Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1005

Volume 1 Chapter 1005 Report



Everyone who was sitting in the cafeteria was looking at Kuroyukihime who seemed to be startled by something.

Kuroyukihime realized her mistake and coughed several times. She apologized to everyone and continued to talk with Haruyuki through Direct Wired Connection.

Haruyuki seemed unpurted by Kuroyukihime's reaction since his reaction also wasn't much better when he learned about that matter. He hung his head down and felt very depressed at that moment.

"How? Tell me clearly." Kuroyuki looked at Haruyuki telling him to tell her about the "Pets" which appear on his apartment.

Haruyuki nodded and started to tell her everything. He described what had happened last night when he found out about the "Pets" who were living in his condo building and his match against Ocean Stingray, and his loss. He also told her that he didn't know at first that Ocean Stingray was the leader of the "Pets".

Had he known that before, he wouldn't have been stupid enough to challenge Ocean Stingray before.


Kuroyukihime was speechless since she didn't expect dangerous players to live under the same roof as Haruyuki.

"Did you try to challenge Ocean Stingray last night?"


Kuroyukihime sighed when she heard that Haruyuki was brave enough to challenge the members of the "Pets". Even though she had told him not to do something to the "Pets", this guy dared to challenge them. She could only sigh when she knew that he had forgotten about the members of the "Pets" which made her think that it was an accident.

Haruyuki told Kuroyukihime that he didn't dare to connect his Neuro Linker to the network on his condo building since he was afraid of being challenged by the "Pets."

"So you've lost badly?"


Haruyuki was very depressed.

Kuroyukihime chuckled when she saw Haruyuki's reaction.


Haruyuki was speechless and said, "It isn't something to laugh about, Senpai...."

"Sorry, sorry, but I've told you not to challenge them in the past, right?"


"Then wasn't it your fault to challenge them?"


Kuroyukihime looked at depressed Haruyuki and sipped her black tea calmly. She sighed and said, "You don't need to worry too much, you see."

"Huh? Why?"

Haruyuki was surprised by Kuroyukihime's words. He thought that he would be beaten until his points were lost since he had challenged the "Pets", but she suddenly told him not to worry which made him confused.

"Because you're Level 1."


Haruyuki seemed to not understand Kuroyukihime's words.

"In simple terms, you're too weak."


Haruyuki defleted and his fat body suddenly flattened. He hung his head down until it hit the table. Listening to Kuroyukihime's words, he knew that he didn't need to worry because he was too weak and the opponent wouldn't even give him a glance. Which made him quite complicated, even though he didn't need to worry about their revenge, but at the same time, his feelings were conflicted since it meant that he was too full of himself.

"Haruyuki, you're talented."

Haruyuki raised his head looking at Kuroyukihime.

"But if you try to challenge a Level 9 player then you'll die."


"But they're Level 6."

Haruyuki had won against Cyan Pile who was Level 4, and he felt that Level 9 wasn't that much different. That was why he tried to challenge them.

Shaking her head, Kuroyukihime said, "No, even though they're only Level 6, their power might not be losing to the Level 9. Their HP might be lower and their overall power might be weaker, but in terms of combat, they won't lose against the Six Kings."


Haruyuki was startled when he heard Kuroyukihime's words. "A, are they really that strong?"

"You've faced one of them before, right? What do you think?"

Kuroyukihime had watched the combat ability of the "Pets" by chance in the past. Even if she didn't want to admit it, she knew that they were very powerful, especially when she learned that they had dueled against the Red King and came out unscathed. She also learned a rumor that if Green King didn't appear to help the Red King then the Red King might lose her life.


Haruyuki was surprised when he learned about the "Pets" from Kuroyukihime. Even though in the past, she had told him, but she didn't tell her in detail and she only told him not to challenge them. However, now, he understood the reason and he also understood why they were strong, but at the same time, he couldn't accept it.

"I, I feel too weak, Senpai..."

Kuroyukihime nodded and said, "Change that frustration into a will so you can become stronger. You can fly higher than anyone and faster than anyone. Believe in yourself."

Haruyuki took a deep breath and nodded. He was lucky that he had only lost once and that loss gave him a lesson to not underestimate each match on the "Brain Burst", and in the future, he was going to keep winning.

"So are you sure that you've seen all of the members of the "Pets"?" Kuroyukihime asked curiously since she thought that it would be good to make them into her alliance, especially when their purpose was the same and that was to become Level 10.

To become Level 10, it meant that they needed to challenge the authority of the Six Kings in the "Brain Burst".

Kuroyukihime felt that it would reassure her to have such strong allies.

Haruyuki nodded and said, "Yes, from Ocean Stingray who I fought with two days ago." He told Kuroyukihime about Ocean Stingray's ability to send out red thunder, sending out powerful kicks, and swordmanship.

"Thunder, huh? I guess that is why you've lost that easily."

"Huh? What's wrong with thunder?"

"Your color is metal. Its weakness is electricity. In other words, thunder is also included."


"You should research about your color better."

"...Yes, Senpai.."

"Then how about the rest?"

Shaking his head, Haruyuki said, "I don't know, but rather four names. I saw five names on the matching list."

"Five names?"

The "Pets" were famous for their four members: Ocean Stingray, Maroon Owl, Lilac Deer, and Sunset Lop.

Kuroyukihime wouldn't know about this information if Haruyuki didn't tell her about this.

"Unlike the four of them, this player has Level 8."

"Level 8!"

Kuroyukihime was very surprised and asked, "What is the name of the avatar?" She took her cup of black tea and sipped it slowly.

"Sky Raker."

Kuroyukihime spat out the black tea on her mouth right to Haruyuki's face.


"I, I'm sorry!"

Kuroyukihime hurriedly took a handkerchief on her blazer and wiped Haruyuki's face which was wet because of her black tea.

"I, it's alright, Senpai."

Haruyuki was speechless, but from her reaction, he was wondering whether she knew about Sky Ranker.

"Senpai, do you know who Sky Ranker is?"

Kuroyukihime was wondering whether she should tell about the Sky Ranker, but she decided not to do it unless she had gotten the consent of her friend. She nodded and said, "Sky Ranker is quite a famous player in the "brain burst". Before the appearance of Lilac Deer, Maroon Owl, and Silver Crow; Sky Raker is the player who is the closest to the sky." She remembered that Fuuko had told her that she had joined another Legion, but she didn't expect it would be the "Pets". She didn't intend to talk about that matter and intended to focus on cultivating Haruyuki until he had become Level 4 or more. She didn't want him to think about a lot of things, but if the "Pets" decided to challenge Haruyuki because of Haruyuki's act then she would try to ask Fuuko to help her since she knew that it was Haruyuki's fault.

"Closest to the sky? So she can fly?" Haruyuki asked.

"No. She can't fly. Well, it doesn't really matter. Let's just focus on leveling up first." Kuroyukihime didn't want to tell Haruyuki about Fuuko too much since the identity of Fuuko as Sky Raker was a secret.

"Yes, Senpai."

Kuroyukihime told Haruyuki about tips and tricks in the match. She also told him not to challenge "Pets" once again.

Haruyuki nodded and if he was asked to challenge the "Pets" then he didn't dare to do it. He might not dare to do it now, but in the future, he might be....