Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1018

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Everyone raised their glasses to the air and clinked them together before they drank heartily. Of course, it wasn't alcohol, but juice and soda.

Haru had taken out those juices and soda which he had bought from the world of Toriko in the past. Some of it tasted amazing, but some of it tasted unique. Well, weird might be the right words.

Everyone gathered together to celebrate his success to become Level 9!

Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane didn't seem that surprised since it was an inevitable result, but it was different for Fuuko and Kuroyukihime since they didn't expect Haru to become Level 9 quickly.

"Kuroyukihime, I'm not telling you to leave, but why are you here?" Haru felt weird when Kuroyukihime also came to the party. Other than the member of the "group chat" only Fuuko and Kuroyukihime knew about the identity of Haru as Ocean Stingray.

"I've invited her." Fuuko hugged Kuroyukihime quickly, though, she also sipped the strange juice that had been brought by Haru. It tasted quite unique for her taste, but it was hard to hate it.

"....I don't mind, but it'll be troublesome to invite Haruyuki since he doesn't know my identity." Haru didn't really want to tell Haruyuki about the identity of everyone at first. Even though he believed in Haruyuki's character, somehow he wanted to leave a surprise to him since Haruyuki was the protagonist of this world.

Haruyuki hadn't grown become one of the strongest players on the "brain bursts" and Haru wanted to become Haruyuki's target to make him even stronger. If the main character wanted to become stronger then they needed a target, and he thought that he should be that target for Haruyuki. Though, he was wondering whether Haruyuki was traumatized by him since he often struck him with thunder.

Kuroyukihime didn't say much, but she felt strangely guilty for some reason for entering Haru's house, especially when Haruyuki didn't even know about it. Though, she also wanted to celebrate Haru's success in becoming Level 9.

"Congratulations to become Level 9."

"Thank you." Haru nodded.

"So what are you planning to do after this? Are you going to kill me?" Kuroyukihime felt that this matter needed to be confirmed first since Haru had become Level 9. Even though they were allies, it didn't mean that the alliance couldn't be broken. She needed to confirm it, no, needed to hear directly from his mouth that they were still an ally.

"No, of course not. Why should I kill you?" Haru looked at Kuroyukihime strangely. "We're an ally. I'm not cruel enough to back-stab you so suddenly."

"That's good." Kuroyukihime nodded and sighed in relief. She had to admit that Haru was strong, and she was sure that he had become even stronger after he had become Level 9. 'I need to become stronger too...' Thinking about Haruyuki, she smiled and thought that it was good to have someone to support her, but then she had to admit that Haruyuki was too weak at this moment. She looked up and secretly glanced at him.

"Haru, what are we going to do after this?" Tabane asked. She thought for a while and said, "I might need a week to become Level 9."


Fuuko and Kuroyukihime were startled when they heard it.

"I'll become Level 9 in two weeks."

"Me too."

Sumire and Charlotte weren't in that hurry and leveled up at their own paces, but even so, it was faster than the majority of the players in the "brain burst".


Kuroyukihime sighed and thought that the four of them were very powerful, but when she thought that they were geniuses she didn't think too much anymore. Of course, she had learned that the four of them were students at a prestigious university in the virtual reality department. When she heard it, she didn't feel that surprised anymore when they were very good at this game. Looking at the five of them who started to enjoy the party, she also joined since the food and drink at this party tasted very good.

Haru sighed and felt that it was almost time to go back. However, they need to complete the quest first. Thinking for a while that the only quest they hadn't completed was to become Level 10, conquer the dungeon, and defeat Chrome Disaster. In the previous "Battle Territory," he had defeated Black Lotus and he also completed one of the quests to defeat a player in Level 9. While thinking about the quest, Tabane slept on his lap. He only glanced at her, but didn't think too much.

During their stay in this world, Tabane often did this action from time to time to tempt him, but since he had turned their body into small, he didn't have that much interest (lie).

Though, it was different for Kuroyukihime and she nudged Fuuko's side while whispering, "Are you alright with that?"

"It's alright. They're like siblings." Fuuko didn't really feel worried about the relationship between Haru and the three girls. She was bigger than the four of them and of course, she had an advantage as a nice older sister.

Though Haru would look at her with a deadpan expression when he heard if she introduced herself as a kind older sister since her personality was quite sadistic.

"So what are we going to do after this? Becoming Level 10?" Sumire asked. She didn't really mind staying in this world since her age could be changed by Haru which was why she didn't need to worry. She also had learned a lot of things and the time in her world also stopped which made her not need to worry about something happening in her world. But well, she would be lying if she didn't miss her world.

"Imperial Palace. Let's clear that dungeon first."

Haru felt that it was time to challenge the Imperial Palace. To become Level 10, he felt quite guilty to erase the "brain burst" on the Neuro Linker of the children in this world. He felt that he was bullying the weak if he did that. In his mind, he thought of cheating to become Level 10 later when he had completed all of the quests besides becoming Level 10.

"Y, you're going to challenge the Imperial Palace?!"

Kuroyukihime was in shock when she heard it. Of course, she knew about the existence of the Imperial Palace since her subordinates had been defeated in that place and one of them had even returned to Level 1 which made her helpless. If she could help then she would, but that dungeon could only be entered by four players which made her unable to do anything.

"I know that I can't stop all of you, but be careful. When you think that you can't handle it, please run away." Fuuko could remember the disaster when she challenged the Imperial Palace and she didn't want it to happen to them.

"Of course, we're going to clear it, right?" Charlotte looked at the three of them.

"Of course."


Haru nodded upon hearing Charlotte's question. He looked at Kuroyukihime and said, "Kuroyuki, keep this secret. Since I've become Level 9 there must be a lot of players who are aiming at me. The Imperial Palace is going to be difficult and we need to put all of our focus on it."

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." Kuroyukihime knew that one of the requirements to clear the game was to conquer the Imperial Palace since they had an intention to do it then she wouldn't stop them rather she wanted to see whether they could do it or not.

"Now, let us continue our party!"