Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 425

Chapter 425 A Letter

Chapter 425 – A Letter

For some reason, Yan Tianhen felt slightly uncomfortable. Tugging at Lin Xuanzhis sleeve, he asked, "Dage, whatever is between the two of them, are they really going to let it go just like that?"

Lin Xuanzhi replied faintly, "Otherwise, what else did you think will happen? Leng Jixue is cultivating the Dao of Indifference, so it would be impossible for him to fall in love with Huangfu Jin in this life. Huangfu Jin isnt able to go against the natural order of things, so all he can do is to walk another path. No matter how warm his heart is, Im afraid it will have to become colder."

Yan Tianhen touched his chest. "I would still feel pretty bad."

Lin Xuanzhi explained, "In this world, there would always be many who have no other choice."

Yan Tianhen said, "I know, I just feel somewhat saddened."

Huangfu Jin was so earnestly infatuated with Leng Jixue, but in the end, it would end so tragically, causing people to lament at the fickleness of fate.

It was just that Yan Tianhen did not know that the ending of both Huangfu Jin and Leng Jixue was much more horrible to look at in their previous lives.


Lin Xuanzhi closed his eyes in thought.

In their previous life, when Huangfu Jin married the eldest young lady of the Bai family, it was not at this moment, but rather it should have been a few years later.

At that time, the relationship between Huangfu Jin and Leng Jixue had collapsed for some unknown reason, causing Huangfu Jin to propose to the Young Miss from the Bai Family. Moreover, it only took the two of them a months time to complete the marriage after he had proposed, definitely not three months.

Most importantly, there was not any friendship between Huangfu Jin and Bai Yichen in their previous lives, unlike today.

So, in this life, everything seemed to have happened in advance. There were even some changes in the details, causing Lin Xuanzhi to be unable to foresee which path Huangfu Jin would take in the future.

In his past life, what had caused Lin Xuanzhis death has yet to be figured out, as well as Leng Jixues death.

After Leng Jixue died, even his soul could not be found. Eventually, after Lin Xuanzhi had used soul searching techniques, he still was not able to find Leng Jixues soul.

Huangfu Jin was deceived by others and regarded Yan Tianhen as his enemy, slandering him in many ways. In time, this caused Lin Xuanzhi to have some animosity towards Yan Tianhen

How did Leng Jixue die?

Also, who sowed dissension in front of Huangfu Jin?

In the end, where had Leng Jixues soul gone?

Although he went to the Nine lands, Lin Xuanzhi was more interested in enjoying the famous mountains and rivers, watching the scenery along the way. He did not have the mindset to understand what was happening in the outside world and devoted himself to refining the Revert World Mirror, so just like that one thousand years passed by.

Till this day, Lin Xuanzhi still did not regret his choiceeven if he were to miss countless opportunities to get in touch with the truth.

However, the truth would eventually come to the surface.

Bai Yichen and Huangfu Jin did not stay too long in the Liu familys mountain villa. After three days, they set off for the Central Continent. Before leaving, Yan Tianhen had first given Huangfu Jin a bottle of Gather Qi Pill that he had hurriedly refined. As for the rest, he planned to send it to Huangfu Jin after he finished refining it.

Huangfu Jin, who was drunk that day, seemed to be a dream that Lin Xuanzhi and the others had dreamt. After waking up, Huangfu Jin had once again become that arrogant little master.

"Currently, there are rumors in the outside world that you have the Twin Lotus Lamp. Although I have tried to explain in many ways, it does not seem to be working. Besides the righteous path, even the Corpse Palace and the Ice Fire Alliance have already sent people into action. When you are in Liu familys mountain villa, they dont dare to act rashly because of the Liu familys reputation, but I am afraid once you have left Fenghui City, it would then be beyond your control."

It was rare for Huangfu Jin to say so many words from the bottom of his heart. After listening, Lin Xuanzhi said, "Master also thinks so too, but eventually I will still need to go out."

Huangfu Jin said, "You have to think about it thoroughly yourself. I have been away from home for too long and I am busy with family affairs, so I will have to leave first."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and advised, "Ill give you some sincere advice. There are some obsessions that ought to let go, then you should not hold onto it anymore. There is no harm in looking at other people around you."

Huangfu Jin thought Lin Xuanzhi was referring to his future wife, so he chuckled and said, "This, each takes what he needs. If the road youve taken to get here is already not straight, how would it be possible for your future path to be straight?"

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Bai Yichen, who was not far from Huangfu Jin, and said nothing more.

After Huangfu Jin left, more than half a month had passed. A ray of green rainbow pierced through the sky. The cold green light seemed just like a sharp sword that had pierced through the sky and the remnant sounds continued ceaselessly.

Lin Xuanzhi sheathed his sword and looked at the fallen trees around him, squeezing his hand tightly in excitement.

"Congratulations, Big Brother." Yan Tianhen walked over and said with surprise, "Big Brothers sword techniques are much cleaner and powerful than before."

"Yes." Yuan Tianwen was also attracted by this technique. Staring at Lin Xuanzhi with keen eyes, he asked, "May I ask the name of this technique?"

Lin Xuanzhi looked at his sheathed Zhige sword. "This technique is called Teal Lotus Greets the Sun. Its the third style in theTeal Lotus Nine Styles."

Before, Lin Xuanzhis sword style was elegant and mainly relied on speed, but this Teal Lotus Greets the Sun technique evoked some heavy feelings. It was precisely because of this that the lethality of the sword covered a larger area than before, which seemed to be a little similar to group attacks.

