Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1006

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After their battle in the hospital, Haruyuki and Taku had made up their friendship and both of them often went to fight together on the tag match.

Haruyuki's name quickly became famous since he was one of the players on the "brain burst" who was able to fly in the sky besides Maroon Owl and Lilac Deer.

Though, there were some people who also said that Sunset Lop was also able to fly, but some people didn't agree since they could tell that Sunset Lop was jumping in the air rather than flying.

There was a lot of discussion, but all of it didn't really matter to Haruyuki and Taku.

Haruyuki's life was quite peaceful and he wasn't being challenged by the "Pets" inside his condo building. It seemed what Kuroyukihime had told him was right that he was too weak to enter their eyes which somehow made him both relieved and conflicted at the same time. He was relieved that he wasn't being challenged since he knew very well that he was very weak. If he was challenged, he knew that he would lose and at that time, he was afraid for his points to be emptied and the "brain burst" on his Neuro Linker would be removed instantly.

The "brain burst" was his connection with Kuroyukihime and he knew that if he lost it then he might not able to talk with Kuroyuhime again in the future and his memory with her would be erased.

Haruyuki didn't want that!

Of course, those memories were very precious to him and he didn't want to lose them. The "brain burst" had given him a lot of things from his school life, friendship, and even though he wasn't confident about it, he knew that he also had learned about love...

At the same time, he felt conflicted since he felt that he was very weak and he wanted to become stronger faster, but he knew that he couldn't be in hurry. He had played a lot of games in the past, and he knew that he needed to gain more experience in the fighting game rather than be greedy to add his experience to level up quickly.

This time, Haru and Taku were doing a tag match once again and won again.

Taku seemed quite guilty after what he had done to Haruyuki and wanted to apologize to him, but Haruyuki told him that it was alright.

Taku was glad that Haruyuki could forgive him, but at the same time he was also worried about Haruyuki, especially when he learned about the matter of the "Pets".

"Haru, are you sure that you're alright? Are the members of the "Pets" challenging you?" Taku asked. When he learned that the members of the Pets were living in Haru's condo building, he was in shock since he knew how famous and powerful the "Pets" were.

"No, I'm alright."

Haruyuki didn't remember how many times Taku had asked him this question. Even though he was happy that Taku was worried about him, he also felt that Taku was a bit too much.

"But for the "Pets" for living in your condo building, huh?" Taku couldn't imagine such a coincidence, especially when he had heard Haruyuki dared to challenge them. He felt that Haruyuki was very lucky that the "Pets" didn't seem to have an interest in Haruyuki.

The "Pets" Legion's name was very loud and it seemed that they had added one member to their Legion. Each of their members were very powerful and they had leveled up quickly, defeating a lot of players on the "Unlimited Neutral Field".

Taku was somehow glad that his girlfriend didn't join the "brain burts" since he was afraid for her to be hot-headed and challenged the "Pets" who were living at the same condo building as Haruyuki and his girlfriend, Chiyu.

Haruyuki and Chiyu were living in the same condo building and of course, they were living in the same building as the "Pets".

"But do you know their identity?" Taku asked. If Haruyuki knew about the "Pets" identity in reality then it was good since he might able to help Haruyuki to amend the relationship between them on reality.

Shaking his head, Haruyuki said, "No, I don't know." He had some ideas, but he didn't have proof for it since sometimes the members of the "Pets" disappeared, but he knew that they were living in the same condo building as him, especially when he heard that Ocean Stingray was going to sleep on their last match and knew that they might be the same age.

"Well, what we can do is to become stronger for now."

Taku was helpless since he couldn't help his friend.

Haruyuki nodded and agreed with Taku's words. He had just won the match and it seemed that he could level up to Level 2. He didn't hesitate and decided to become Level 2.

"It seems that I can become Level 2."


Taku looked at Haruyuki and it seemed that he felt something bad was about to happen.

"Haru, stop!"

Taku hurriedly exited the game and pushed Haruyuki.


Haruyuki was confused by Taku's action then he realized that his "burst points" had decreased by 300 points.

Taku knew that he was late and sighed when it had already happened.


Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire were hunting on the "Unlimited Neutral Field".

Sometimes Fuuko also joined their hunt together.

The five of them hunted a lot of people and even disturbed the territory of the Six Kings from the Yellow King, Green King, Red King, Blue King, Purple King, and White King.

The five of them were very strong and they quickly became famous after defeating a lot of opponents in both matches. and "Unlimited Neutral Field". They also often completed a random dungeon and got a lot of things from there such as points, items, and a lot of more.

Fuuko sighed when she thought about their hunting speed which was quite outrageous and the combination of the five of them was invincible.

When one of the Six Kings came to drive them out or kill them after hunting in their territory. The five of them quickly retreated and harassed another territory.

Haru often harassed the Green King's territory since he was annoyed by him, especially when Green King had disturbed his battle with the Red King. He also knew that the Green King was the strongest among the Six Kings, but even so, he didn't fear him since he didn't think that Green King was able to defeat him nor chased him.

Their name became notorious and the Six Kings also put a bounty on them, but they didn't fear anything and kept harassing their territory which gave the Six Kings a headache.

It didn't take them a long time before all of them became Level 8 which was quite surprising.

Fuuko was Level 8 and it seemed that it was very hard to rise from Level 8 to Level 9 since she hadn't leveled up since she joined them. In truth, she had enough points to level up, but felt conflicted about whether to use her "burst points" to level up or not. She didn't discuss this matter with anyone, rather she wanted to wait for the four of them to reach Level 8. She wanted to see whether the four of them would decide to become Level 9 without hesitation or decided to stay at Level 8 after they had enough "burst points".

In their condo, everyone was staying together and resting in the living room while watching a movie. They decided to take a break for a while since they had been in very intense activity for the past few days. However, they kept glancing at the kitchen waiting for Haru's food.

"It's done."

Hearing his words, everyone was excited.

"Haru, what are you making?" Tabane was the fastest.


"Dorayaki?!" 4x


Somehow this desert was quite plain.

Haru brought the dorayaki to the living room and said, "Let's eat while talking about our next plan."

"Next plan?"

Nodding, Haru said, "Yeah, let's talk about the Imperial Palace."

Fuuko who was about to put dorayaki into her mouth suddenly was in shock and almost dropped her dorayaki. Her reaction was similar to a cat whose tail was stepped on.

"Are you serious?!"