Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1015

Volume 1 Chapter 1015 Level Up 1

It had been two weeks after that "Territory Battle", Nega Nebulus didn't attack the territory of the "Pets" rather they went to get territory from the Great Wall.

The Great Wall is a Legion also known as the Green Legion. It is led by the Green King, Green Grandee. They control the largest area among the other legions. Their territory extends from Shibuya to Ota.

Nega Nebulus had successfully gotten one of the areas on the Shibuya area which made them own a territory.

With the appearance of the Nega Nebulus and the Pets, the "brain burst" became even more lively. There were a lot of people who thought that the calm had gone and that winter had arrived!.

Because of the Six Kings of Pure Color, the "brain burst" had been calm and no one dared to cause a big conflict. Even if there was some conflict, it wasn't that big of a conflict which made the "brain burst" feel a bit lukewarm. But it was normal since the balance of the "brain burst" was being protected by the Six Kings of the Pure Color, but the appearance of the Nega Nebulus and the Pets, that balance was destroyed!

Nega Nebulus, which was being led by Black Lotus, was of course very famous since she was the famous betrayer and she was also one of the Level 9 in the "brain burst" which made the strength of this Legion very strong. She also chose an elite as her guild member, and she also owned a healer which was a big surprise.

Chiyu, who was the childhood friend of both Taku and Haruyuki, had successfully installed a "brain burst" on her Neuro Linker, but what was more surprising was the ability of her avatar was capable of healing her allies which made her became a great support for everyone.

Lime Bell. That was the name of Chiyu's avatar which was a rare support player.

Nega Nebulus became stronger once again and their influence became bigger.

Haruyuki and Taku kept playing together, increased their level and became stronger once again. They knew that they didn't have enough power to to challenge Sky Raker so they decided to be low-key for a while before challenging her again in the future.

Lastly, Kuroyukihime, she didn't shy away and directly told Haru that she was a Black Lotus. She also told him that he knew that he was Ocean Stingray. He only chuckled which made her confused since she thought that he would try to hide his identity or berrate her, but it seemed that wasn't the case. She could tell that he didn't think too much when his identity was being known by her, but he hoped that she wouldn't blabber it to everyone since he could also blabber her identity if she really did that.

Of course, Kuroyukihime wouldn't do something stupid like that, and rather she wanted to learn Haru's swordmanship since his swordmanship was very intriguing. The only thing which made him sigh in relief was the relationship between Haru and Fuuko were very close to each other which made it easier for her to talk to him. She taught him an ability and he also taught her an ability. Both of them exchanged techniques with each other.

After she lost to Haru, she realized that she needed to become stronger once again. She wanted to become Level 10 and when she lost to him, she knew that her power wasn't enough.

She taught Haru her ability which was being taught by her subordinates in the past which was known as Graphite Edge. She didn't know where he was right now, but she would also teach him the technique which she learned from Haru if she could find him since she had Haru's permission. She taught Haru all of the three abilities she learned from Graphite Edge from Vorpal Strike, Starburst Stream, and The Eclipse.

Those three abilities usually needed to use two swords, but Haru was capable of doing those abilities with one sword. Rather, he arranged it again to suit his taste which made her sigh at his talent.

But she felt that all of those three techniques weren't enough or quite weak when she compared it to the ability which she learned from him.

Mother's Rosario.

It was the ability which she learned from Haru, and she had to admit the strength of this ability was very strong. She didn't know why he named this ability that way, but she had to admit that she loved this ability. Even though the combo of this technique wasn't much compared to the "Eclipse" and "Death by Barrage", compared to two of them this technique was several times stronger, but more than that, the name of this ability was very kind and when she used this ability.... she couldn't explain it very well, but she felt warm for some reason. She felt that it was a technique which was used to protect rather than for an attack which was why she loved it.

She also wanted to learn a "Breathing Technique" type of ability which was being made by Haru, but she became dizzy when she learned it since there were a lot of types of "Breathing Type" from water, thunder, fire, wind, insect, etc.

Anyway, the state of Nega Nebulus and Pets were on honeymoon and they knew each other quite well in the game since the only one who knew the real identity of the Pets was Kuroyukihime.

If Nega Nebulus became famous, of course, the name of the Pets was louder since everyone on the "brain burst" knew that the five members of the Pets were Level 8 which made everyone on the game shocked.

It hadn't been a while since the Pets were founded, but it had a very strong Legion that didn't lose to the Legion which was founded by Six Kings of the Pure Color. There were some players who wanted to join their Legion, but it didn't accept anyone.

The territory of the Pets was on Suginami, and they had conquered two from three territories of Suginami. The last one was being given to Nega Nebulus since they were allies.

If Nega Nebulus attacked the Great Wall, then Pets attacked Prominence. Both the Green King and Red King had become their opponents, but they didn't fear that rather their days were filled with excitement since this was the thrill which they seek in the game.

Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire had become Level 8 and they had been going to the "Unlimited Neutral Field" to hunt player, Enemy, and some dungeon to raise their level quickly. They hadn't touched the Imperial Palace, and would try to challenge it when one of them had reached Level 9.

Fuuko was quite busy with her exam, which made her unable to join them for a while, but she was waiting for Haru, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane to become Level 9.

Haru would become Level 9 soon and if there wasn't any trouble then he would be the number nine of players who had become Level 9. The number of Level 9 on the "brain burst" would increase and that meant the Six Kings of Pure Color might invite them to join the peace pact or deal with them depending on their action after they had become Level 9.

It was the same day as usual, he hunted on the "Unlimited Neutral Field" quite peacefully and he smiled looking at these points which kept increasing.

"Vorpal Strike!"

But suddenly there stream of energy which was moving toward his direction with an intent to attack him.

Haru frowned then used his ability to pass through and escape this attack.


The attack caused the building behind him to be destroyed and crumbled. Haru didn't care about the building nor the result of that attack, rather he focussed his attention on the player in front of him who had sent out that attack so suddenly.

"Let's have a fight, Fish!"