Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1016

Volume 1 Chapter 1016 Level Up 2

Looking at the player in front of him, Haru somehow had an idea who this player was. It might be a coincidence since he had been roaming on the "Unlimited Neutral Field" for a long time yet he had only seen this player just now.

"Oh, what's your name, Metal Head? I might create a tomb for you after this."

Haru held his sword and he was ready for the battle.

"Graphite Edge. Please remember that name since it is the name of the man who is going to defeat you!"

Graphite Edge held his two swords and faced Haru with a serious expression. He had heard Ocean Stingray's deeds, even though Ocean Stingray wasn't part of the original player, but the talent of this guy was so powerful that Ocean Stingray had become Level 8 very quickly. Ocean Stingray was also famous for his swordmanship ability which made him very interested in him. As a swordsman, it was normal to want to test Ocean Stingray's ability to see whether his ability was as big as the story on the outside told.

'Dual sword style, huh?'

This style of fighting was very similar to Black Lotus, Haru remembered that this guy had taught a lot of abilities to Kuroyukihime, and of course, he had learned it from her. Though, he wouldn't use that ability in this battle since in his mind, Graphite Edge's ability wasn't as powerful as it seemed.

Holding his two swords, Graphite Edge observed his opponent. From the information which he had gotten from the Green Grandee, he knew that Ocean Stingray's ability related to both water and thunder which was quite troublesome opponent. He knew that he needed to end the battle quickly or else he would lose in the battle of attrition.


Graphite Edge suddenly closed the distance between the two of them and swung his two swords at Haru.


That attack caused the earth to tremble and the ground was destroyed.

Graphite Edge frowned since he didn't feel any resistance from his attack, but then...

"Thunder Breath First Form...."

Graphite Edge felt his goosebumbs rise in that moment and quickly raised his sword!

"Thunderclap and Flash!"

Something was moving very fast and it could barely be seen with his eyes since it was both blinding and so sudden.


"Cross Guard!"

Graphite Edge raised his swords in front of him with X-shape to protect himself.


The moment the three swords met each other, Graphite Edge was about to counter Haru's attack, but his counter was too slow to hit him. Turning his body, he quickly had another confrontation with Haru since if he didn't do that he was sure that he would be killed.

Some players who were lucky enough were surprised when they saw the confrontation between Graphite Edge and Ocean Stingray. But even if they were able to see it, it was hard to describe their feelings at that moment since the movement of both of them wasn't something which humans could do in reality.

Graphite Edge's dual blades style was very fierce and fast. He had a lot of combos in his attack and his attack was also unpredictable since he could attack using his two swords. Up, down, left, right, vertical, horizontal, if it was someone else then they would be killed by his two swords right away.

"Hahaha, you're very fun!"

Unlike, the Blue King whose swordmanship was very rigid and powerful nor Black King whose swordmanship was unexpected since her entire body was full of blades. In Graphite Edge's mind, Ocean Stingray's swordmanship was very smooth and precise. It felt as if he was fighting against the water torrent which kept coming toward him. If he wasn't careful then he would be drowned by him.

"Well, your swordmanship is very interesting."

Haru told Graphite Edge the truth since he felt his fighting style was similar to Kirito on the Sword Art Online. He had written a Sword Art Online in his original world, and of course, he understood Kirito's style. Though, in his mind, the dual blades style was quite frivolous. Becoming strong with it was possible, but it was impossible to become strongest with it. It wasn't that he denied that style, but having two swords on both hands was very troublesome.

The same action can be found on when we're driving a car, we only use one foot to control the gas and breaker on our feet, and have never used two foot at the same time since an accident might happen in process.

The incident happened on Graphite Edge in the middle of the clash.


Graphite Edge's waist was slashed, but his response was quick enough to move back. His face became serious and his HP depleted quickly. Even though he was known for his attacking power, his defense was also famous for being fragile. He knew that he needed to end this battle quickly or else....

"The Eclipse!"

Graphite Edge's body was glowing in blue light before he became the light itself appeared right in front of Haru. His intention was clear and he wanted to end this battle by sent out 27 hit combo attack done in 2 seconds.

Unfortunately, Haru had learned about this ability and he had prepared himself, especially after he had heard Graphite Edge shout out the name of his ability. He knew that it was necessary to shout out the name of ability since it would make it easier for the player to imagine the image of their ability, but at the same time, it also gave a chance for their opponent to be readied to block or dodge their attack.

"Mist Breathing Seventh Form....."

Suddenly mist was released from his body and it covered the entire area.

"Obscuring Clouds!"

Graphite Edge's blades were about to slash Haru, but suddenly Haru's movement became weird. The mist might have obscured his vision, but it didn't mean that he couldn't attack Haru. However, Haru's sudden change in tempo made it very hard to connect his 27 combos. It was as if Haru had become the mist itself, he couldn't touch it and only could see his hazy figure blended into the mist which made him unable to comprehend what was happening.


It was as if Graphite Edge saw the combination of both Yellow Radio and Black Lotus. Yellow Radio was very proficient in illusion and Black Lotus was in an attack when both of them were combined then it would result in horrible existence.

"Water Breathing First Form...."


Graphite Edge felt a danger and knew he needed to dodge or run or else he would die, but he couldn't help but be attracted to the beauty of this technique. It was so simple yet it was so powerful.

"Water Surface Slash."

Haru beheaded Graphite Edge's head with a powerful single concentrated slash.


It was as if he saw a replay of his life, Graphite Edge's head was moving in the air and seemed to not realize what was happening. But one thing was for sure, he knew that he had died.

"Well done...."

Graphite Edge's dropped to the ground and his body lifelessly fell. The famous swordmanship in the "brain burst" had been lost against Ocean Stingray!

Haru looked at the pillar of light in front of him and he needed 60 minutes to face him again, but he didn't really want to do it since he had enough points to level himself up.

[Ding! Do you want to raise your level to Level 9? "OK"]

Without hesitation, Haru pressed the "OK" button and he had become one of the Level 9 in the "Brain Burst". His body was glowing in blinding light and his "burst points" were almost depleted.

"Now, it is time to gather more points..."


The players who had been watching the match between Ocean Stingray and Graphite Edge were surprised since it was very amazing. They were sure that they were going to remember this match for their entire life. Then they saw Graphite Edge lost being beheaded by Ocean Stingray which sucked deep breath.

"A - Amazing...."

It was the only word which came out from their mouths. Then suddenly they saw Ocean Stingray being covered in a unique light which confused some of them, but there was someone who realized what was happening.

"L, Level 9! He has become Level 9!!!"


Everyone was in shock when they heard it, but at the same time, there were some players who realized what was happening. Those players knew that Ocean Stingray had used his "burst points" to level up and that meant that it was a chance for them to kill him. Their eyes were blinded in greed, but suddenly it was poured by cold water, especially when they saw him glance at them.


No one knew when it started, but someone started to scream.


Everyone tried to run since Ocean Stingray was about to hunt them next!