Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1003

Volume 1 Chapter 1003 Match 1

After Haru, Tabane, Sumire, Charlotte, and Fuuko had gone back from the hospital, Haruyuki didn't immediately go back and waited for Kuroyukihime since she didn't have anyone beside her. Kuroyukihime's parents were pretty busy and he was a bit worried about leaving her alone, even though the doctor had told him that she was alright.

Haruyuki was waiting in the waiting area of the hospital, but suddenly he saw his childhood friend, Mayuzuki Taku.

Haruyuki and Taku were childhood friends together with Chiyu. The three of them had always been together until Taku went to the prestigious school in Shibuya. Their relationship was quite good, but their friendship started to estrange slowly after Taku went to a different middle school and Haruyuki was being bullied in the school.

Haruyuki had always hidden the fact that he was bullied by Taku since he wanted to stand at the same standing as him, but he didn't need to hide that fact anymore since the bullies had been expelled from the school. He didn't know what Taku was doing in this place, but he felt happy when he saw him.


Haruyuki wanted to call Taku again, but suddenly realized something.

'Wait, what's he doing here?'

Haruyuki knew that the matter of the car crash had become a big deal and there was a lot of news about it, but there wasn't any information about the location of the hospital.


At this moment, Taku also noticed Haruyuki.

'Burst Link!'

Haruyuki was surprised but he also did the same.

'Burst Link!'

Both of them entered a 'Brain Burst' and Haruyuki realized that Taku was a Cyan Pile. They also started to fight each other, exchanging their fists, and talking without restraint.

Haruyuki felt despair when he almost lost, but in that very moment, he awoken an ability to fly.


It was the ability which Haruyuki had gotten so suddenly and it made him one of the flying players in the 'Brain Burst'. In the story, he might be the only one flying players and the first one, but now, he wasn't the only one. Sumire and Charlotte were also players who had the ability to fly, and because of that, he was the third player who had the ability to fly.

The two of them continued to fight and Haruyuki won against Taku after Haruyuki had gained flying ability.

When the match was over, Kuroyukihime also appeared and she returned back to the 'Brain Burst' with an intention to complete this game which made the entire 'Brain Burst' shocked by her announcement and revival. Her name had been quite loud since she was Level 9 and she was very famous in the past, but it might be because of the "Pets" who had appeared beforehand that it made her impact become slightly worse.

Haruyuki was surprised, but he swore that he would help Kuroyukihime by her side.

When they returned to reality, the relationship between Haruyuki and Taku was slightly awkward since Taku realized his mistake. Haruyuki knew that Taku needed time and he gave that time to Taku before their relationship could return to normal.

"You're not coming back with him?"

Kuroyukihime walked beside Haruyuki.

"It's alright. He needs time."

Haruyuki felt happy since his friend had returned to the way before. This time, he wouldn't have the awkwardness that happened between the two of them.

"That's good." Kuroyukihime nodded and said, "For now, I plan to revive my Legion." She looked at Haruyuki and said, "Haruyuki, are you willing to help me?"

"Yes, Senpai! I'm happy to help you." Haruyuki smiled while looking at Kuroyukihime.


Kuroyukihime looked at Haruyuki's smile and was memerized by it. She hurriedly returned to reality since she somehow realized that she really liked this guy.

"Cough! Cough! Before that we need to add more members."


"I plan to invite Fuuko later, so what are you going to do after this?" Kuroyukihime asked.

"I plan to go back and I'll follow your plan."

Haruyuki didn't think too much about Kuroyukihime's plan and what he was going to do was to support her as best as he could since she was the one who had helped him with a lot of things.

Kuroyukihime nodded and said, "Then let's go back."



Inside her room, Kuroyukihime was alone and sighed when she thought that Haruyuki had gone back. She took her smartphone to call Fuuko since she wanted to invite her back to her Legion. Her relationship with Fuuko had returned and of course, she wanted to conquer the 'Brain Burst' together with her best friend.

"Hime, what's wrong?"

It didn't take a long time for Fuuko to answer her phone.

"Fuuko, let's play again."

Kuroyukihime didn't hesitate at that moment.


Fuuko seemed a bit hesitant.

"What's wrong?" Kuroyukihime raised her eyebrow since Fuuko didn't follow the script. She thought that Fuuko would join without hesitation and would have a beautiful reunion, but she didn't expect Fuuko to be hesitant at this moment.

"I'm sorry, Hime. But I've joined a Legion," Fuuko answered.


Kuroyukihime was in shock when she heard it. She didn't expect her friend to join a Legion, but she also knew that it was understandable since she had left the game for two years.

"Which guild? Is it one of the Six Kings?"

Kuroyukihime felt that Fuuko might join Green King, Green Grande's Legion.

"No, I didn't join their guild."

"Then?" Kuroyukihime became curious when she heard Fuuko didn't join the Legion of the Six Kings.

"It's the Pets."


Kuroyukihime was surprised when she heard it.

"I'm sorry, Hime. I've promised to help them so...."

"It's alright. I'm not forcing you, but we'll become an opponent in the future."

"Yes, I'll beat you to the pulp."

Kuroyukihime chuckled and said, "I can't wait for that moment."

Both of them continued to talk to each other until Kuroyukihime heard the voice of a boy which shocked her. She wanted to ask Fuuko, but Fuuko was too embarrassed to say too much so Fuuko hung up the phone quickly.


Kuroyukihime thought that her friend had stepped into the stairs of the a.d.u.l.thood.


Haruyuki returned to his home and couldn't help but glance at Haru's condo. He sighed while touching his stomach. He, who had tasted Haru's food, couldn't help but want to eat it again, but he was hesitating, especially when he knew that Haru was living a harem life.

As a healthy puberty boy, he would be lying if he didn't feel envious. He sighed and entered his home. He went to the living room and ordered a pizza since his mother hadn't gone back. Sitting on the sofa, he thought of checking his 'Brain Burst' account. He didn't need to worry about being challenged since he didn't connect his Neuro Linker to the Global Net rather to the building's net. Upon checking his account, it suddenly froze when he saw five names appear on the matching list.


Haruyuki was in shock, especially when he saw the five names which made him tremble, especially when he saw their Level. He was only Level 1 after all when he thought that they might challenge him and kill him several times for a point, it made him scared!