Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Giving The Hairpin

“Ah Hen, come over here for a bit.”

Lin Xuanzhi beckoned over the Yan Tianhen who was busy practicing shadow boxing.

Yan Tianhen immediately stopped what he was doing and limped over to Lin Xuanzhi’s side.

Lin Xuanzhi’s hand brushed over his storage bag, and suddenly a glossy, jade-coloured hairpin appeared in his hand.

Yan Tianhen was about to lower his head to carefully look it over when he felt something tighten on his scalp; Lin Xuanzhi had actually pinned the hairpin onto his head.

Yan Tianhen was astonished and quickly raised his hand to touch the top of his head; the hairpin felt a bit warm to the touch and as you rubbed it you could feel how smooth and glossy it is. The spiritual Qi within it was barely contained from dissipating elsewhere.

After all those years from following Lin Zhan around, Yan Tianhen could be considered to be quite knowledgeable. He could differentiate quite clearly between items that were good, bad, items that could only be seen and not yearned for, and items that were priceless; and this hairpin that Lin Xuanzhi had inserted into his hair any child who had just randomly started cultivating would be able to identify how precious it is.

“Dage, what do you mean by this?” Ah Hen asked.

Lin Xuanzhi scrutinized Yan Tianhen’s face carefully, then nodded with great satisfaction as he said, “It matches Ah Hen quite well.”

Yan Tianhen didn’t know where to place his hands and feet. He rubbed his nose and smiled abashedly, then said, “Dage, I’m so ugly, how could this treasure suit me? I think it suits Dage better.”

As he spoke, he wanted to pull the hairpin out of his hair.

“Don’t move.” Lin Xuanzhi grabbed Yan Tianhen’s wrist, then said, “Who said my family’s Ah Hen is ugly? That’s just cause they’re all blind, my family’s Ah Hen is obviously very cute.”

Yan Tianhen pondered for a bit, then said, “But Dage, everyone says that they’ll only compliment a female cultivator for being cute if she’s ugly.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “”

Great, the one who had said that better not let him find out who he is.

Within a certain gambling den in Qing city, the Duan Yuyang who had one arm around a beautiful youngster and was throwing dice in his other suddenly released a violent sneeze.

Yan Tianhen saw the look of frustration on Lin Xuanzhi’s face and couldn’t help but laugh, “Dage, I’m just kidding. This hairpin, did you intend to give it to me or are you asking me to try it on for your fiance?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “I’m giving it to you, what does this have to do with Han Yuran?”

Yan Tianhen smiled but didn’t answer. He had heard it very clearly that day: Lin Xuanzhi had told Han Yanran that he wanted to give this hairpin to his future wife, so shouldn’t it be a gift for Han Yuran?

But, Dage probably said that because he had seen through Han Yanran’s greed ba.

Lin Xuanzhi’s satisfaction grew the more he looked at Yan Tianhen, then said, “Ah Hen, this Mysterious Ice Jade hairpin’s initial form is that of a top-grade magic tool. To be honest, with Dage’s current level, this is the best I can do. But when Dage advances in the future, I’ll continue to refine this hairpin, so its grade will continuously improve as well.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s original intention was to tell Yan Tianhen that he hoped Yan Tianhen wouldn’t look down on this hairpin for its low grade.

But what he didn’t expect was that Yan Tianhen’s focus wasn’t on the latter part of his speech at all, but rather he had almost jumped up and his eyes widened as he said, “Dage, this hairpin is actually a top-grade magic tool? This kind of precious magic tool, Dage is actually just giving it to me like this? Also, this should be the first magic tool that Dage crafted ba, and yet it’s already a top-grade one, thisisn’t this too amazing!”

Although there were times when crafting top-grade magic tools might be a bit difficult for Lin Xuanzhi, but as long as he’s the one doing the crafting, very few of his tools would end up being worse than a high-grade magic tool, so Lin Xuanzhi didn’t think much of it at all.

It’s just that, Yan Tianhen’s reaction suddenly made him realise that under normal circ.u.mstances, most people may not be able to craft even just one top-grade magic tool their whole lives.

Lin Xuanzhi pondered for a bit, it’s probably better for him exercise some restraint. But, there was no need to pretend in front of Ah Hen.

“Dage’s cultivation methods are different from the rest, so the condition of the equipment I craft will be different as well I hope Ah Hen will help Dage keep this a secret for now.” Lin Xuanzhi smiled as he said.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes were dazzled by this smile, then he immediately smiled in surprise and said, “Congratulations to Dage for obtaining a huge opportunity1!”

A special cultivation method could naturally be obtained only if a huge opportunity had arisen.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, but before he could continue talking, his eyebrows immediately furrowedsomeone’s here.

1. Original phrase is “”, which has an additional meaning of the opportunity being fated/destined to be

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