Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Yitong And Shitian

Chapter 508 – Yitong and Shitian

Yan Tianhen left on foot afterwards. Lin Yufan sat with his feet up on the couch and thought for a moment, only his eyes flashed to a different emotion.

Lin Yufan murmured, "Is It possible there is something wrong with his memory? How come he suddenly doubts things from before Oh, I still have to tell the Palace Master about this. Hope nothing bad happens to this boy."

After Yan Tianhen returned, he began to pour wine into his mouth with a depressed mood.

When Bei Shitian saw it, he frowned and asked, "What happened to him?"

Hai Kuanglang somewhat shunned it, saying, "He was caught in a brothel by his sweetheart and after saying a few words, he switched to this revolting behavior. "

Bei Shitian, ""

Bei Shitian was surprised and asked, "Huarong Sword Immortal also came to visit the brothel?"

Hai Kuanglang glanced at him. "The other person was there looking for a pet. Its just an accidental meeting."

It could be said that Bei Shitian was very sympathetic to Yan Tianhen. Although it was nothing much for a man to visit a brothel, if he was caught by his beloved, then it became a big deal.

Hai Kuanglang said to Bei Shitian, "Dont worry about Younger Martial Brother. Whats wrong with you today? Normally, you are not this rash, not to mention openly playing around."

At the top of Bei Shitians mind, he had Esteemed Lan Yues warnings. No matter what happened, no one could know that he contacted Reincarnation Palace. Otherwise, when he went back, his master would beat him to death.

Bei Shitian said, "I suddenly wanted to eat meat."

Hai Kuanglang stared at him with deep meaning, "Is having one Wan Yitong not enough meat for you? Is it that Ah Tong cant compare to those people who use rouge and powders?"

Bei Shitian sighed, holding his Killing God sword and not saying a word.

Hai Kuanglang said, "These years, you and Ah Tong can be considered to have gone through life and death together. You have to really think about it. If you are willing to let go of those feuds with him, just properly be together with him. If you dont want to, you should tell him clearly early on and let go of his hand. Dont torture each other like this."

"I know." Bei Shitian pressed his forehead. "The other day, we werent getting along well. I just wanted to stir up his emotions. I didnt actually think about doing anything that would be unfair to him."

Hai Kuanglang nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. "Its good that you understand."

It wasnt easy for anyone on this road, especially Bei Shitian and Wan Yitong. Itd been quite painful over the years. He, as their senior martial brother whod been watching on the side, felt tired for them.

His familys Fengting was still the best.

When Hai Kuanglang thought of Zhan Fengting, it brought a joyful smile to his face.

Yan Tianhen was still submerged in the sad reminder of being caught visiting the brothel by his sweetheart, unable to free himself. After drinking enough, he looked up in grief and indignation and said to Bei Shitian and Hai Kuanglang, "Elder Martial Brother, I will never visit the brothel again."

Hai Kuanglang touched his head and said, "Didnt you swear to live among thousands of flowers before, without having any of them touch your body?"

Hai Kuanglang patted Yan Tianhen on the shoulder and said, "Its getting late. Lets go rest first. If there is anything we can talk about it tomorrow."

Yan Tianhen had acted spoiled long enough, so he obediently went back to the house to sleep.

After Bei Shitian and Wan Yitong went out, they lived in the same room. Anyway, since Wan Yitong was completely separated from the Wan Family, Bei Shitians psychological defenses collapsed, and the two of them finally talked and rolled around together. Although Bei Shitian was still cold and taciturn every day, he was obviously a little more human than before.

The light was not lit in the room, and Wan Yitong was looking at the moon outside the open window.

As soon as Bei Shitian came in, he saw that sight of a lonely back.

He suddenly felt as if his heart had been gripped by someone, his breathing ached as he drew in one breath at a time.

When Wan Yitong heard the sound, he stood up and looked at Bei Shitian across a round table. He pulled out a smile as if nothing had happened. "You came back, its pretty late. Lets rest."

