Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1012

Volume 1 Chapter 1012 Nega Nebulus 5

Taku slammed his pile-bunker into Fuuko, but she quickly moved back and dodged that attack.

Silver Crow, who couldn't use his flight ability also sent out a punch to Fuuko, but when he couldn't use his flight ability, his power wasn't that powerful. Though, his speed was quite fast compared to a normal player.

However, even Silver Crow's speed was fast, it couldn't be compared to Fuuko's speed in her wheelchair.

Taku and Silver Crow kept attacking her, but this girl kept evading them and even teased them which made them quite uncomfortable. They were running with their legs, but this girl used a wheelchair and even teased them during the fight.

In this desert, Fuuko didn't lose her mobility and the sand didn't even bother her that much. She looked at the two of them and nodded secretly thinking that Kuroyukihime was very good at finding people since she could tell that both of them could become stronger. Her intention to join this "Territory Battle" was of course, to tease Kuroyukihime , and lastly, she also wanted to see Kuroyukihime's new subordinates. She wanted to see whether Kuroyukihime's new subordinates had the power to help Kuroyukihime to achieve her ambition.

Fuuko knew that Kuroyukihime wanted to become Level 10 and because of that Kuroyukihime had become the traitor among the Kings on the "brain burst". Even so, Kuroyukihime didn't want to stop and kept fighting. She knew that it would be hard to stand by Kuroyukihime's side and she wanted to see whether Taku and Haruyuki had the will to accompany Kuroyukihime.

"If only I could fly!"

Haruyuki was annoyed since the sky was covered in black clouds. Once he tried to fly, he would be struck down by thunder which annoyed him. He was a metal color and his weakness was thunder or electricity which made him helpless in this situation.

"Cyan Spike!"

Taku fired off the spike on his right arm toward Fuuko. The advantage of this ability was its accuracy and it didn't consume his Special Gauge, but that attack was easily dodged by Fuuko.


Taku was dumbfounded when Fuuko could easily dodged his attack.

"Fufufu, you're too impatient."

Fuuko moved her wheelchair forward and struck Taku down with her wheelchair.


Taku was startled since his spike needed a time lag to return, but suddenly he was attacked in a very short time which made him unable to react to this attack. His HP was depleted and he was blown away.

Haruyuki didn't waste his chance and sent out a blow at Fuuko's back, but Fuuko's reaction made him dumbfounded!

Fuuko made the wheel on her wheelchair move faster and threw the sand right into Haruyuki which blinded him for a moment.


Haruyuki was startled and tried to clean his face, but every moment, he was hit by Fuuko's wheelchair.


The same fate as Taku, Haruyuki was also blown away by Fuuko.

For a moment, Taku and Haruyuki couldn't believe that this player who was sitting in a wheelchair was able to do such a thing. When both of them were looking at Fuuko in awe suddenly they heard a loud noise and shockwave coming from behind. They turned their heads and saw a fierce confrontation between Haru and Kuroyuhime. There were a lot of holes which were made after each of their clashes. The shockwave threw off a lot of sand in the surrounding areas and even from their spot, Haruyuki and Taku could feel it which made them awe once again since it was their first time to see a confrontation between strong players. However, in that moment, they were being hit again.

"Uwaaa!!" 2x

Haruyuki and Taku were blown away and their HP was depleted.

"What are you doing?!" Haruyuki couldn't help but feel annoyed.

Taku was the same since he didn't expect to be attacked when he was watching the fight between Haru and Kuroyukihime.

"Don't forget about our fight. If it is someone else then you've already died."


Hearing Fuuko's words, both of them couldn't help but become silent.

"I haven't been serious all this time." Fuuko sighed and gave them an ultimatum. "I'll give you five minutes. If you can force me down from this wheelchair then I'll admit that I have lost against both of you." In that very moment, she released her momentum which made both Taku and Haruyuki. She knew that both of them were newbies and thought that it was a good time to give them some spare training.


Being oppressed by this momentum, Taku and Haruyuki became serious and they knew very well that this Fuuko didn't tell them a joke, but that at the same time, their pride also felt a bit damaged since they were being underestimated by her.

'Five minutes?'

Taku and Haruyuki looked at each other and nodded. They didn't want to force Fuuko down from her wheelchair during those five minutes, but they wanted to defeat her!


Kuroyukihime raised both of her bladed arms and blocked Haru's sword. She could tell that Haru's sword was an "enhanced armament" and it was a very strong one. She didn't know where this guy had gotten this armament, but she had to admit his luck was very good. At the same time, she also realized that he had become Level 8 which made her quite startled. She knew that it hadn't been that long for him to play this game, but he had become Level 8 very quickly which meant that his leveling speed was very crazy.

Kuroyukihime realized that this guy might be a genius at fighting games and even more than Haruyuki. She also knew that this guy hadn't gotten serious which made her want even more to know how strong this guy could be.

Kuroyukihime used one of her bladed arms to block Haru's sword then used her other bladed arm to slash him down, but Haru's reaction was very fast and he slashed down her bladed arm.

*Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!*

Haru faced Kuroyukihime's attack calmly. In his mind, her style was similar to that of a dual blade user. Her movement was very agile and her adaptability was very strong. He knew that once he was slashed then his HP would be depleted quickly.

Kuroyukihime was also observing Haru, and at the same time, she realized that he was a very strong swordsman who didn't even lose to her subordinate in that past. She took a deep breath and moved back.

"I have to admit that you're very strong."

"I'm happy that I can receive your praise," Haru said calmly.


Kuroyukihime prepared her stance by raising one of her legs. "But it is time to end this battle." The blade on her leg extended and it released a purple glow.

"Death By Barraging!"

Kuroyukihime launched a barrage of 100 kicks per second for 3 seconds that trapped her opponent in a infinite body of dense swords, using her right leg's blade.

However Haru didn't panic and he didn't use his "physical permeation" to escape from Kuroyukihime's attack.

"Water Breathing Eleventh Form...."

Haru stood still on his spot then water was released from his body creating a wave of water which enveloped his surroundings before it turned into a quiet lake.

Kuroyukihime wasn't sure whether this water was an illusion or real, but she could see that this lake was very quiet and no movement was even seen on the surface even if she stepped into it, but it didn't mean that she was going to stop her attack.

When Kuroyukihime's attack was about to reach him, Haru uttered: