Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1014

Volume 1 Chapter 1014 Identity

Looking at Haru, Fuuko couldn't hide her surprise. She was very good at maintaining her calm, and that was why she ended the battle quickly, but when it was done, she couldn't maintain her composure and jumped at Haru directly!

"How did you defeat her?!"

Fuuko couldn't help but jump into him while asking this question. She was bewildered since she knew very well how strong Kuroyukihime was. Fortunately, it was a "Territory Battle" and Haru was neither Level 9 nor fought in "Unlimited Neutral Field" or had a normal match since if one of those conditions were applied on the battle between two of them, then Kuroyukihime would lose her "brain burst".

Staring at her eyes, Haru could tell that this girl looked at him with very big eyes and felt very curious about his battle. He patted her shoulder and smiled. "Let's return first, we can watch the fight on the video which I've recorded."


Fuuko agreed without hesitation since she hadn't seen his battle before since she was focussed on her battle with Taku and Haruyuki.

"How are the two of them?"

Haru was a bit curious about the strength of the main character.

"It's okay. They have a lot of potential, but they need experience to grow up."

It was her honest opinion, Fuuko could tell that Haruyuki and Taku could become even stronger, especially Haruyuki since she knew that Haruyuki had an ability to fly. If Haruyuki hadn't met Haru, then Haruyuki would have been able to show his full power, but there was no "if" in the battlefield.

Recalling Fuuko in reality, Haru could tell that this girl was sadist since he had seen some of her fights with Haruyuki and Taku. He also knew that she loved to tease someone which made him a bit speechless. He thought for a while and felt that he wanted to cheer the members of the Nega Nebulus.

"Say, why don't you cook something to cheer them up?"

"They might not be at home."

"If they're not at home, then I'll eat their food!"

Fuuko patted her chest trying to reassure him.


"You'll get fat," Haru said.

Fuuko was annoyed and hammered his chest.

"How can you call me fat!"

Fuuko couldn't admit that her weight had increased and the reason definitely was that she ate too much food, but at the same time, she felt worried since she knew that it wouldn't be good if she became fat. It wasn't that she didn't want to work out, but with her leg it was quite difficult for her to do a work out.

"Relax, you're not fat."

"R, really?"

Fuuko seemed to regain her hope.


Haru was wondering whether he should tell her that the reason why her weight increased was because her chest had became bigger once again.


"You've finally come back!"

Chiyu couldn't help but show her annoyance to the three of them since they had left her, but at the same time, she realized that there was something wrong with the three of them.

"What's wrong?"

Taku and Haruyuki didn't answer Chiyu's question, but glanced at Kuroyukihime who was silent at that moment. They were wondering whether that loss would affect her, and they were worried about it. At the same time, they also felt frustrated at how weak they had been since they had been defeated by Sky Raker.

"So you have lost?"

As Chiyu's words fell to their ears, Taku and Haruyuki felt a jab in their hearts and couldn't help but become depressed.

"Really? Lost?"

Chiyu's voice became louder which made both guys become even more depressed.


Chiyu couldn't help but laugh at their reaction, but suddenly, she saw Kuroyukihime who had been silent and started to laugh.




Haruyuki and Taku felt worried when they saw Kuroyukihime started to laugh since they thought that she had finally lost it.

"Hahaha, sorry, sorry, it has been a while since I've lost and it is a very interesting feeling somehow..."

Kuroyukihime looked at them with a bright smile and thought how she had lost. She had to admit that Haru's strength was very powerful. The combination of ability, swordmanship, and reflex made him into a very powerful player who was even able to defeat her, who was known as the Black King. She realized that she couldn't stop playing "brain burst" and thought that this game would become even more interesting in the future.

She looked at Haruyuki and Taku. "I know that we've lost this "Territory Battle", but don't get down! Remember this feeling very well, so we won't lose next time! And, we can become stronger!"

"Yes, Senpai (Master)!" 2x

Haruyuki and Taku became spirited hearing Kuroyukihime's words and thought that it was the right decision to follow her.


Chiyu who was by their side became gloomy since she couldn't join their conversation and she also couldn't understand everything which they had talked about for a while.

"I also want to play!"

Chiyu hated this feeling and also wanted to play with them!


"This..." 2x

Haruyuki and Taku weren't sure what to say for a moment since Chiyu's request was so sudden. Unconsciously, they glanced at Kuroyukihime to seek an answer, however, Kuroyukihime's answer was unexpected since there was no resistance nor whatever considering the relationship between them.


Kuroyukihime looked at Taku since she didn't feel uncomfortable letting Haruyuki become Chiyu's parent.

"Mayuzumi-kun, can you help her?"

"Yes, Master!"

Taku agreed without hesitation since Chiyu was his girlfriend and since he had known her since his childhood time. He knew very well that it was impossible to stop her when she had made her decision.

Chiyu nodded and seemed to be satisfied when she could join them.

Haruyuki was a bit surprised when Chiyu also wanted to become "Burst Linker", but at the same time, he was also happy since his childhood friend would also play this game together.


Suddenly Haruyuki felt a vibration in his pants' pocket and quickly realized that it was his smartphone. He saw the one who had called him and he felt surprised. He opened it right away and wondered why he had called him.

"Kasugano-kun, what's wrong?"


"Eh? Really?"


"Ok! Ok! Thank you very much!"

Taku, Kuroyukihime, and Chiku looked curiously at Haruyuki since they could see his happy expression.

"What's wrong?"

Haruyuki hung up the call and smiled brightly at everyone. "Let's have dinner together!"



Without any problem, Haruyuki, Taku, Chiyu, and Kuroyukihime went to Haru's condo to eat dinner together.

It was Chiyu and Taku's first time meeting Haru and both of them had to admit that this guy was very handsome, but their minds were more cornered about the food which was cooked by him since it smelled so good and it tasted so delicious!

Haruyuki, Chiyu, and Taku ate without hesitation since they had to admit the hot pot which was prepared by Haru was something which they had never tasted in this world!

Sumire, Tabane, and Charlotte also didn't lose to everyone and ate very quickly!

Haru ate calmly while drinking his cola before glancing at Fuuko and Kuroyukihime. Even though they talked in a low voice, he could hear their conversation, but he didn't think too much about their conversation.

Kuroyukihime had to admit that Haru's food tasted very good and at the same time, she had confirmed her doubt about Haru's identity, especially when she saw Fuuko was together with him. Even if Fuuko didn't tell her, she knew very well that Haru was....

'Ocean Stingray, huh?'