Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 394

Chapter 394 The Frozen Over Lake

Chapter 394 The Frozen Over Lake

It was difficult for mortals to enter the cultivation world, and also Xiao Linfeng seemed to be only in his twenties. How did he have the chance to be acquainted with Qing Zhu in the past?

Xiao Linfeng lightly gave an irrefutable reason.

He said, "I and Zhuer are related by past lives."

Past lives?

Lin Xuanzhis expression changed, Yan Tianhen and the others were dumbstruck, exactly like listening to hearing Greek.

Only Duan Yuyangs mouth twitched and couldnt help but roast, "Can you speak a little more nonsense? Do you think we are all as gullible as elder brother Zhuzi? Could it be if you say past life, it is past life? Do you think memories of past lives come back that easily?"

"No, he didnt lie to me." Qing Zhu spoke up for Xiao Linfeng, genuinely and earnestly said, "Only a few people know what my true form looks like, but elder brother Linfeng actually knows. Also, what he said to me is only known to me and the little elder brother near me, so he cant be saying lies."

Qing Zhu smiled shyly and sweetly, like a child who found a home.

Everyone looked in astonishment.

Although Lin Xuanzhi was still filled with distrust, however, since Qing Zhu has already defended Xiao Linfeng so much, It would not be good for him to say too much.

Xiao Linfeng said he actually regained his memory of his past life, which caused Lin Xuanzhi to be quite concerned.

"Chivalrous Xiao, what do you mean by speaking regaining memories of the past life?" Lin Xuanzhi asked.

Xiao Linfeng sighed slightly, "The Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is the place where I put down my roots. When I returned here, I had a familiar feeling. Besides, Master Liu has some secret methods that could cause people to regain memories of past lives. By combining the two, I could naturally recall. That is not to say that as long as you go to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, your memories will come back."

The Underworld that the mortal world talked about was a kind of law and energy set by the heavens. If a cultivator became the master of a realm, they had the ability to throw their soul into the chosen reincarnation.

But the reincarnation cycle was still a mystery inside a mystery, because the majority of people who cultivate, die of unnatural causes and disappear. Even their soul will dissipate between heaven and earth, and only a number of them were pitied by heavenly law so that their souls could be preserved, and they could reincarnate and be reborn.

And of these very few people, those who can recall past experiences, are few and far between.

When Qing Zhu heard the name of Liu Mengchen, he frowned.

Yuan Tianwen said, "Master Liu is actually this powerful? A method of being able to recall the past is a profound mystery that cant be learned easily."

Xiao Linfeng nodded, "Master Liu is not an ordinary person. He is a master of the reclusive family and naturally inherited many family secrets."

But in reality, the deep link between Xiao Linfeng and the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest still is half the reason.

Huangfu Jin and Leng Jixue, who joined later, had not seen Liu Mengchen, but they have naturally heard of the reputation of the Family Head of the Liu family.

Huangfu Jin asked, "Is the Liu Family head you are talking about the Liu family, the reclusive family in the West Continent, who has just left seclusion?"

Lin Xuanzhi replied, "Naturally, it is him."

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Huangfu Jin frowned, "Listening to what you mean, he has already come to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, but where is he?"

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Qing Zhu said, "Lets look for it together. After all, this place is already deep in Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. If we scatter here, it is not easy to assemble our power if we meet danger."

"What Brother Zhuzhi says is right." Yan Tianhen said, "Lets go together." Therefore, a group of people began to look around for the place with the densest spiritual Qi.

After searching all the places where there may be barriers at close range, Lin Xuanzhi finally raised and used the magic weapon of detecting spiritual Qi to get a conclusion.

"The closer the lake, the stronger the spiritual Qi is." Lin Xuanzhi frowned and said, "The location of the Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi should not be in the middle of the lake, right?"

Ji Yunweis eyes brightened. "There is this possibility."

Bei Shitian said, "I will go to the lake and take a look."

When he finished talking, not waiting for Lin Xuanzhi to shout at him, Bei Shitian used his sword and flew towards the lake. However, he flew around once, and the more he went inside, the more he felt confused, and his sight became blurred. There seemed to be a strange power, trying to force him to leave the lake.

Not long after, Bei Shitian returned.

Yan Tianhen looked puzzled, "Senior Martial Brother Bei, why do you want to fly around the center of the lake?"

"Fly around in a circle?" Bei Shitians complexion was not good. "There is something strange on this lake. At my speed, I should have already flown to the mountain peak opposite the lake, but I found that once I was about to get to the middle of the lake, there was a strange force that made me unable to reach the other side. My guess is there is a barrier in the middle of the lake."

"If there is a barrier, it is very likely that we have found the place." Ji Yunweis eyes were bright.

"Yes." Lin Xuanzhi said, "The areas that have a barrier, there certainly must be something strange. This place is already considered far west, and I found that since I first arrived here, the dense levels of spiritual Qi here are constantly rising, moreover the speed is faster than any other time. I think we are extremely close to the magic treasure."

"As long as we can find a method to get rid of the barrier on this lake, maybe we can see the great array." Duan Yuyang eagerly held a fist.

Several people glanced at each other and asked, "Among us, who has the best illusion array?"

Lin Xuanzhi: ""

No one seemed to be able to control illusion arrays.

Ji Yunwei thought for a moment, "If the top is obstructed, we might as well try going from below."

