Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1013

Volume 1 Chapter 1013 Nega Nebulus 6

After Haru had leveled up, he had learned a lot of interesting abilities and one of them was water generation. His name was Ocean Stingray, and it would be weird for him to not have a water related ability. Using that ability, he created a new ability which he combined with his swordmanship.


Kuroyukihime didn't stop her attack and had an intention to end this battle quickly, but when she saw him using his ability, she felt weird since it felt strangely calm. However, with her ability, no one was able to escape and once he was attacked by it, he would be defeated.

There was no hesitation and Kuroyukihime launched a kick using her bladed leg, but Haru's response surprised her. When she saw him cease any movement, he started to move quickly, deflecting and blocking any incoming attacks with imperceptible speed!

100 attack in 3 seconds was blocked by Haru's swordmanship!


Kuroyukihime couldn't maintain her calm since this ability was quite ridiculous, but at the same time, she was readied with her defense since he was about to send his counterattack.

"Water Breathing Eleventh Form....."

Vapor or steam was released from his mouth, holding his sword tight, Haru released his ability.

"Flowing Dance!"

Haru swung his sword at Kuroyukihime in a way that mimics the movement of waves on the surface of water.

This ability was very fast and it was very smooth. Kuroyukihime saw that he was right in front of her and was about to slash her. Raising both of her bladed arms, she tried to block this attack, but Haru's reaction was very fast and precise that he slashed her left arm right on her joint part where there wasn't any blade in that part.

This action happened in a single moment, if it was someone else then they might die, but Kuroyukihime was different. She quickly changed her position and ignored the arm which was cut by him, blocking another slash from Haru using her bladed right arm.


The shockwave was so powerful that it blew away everything in their surroundings.

Kuroyukihime was known as one of the previous Seven Kings and there was no way that she was weak, but Haru's power exceeded her expectation. She couldn't believe that she had been cornered and her left arm was cut down, however, there was no way that she would be defeated this easily.

Moving forward, she used her ability at him.

"Death By Embracing!"

When her hand was cut, her Special Gauge became full. This was an ability that could end the life of the previous Red King in one move and it was her one-hit-kill ability. She moved her hand on Haru's neck as if she wanted to hug him. Some people might be happy by this huge, however, in that very moment, she beheaded down his head.

"What...?!" Kuroyukihime was in shock when she saw what had happened in front of her.

If it was being changed by someone else, then that player would have the same reaction as Kuroyukihime. When she thought that she had him and was about to win, she saw her bladed arm pass through his neck which made her miss her attack. In the past, she had speculated about his ability, but when it happened right in front of her, she couldn't hide her surprise. She could imagine that his expression was grinning at this moment. Then it was at this moment that she knew that her life was in his hands and she needed to use all of her power to block this attack!

"Mist Breathing Fifth Form....."

Haru, who was right in front of Kuroyukihime, unleashed a flurry of slashes.

Kuroyukihime tried to block this attack, but the mist which was produced by this ability disturbed her vision.

"Sea of Clouds and Haze!"



On other hand, the fight between Haruyuki, Taku, and Fuuko began a while ago.

Taku and Haruyuki worked together to push Fuuko down from her wheelchair.

Taku attacked from the front and slammed his pile driver-like weapon and Haruyuki tried to attack from Fuuko's blind side, but Fuuko's ability to dodge was more ridiculous than they had thought. It was as if Fuuko had an eye behind her head which made them very troubled. They had been trying to attack her, but she could dodge all of their attacks which made them depressed. They could also see that her HP hadn't been decreased for a while.

Haruyuki didn't think to fly, but at the same time, he had thought if he was able to fly then their fight wouldn't be this difficult. He glanced at Taku and Taku gave him a nod. He knew that they only had one chance and he couldn't waste it.

Fuuko moved back while looking at Taku.

Taku looked at Fuuko then turned his pile driver-like weapon to his back and this action caused Fuuko to be confused, but his next action caused her to feel surprised.


Taku launched his metallic stake to leap right in front of Fuuko!


Fuuko was surprised, but she knew that Taku didn't have the means to attack her. However, she had to praise Taku's wit to use his pile driver-like weapon as a pole to leap himself and shorten the distance between the two of them.

When Taku saw that Fuuko seemed to lax her defense, he launched his Special Move.

"Splash Stinger!"

Taku's chest opened and fired multiple spike-like projectiles at Fuuko.


Fuuko was surprised, but she twisted her wheelchair to move to the side to dodge this ability, but she forgot that Taku wasn't her only opponent.


Haruyuki sent out a flying kick toward Fuuko right when she dodged Taku's attack.


Haruyuki's attack was impossible to dodge and he could feel the resistance of his feet. He knew that his attack was successful.

The sand was scattered and everything was covered in sand dust which made it hard to see what was happening after that attack.

Taku, who was outside of the sand dust waiting for the result anxiously.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

"Congratulations, you've broken my wheelchair, but five minutes time is over."

The sound of clapping hands could be heard by both Taku and Haruyuki. However, their expression turned serious when they saw Fuuko standing with two of her legs and her HP didn't decrease because of their attack.


Their expression turned gloomy since Fuuko was so powerful in her wheelchair, then they suddenly knew that she could walk with her legs. Their feeling was as if when they played a game and they thought that they had defeated the last boss, but suddenly another boss which was more powerful came out which made them feel complicated. They just used everything, but it was just a warm up for their opponent.


They were thinking how to defeat Fuuko, but suddenly a powerful shockwave almost blew them away. They hurriedly turned their heads and saw the battle between Haru and Kuroyukihime.



Haruyuki and Taku were startled when they saw the result of the battle between Haru and Kuroyukihime.


The legendary Black Lotus lost against Ocean Stingray!

Haruyuki and Taku's hearts were filled with shock and they couldn't believe what had happened in front of them.

"Do you have time to be a spectator?"


Their hearts tightened and they were about to defend, but it was too late. They were being stamped by Fuuko and before long their HP was emptied. They were filled with shock after Kuroyukihime was defeated and it lowered their morals so it was very easy for Fuuko to finish them.

[Ding! The winner is "Pets"!]

The system announced the result to everyone which gave another blow to the members of the Nega Nebulus.