Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Discovering Clues

Chapter 527 – Discovering Clues

It sounded like the sound of both wolf cubs howling and also babies crying, which was very unsettling.

Then, Yan Tianhen heard the sound of scratching at the door.

Yan Tianhen frowned slightly and wanted to get up and see it, but heard Lin Zhizhi, who already fell asleep, say, "You dont have to pay attention to the ghosts and spirits outside."

Yan Tianhen turned his head and looked at Lin Zhizhi, who still had her eyes closed and was laid down to sleep. He said, "What if they break into the house? "

Lin Zhizhi yawned and spoke, "If they break down the door, then well talk about it. For now it seems that they cant get in."

Yan Tianhen thought about it and agreed. If it was really the North Wild Wolf and there really was nothing special inside the courtyard, then perhaps those things would have already broken in; there was no way theyd be scratching at the door.

When Yan Tianhen saw Lin Zhizhi, a girl, so calm and collected he also became a bit more calm.

He continued meditating with internal techniques and let his soul roam to the sky.

The internal technique was Thousand Clear Heart Method, which was a very common internal technique set in the Nine Lands Mainland. Originally, Yan Zhonghua and You Ming could find more suitable internal techniques for him to clear his heart and desires, but he didnt want his two parents to know that there was an inner demon in his heart, so he found this common internal technique method himself.

In short, it isnt too big an issue for him to use it. Yan Tianhen had always been using this cultivation method for the past few years. This worlds techniques were divided into four ranks Heaven, Earth, Profound, and Primary. Heaven was the highest, and Primary was the lowest. Everyone pursued more mysterious, more sophisticated, and harder to find cultivation methods. However, it seemed that many people didnt understand that the road starts at one, one grows into two, two grows into three, and three grows endlessly.

Those most foundational basic moves and basic forms served as the foundation to evolve into so many wonderful methods.

He didnt know who once told him these words, but they always easily busted into his mind.

As though they were some major principles, and seemed like little things that anyone could understand.

Yan Tianhen calmed down and his spiritual Qi also swam around in his body in a large circle. Until he opened his eyes again and suddenly discovered that it was already bright.

He turned to look behind him, and the bed was laid neatly, as if no one had slept there. Lin Zhizhi was no longer in bed, and Yan Tianhen suddenly thought of a possibility. When his heart was tight, he suddenly stood upLin Zhizhi didnt have any cultivation. If she left his side, even if he wholeheartedly entered meditation with internal techniques, it was impossible for him not to sense it.

Lin Zhizhi was probably taken away by someone.

Or, maybe another transmission array appeared.

Just when Yan Tianhen thought through all the bad possibilities, a tall and elegant young girl walked in.

Yan Tianhen reacted half a beat late. After a pause, he slowly sat down again and said, "Where did you find it?"

Lin Zhizhi said, "Just after going out and turning right, on that road I saw a breakfast shopsoybean milk and fried dough sticks, I had eaten these side dishes outside of the Myriad Dao Academy, and it had tasted very good."

Yan Tianhen smelled the food, especially the dense fragrance of beans.

He remembered that back then in the Royal Heavenly Capital, You Ming liked to eat meat, but because of his constitution, he couldnt eat too much meat, otherwise his blood and qi would easily rise and he would feel unwell. Yan Zhonghua invited an extremely hard to find food cultivator, and let the food cultivator use various bean products to imitate the texture and taste of meat.

The so-called caring and sincere attitude was precisely this.

Although cultivation could reach a certain level and allow one to abstain from eating, Yan Tianhen felt that he was a person with a desire to eat good food. He was not an immortal and couldnt tolerate the feeling of not eating.

Yan Tianhen smiled and said, "Thank you."

Lin Zhizhi sat down and said, "Between you and me, we have a friendship that surpasses this life. Why say thank you."

Yan Tianhen took the fried dough sticks, looked at the stick that was fried fat, golden and steaming, suddenly smiled and said, "That is so."

No matter what stories Lin Zhizhi had and what she had hidden, he had nothing to doubt or mind, if it was something to hide, he was the same.

Everyone had secrets that they couldnt share with others, just like how he wouldnt tell anyone that these years when he repeatedly tried to break through, there was always an inner heart demon related to the same person. After it made him fail once, he never easily tried to break through.

There were a lot of things Lin Zhizhi was not willing to say, but he wouldnt ask about them.

A friendship between gentlemen, strangers coming together by chance, was generally this way.

After eating breakfast, Lin Zhizhi felt her mouth and said, "This places soybean milk and fried dough sticks are pretty good, just they are a little greasy and the materials are not very good."

Yan Tianhen also wiped the oil on his mouth, without any form, said "Its already considered quite good, this town is basically not a town for cultivators. The majority of people here do not have cultivation, they are just ordinary people."

Lin Zhizhi nodded and said, "Thats not wrong, but these people seem very odd."

After breakfast, Yan Tianhen felt satisfied and it was time to work.

He said, "We might as well walk around today, ask about the situation, and maybe we find something."

