Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Tiger Cubs Got Hurt

Ch98 – Tiger Cubs Got Hurt

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu

Edited by: Butter

Yan Tianhen had imagined the process of inserting needles into a body countless times in his mind. Even though he was still a bit uneasy with the first needle he inserted, he became more and more adept at it throughout the process. These techniques have already been practiced innumerable times in his mind, and if one was talking about diligence and a talent for rote memorization, Yan Tianhen would excel in these more so than Lin Xuanzhi.

Success! Yan Tianhen heaved a sigh of relief after he inserted the last needle . He looked at the pale face in front of him whose bluish-green colour had lightened, I cant come over in the day, so Ill come to see you at night ba.

Then he continued, I heard those guys who killed you say that youre called Ling Chigu. Why not I just call you Chigu from now on?

When he returned to Lin Xuanzhis current yard, Yan Tianhen peeked at Lin Xuanzhis room upstairs, but there were still no signs of any movement at all.

Yan Tianhen was a bit worried, but he knew his worries would be of no use, so the only thing he could do was to go back and continue to meditate. He could also research on how to maintain a the freshness of a corpse in passing.

Recently, something big happened to Ah Bai and Hu Po.

Ever since Yan Tianhen had almost been killed in Mass Graves Ridge while they hid behind a tree, without showing their faces or a trace of their loyalty, Yan Tianhen had formed very strong opinions about them.

Although Yan Tianhen didnt say anything on the surface, they could tell how unhappy Yan Tianhen was from the fact that they hadnt seen their demonic delight fruits for the past four days.

After countless failed attempts of trying to act cute, Ah Bai finally decided to revolt.

Hu Po: Ao ao? Do we steal it?

Ah Bai: Ao! Steal it!

For demonic beasts, the attractiveness of demonic delight fruits is extremely huge!

Ah Bai and Hu Po took advantage of the time when Yan Tianhen was meditating to join forces and steal his storage bag.

Ah Bai, who had succeeded in his theft attempt, ran outside of the yard excitedly with the storage bag in its jaw. It swayed its butt while doing so and even almost tripped into a sprawl on the floor.

Hu Po looked at Ah Bai in disgust, then walked forward and bit the storage bag that had fallen out of Ah Bais mouth.

Ah Bai: .

Ah Bai stood up and gave chase. He kept barking and jumping while he chased after Hu Po and they ran out of the yard, then headed toward the road.

Toward the road that headed to the medicinal pill pharmacy

Lin Yangzhi and Lin Yaer, who had returned to the Lin residence not too long ago, have evidently become the protagonists of a new circle.

The two of them were like a pair of bright moons that were surrounded by a bunch of Lin pupil stars; they were laughing and chatting as they walked toward the medicinal pill pharmacy.

Yangzhi Tangxiong, youre really amazing to have been able to catch Masters eye! A Lin pupil from one of the side branches looked at Lin Xuanzhi in admiration.

Well thats a given, Yangzhi Tangxion had defeated all of his challengers, plus, he even managed to make it look easy.

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He was already a disciple of Sky Peak Sect, but he had not revealed this fact to his family. Naturally, he wouldnt think much of these Lin family pupils who were mostly hovering around the third or fourth layer of their Refining Qi Stages and would only be at the seventh layer at best.

As such, Lin Yangzhi managed to enjoy a bright limelight yesterday and had overwhelmed the entire Lin family with his greatness.


He didnt know what the hell that Lin Xuanzhi was doing. That guy didnt even show his face at the venue and the Fifth elder who had ordered everyone to be present didnt say anything about it, which made Lin Yangzhi feel extremely dissatisfied.

Yaer Tangjie is really amazing too! On the training field yesterday, Yaer Tangjies Heavenly Maiden Scattering Blossoms move was really graceful and even possessed the grandeur of a rainbow it was both beautiful and lethal! Another Lin family pupil said as he looked at Lin Yaer in admiration.

Yaer Tangmei is really the most beautiful and most capable female cultivator I have ever met! It really makes one sweat with shame.

Meanwhile, Lin Yaer wore a haughty expression on her face. After she had returned to the Lin family and revealed her prowess that was a mere tip of the iceberg of her cultivation in front of this group of talentless Lin family pupils, she had managed to collect numerous admirers. This made her feel extremely comforted.

