Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1019

Volume 1 Chapter 1019 The Plan Starts

"That yellow bastard! I'll flush him to the toilet sooner or later!"

Scarlet Ran slammed his hand loudly on the table and couldn't calm down.

"Calm down, Rain."

Blood Panther, who was standing beside her tried to calm her down, but it was normal reaction since Scarlet Rain was only a child, it was quite normal for her to get angry after being mocked by the Yellow King.

The condition of the "Prominence" wasn't very good, especially when the "Pets" became even more famous throughout the "brain burts", especially after Ocean Stingray became Level 9 then everything was different.

Scarlet Rain had wanted revenge, but the members of the "Pets" were too powerful. Even though she also attacked them, when the four of them combined their power together, even she couldn't defeat them and she might even have died in the process. Even though she didn't want to admit it, she could only hold back since more conflict would lead into an ugly end.

Some of the members of the "Prominence" also decided to quit, but it was only for the new members, for the old members, they stayed on the Legion since they loved their Legion. They didn't care much about those newbies, but of course, they needed to teach them that their Legion wasn't something which they could use to play around. They needed to teach them a bit since it was their price to quit the Legion.

Though, they had to admit that they felt very uncomfortable when they needed to stop their revenge on the "Pets", but even so they knew that they needed to hold it and became stronger faster.

This time, most of the older members of the "Prominence" gathered together after the meeting of the Six Kings since they knew very well the goal of the "Pets" was to become Level 10. They wouldn't be surprised if the "Pets" decided to challenge their King sooner or later.

"Rain, are you sure that you're going to challenge them again?" Panther asked.

"What? You're scared, Panther?" Rain asked with a grin.

"Of course not. I've also been waiting for a chance to challenge them again, but even though I don't want to admit it, they're very strong."

It was the same for everyone, even if they hated it, they had to admit that the "Pets" were strong!

"And I hope that you don't make that decision because you've been taunted by the Yellow King?"

It was the thing which Panther was afraid about since she knew that Rain was very hot-blooded and very easily taunted by someone.

"No, I'm not stupid enough to fight because I was being provoked by Yellow." Rain tapped the table with her fingers and pondered for a while. "My idea is to work together with Black Lotus."

"Black Lotus?!"

Everyone was startled when they heard that name.

The name of the Black Lotus was very loud since he was the biggest betrayer on the "brain burts", though, some of them also felt uncomfortable since the previous Red King was being killed by the Black Lotus.

"But King, is that alright? Black Lotus killed the previous King after all."

"I know that you're very uncomfortable, but listen to my plan...."

Rain told them that their alliance with the Black Lotus was only temporary and if there was a chance they might also able to have their revenge on both Black Lotus and the "Pets" together. Their advantage was the number of Legion members which was more than both the "Pets" and Black Lotus's Legion, Nega Nebulus together after all. She planned to overwhelm both Black Lotus and the "Pets" with a number!

Hearing Rain's plan, their eyes brightened up when they thought that they were able to defeat both Black Lotus and the "Pets" at the same time. The discussion became even more exciting and they started to make a detailed plan about this plan.

But they didn't know that there was one player in this meeting who felt uncomfortable, Cherry Rook. Before he was the one who introduced the "brain burst" to the Scarlet Rain and he was her parent on this game, but before long he had been overtaken and when he was only Level 5, she had become Level 9 and became the Red King.

Cherry Rook remembered when he introduced this game for the first time to Scarlet Rain and he was happy that he could play with her, but this time, he couldn't even help Scarlet Rain to solve the trouble within their Legion. He felt the distance between both of them became further and farther away. He sighed and wondered what he could do in this situation.

"I'll go out for a while."

Cherry Rook went out, but no one stopped him. He sighed and thought to become stronger since when he became stronger then he should be able to help Scarlet Rain. He left the headquarters of the "Prominence" and thought to have a match with someone. He chose someone random and went on to battle quickly.

Cherry Rook was teleported and he looked at the opponent in front of him.

"Now, let's fight!"

"No, no, no, let's not fight for a while."


Cherry Rook felt weird by these words and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Cherry Rook, isn't it? Let me introduce myself..."

Cherry Rook was surprised when he saw the player in front of her transformed into another player, but that wasn't the problem since the player in front of him shocked him to the core.

"Y, Y, Y....."

"Yes, my name is Yellow Radio and I'm the Yellow King."

Yellow Radio introduced himself while bowing his head gentlemanly.

Cherry Rook became wary and held his sword tightly. He sweated profusely since his opponent was one of the Six Kings of Pure Color.

"Now, now, like what I've said before, I don't have any intention to fight you." Yellow Radio hurriedly waved his hands since he really didn't have an intention to fight. He only used his ability to disguise himself before challenging a member of "Prominence" randomly to start his plan.

"Then what do you want!" Cherry Rook was quite hostile toward Yellow Radio since the player in front of him had provoked his dearest King.

"I have an offer for you." Yellow Radio smiled widely and knew that this player was perfect to be chosen as part of his plan. "Don't you want to become strong?"


Cherry Rook's heart shook when he heard it. He felt weak and he hated that feeling. He wanted to become strong, but he knew with his talent, it was very hard and took a long time for him to reach Scarlet Rain.

"I have a way to make you become stronger."

Yellow Radio offered his hand with a smile looking at the pitiful lamb which was about to be fooled by him. "If you want to know, please reach out my hand."

"Just what do you want? Why did you come to me? And what's the reason for you to help me?" Cherry Rook asked. He wasn't stupid and he didn't know what Yellow Radio's intention was.

"Please believe me. My intention is to help the "Prominence" to defeat the cancer of the "brain burst", the "Pets"!"

"...The "Pets"?"

Yellow Radio smiled happily when he saw Cherry Rook's reaction. "Yes, I know that both "Prominence" and "Pets" are enemies, but I don't want the "Prominence" to lose against that damnmable "Pets"! So here I come to your headquarters to help you, but I've made a bad impression with your King so I know that she'll reject my goodwill." His tone was very sincere and he truly hoped to help the "Prominence", it was what Cherry Rook believed.

"Then give it to me! If it is something that can make me stronger, let me use it!" Cherry Rook decided to trust Yellow Radio since he knew that the relationship of the Six Kings of Pure Color wasn't bad.

"That's good, then, have you heard about Chrome Disaster?"