zhu. Before Qing Zu could swing the second lash, his wrist that held the rattan was grabbed by the man.

Qing Zhu moved his wrist, only to find it was grasped too tightly. He could not pull away.

"Let go." Qing Zhu said coldy.

Liu Mengchens expression did not change. "Not letting go."

Qing Zhu asked, "Will you let go?"

Liu Mengchen replied, "Not letting, means precisely not letting go."

Qing Zhu harshly stomped on Liu Mengchen once.

Lin Xuanzhi, ""

Yan Tianhen, ""

On top of Liu Mengchens clean shoe, an image of a sole suddenly appeared.

Liu Zhaoyue rubbed the area of his arm that was hurt from being hit while walking over, grimacing in pain, "Eldest Brother , since when did the floor of our house get so much dust?"

Qing Zhu swept Liu Mengchen with a glance, "I did it on purpose."

Liu Mengchen lightly and airly said, "Zhuer always likes to step on my feet and also likes to leave behind footprints to declare his sovereignty over me."

"Dont flatter yourself!" Qing Zhu, extremely angry and ashamed, said, "Who gave you permission to call me that?"

Liu Mengchen unexpectedly wore a smiling expression, "Qinger is yelling like a secret lover, but if Zhuer likes it"

"I dont like it!" Qing Zhu hatefully said, going forward to step on Liu Mengchen again. Liu Mengchen did not even try to avoid it, having the appearance of a king sent to slaughter.

Liu Zhaoyue watched and was stunned. In front of Qing Zhus face, he said to his Eldest Brother , "Eldest Brother, you went through great difficulty to make an old tree bloom. In the past, you would never look fondly at any of the gentle, soft and virtuous ladies that you met, unexpectedly you like people who are this fierce"

Qing Zhu glared, "You can try saying another sentence."

Liu Zhaoyue jumped a step back, covering his mouth, he said, "See, I hit the nail on the head, isnt sister in law quite fierce."

Qing Zhu angrily said, "Dont call me sister in law, who is your sister in law?"

Liu Mengchen actually gave Liu Zhaoyue a look of praise, replying, "Even though I am much older than him, I am still his Eldest Brother. Naturally he would call you sister in law, instead of calling you mother."

Qing Zhu, ""

Qing Zhu will be angered to death by these two.

Lin Xuanzhi could no longer watch, walking forward, he said, "Family Head Liu, could you release him first?"

Liu Mengchens line of sight landed on Lin Xuanzhis face for a moment, then loosened Qing Zhus wrist.

Qing Zhu stepped on Liu Mengchens foot again, then walked behind Lin Xuanzhi, clearly showing where he stood.

Liu Mengchens expression did not change, quietly sweeping past Yan Tianhen again.

"Welcome everyone to the Liu Familys Mountain Villa, during this period of time I invited Zhuer to be a guest at home. It was my fault I did not not have time to tell you in advance."

Qing Zhus anger was released, "That was your invite?"

Liu Mengchen replied, "Naturally the Liu Family always treats people with courtesy."

Qing Zhu, ""

Liu Zhaoyue, ""

What he admires most is how his Eldest Brother can lie through his teeth and still have the appearance of not blinking an eye.

Lin Xuanzhi and Liu Mengchen stared face to face at each other for a moment, and he was no longer talkative, simply stating, "I have not seen Brother Zhuzi for many days, there are some things I would like to talk about in private. I believe Master Liu and Young Master have also not seen each other for many days and have many things they would like to talk about."

This was with the meaning of requesting Liu Mengchen and Liu Zhaoyue to leave.

However, Liu Mengchen still could not tolerate this much, he looked at Qing Zhu, "The rooms have already been prepared, let Zhuer take all of you there together, I still have things to talk about with Ah Yue. We will meet again at dinner."

Qing Zhu could not wait to leave this place without delay, turning around and pulling Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen to walk away.

The others room was not considered far from Lin Xuanzhi, therefore everyone followed Qing Zhu and left together.