Whoever participated in the competition yesterday even those who had not gotten a placing had been rewarded with some medicinal pills by Master. Thus, this group of people had gathered together today to head to the medicinal pill pharmacy in order to receive their reward.

Right at this moment, the two tiger cubs ran toward them one after the other.

Lin Yaers sharp eye caught the sight of these two familiar balls and immediately thought about how she had been reduced to a wretched state by these tiger cubs the other day. An anger arose in her heart from the humiliation she felt, so she immediately pointed at Ah Bai, Its that damn tiger cub! Capture it!!

Yi, isnt this Lin Xuanzhis tiger cub? One of the pupils said.

Yeah, Ive seen those two tiger cubs before. Apparently they are two demonic tiger cub beasts, and that ugly idiot Yan Tianhen always swaggers around everywhere with them in hand through the markets!

Yaer Tangmei, have those two tiger cubs offended you? One of the Lin pupils asked. Lin Yaer nodded, then her face twisted and she said through clenched teeth, An animal will conduct themselves just like their master indeed, they had actually scuttered underneath my skirt before!


Isnt that a bittoo shameless?

Lin yangzhi looked at the tiger cubs who were prancing about as they rushed over, and thought of the humiliation he had faced that day. An evil thought surfaced in his mind.

Lin Yangzhi smiled coldly and unsheathed the sword by his waist, Ill get rid of those two animals right now!

As he spoke, Lin Yangzhi brandished his sword and aimed it at Hu Po, who was currently running in front.

Hu Po sensed the approaching danger and immediately let out a few roars; the storage bag in his mouth dropped onto the floor and he turned around and fled. However, it was merely an infant stage two star tiger cub who couldnt even beat a Refining Qi Stage cultivator, so it didnt take long for him to get wounded by Lin Yangzhis sword Qi!

Ao! Ah Bai saw Hu Po get flung to the ground harshly and immediately exploded. He bared his teeth and glared at Lin Yangzhi furiously. Its tiny body leaped up as he pounced towards Lin Yangzhi!

The edges of Lin Yangzhis lips curved up into a cold sneer this tiger cub was actually courting death for itself, then dont blame him for not holding back! Clang

The sword light that was about to land on Ah Bai collided with another fierce Qi that diverted its course. Ah Bai took the chance to get his claws out and forcefully scratched Lin Yangzhis face.

Ah! Lin Yanzhi shouted. The sword in his hand landed on the floor as he held his face with one hand; he looked shocked and furious as he glared at the Lin Zhantian who had intervened.

Everyone around them cried out in alarm. The moment they saw Lin Zhantian, all of them looked both fearful and disgusted as they all wished to avoid him.

Lin Yaer saw Lin Yangzhis wounded face and screamed, then quickly covered her mouth.

Lin Zhantian, you actually dare to oppose me?! Lin Yangzhi gritted his teeth, then he recalled his sword that was on the ground and wanted to hack Lin Zhantian to death.

Within the Lin residence, private rivalries are forbidden. Lin Zhantian said in an indifferent tone as he took out the token of the Lin familys Law Enforcement Hall.

When Lin Yangzhi saw the token, he immediately paused and stopped his Qi from gathering in his hands.

One would need to demonstrate absolute obedience before the Law Enforcement Halls token. If Lin Yangzhi still dared to make a move after he saw the token, then it would be considered a challenge to the entire Lin familys authority. Even if he had a reasonable reason for doing so, he would still be dealt with accordingly first because he had defied the rules of their clan!

Fuck! Lin Yanzhi was so angry his mouth almost turned crooked. He glared fiercely at Lin Zhantian and pointed at his face, Youd better hope that you wont fall into my hands one day, or else Ill definitely kill you!

Lin Zhantian remained unmoved, A malicious attempt to harm a fellow members demonic pet. Youd better pray that Lin Xuanzhi wouldnt look for you to settle this debt you owe.

What is that Lin Xuanzhi worth? Lin Yangzhi narrowed his eyes, then suddenly lifted his palm and sucked over the Ah Bai who was hiding behind Lin Zhantian.

Lin Zhantians expression immediately changed. He held the token up with one hand and used the other to wield a spear, then pointed it at Lin Xuanzhi and said coldly, You dare?