Bei Shitian frowned and closed the door behind him. He wanted to light the lamp in the room, but he heard Wan Yitong say, "Dont light the lamp."

Bei Shitian didnt listen to him, pinched his fingers, opened a fire, and the light lit up the whole room.

Wan Yitong had no time to cover his face, catching him red-handed with his reddish and slightly swollen eyes by Bei Shitian. There was nowhere to hide.

Wan Yitong felt very embarrassed. He turned around to clean up the bed, not wanting Bei Shitian to see his weakness. He knew that Bei Shitian didnt like these kinds of people.

"Ah Tong." Bei Shitian held Wan Yitong from behind, hugging him to his chest, and placed a chin on his shoulder. "You are angry with me, why dont you lose your temper at me? When did you become so patient? In the past when you were angry with me, you would directly raise your sword and cut me."

Wan Yitong froze and looked down. "Thats because in the past you loved me. I thought no matter what I did, you would not leave me behind. Now, that wont happen anymore."

Bei Shitians arms tightened. "In the past? Only just in the past?"

Wan Yitong sighed lightly and said, "Lets not mention these things."

After a moments silence, Bei Shitian said, "Ah Tong, all these years, did you always think I have no love towards you?"

Wan Yitong closed his eyes, looking a bit agitated and a bit weary. "Im very tired. Talking about these things has no meaning. Its my own choice. Its me who foolishly insisted on sticking to you, not letting go. So no matter what you do to me, I asked for it. What qualifications do I have ah Bei Shitian, what are you doing?"

Wan Yitong looked at the Bei Shitian, who pushed him down onto the bed. He couldnt help but be surprised in his heart. He wanted to get up, but his body was pressed on the bed by the Bei Shitian, and he was unable to move.

"Ah Tong." Bei Shitians voice was a bit hoarse. He seemed to be enduring something, and his eyes were glowing blood red.

Wan Yitong was a bit afraid, and he suddenly thought of their first time. That day, he just came back from the Wan Family, and it was rare for Bei Shitian to get drunk. He accompanied Bei Shitian to talk about their past, and the atmosphere was just right, so he went to bed with Bei Shitian.

After getting drunk, Bei Shitian was out of control, and managed to directly make him bleed. Although Wan Yitongs cultivation was not low, and his body would not be easily injured, he was still unable to withstand his softest and most delicate parts being mercilessly invaded by an iron pillar. When he woke up the next day, Bei Shitian was already gone.

Just as Wan Yitong thought wryly that they probably wouldnt even be martial brothers in the future, Bei Shitian suddenly came back with a bowl of hot medicinal food and said with no emotion

"Lets be together."

Wan Yitongs heart only felt full of joy at that time, how could there be a reason to not agree? "Okay, its exactly what I was looking for."

Two people were together just like that, and five years passed.

Wan Yitong could say that he understood Bei Shitian slightly, and this action of Bei Shitian was maybe because he wanted it.

Wan Yitong took the initiative to lift both his legs and encircle Bei Shitians waist, "Did that woman not serve you well today?"

A fire was ignited in Bei Shitian. He tore Wan Yitongs pants down and slapped him on the ass.


Wan Yitong was dumbfounded.

What the fuck. The rest was easy to deal with, but why did he just spank him?

When Wan Yitong wanted to open his mouth, he was suddenly hit again. Pa!

"Bei Shitian, are you fucking crazy? Do you think this father is easy to push around? I am telling you, I have tolerated you for a long time!" Wan Yitong lifted his foot and kicked him.

"You tolerated me for a long time? Then say it, what is it that you held back in your heart, huh? Say it if you dare!" Bei Shitian grabbed his ankle, pressed his legs against his head fiercely, and slapped him mercilessly.

The strength of his hand was absolutely not small, and Wan Yitongs tears suddenly burst out. He hadnt received this kind of humiliation before. Bei Shitian, this son of a bitch, why was he treating him like this?