Waiting until after Liu Mengchen could no longer be seen, Yan Tianhen could not help but say, "This Liu familys family head is truly an eccentric person."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, "Yes."

Duan Yuyang said, "Just now, Liu Mengchen was bullying Brother Zhuzi like that, why didnt you help Brother Zhuzi by saying something? If not that, leaving here first then talking is also good."

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, and replied, "Its useless. Have you not noticed that Liu Mengchen is a person with an unusual face thickness compared to others, talking to him about sensibility, asking for his version of events, he will use methods of deliberately misunderstanding or shifting the subject to resolve it."

Duan Yuyang: ""

Yuan Tianwen asked, "Is he really hard to deal with?"

Yan Tianhen looked at Qing Zhu with a complicated expression. "Brother Zhuzi, I did not expect you to unexpectedly like this type of person."

Qing Zhu was ashamed and angry from embarrassment, "He was not like this before, moreover, at the time I did not understand anything, that is why I foolishly liked him."

"And now?" Lin Xuanzhi asked.

Qing Zhu resolutely and without the slightest hesitation said, "Let it become his familys daydream."

Yan Tianhen frowned, "But, why do I feel like he didnt listen to your opinion and didnt let you go?"

Qing Zhu replied coldly, "I definitely will not pay attention to him. Let him work himself up, after some time passes he will get bored. When that time comes, he will naturally let go."

Lin Xuanzhi quietly thought, Its not likely. Liu Mengchen seems like the type that is definitely not easily provoked.

While talking they already reached the courtyard that the Liu Family arranged for them.

Everyone had a separate palace, every palace had at least eight servants, it gives off the feeling of the imperial family of the human world, only immortal mist lingers here. The Qi was more magnificent than the mortal world, the materials for buildings, flowers, plants, insects and birds were all treasures that were impossible to see in the mortal world.

Lin Xuanzhi entered the room, closed the door, looked at it and asked, "Brother Zhuzi where do you live?"

Qing Zhu had a look of disgust flash through his face, "Not on this side, this place is the residence for distinguished guests. I live next to Liu Mengchen."

Now inside the room only Lin Xuanzhi, Yan Tianhen and Qing Zhu remained. Even the two small white tigers were taken elsewhere by servants to feed them, ever since they arrived at Fenghui City, Feng Jingyu ran off somewhere without a trace.

As there were no outsiders, Lin Xuanzhi was slightly more at ease and dared to directly ask, "Brother Zhuzi, in the end what is happening between you and Liu Mengchen?"

Qing Zhu took a deep breath, "I also dont know how it got like this. I clearly came to seek him out for revenge, who would have known that unexpectedly his appearance was a bit different compared to a few years ago when he did everything he could to find me. Not only does he not want to talk about matters of the past with me, he wants to reconcile and reunite with me. I also dont know what what is going on with him, I suspect that he had an accident while he was practicing."

Yan Tianhen felt his chin, "Brother Zhuzi, at that time did the two of you completely break off relations?"

Qing Zhu nodded, "I almost killed him, it can be assumed that it is considered complete."

Yan Tianhen, ""

Indeed it was complete enough, however, why did he feel it like it wasnt?

Lin Xuanzhi still has some understanding of these matters from his own experiences. "Brother Zhuzi, a man who was almost killed by you yet, after several years, is still this relentlessly pursuing you and has the attitude of being unwilling to let go of you, if not because at the time he was fiercely attacked by you, it was due to something he did to you that could not be pardoned, and he feels guilty, if not, then he still wants to get revenge on you somehow. From my impression of the Liu Family Head it could be either one of these possibilities."

Qing Zhu was silent for a while, waving his hand, he said, "I dont want to bring up the events of the past anymore, I also dont want to know what Liu Mengchen is thinking. Since he insists on being involved with me and also vowed to no longer lay a hand on your estate, Ill allow him to do whatever he wants to do."

Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly, "If he forces you"

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