Lin Yangzhi sneered haughtily, Why wouldnt I? Even if I were to kill this animal today, what can that Lin Xuanzhi even do to me?

As he spoke, Lin Yangzhi clutched Ah Bais throat, looking to crush him to death!

Lin Zhantian raised his spear, then rushed forward to attack Lin Yangzhi.

The two of them immediately started a fight.

Lin Zhantians cultivation was not as high as Lin Yangzhis, but he had practiced the Lin familys profound-level low grade cultivation method, so it was naturally superior to the primary-level high grade cultivation method that Lin Yangzhi practices. As such, when the two of them exchanged blows and engaged in hand-to-hand combat, they were barely on even ground.

Lin Zhantian found an opening and managed to save Ah Bai from Lin Yangzhis clutches. He threw Ah Bai to a side, but he had forgotten about Lin Yaer.

Lin Yaer used a white silk fabric to tie Ah Bai up in a solid knot before she clutched Ah Bais throat.

Lin Yaer gazed coldly at the Ah Bai who bared his teeth as he struggled, Im going to skin you now and pull all your tendons out, then stew a pot of soup with your bones!

The injured Hu Po immediately cried out and limped towards Ah Bai as he ran over, yet he was kicked flying by a Lin family pupil!

Ah Bai, Hu Po! A raspy and anxious voice travelled over.

Yan Tianhen was rapidly running towards them.

When he was cultivating, he had suddenly sensed his heart palpitating and vaguely heard Ah Bais cries for help, so he had run here under the guidance of their contract. But he didnt expect to see a scene that made him feel this indignant the moment he arrived!

Put Ah Bai down you vicious and ugly woman!! Yan Tianhen roared as he picked Hu Po up, then rushed towards Lin Yaer.

Lin Yaer was stunned, then immediately shouted in anger and exasperation, Ugly idiot, you dare call me ugly?!

Youre not just ugly, youre really vicious, shameless, and disgraceful too! Yan Tianhen had rushed right in front of Lin Yaer but he didnt stop, and instead quickened his pace as he rammed straight into Lin Yaer.

Lin Yaer obviously didnt expected Yan Tianhen to ram into her either, so she was knocked flying by this collision with Yan Tianhen while Ah Bai had been flung up into the sky.

Yan Tianhen jumped up and embraced Ah Bai in his arms.

Ah Bai! Yan Tianhen could only see Ah Bais eye whites as he exhaled more than he was inhaling, and his eyes instantly reddened, becoming bloodshot.

Lin Zhantian was lagging behind in his fight when his arm was grazed by Lin Yangzhis sword; a stream of blood immediately trickled out of this new wound.

Lin Zhantian narrowed his eyes and stared at Lin Yangzhi who looked just like a fierce ghost, then withdrew his spear and said to Yan Tianhen, Whats wrong with Ah Bai?

Yan Tianhen was so angry his rage was about to shoot up to the skies. He gritted his teeth and glared at Lin Yangzhi, What exactly did Ah Bai to do provoke you, so much so that you would use such vicious means to harm him?!

Its just a lowly animal, I found the sight of this animal unpleasant because it had blocked my way, so why cant I kill it? Lin Yangzhi held the part of his face that had been scratched and really wished that he could twist Ah Bais head directly off his neck.

That damn animal actually dared to hurt him!

Yan Tianhen placed the unconscious Ah Bai on the ground as he wore a fierce expression on his small face. He pinched the Sun Moon Cloud Bracelet on his hand; his fingers pinched down on it harshly as he wanted to kill these savage villains straight away!

What, is the little animal unhappy? Lin Yangzhi covered his face as he walked over to Yan Tianhen with malicious intent. The edges of his lips curved up, Its merely trash anyway, what can you to do me?

He cant do anything to you. A young man dressed in an craftsmans white robe fell from the sky and landed lightly on the ground. He gently waved the fan in his hand once and a sudden fierce gale blustered towards Lin Yangzhi and blew him away

But I can.

Lin Xuanzhi said coldly as he stood in front of Yan Tianhen. His upright figure resembled that of a lone cypress proud and independent.

Meanwhile, Lin Yangzhi had been easily fanned away like a thin piece of leaf and smashed straight into the trunk of a huge tree. He fell to the ground in an extremely wretched state.

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