Wan Yitong cried out, "Fuck your ancestors, Bei Shitian. Why the fuck are you doing this to me? Youre raising a child bride outside. Did I fucking say anything to you? What have I ever done to make you trample on me like this? Human hearts are made of flesh, Bei Shitian, doesnt your conscience hurt? Get the fuck out I dont want to be with you, I dont want to be with you anymore, wuwuwu.. "

Bei Shitian loosened his hands and held Wan Yitong in his arms, saying, "If you are not good to me, who else do you want to be good to? Over the years, you didnt even dare to be angry with me. When you felt wronged, you kept it to yourself, always compromising. Dont tell me you thought that when I saw this, I would feel better in my heart?"

"You just want to see me fucking suffer, youve always relied the fact that I like you."

Bei Shitian replied, "Yes, Im precisely relying on the fact that I like you."

Wan Yitong sniffed and said, "You dare still admit it, you have no sense of shame, dignity or heart Wait, what did you just say?"

Wan Yitong was so scared that he forgot to cry and shout while making a scene.

Did, did he hear wrong or did Bei Shitian say it wrong?

Bei Shitian pinched his face and sighed. "A few days ago, you found out I brought a 15-or 16-year-old girl from outside and hid her in an idle courtyard in the sect, and you were angry with me, werent you?"

Wan Yitong gritted his teeth, and his eyes were red to the point it was not good. He said indignantly, "You still dare bring this up, Bei Shitian? Tell me, what do you think?"

Wan Yitong originally didnt plan on mentioning this, there was nothing too bad with being an ostrich, but since Bei Shitian took the initiative to speak, he had no interest in playing dumb.

Wan Yitong took a deep breath, calmed down, and asked, "Now that you have talked about it, I will ask you what you were thinking."

"Is it really important what I think?" Bei Shitian sneered, "Knowing that I raised a mistress, and not daring to do anything about it, Wan Yitong, dont tell me this is what you feel towards me? I fucking thought you and I were already in that kind of relationship. Why, are you going to entrust me to someone else?"

Wan Yitong did not think Bei Shitian would unexpectedly counterattack. He wanted to jump up and fight with Bei Shitian, only to find that he was still crushed by him and could not move.

Wan Yitong struggled fruitlessly and lost his strength, seemingly hopeless, "I wanted to pretend that I didnt know. Bei Shitian, its really not easy to be with you. I have liked you for so many years and chased you for so many years. Now I dont even have the Wan Family. To be honest, no matter what you do, I dont want to be angry with you."

"What if I seriously married her?" Bei Shitian gazed into Wan Yitongs eyes.

Wan Yitong was silent for a moment, looked up at Bei Shitian, and forced a sad smile. "That day I went to Departing Dew Courtyard and saw you together with that woman. You taught her to play the zither while holding her hand. You treated her as gently as water, and you even smiled warmly and sincerely at the time I thought, in fact, its good like this."

"What is good?" Bei Shitian asked.

"When she grows a bit older, you can marry her." Wan Yitong closed his eyes, turned his face away, and said, "I wont compete. I admit I lost. "

"Why should I marry her?" Bei Shitian extended his thumb and gently wiped the liquid out of the corner of Wan Yitongs eyes. His heart hurt to the point that he could not stand it. He reached out and kissed Wan Yitongs forehead and eyelids, feeling his gentle trembling. "She is my younger sister born from the same parents. She calls me Gege, and you are her sister-in-law. Do you really want to give me to her?"

Authors Note

This chapter was originally intended to be written as an extra, but now that I think about it, I have a lot of extras I havent written, Im afraid Ill forget them then, so I wrote it in the main story.

The setting of this pair is relatively more brutal, but suddenly I felt it was too damn cruel, so I gave it a HE for the time being. As for being the brutal setting, lets talk about it later.

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