Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1008

Volume 1 Chapter 1008 Nega Nebulus 1

Haruyuki, who had leveled himself up to Level 2 had an accident. His "burst points" were almost emptied because of his mistake to level up without knowing that it would take 300 points to level up. He sighed and the only thing which he was grateful about was that the "Pets" had never challenged him which made him relieved. If they attacked him at this moment, he was sure that he would be in despair since he might lose his memory about this game. Taku had told him to give him points by deliberately losing the match, but he rejected that proposal. He didn't want to receive a point by using that kind of method.

Both of them thought together until they found an answer and that was to ask for help from bodyguard to help him on a match.

Haruyuki agreed and made an appointment with the famous bodyguard who was known as Aqua Current. This player was so mysterious, but she was very powerful.

Taku sighed in relief, but at the same time, he couldn't erase the guilty feeling on his heart to Haruyuki. His mind had always been in a mess until Kuroyukihime told him to meet her. He didn't know what her intention was, but he agreed.

Haruyuki and Taku had their own appointments.

Haruyuki went to meet Aqua Current and Taku went to meet Kuroyukihime.

Haruyuki met with Aqua Current and by accident, he met the real person which made him sigh. Aqua Current didn't waste time and quickly went to a match together with Haruyuki which made him speechless. Both of them fought together and won the match. Then after the match, they had some conversation before Haruyuki's mind was erased by Aqua Current which made him unable to remember what was happening earlier.

Taku who went to meet Kuroyukihime suddenly got challenged by her. Both of them fought together and Taku released all the emotions within his heart. They fought fiercely, but in the end, he lost against her. He realized what he wanted to do and when he went back to his home, he made his decision.


Haruyuki and Chiyu were startled when they found out that Taku had transferred to their school, but at the same time, they felt very happy.

Taku felt refreshed and he didn't need to think about a lot of things. It felt like the weight on his body had been released and he had never felt better than now.


Then a few weeks after that accident, Kuroyukihime gathered both Taku and Haruyuki on the roof talking about something.

"Senpai, what's wrong?"

Haruyuki looked at Kuroyukihime who had been waiting for them on the rooftop of the school.

The wind flowed through her beautiful long glossy hair, Kuroyukihime looked at both Taku and Haruyuki and said, "Let's talk about Legion."


Taku had left his previous Legion, Leonids which was led by the Blue King, Blue Knight, because of that, he was being tortured by the Blue King's aides for a bit since the one who had invited him to this game was Blue King's aide. He knew that he had betrayed their expectations, but he wanted to change.

"As you might already know, my Legion is Nega Nebulus and I want the two of you to join my Legion," Kuroyukihime said.

Taku and Haruyuki agreed without hesitation. Both of them had decided to follow Kuroyukihime and that decision had never changed. Then both of them quickly joined Nega Nebulus and became its members.

Kuroyukihime sighed in relief since they accepted her invitation. She wanted to invite Fuuko, but she knew that Fuuko had joined the "Pets" which made her complicated. She looked at both of them and said, "I know that it is a bit sudden, but we might have a "Territory Battle" next Saturday."

"Territory Battle?"

Haruyuki had never heard these words and didn't know what "Territory Battle" was.

Taku kindly explained to Haruyuki what a "Territory Battle" was and why it was necessary to do it.

Haruyuki nodded and understood. "Thank you, Taku."

"No problem." Taku pushed the frame of his glasses and asked, "Which guild are we going to attack, Master?" Since he had joined Nega Nebulus then it was normal to call Kuroyukihime a master.

Kuroyukihime nodded and said, "We're going to attack, the "Pets"."

"The Pets?!" 2x

Taku and Haruyuki were startled when they heard it.

"Yes, their territory is on the Suganami. It is perfect territory for us since we're living in Suganami."

Hearing her reasoning, Taku and Haruyuki agreed.

"Even though the "Pets" are quite powerful, they have made a lot of enemies. We can use that chance to attack their territory."

In her mind, rather than fight someone famous such as the Six Kings. It was better to attack the "Pets", even though the name of the "Pets" became popular, but they were a new player. Kuroyukihime didn't think that she would lose against a new player and from the information which she had received, during the "Territory Battle", the "Pets" usually would send one member to fight which showed their confidence.

Kuroyukihime knew that there might be a change during the battle, but she was confident that she would be able to win.

"Master, do you have any information about them?" Taku asked.

Kuroyukihime nodded and said, "Yes, I'll talk about them right now and why they're dangerous so we need to be careful."

"Yes!" 2x

Then the three of them discussed the countermeasures of the "Pets".


On Saturday, there had always been a lot of Legion who tried to challenge them, especially after they had owned two areas in Suginami and one area in Nerima. They didn't own that much territory since they didn't have a lot of members and it would be pretty hard to protect their territory if they did that.

Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire usually protect their territory alone or double. The combination was usually either Tabane with Charlotte, or Sumire with Tabane, or Charlotte with Sumire. The rest of the combination usually faced the entire Legion who challenged them themselves. It might seem crazy, but they were strong enough to face a lot of players by themselves.

Fuuko also helped them, but her house was quite far. Even so, she often went to their house since she loved the food which was made by Haru. Though, it was quite rare for her to join the "Territory Battle" since she didn't really want her name to be that famous. Even though she had joined the "Pets", her activity was quite low. Beside hunting on the "Unlimited Neutral Field", she didn't join other activities and rather stayed in the living room watching a movie or watching Haru.

"So who is going to challenge us on the "Territory Battle"?" Sumire asked.

Haru looked at the name of Legion that had challenged them and felt a bit weird.

"Don't be surprised."


"It's Nega Nebulus."