Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1017

Volume 1 Chapter 1017 Meeting Of The Six Kings Of The Pure Color

Ocean Stingray has become Level 9!

When this news was being known to everyone on the "brain burst", it caused a lot of surprise and shock to everyone since it was very rare for someone to be able to reach Level 9. In the history of the "brain burst", there were only eight players who had reached Level 9, but now, there are nine players!

Everyone was very excited since they thought that the game would become even more interesting. With the Six Kings of the Pure Color, the "brain burst" had reached stability, but now that stability was being broken by the new Level 9!

Ocean Stingray!

His goal had always been clear, and that was to reach Level 10 and that meant clearing the game!


In the past, the Six Kings of Pure Color had gathered together to create a peace treaty, but that meeting was destroyed by Black Lotus. It was also the reason why it was very hard to create a meeting once again since no one wanted to have the same fate as the previous Red King. They didn't want to die and lost their "brain burst" since if they lost then they would lose everything. But the Six Kings of Pure Color knew Ocean Stingray wouldn't follow their treaty which meant that Ocean Stingray would come to hunt them down to level up to Level 10.

It was impossible to gather together in a meeting, and that was why they used a video call feature inside the game talking about the countermeasures of Ocean Stingray. The power of Level 9 couldn't be underestimated, especially for someone who had leveled up to Level 9 in very short time.

Most of the Kings in the "brain burst" needed a long time to become Level 9 from two years, three years, and more. But Ocean Stingray used a very short time to become Level 9 and some of the Kings knew that the power of Ocean Stingray was very powerful. Besides Ocean Stingray, there were also three strong players beside him from Maroon Owl, Sunset Lop, and Lilac Deer. The three of them were Level 8, but it wouldn't be surprising if they became Level 9 in the future.

But that didn't matter and the problem was how to manage the peace treaty which was signed by the Six Kings of Pure Color. With the appearance of four strong players from the "Pets" and Black Lotus, the "brain burst" was in chaos. The game could soon turn into an all-out battle and it would be dangerous if they didn't do anything.

"Hmph! If they dare to come to me then I'll kill them. It's just as easy as that." Purple King disdained the "Pets" and Black Lotus since she didn't think that they were able to give her a threat.

"Well, this game will become even more interesting. If we're able to kill the four players from "Pets" and Black Lotus then one of us can become Level 10!" The Yellow King tried to tempt everyone. He would be lying if he didn't want to become Level 10, especially when there were five perfect targets for that. To become Level 10, he needed to defeat five Level 10 players, but he knew that it was impossible for him to do it alone. He wanted to bring everyone and stole the chance to become the winner at the last moment.

"No, we can't do that. We need to maintain the peace in the "brain burts". It is our duty as the Six Kings of Pure Color to protect everyone in this game. It is also the reason why we have created the peace treaty, right? I'm sure that the "Pets" also want to have a peaceful life in this game, so isn't it better for us to invite them to our community?" Unlike Yellow King, Blue King felt that it was better to invite and talk with the four members of the "Pets" since he wanted everyone to live peacefully. It was good that someone had become Level 9 and rather than fighting each other, it was better to maintain the peace.

"Don't be stupid, Blue! Do you think that they want to join us? If you invite them to your Legion territory then I'm sure that they'll massacre everyone in your Legion. If you want to let them join us then it is the same as letting a wolf eat all of us here!" Red King felt that Blue King was too naive since she knew very well about the personality of the "Pets". All of them were very lawless, and their intentions were clear since they wanted to become Level 10. She had to admit that she had to praise their bravery, but she couldn't hide the anger in her heart since she couldn't have a chance to have revenge on them, especially when Ocean Stingray had become Level 9. She had faced him when he was at Level 4, and this time, his level was the same as hers. She knew that he would become a troublesome opponent, but it wasn't only him who had become stronger!

'Next time, I'll blow a hole in your head!'

"Isn't it because you feel bitter that you've lost to the "Pets"?" The Yellow King poked the wound on the Red King.

"What did you say, bastard?!" The Red King slammed her hand loudly on the table during the meeting.

"Wasn't that right? If you weren't saved by the Green King, then you would be dead!" The Yellow King snorted and didn't think that the Red King was fit to join them. Even though there were six of them on the Six Kings of Pure Color, the Red King wasn't the original Red King since the previous Red King was being killed by Black Lotus. So the Red King was a new member and even thought she had joined them, even though the five of them didn't say anything in front. However, they were looking down on her, but this time the Yellow King directly disdained her.

"I didn't lose! I can blast him away with a lot of holes!" The Red King clenched her hand tightly and stared angrily at the Yellow King.

"Hmph, just talking is nothing! You should go and face them, you loser!"




The Green King, who hadn't said a word, slammed his shield to the ground, causing it to crack and make a loud noise which made the meeting turn into silence.

Everyone was looking at the Green King since they were startled by his action!

".....It's impossible to let them join us. They're different from us, but whether we're going to take action or not. We need to see what they'll do in the future. Whether it is peace or war, I'm all ready for it."


'He talked.....?!'

Everyone was surprised when the Green King was talking since it had been a while for him to talk or rather they didn't even remember the last time that they had heard his voice.

"They're interesting aren't they? This game is going to be interesting soon."

"The White King? What are you saying? We need to defeat them as soon as possible! They're a tumor of the "brain burst"! We need to force them to leave this game!" The Yellow King didn't give up and tried to invite someone.

"Hmph! No one is going to believe a back stabber like you! All of you, don't need to do anything! I'll blast them away alone!" The Red King couldn't stay in this meeting any longer and directly exited rudely. She really hated the Yellow King and thought she should also end his life too.

"Hmph, whatever...." The Yellow King looked at the black screen of the Red King thoughtfully. He remembered that he had received something interesting before and thought that he should use it on them.

'Hehehe, Black Lotus, Ocean Stingray, then....' Yellow King almost drooled when he thought about the future.