Lin Xuanzhi said, "My swimming abilities are not good."

Yan Tianhen said, "I Im also not very good at swimming."

Leng Jixue came forward, "I can freeze the lake surface. However, Im not sure if I can freeze the entire lake."

Yuan Tianwen said, "At this time, as long as there is a method, bring them all out for a try."

Leng Jixue nodded. "For now, lets try it."

Only seeing his hands rapidly making a seal, the surrounding air temperature lowered. He waved his hand in front of him, and the entire lake seemed to turn into ice. It began to freeze from the shore, the ice flying toward the front crack at the speed visible to the naked eye, and half of it was frozen in an instant.

Yan Tianhun looked at the Leng Jixue with concern, "This is rather a bit too incredible."

"Primary Realm cultivation is naturally like this." Lin Xuanzhi said, "Even if he cant display all the techniques, the spiritual Qi in his body is far beyond us."

Duan Yuyang shouted, "Hey, fuck, this isnt right. According to logic, he is much more powerful than us. But when he met those vine people before, why was he so defeated and not as good as us?"

Leng Jixues actions paused.

Huangfu Jin made an effort to appear indifferent, glancing at Leng Jixue, "Can you freeze the other half of the lake?"

Leng Jixue shook his arm and said to Yan Tianhen, "Do you have any pills that can rapidly improve your remaining spiritual Qi?"

Yan Tianhun nodded, took one out of his storage bag, and handed it to Leng Jixue.

Leng Jixue shook his head. "Not enough."

Yan Tianhun gave him two more, and his expression was rather sad. He whispered, "There are only these two left, you have to use them sparingly."

"Dont worry, its enough." Leng Jixue smiled and swallowed all three pills. After a few moments, he suddenly jumped to his feet, flew into the air, and made a bigger seal. More ice Qi began towards the depths of the lake, the whole lake was frozen in an instant.

"Its all frozen!" Yan Tianhen cried in surprise.

Some barriers could only prevent the sword from flying, which depends on the spiritual Qi and cultivation path. If you walk on two feet alone, the barriers could not trap you.

"Senior Martial Brother!" Huangfu Jins expression had a big change, rushing past to catch the falling mid-air, Leng Jixue in his arms.

Leng Jixue was as cold as ice all over, and even his face was covered with a thin layer of frost, with icicles hanging from his eyelashes.

Leng Jixue kept shaking, his mouth turned into an abnormal blue-purple, and the entire persons condition looked terrible.

Lin Xuanzhi and others also quickly gathered over.

Ji Yunwei said with horror, "How can this be this way? How did he become a person carved out of ice?"

Huangfu Jin wrapped his clothes around Leng Jixue, and his expression was very ugly. "He was originally very weak and afraid of the cold, yet he used this ice cultivation method. The spiritual Qi in his body is exhausted, which is naturally the case."

Leng Jixue was shivering, grabbing Huangfu Jins hand, buried his head in his arms, biting his lower lip, and not saying anything.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him and said coldly, "Im afraid it might not be his bodys weakness, but rather because his cultivation method has some problems?"

"Impossible." Huang Fujin said resolutely and decisively, "This set of cultivation methods was found by the Sect Master specially for Senior Martial Brother. My father has also seen it, and there is no problem."

Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly, "Then there will be no problem."

Huangfu Jin suddenly froze.

His father and Sect Master Ren?

His father has always had a good relationship with Sect Master Ren. If Sect Master Ren showed a problematic set of cultivation methods to Leng Jixue, and his father did more to hide for him, then

"Impossible." Huangfu Jin murmured.

Yuan Tianwen also understood something. He couldnt help shaking his head, "Peoples hearts are so sinister."

Duan Yuyang frowned, "How long will it take for him to get over his condition?"

Leng Jixues voice shook, "You go first, dont mind me."

Huangfu Jin glanced at Lin Xuanzhi and others and said, "All of you can walk ahead. This ice layer cant last long, about only two incenses worth of time."

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a moment and said, "All right."

After all, Leng Jixue has exerted a large effort, they had to show something.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at everyone, "Lets go over."

Yuan Tianwen asked, "Do we need to separate two groups?"

Qing Zhu said, "Weve all come here, why do we have to separate again?"

Xiao Linfeng was with him and nodded. "Thats the truth."

A party of eight people, plus two tiger cubs, walked together on the ice lake.

Huangfu Jin, holding Leng Jixue, followed behind them.

Ah Bai and Hu Po had gone crazy in Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. Although their hunting ability had improved a lot, their hearts had gotten wild. As soon as they got on the ice, they began to run wildly ahead, running faster than each other.

It was too late for Yan Tianhen to yell from behind, and Lin Xuanzhi comforted, "Running fast also has the advantages."


"If there is any danger ahead, let them go face the thunder first." Lin Xuanzhi calmly said.

Yan Tianhen: ".."

The lake was not too wide, so they all sped up and rushed forward. In the time of two incense sticks, they reached the other side very without any difficulties.

Looking towards the high mountains close at hand, everyone felt excited and joyful.

"Jiejiejiejiejieyou actually found this place." The sound of very harsh laughter carried over, Lin Xuanzhi and the others immediately looked back and saw two cultivators, one black and one white, holding magic weapons and were following them closely.

"When did they follow us?" Yan Tianhen alertly said.

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