Lin Zhizhi said, "Okay. "

The two people went out together, at the gate of the courtyard, Lin Zhizhi looked at the two doors that looked like they were crumbling from the outside as if they were not careful they would fall down.

Yan Tianhen also noticed it, and his eyes grew slightly colder. "Indeed, it was not wolves who came knocking at the door last night."

Above the black wooden door, there was an extra row of messy bloody handprints. There were sharp scratches between those bloody handprints, like nails scratched abruptly on the door, but no matter how you looked at it, it was not something that wolves could do.

More like a child.

Lin Zhizhi said, "When I left this morning I already saw it."

Yan Tianhen was puzzled and said, "If it is really something dirty, it should not be blocked by this kind of door. I also looked at it carefully. There are no charms or defensive arrays at all. It is reasonable to say that it cant block anything."

Lin Zhizhi stared at the door and said, "If it wasnt for the extra defense of the array, it means that the door itself is strange."

Yan Tianhen thought about it and said, "I cant see anything special about this door."

Lin Zhizhi glanced at the door and said, "Maybe we should go and ask other people first and wait until after we come back to study this door."

People in this small town did not come out easily at night. Only when the sun illuminated everything during the day could many pedestrians be seen on the roads.

The two people stopped a lot of people throughout the entire way to ask questions, but as soon as they heard their accents, they knew that they were from outside, and were wary of them. They hesitated and didnt want to say anything.

However, Lin Zhizhi had many ideas. After discovering that such a gentle manner was fruitless, she rolled up her sleeves, knocked out a man who looked strong but unintelligent and brought him home.

Yan Tianhen watched her brazenly kidnapping in broad daylight, outwardly displaying admiration, but inwardly thinking that he could not afford to offend her.

He had seen many women, but rarely seen any as persistent and authoritative as Lin Zhizhi.

This was really not an ordinary woman.

Lin Zhizhi just explained, "Its a waste of time to ask those who walk past one by one. Its clear that these town residents know everything, and it seems that what they know is about the same. Why bother?"

Lin Zhizhi continued, "If they hesitate when were asking politely, then well just have to get rough. Ive already given them a chance to talkYesterday, we didnt hang the writing brush on the tree. Nine times out of ten, thats the reason that attracted those ghost children. The old man who was guarding this town has bad intentions."

When she finished talking, she gave that pitiable scapegoat a pinch.

That man woke up leisurely and cried when he saw two foreigners.

Lin Zhizhi took a mass of cloth and stuffed it into the mans mouth. She squatted down and smiled, saying, "You screamed too early. We not only kidnapped you, but also dragged you to this courtyard in the town, which is specially used for foreigners to rest."

Having said that, Lin Zhizhi clearly saw the veins rise on the mans forehead, his eyes were faintly red, obviously terrified.

Lin Zhizhi was satisfied and went on to say, "There is nothing hanging on the tree at our door. Do you know what it means? Perhaps those infants who will climb out in the middle of the night and eat people will come and find you this evening. How about it? Do you want to scream more now?" After that, Lin Zhizhi removed the cloth from his mouth and said, "Why dont you scream a couple of times, hmm?"

The man really couldnt scream, because of excessive intimidation, he had lost his voice.

Yan Tianhen stretched corners of his mouth, in his heart he thought Lin Zhizhi really took delight in fear, but she looked a little cool. The mans throat made a wheezing sound, after a long time still not saying a word.

Lin Zhizhi was impatient and said, "Answer whatever I ask, otherwise I will let you be fed to the ghost infants tonight."

"Dont AHHHHHHHH!" The man gave a miserable cry, and his entire person was about to collapse. Tears and mucus flowed out steadily across his entire face, clearly scared to the point of peeing himself. "Dont feed me to the ghost babies. I didnt feed the children to the wolves. It was those old people who did it, it had nothing to do with me ahhhh."

Yan Tianhen was originally standing on the side watching with relish, but after hearing these words, his face suddenly froze, and his hands across his chest were put down.

However, Lin Zhizhi didnt change the expression on her face, but said lightly, "I didnt guess wrong. Its really a ghost infant. There is really something wrong with your town."

Lin Zhizhis lips couldnt help but sneer slightly, saying, "The Ghost Infant Array, we were unexpectedly given a Profound Ranked array."

Because Lin Zhizhi stood with her back to Yan Tianhen, Yan Tianhen couldnt see Lin Zhizhis expression when she said these words, but if he could see it, he would inevitably feel that this expression held some cruelty that didnt match her aura, but the man saw it fully, and felt that this beautiful goddess at this time was like malicious ghost, and was really scared to the point of peeing himself.

Lin Zhizhi showed an expression of loathing, and immediately stood up and retreated three meters away.

"You keep questioning him." Lin Zhizhi covered her nose and said, "Ill go out and have a look first."

The cultivation of Yan Tianhen was not low, and his sense of smell was extremely sensitive. This man was ordinary. Unlike cultivators who have washed their muscles and refined their marrow, his urine smell was extremely strong, which made him almost fall over.

Alas, when a beautiful girl gave a task, he couldnt just shirk it, and in the end, Lin Zhizhi was a girl.


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