Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1011

Volume 1 Chapter 1011 Nega Nebulus 4

"Sky Raker, why are you here?"

Kuroyukihime couldn't help but ask this question to Fuuko since this girl decided to fight her in this "Territory Battle", but from Fuuko's personality, she could tell that this girl wanted to surprise her which was successful. She was really surprised that Fuuko decided to join this "Territory Battle" which made her speechless.

"I just want to surprise you," Fuuko answered truthfully since her intention was to surprise Kuroyukihime.


Kuroyukihime was speechless when she heard such an answer. She swung her bladed hands and said, "Since we're opponents then I won't give you mercy."

"You're wrong."

Shaking her head, Fuuko said, "Your opponent isn't me."


Kuroyukihime turned her attention toward Ocean Stingray who was behind Fuuko.

"It's me. I'll be your opponent."

Haru would be lying if he wasn't curious about Kuroyukihime's power and he also wanted to face her once.

Kuroyukihime looked at Haru and felt that she had seen him. 'Is he that guy?' She remembered the handsome guy who saved her in the past. She knew that guy had a good relationship with Fuuko and she had a feeling that Ocean Stingray's identity was Kasugano Haruka, but at the same time, she also felt that Kasugano Haruka might also know about her identity since she didn't disclose how close she was with Fuuko. She had a trust that Fuuko wouldn't tell Kasugano Haruka about her identity, but she also knew that Kasugano Haruka was very smart since she had heard from Fuuko that he was a university student even though he was the same age as Haruyuki.

"I'll go now," Haru said since he needed to prepare himself.

Fuuko nodded at Haru's words. "Good luck, don't die so quickly." She only knew that Haru's ability was thunder manipulation and swordsmanship, but she didn't know about his "physical permetiation" ability and it was very rare for him to use that ability. Even if he used that ability, he used it very secretly so she didn't know about that ability. She looked at Silver Crow and Cyan Pile. "While both of them are fighting, I'll face both of you."

Taku and Haruyuki who had been silent frowned when they heard Fuuko's words. It wasn't that they underestimated her, but Fuuko was sitting on the top of wheelchair. They didn't think that she was able to defeat them, especially when she couldn't even walk.

"Oi, Silver Crow, Cyan Pile, don't underestimate her. Even if she sits in a wheelchair, she is stronger than both of you."

Kuroyukihime wasn't surprised by Taku and Haruyuki's reaction since it was normal, but she knew that Fuuko loved to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger. There were a lot of players who often underestimated Fuuko, and all of them had become corpses.

Hearing Kuroyukihime's words, Haruyuki and Taku were still skeptical since their stage was in the desert. If they were on the normal street then it might be possible for Fuuko to run away or move very fast using her wheelchair, but in the desert, it was something very hard to do since the sand would make it very hard for the wheelchair to move. Unless Fuuko changed the tires of her wheelchair into off-ride tires then in this battle, Fuuko would be at a disadvantage.

Haruyuki was about to fly again since he knew that Ocean Stingray would be busy fighting against Kuroyukihime and used that chance to steal their stronghold, but...


Thunder struck down a meter away from him which made him have a cold sweat. Looking at his HP, one strike from the thunder could decrease his HP so much and he couldn't imagine being hit once again, especially when it also had a paralyzed effect which made it became even more troublesome.

"I've said before that flying is forbidden. Try to fight on the ground, alright?" Haru said.

If Fuuko told him that she would jump using her "Gale Thruster" then Haru wouldn't do anything, but he knew that this girl wanted to play with both of them first.

The Gale Thruster is an Enhanced Armament that was originally owned by Sky Raker. It is a jet pack that allows the user to have the ability to fly. This Armament is the reason that she has gotten a moniker, Ikaros.

"Thank you, Ocean Stingray."

Fuuko smiled looking at Haru then looked at both Silver Crow and Cyan Pile.

"How about we start now?"

Silver Crow and Cyan Pile looked at each other before both of them dashed toward Fuuko to end the battle as soon as possible!

Even if Silver Crow couldn't fly in the sky, he didn't think that he would lose against Sky Raker who was using a wheelchair.

Silver Crow was about to send out a punch and Cyan Pile was about to strike using his pile-bunker.

Fuuko was calm looking at both of them who came toward her.

"Now, I'll teach you why you're still young."


Haru and Kuroyukihime faced each other. There was a few meters distance between the two of them, but with their speed, they could close their distance in an instant.

"It seems that she is very close to you."

Kuroyukihime knew that Fuuko had a restraint to fight on the "brain burst" again, but this boy had helped Fuuko to conquer that restraint and let her fight freely on the "brain burst". She felt a bit jealous of him, but at the same time, she was also thankful of him since her friend could play this game again.

"I'm sorry for stealing her from you."

Haru was sure that Kuroyukihime had invited Fuuko back to Nega Nebulus, but because Fuuko had joined his Legion, Fuuko had decided to reject Kuroyukihime's invitation. At the same time, even though the relationship between Kuroyukihime and Fuuko had returned, there were still some restraints between both of them.

"But I won't give her to you."


Hearing Haru's words, Kuroyukihime couldn't help but blush thinking that this guy really loved Fuuko. Of course, she was happy that her friend had gotten a boy who could accept her the way she was, especially when Fuuko missed one of her legs. She knew that Fuuko had that complex, but from their relationship before, she could tell that Fuuko really trusted him and loved him.

"No, I'll take her from you!"

Of course, Kuroyukihime couldn't accept such a fact easily. She needed to see whether this boy was worthy of her best friend. Her best friend was a great beauty and her b.r.e.a.s.ts were very large (she was jealous of it). She also wondered what the relationship of this boy was with three girls beside him since she had seen that he was surrounded by three beautiful girls beside Fuuko. If this guy was playing with her best friend then she wouldn't give him mercy.

Haru didn't know what Kuroyukihime was thinking, but he thought that the friendship between Fuuko and Kuroyukihime was very deep since sometimes he thought that Kuroyukihime might have a feeling towards Fuuko.

Kuroyukihime raised her bladed arm then pointed it at Haru.

"Let's see whether you have the ability to protect her. Let us start the battle!"

"Good, I want to see your power too. Let's see whether you have the ability to take this territory from me!"

Haru held his sword and he was on his stance ready for the clash.


Neither of them moved, but suddenly they dashed very quickly and clashed their swords.