Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1004

Volume 1 Chapter 1004 Match 2

"Ocean Stingray, Maroon Owl, Lilac Deer, Sunset Lop, and Sky Raker...."

Haruyuki was full of sweat and became a bit scared. He could see that their Level was very high yet he was only Level 1. Even though he had defeated Cyan Pile who was Level 4, the five players on this matching list were two levels higher than Cyan Pile. Even Sky Ranker was Level 8 which meant that Sky Ranker was one level lower than Kuroyukihime.

Haruyuki wasn't sure what to do, but more importantly...

"Who are the five of them?"

Haruyuki was wondering how he hadn't seen the five of them before or rather they might be here that he didn't notice it since he had only joined a "brain burst" three days ago. He wasn't sure, but somehow he wanted to try to fight against one of them somehow. It might be on a whim, but he wanted to know the difference between Level 1 and Level 6. If he was able to defeat Level 4, then it might be possible for him to defeat Level 6?

Haruyuki's confidence had been boosted after he had defeated Cyan Pile and he wanted to try to challenge himself. He took a deep breath and decided to do something which didn't fit his personality. He was pacifist and he didn't like trouble, but somehow, he wanted to show his worth to Kuroyukihime.

Looking at the matching list for an entire few hours, Haruyuki was ready and pressed the name Ocean Stingray on the matching list. He might have forgotten it, but it seemed that he had heard this name somewhere.

'Where have I heard this name?'

Haruyuki was ready and challenged Ocean Stingray for a match!


Haru was laying in the living room. His room was used by both Tabane and Fuuko and the other room was being used by Sumire and Charlotte. There were only two rooms in this condo and somehow he felt cold in this place since he was sleeping in the living room. He wanted to cry and came back somehow since he missed his girlfriends. After coming to this world, he hadn't even touched a woman which made him s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrated.

Haru took a deep breath and knew that it was wrong to think about perverted stuff, but what he could do nothing about his situation, especially when his "pleasure magic" also enhanced his libido. He didn't remember how many times that he had a wet dream, and he needed to go to the bathroom quietly to wash his lower body and pants because of that wet dream. He sighed and felt that it was so hard to live together with three beautiful women.


Haru covered his face with a blanket and thought to sleep, but suddenly someone challenged him on the "brain burst".


Haru was startled then he quickly entered the game since he had decided to accept the challenge. He didn't panic and looked at the stage in his surroundings.

"Desert Stage, huh?"

Haru could only see sand in his surroundings and the building which he stood in had turned into an abandoned building in the middle of desert. When he looked at his surroundings, he noticed his opponent.

"Silver Crow?"

Silver Crow was Haruyuki's Duel Avatar. This avatar had a silver color with a humanoid shape. His shape was pretty normal shape and he didn't have any weapons or anything on his body.

Haru didn't expect Haruyuki to challenge him in the match. He sighed and said, "I'm going to sleep, why did you suddenly challenge me?" Though, he was a bit excited, teaching this newbie a lesson. It had always been a tradition that veterans bullied newbies after all and he was sure that after the Silver Crow won his match several times, this guy had become quite conceited so he ought to teach him a lesson.

When asked by Haru, Silver Crow couldn't help but feel apologetic. "I, I'm sorry. I'm a bit curious and want to challenge you." He didn't think that Ocean Stingray was about to sleep and he knew that he had caused trouble for him.

"Well, it doesn't really matter. So let's fight now."

Haru was in his humanoid form and lazily held his Gryphon.


Silver Crow nodded, but at the same time, he frowned since Ocean Stingray was too lax. 'Is he understimating me?' He felt that possibility since he was only Level 1, but at the same time, he thought that it was a chance for him to win this battle. He didn't hesitate to rush toward Ocean Stingray.

Silver Crow's speed was very fast and he sent out a barrage of punches.


Haru moved lazily, dodging Silver Crow's attack.

"C'mon, do your best."

Even though Haru didn't have a haki in this game, he had made a similar ability using his thunder manipulation.


Haru could use that ability to sense the enemy or object in his surroundings. It had a lot of benefits such as finding something or dodging the attack of his opponent. It didn't take a Special Gauge to use it and it was passive ability. It meant that this ability had always been active in the battle. However, he was able to deactivate this ability if wanted.

Haru's movement was very flexible and it might be because his original shape was a stingray. He kept dodging until he saw the opening, and sent out a roundhouse kick at Silver Crow.


Silver Crow was thrown out of the building because of the attack. His HP was quickly depleted and he was falling from the building.


Silver Crow used his ability to fly to stop himself from falling from high altitude. His back suddenly released a metal plate which formed into wings on his back. He quickly regained his balance and floated on the sky. His breathing was quite erratic since Ocean Stingray's kick was so powerful and so fast that he didn't see it. He didn't enter the building again since he knew that it was a bit hard to fight inside the building and he also needed to think of a strategy to defeat Ocean Stingray. However, he really couldn't think of a way unless he was able to grab him and then pull him to the sky, but he didn't think it would be that easy.

Then Haru walked to the edge of the building while looking at the Silver Crow who was floating in the sky.

"Hee... Flying avatar, huh?"

"Hehehe, with this, you won't be able to attack me!" Haruyuki couldn't help but feel a bit smug when he saw Ocean Stingray who could only look at him from the building.


Haru was speechless and shook his head.

"Well, think of it as a lesson to not underestimate your opponent later."

Haru raised his sword to the sky and the clouds suddenly gathered together.

*Rumble!* *Rumble!* *Rumble!*

A black ominous cloud covered the sky and it kept roaring with a very intimidating noise.


Silver Crow was speechless when he looked at Ocean Stingray who was looking at him.


Even though Silver Crow didn't understand, he knew that this black cloud was created by Ocean Stingray.


Silver Crow had only heard those words before a red thunder struck his body.



It wasn't over with one strike and that red thunder kept striking him until Silver Crow was defeated.

Haru sighed and shook his head. He didn't feel good bullying a boy who had only gotten his new toy. He yawned and ended the game returning to reality.



Haruyuki laid on his bed in shock after that battle.


Haruyuki wasn't sure what to say, but he quickly disconnected his connection with the network and took out his Neuro Linker. He was afraid. Yes. He was afraid of Ocean Stingray who would give him a lesson after that match. He knew that he was full of himself after a lot of wins, but when he remembered how easy Ocean Stingray was to defeat him.


Haruyuki took a deep breath and sighed. He quickly went to sleep, but he felt frustrated since it had been a while since he had lost his battle.


Haru was sleeping, but opened his eyes when he felt someone enter his blanket.


Haru looked at Tabane who slobbered on his chest which made him feel complicated.

"Tabane, wake up."


Tabane didn't wake up and kept sleeping.


Haru sighed and wanted to move her, but suddenly this woman hugged him tightly.

"You've woken up, right?"


Tabane kept sleeping while hugging him.


Haru sighed and decided to sleep with this girl.

Tabane smiled and loosened her hug, sleeping soundly on his side.