Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Flatter The Strong And Step On The Weak

The youngsters of the Lin family who were spectating at a side began to whisper amongst themselves.

Lin Yurou sighed, then said, “How pitiful, this family only managed to produce this one descendant who had a bit of an affinity with the Dao and their entire family had relied on him to put food on their table. Now isn’t this just great, their entire family’s lifeline has probably been cut off.”

The Lin Zezhi who stood at a side looked down at the group of people who were crying, then looked at the Lin Xuanzhi who was walking over and immediately felt rather carefree.

On the surface he said, “Yeah, they really are pitiful. We may be cultivators, but that just means that there is an even stronger need for us to be merciful and treat mortals kindly, as well as follow the laws of the human world.”

Bai Susu nodded and looked at Lin Zezhi with eyes of worship, then said with much infatuation, “Biaoge1, what you said is absolutely right. Someone with such talent and diligence like you who also has a merciful heart is really rare in this world.”

Lin Zezhi smiled humbly, then said, “I don’t dare to say that of myself, I’m just like any other cultivator who doesn’t like to bully the weak. That should be the bottom line that cultivators of my generation should abide by.”

The respect Bai Susu had for Lin Zezhi instantly rose, the pink bubbles in her eyes were about to overflow.

The youngsters of the Lin family casted looks of admiration towards Lin Zezhi one by one, then praised him, “Zezhi Tangxiong is indeed one with a magnanimous heart and is worthy of being the one we all look up to in our generation.”

Lin Zezhi was ecstatic, yet he kept refuting such claims on the surface, “No no, compared to Xuanzhi Tangdi, I’m still miles away.”


“Is Zezhi Tangxiong joking? The Yu Huarong of the past who made people forget about immortals with one look2 had long turned into an empty vessel who only has his looks to be proud of okay?”

Huarong is Lin Xuanzhi’s zi3. When Lin Xuanzhi was at the peak of his fame, others would call him by the name Huarong Sword Immortal because even though his sword was crafted within the cold lake in the Northern territory of the North Pole’s Ice Domain, the person himself stood in stark contrast to this cold front4.

That sword’s name was Zhige. The moment it appeared on earth, there would be ice within ten thousand li and its surroundings would turn sombre and desolate.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi would not easily unsheathe his Zhige sword. Even when he was faced with the most vicious of enemies, he would only use the scabbard of his Zhige sword to fight.

And it was because he was as gentle as jade and carried himself with a n.o.bleman’s demeanour that people gave him the elegant t.i.tle of “Yu5 Young Master”, then added the name Huarong. Lin Xuanzhi thus had an alias that was even more famous than his own name, which was Yu Huarong.

The Yu Huarong who would make people forget about immortals with one look had attracted a huge following of devout men and women; there was once when a mighty power had a.s.serted that Yu Huarong was the only star of the apocalypse within the entire Five Continent’s mainlands, as well as the bane of the people in his generation.

With Yu Huarong around, no one would bother trying to remember his peers no matter how bright they shone.

Yet, the higher they rise, the harder they fall. In the world today, the old Yu Huarong is no more. What’s left is only the trash Lin Xuanzhi who only managed to retain his graceful bearing and good looks, but who didn’t have any other qualities that would force others to the brink of insanity.

When Lin Zezhi heard those words, he furrowed his brows and reprimanded sternly, “What you said was too unreasonable. Even though Xuanzhi Tangdi has turned into a good-for-nothing, he had still contributed to the Lin family in the past. Outsiders may say those kinds of words, but as part of the Lin family, you definitely can’t say such things.”

The youngsters of the Lin family who had been flattering the strong and stepping on the weak immediately admitted their faults in shame, then sighed in awe, “Zezhi Tangxiong’s magnanimous heart really makes me feel ashamed of myself.”

“Yeah.” Another nodded, then said, “In the past when Lin Xuanzhi was still enjoying his fame, he had suppressed the other people of his generation and even repeatedly s.n.a.t.c.hed Zezhi Tangxiong’s resources, yet Zezhi Tangxiong didn’t make a fuss over those matters. If it were me, I definitely wouldn’t be able to just laugh it away.”

“That’s a given.” Bai Susu looked up and smiled sweetly, then said proudly, “How could my Zezhi Biaoge lower himself to the level of that kind of trash?”

“Biaomei.” Lin Zezhi furrowed his brows.

“What, did I say anything wrong? Do you think that if you don’t call him trash, then he wouldn’t be trash anymore? Anyone with a discerning eye can tell. I just can’t stand how he always looks like he’s above everyone else, does he really think that he’s an immortal?”

Bai Susu had always detested Lin Xuanzhi, not only because he had always outshone Lin Zezhi in every aspect, but also because he looks so good that both men and women fight over him. As long as he was around, everyone’s gazes would be attracted towards him which made Bai Susu so jealous she felt like her heart was going to explode.

“You ah.” Lin Zezhi pretended to look helpless, then shot Bai Susu an indulgent look and shook his head.

1. Lemme just insert the complicated Chinese family tree here as reference


Dad’s sibling’s son (if older than you) (Tng xing)

Dad’s sibling’s son (if younger than you) (Tng d)

Dad’s sibling’s daughter (if older than you) (Tng ji)

Dad’s sibling’s daughter (if younger than you) (Tng Mi)

Mom’s sibling’s son (if older than you) - (Bio g)

Mom’s sibling’s son (if younger than you) (Bio d)

Mom’s sibling’s daughter (if older than you) - (Bio ji)

Mom’s sibling’s daughter (if younger than you) - (Bio mi)

^ In English these would all just be ‘cousin’ ;__;

2. LXZ has a freaking long t.i.tle which is “”; = when one looks at him, you will forget that immortals exist i.e. he’s so pretty you wanna cry; = his zi

3. Zi = courtesy or style name traditionally given to males aged 20 in dynastic China aka his alias

4. A cold front is defined as the transition zone where a cold air ma.s.s is replacing a warmer air ma.s.s. Cold fronts generally move from northwest to southeast. The air behind a cold front is noticeably colder and drier than the air ahead of it. When a cold front through, temperatures can drop more than 15 degrees within the first hour.

5. Yu = Jade

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