Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1009

Volume 1 Chapter 1009 Nega Nebulus 2

"Nega Nebulus?"

Fuuko was surprised, but she also felt happy when she thought that Kuroyukihime had returned. She smiled and thought that it was because that girl had fallen in love which made her think that Kuroyukihime was very cute.

Looking at Fuuko's reaction, Haru could tell that she was quite interested. "Do you want to fight against them?"

"It seems to be interesting..."

Fuuko didn't really join a "Territory Battle", but somehow she wanted to fight against the Nega Nebulus. She thought for a while and said, "If I'm not wrong one of the members is a flying player too, right?" A player with flying ability was very rare. From what she knew, only Charlotte and Sumire were capable of flying.

"Yes, his name is Silver Crow," Charlotte said.

Fuuko thought for a while and nodded. "Then, I'll join this "Territory Battle". I want to fight against Nega Nebulus."

"So the problem now is who is her partner?" Sumire said, then looked at Haru.

Charlotte, Tabane, and Fuuko also glanced at Haru.


They nodded in response.

Even though Charlotte, Tabane, and Sumire were able to fight against Level 9, but they were too lazy to do it since it was very troublesome. In the past few weeks, they had also fought some of Level 9, and the result was a draw. They also often ran away since the Level 9 brought a lot of minions along with them which was very troublesome.

"Well, let's prepare."

They nodded and prepared for the "Territory Battle".


In order to set up an attack on hostile territory, the attacking side uses the Legion tab in the main menu of Brain Burst to select which members will attack what territory. These members will have to physically travel to the location, which leaves them on the Matching List, so most of the time the Burst Linker will not connect to the Global Net until they're inside the territory.

The attacking Legion can only send as many members of the defending Legion to attack a territory as the defending Legion has to defend that territory. Once the Duel button is pressed, Brain Burst will look at the number of defending members and automatically remove attackers, starting with the highest-level ones (or selected at random, if the members are at the same level). Burst Linkers can only be deployed a single time for a specific Territory Battle.

In order to defend a territory, the Legion that currently owns the territory must assign its Burst Linkers to each territory for its defense. Members that participate will be automatically hidden from the Matching List. There is no upper limit to the number of defenders that can be assigned, and the same defenders can be selected for as many battles in a row as needed.

In other words, the attacker's side need to have the same number of players from the defender's side. However, there is a minimum of three members for the attacking side, so if the defending Legion only uses one or two Burst Linkers to defend, the attacking Legion can still use three Burst Linkers to attack.

Even so, the defender's side have the upperhand to determine the number of players they are going to defend against.

Though, there was always an exception who didn't follow the rules such as the "Pets" who would defend their territory with one Burst Linker and even fought three Burst Linkers alone.

"E, excuse me..."

Kuroyukihime blushed and walked beside Haruyuki nervously. She looked at him and said, "Is it alright for me to come?"

"It's alright, my mom will come home later." Haruyuki didn't think too much when he answered this question.

"L, late...!"

Kuroyukihime blushed when she thought that she was going to spend her time at Haruyuki's home together alone.


Taku who was walking beside them pushed the frame of his glasses since he was being ignored, but he didn't do anything since he didn't really want to bother both of them. At the same time, he also felt uncomfortable since he felt that he was a third wheel. He thought for a while and said, "Master, I remember something back at home. I'll join the "Territory Battle", please don't worry." He felt that he was very smart and left them quietly.

"Wait, Taku!"

Haruyuki was startled when Taku suddenly went back. He was wondering whether something really happened. He started to get worried, but he knew that Taku was going to join the game which made him feel a bit relieved.

'Nice, Glasses!'

Kuroyukihime praised Taku's wit in her mind, but at the same time, she was quite nervous. She maintained her calm demeanor and said, "Let's go, Haruyuki-kun."

"Yes, Senpai!"

Haruyuki nodded and walked toward the lift.

Kuroyukihime also entered the lift.

Both of them stood next to each other and didn't say anything.

Haruyuki suddenly realized that it was her first time bringing a girl back to his home. Well, he might have brought Chiyu, but she was her childhood friend and Kuroyukihime was different, especially when there was no one at his home right now. He couldn't help but glance at Kuroyukihime and he just happened to see that Kuroyukihime was also glanced at him.


Both of them blushed and looked away.

'W, what is this?'

Haruyuki only realized it now, but somehow, it made him nervous when he thought that he had brought someone back. He couldn't help but cry inwardly when he thought that Taku had left him.

"L, let's go."

"Y, yes!"

The lift was opened and both of them went out together to Haruyuki's house.


"I wonder whether they're alright." Taku looked back at the condo building.

"Huh, Taku, what are you doing here?"

Taku was startled and he quickly turned. "Oh, Chiyu."

"Oh, you're alone?" Chiyu asked.

"No, I've come back with Haru and Senpai....." Taku suddenly realized his mistake.

"Senpai? Kuroyukihime-senpai?" Chiyu was startled.


Taku looked at Chiyu's expression and somehow he knew that he couldn't escape.

'I'm sorry, Haru...'


There was a meter distance between the two of them.

Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime blushed furiously along the way. Both of them walked slowly toward Haruyuki's house. They were a bit lucky that no one saw them, which made them sigh in relief that they didn't see anyone along the way.

In front of his house, Haruyuki inserted the key and opened the door.

"P, please, Senpai...."

"Y, yes..."

Kuroyukihime entered Haruyuki's house then looked around curiously.

Haruyuki sighed in relief, but when he was about to close the door suddenly he saw a hand stop the door.


Haruyuki then noticed Taku who laughed wryly then Chiyu who smiled coldly at him.


"Haru, I've heard that you're going to stay together with Senpai. It isn't healthy for a male and female to stay together. Let's play together," Chiyu said with a smile.

"Oh, Kurashima, what are you doing here?" Kuroyukihime said while folding her arms, her expression quickly became cold.

"Nothing. My house is very close," Chiyu said.

"Then why don't you go back to your house first? We'll be fine alone here."

"Oh, then leaving both of you alone? Isn't it better to play with a lot of people? I'll join Taku to play a game with both of you," Chiyu said.


Kuroyukihime and Chiyu stared at each other and there was rumbling thunder between the two of them.

Taku and Haruyuki had become bystanders and hoped that this storm would be over soon.


In the living room, Chiyu looked at Taku, Haruyuki, and Kuroyukihime. She sulked since she couldn't join them, but at the same time, she wanted to join the game since she didn't want to be left alone.