Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1000

Volume 1 Chapter 1000 Territory Battle 4

When Sumire appeared in front of Scarlet Rain, without hesitation, Scarlet Rain bombarded Sumire with various attacks from bullets and missiles.


But in the face of those attacks, Sumire was very calm and she deviated from the trajectory of those attacks.


Scarlet Rain frowned, and remembered Sumire's ability which Sumire had shown in their meeting on "Unlimited Neutral Field" before.

"Was it Magnet manipulation? Then how about this?!"

Scarlet Rain shot down a laser in the direction of Sumire, but suddenly the cannons on Scarlet Rain's huge armamment changed its own direction.



The laser attack shot down the shopping mall building which almost destroyed this floor.


Scarlet Rain had never seen a player who had such a strong magnet manipulation ability. There were a lot of players who owned magnet manipulation, but not all of them were very strong, but Sumire in front of her was scary strong! This player was able to move her cannon then changed the trajectory of her attack and it seemed that none of her attacks would hit Sumire, but was that really the case?

"If my attack can't hit you, then I'll hit you until I hit you!"

Scarlet Rain didn't waste time and rained Sumire again with her bombardment from her huge armament.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Scarlet tried to attack Sumire with her laser cannon since laser couldn't be controlled with magnet manipulation, but her cannon couldn't move in Sumire's direction, but she didn't give up and kept shooting Sumire down.

"Hailstorm Domination!"

Scarlet fired off an entire fortress battalion of missiles all over the field in Sumire's direction.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

But no matter how strong Scarlet's attack was, none of them ever hit Sumire.

Sumire used her magnet manipulation and stayed calm, but her Special Gauge kept decreasing. She took a deep breath and waited for Charlotte to attack since she also searched for an opening for an attack.

While Scarlet was raining down Sumire with her attack, the entire floor was blasted away by that attack. She lost her balance for a while and in that very moment, Charlotte shot her down!


The bullet moved very fast and in an instant it hit Scarlet's head.

Scarlet saw that her HP was depleted, but as a Level 9, her HP was very huge, but she knew that she couldn't take a lot of those bullets since it was very painful since her defense was quite fragile. It took a quarter of her HP which meant that a player with a lower Level would die from one attack from Charlotte. She gritted her teeth and used her Incarnate System ability again.


Scarlet moved away from her spot and then looked in the direction of the sniper. She was about to shoot down Charlotte who was very sneaky at her.

"Damn! I'll kill you!"

Scarlet was about to target Charlotte, but suddenly a huge metal fist appeared and slammed into Scarlet's huge armament.


The huge armament was slammed and another floor was destroyed again.


Sumire didn't give Scarlet a chance and also created another huge metal fist, punching Scarlet away.

"Just quickly become a corpse!"

Sumire kept punching down Scarlet with her huge metal fists. Her Special Gauge kept increasing when she attacked Scarlet.

"Don't dream, you little girl!"

Scarlet was very angry at being played by Sumire and Charlotte. She blinked again and rained Sumire with her missiles.

"Coronal Mass Ejection!"

From the 'invincible' compartment, Scarlet fired off a spinning barrage of homing missiles.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Scarlet knew that unless a player used an Incarnate System, they couldn't use their ability when their Special Gauge was emptied. She, who, kept using her Incarnate System ability, felt a bit ashamed since both Sumire and Charlotte seemed to not use an Incarnate System ability, but as a king, she needed to maintain her honor to not lose against both of them!



Once again another bullet was shot in Scarlet's head, but this time Scarlet only titled her head to the side, however, another bullet kept coming.


Scarlet was angry and shot down the bullet with her missiles.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*


Charlotte calmly looked at Scarlet and sighed at how Scarlet was able to shoot them down with missiles, bullets, and laser endlessly. She was wondering whether there was a limit, but she should think that Scarlet didn't have a limit since she needed to watch an unexpected situation. She changed her spot once again and got ready to shoot Scarlet when there was a chance. She looked at her Special Gauge which was full and thought to end Scarlet's life with it.


Scarlet was very angry. Her temper wasn't very good and both Charlotte and Sumire were very troublesome opponents, but she had to admit that both of them were very strong.


Scarlet thought to end this battle and destroyed the building where Scarlet was staying. She thought that she should end this "Territory Battle" by destroying their stronghold. Even though she felt uncomfortable by it, in the end, the winner was the one who laughed! She was about to use her ability again, but suddenly...

"Magnet Devastation!"

Suddenly an attraction force appeared in the middle of the area attracting every metal in the surrounding areas.


Scarlet felt that her huge armament, 'invincible', was being attracted by this force. She had nailed her 'invincible' down to the ground, but this force was so powerful that she was attracted.

"Damn, what is this!"

Scarlet, who couldn't move inside the 'invincible', was forced to be pulled inside that large ball of metal. She looked at Sumire and knew that it was Sumire's ability. She couldn't move and she was also trapped with a lot of metal in her surroundings. Those metals were gathered in a lot of places which some of them stuck into her face.

"Damn! Don't underestimate me!"

Scarlet became crazier and shot down everything in her surrounding area destroying the metal, but metal after metal kept gathered toward her which made her very helpless.


Charlotte took a deep breath and aimed her sniper toward Scarlet.


The drones on her back combined together with her sniper rifle to create a large cannon.

Charlotte was about to shoot Scarlet and kill her in one move, but something happened so suddenly.


Scarlet had enough and shouted, "Radiant Beat!" Her surroundings turned into fire and the metal melted by it. She became crazier and shot down everything around her along with the building where Charlotte stayed.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

After using her Special Move, Sumire didn't have that much of a Special Gauge, and hurriedly ran away.

Charlotte also ran away since some stray missiles were about to hit her.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Everything was in chaos and Scarlet kept shooting down everything around her until suddenly a loud sound of bell was heard.

The "Terriroty Battle" stopped and everyone was startled.

[Ding! Prominence has successfully defended its territory!]

Looking at the announcement, Scarlet sighed in relief, but at the same time, she also felt very tired and frustrated. She didn't expect "Pets" to be this powerful. With only two of its members, they could almost kill her. She had a feeling that if the battle didn't stop then she would die and lose which meant that the name of "Prominence" Legion would be destroyed in her hands. She clenched her little hand and wondered whether it was worth it to fight them.



"Lost, really?"

Sumire and Charlotte were dumbstruck when they heard that they had lost.