Yuan Tianwen couldnt help lamenting, "Its only the third style and it already has such an effect. If all nine styles have been practiced, Im afraid the person would already be invincible in the world."

Lin Xuanzhi smiled faintly, "Its only the third style and Ive already thought about it for so long. As for the other moves, I have no idea when they will appear in my sea of knowledge."

"I believe it is just a matter of time." Yuan Tianwen replied.

At the same time, in Sky Peak Sect.

Ren Bulin entered Yin Xinghans room with great anger and looked at Yin Xinghan, who sat lazily on the soft couch with closed eyes. He took a deep breath to calm himself and said, "Master Shen Ji. These days, I have sent people to the Liu Familys residence in Fenghui City to make a deal with the Liu Family head. I didnt expect him to be so stubborn that he would rather offend the Nine Lands Divine Clans than hand over Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen. Perhaps it is because the Liu Family received a lot of benefits from the Twin Lotus Lamp."

Yin Xinghan sneered inevitably, narrowed his eyes and looked at Ren Bulin, "Look at you, where has your appearance of a Sect Master gone to? Currently, who doesnt know that a portion of Liu Mengchens soul was taken by a servant at Lin Xuanzhis side and he is eager to please Lin Xuanzhi. Since you have been rashly threatening and coercing, who could blame him for ignoring you?"

If it was someone else who had said such a thing to Ren Bulin, they would have already died. However, Yin Xinghan was different, as he was from a Divine Clan, representing the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capitals Yan family. Just listening to his title would cause peoples legs to be soft and tremble.

Ren Bulin took a deep breath and asked, "If I dare ask Master Shen Ji, what clever plans do you have?"

While playing with an iron father fan, Yin Xinghan casually said, "Are Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen still with the Liu family?"

Ren Bulin nodded. "It has already been almost two months. They are indeed really cowardly."

"Then Ill give you three ways. The first way is to invite the Liu family master here and Ill talk to him. The second way would be to make a diversion. I heard that Yan Tianhen has good relationships with the wife of the Yuan Familys young master. I dont think he would sit by and not do anything if something happens to the Yuan family."

Ren Bulins eyes lit up. "Then what about the third way?"

"The third way is to continue waiting." Yin Xinghan smiled coldly. "You might as well wait until Yan Tianhen and the others have advanced their cultivations to Profound Realm in the Liu familys villa before taking action, wouldnt you say so?"

Ren Bulin, ".."

Ren Bulin was puzzled. "Sir, you once knew the Liu Family Head?"

"I dont, but I happened to be of a higher position, so he just has to listen to my words, thats all."

There was a flash of concentrated calculation across Ren Bulins eyes. "How about this? Ill invite the Liu Family Head for a visit and on the other hand, Ill also send someone to watch the Yuan Family. This way, well be attacking both sides at once, so Id like to see if Lin Xuanzhi and the others can sit still!"

Yin Xinghan nodded. "Ever since Ive come to the Five Continents, I havent let anyone from the reclusive family come to visit me. It seems that this is a chance."

Ren Bulin frowned. "However, Liu Mengchen has always been so proud that I am afraid he will not come if I invite him."

Yin Xinghan snorted, "You definitely wont be able to invite him over."

Ren Bulin, ""

Yin Xinghan glanced at him and continued, "But if I were to invite him, he wouldnt dare to not come."

Ren Bulin asked hurriedly, "Sir, whats your brilliant plan?"

Yin Xinghan said coldly, "You dont have to ask any further about this. All you need to do is to prepare people. Once Liu Mengchen leaves Liu Familys mountain villa, then surround the villa completely."

A strange expression flashed across Ren Bulins eyes, as he nodded. "Alright, Ill follow all your orders on this matter, Sir."

Liu Mengchen was sparring with Qing Zhu, while Liu Zhaoyue held an unopened letter and walked towards Liu Mengchen.

Liu Mengchen stopped his movements and was whipped by Qing Zhu who did not stop his move.

Liu Zhaoyue bared his teeth and gasped. Then, he exclaimed, exaggerating, "It hurts, it hurts, sister-in-law, you are too powerful!"

Qing Zhu looked at Liu Zhaoyues flattery with a straight face and said discontentedly to Liu Mengchen, "Why did you suddenly stop your attack? Are you tired of living?"

"Im still waiting to grow old together with you. Zhuer must not misunderstand me." Liu Mengchen said while laughing, as he held the sealed letterhead in his hand.

His expression changed slightly, as he questioned, "Where was this letter sent from?"

"Based on what the person, who received the letter, had said," said Liu Zhaoyue. "This came from the Central Continent."

Liu Mengchen looked at the four words written on the letter-"For Family Head Liu To Open", and he had already vaguely sensed something.

Liu Mengchen opened the letter.

Even though there were simply only a few words written on the letter, it had made Liu Mengchens heart nearly sink to the bottom.

By the time Liu Zhaoyue wanted to lean in and read it, Liu Mengchen had already torn the letter into bits. "Im going to Sky Peak City in Central Continent. During these days, you will take care of the affairs in Lius family on my behalf."

Liu Zhaoyue was somewhat discontented, "Big Brother, what are you to do when you go out again? The previous time, you went to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest and it took almost three years for you to return. I thought something happened to you. This time you have to go again.."

Liu Mengchen patted his head gently, "You have also grown up, so you should be able to be independent. Why are you still acting like how you were when you were a child, unable to leave your elder brothers side?"

Liu Zhaoyue pouted his lips. "This has nothing to do with my age."

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