Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1020

Volume 1 Chapter 1020 Imperial Palace 1

There were a lot of quests which needed to be done in this world, and they almost did all of them, but there were only three left and all of them very difficult such as defeating the Chrome Disaster, becoming Level 10 and conquering Imperial Palace.

To become Level 10, they could think about it after they had solved two other quests, but since they didn't really want to bully a child, they thought that it was better to solve that quest using other means depending on the situation.

For another question such as Chrome Disaster, they couldn't defeat it since it hadn't appeared in this world, but it was possible to conquer the Imperial Palace, though, compared to defeating the Chrome Disaster, its difficulties were several times higher.

Fuuko had told them before that she along with her friends had tried to conquer Imperial Palace, but they were defeated. The result was even disastrous since one of her friends had returned to Level 1 after this incident.

After hearing Fuuko's story, they knew that it was very difficult and even thought they were confident to conquer that dungeon, it didn't mean that they could underestimate this dungeon.

Unlike defeating a player, to conquer the dungeon then it meant that they needed to defeat NPC or the system itself. It would be great if there wasn't any change, but it might be possible for the system to upgrade the power of the monsters on the Imperial Palace to make those monsters stronger.

Though, if that really happened or they were really in hopeless situation, they would use a cheating method such as hacking.

Then without waiting anymore, Haru, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane went to the "Unlimited Neutral Field" to go to the Imperial Palace.

Their trip was quite smooth and even if there was an opponent, Charlotte could snip them and defeat them easily. Their plan was a secret and they couldn't let anyone know about it. In this game, they had made a lot of enemies, and they were sure that those enemies would trouble them during the quest if they knew about their plan to conquer the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Palace is a place located in the heart of Tokyo, it is right in the real location of Tokyo Imperial Palace.

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the usual location of the residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is a large park-like area located in the Chiyoda district of the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo and contains several buildings, including the main palace, some residences of the Imperial Family, an archive, museums and administrative offices.

It is built on the site of the old Edo Castle. The total area, including the gardens, is 1.15 square kilometres (0.44 sq mi). During the height of the 1980s Japanese property bubble, the palace grounds were valued by some to be more than the value of all of the real estate in the state of California.

Like what he had mentioned before, the palace itself is an anomaly. Brain Burst uses image data from social cameras to construct battlefields. However, there are no such cameras in the palace itself. Thus, it would have been impossible for the interior of the palace to exist. Despite that, it did.

"So we're going to enter the home of the Emperor, huh?" Charlotte was inside the train looking at the Imperial Palace from the window curiously. She was wondering whether she could see the Emperor inside the Imperial Palace.

Out of the four people who came to this world, only Charlotte who didn't live in Japan. She was living in the Little Garden since living on that ship since it might be one of the safest places in her world, especially when the protagonist was living in that place. Even thought there was a danger, in the story, the protagonist would be able to solve that problem.

The other reason was because Haru was also living in that place, as the strongest Slayer in her world, of course, with Haru's protection Little Garden became the safest place in her world. She was sure that he wouldn't let the place where his harem was living be destroyed by Savages.

"Yeah, is it your first time?" Sumire asked.

"Yes, I've been living inside the ship from what I've remembered after all. Well, that is also the reason why I'm happy to enter this quest with all of you."

Charlotte smiled and told the truth to everyone. She was very happy that she could spend her days doing something happy, stupid, and learn a lot of things together. It might become one of her precious memories, but at the same time, the only thing which made her regret was her unrequited love and how she couldn't be brave enough to express her feelings.

"Charlotte!" 3x

The three of them hugged Charlotte together. They were lucky that the body of their avatar was a normal body. If it was Kuroyukihime then she would decrease Charlotte's HP when both of them hugged each other.

Charlotte smiled and asked, "So is there an Emperor in that place?"

"There might not be an Emperor in that place. Considering the age of the Emperor...."

Neuro Linker only appeared 15 years ago and that meant the old Emperor of this country couldn't even play "brain burst" and it was the same as most of the a.d.u.l.ts in this country.

"That's a shame..." Charlotte sighed.

Looking at Charlotte's expression, Haru said. "Then how about we have a holiday after this?"

"Holiday?" 3x

The three of them looked at Haru curiously. Of course, during their stay in this world, they also often went out to various places, but they always entered the "brain bursts" everyday since they needed to complete their quests, but after they conquered the Imperial Palace, they would have a lot of free time since the Chrome Disaster hadn't appeared in this world.

"Hot springs, Imperial Palace, or wherever you want." Haru also wanted to relax for a bit since he felt too tired to play a game.

"That's a good idea." Sumire agreed and asked, "So Charlotte is there somewhere that you want to visit?"

"Eh? Is it alright for me to be the one who decides where we go?" Charlotte was surprised

"Of course! Choose wherever you want!" Tabane nodded and also felt excited to go on their holiday.

Charlotte looked at Haru, and she received a nod from him. It might be because the knowledge of virtual reality was very interesting for them so they often forgot a time and spent most of their time on their research, but this time, they were going on a holiday so she was very happy, not only her, but even Tabane and Sumire also felt happy.

"So do you have any place that you want to visit?" Haru asked.


Charlotte thought for a while and said, "I feel that a hot spring is quite good. Let's go to a hot spring after we've done our quest."

"Good." 3x

The three of them agreed to go to the hot spring after the quest.

On their way, their trip to the Imperial Palace was quite fun and before long they had arrived in Chiyoda, the location of the Imperial Palace. But even if they had arrived in this district, it didn't mean that they had arrived at the Imperial palace. They needed to walk for a bit before they had arrived at their targeted location, but on their journey, they forgot that this place was the home of one of the Six Kings of the Pure Color, White King and by chance, they were being seen by one of the members of Oscillatory Universe, Legion which was led by White King.

"This... are they going to compete with the Imperial Palace?"

Members of the Oscillatory Universe knew this was a very serious matter and they needed to report it to the White King right away!