Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1021

Volume 1 Chapter 1021 Imperial Palace 2

Looking at the large gate in front of them, they knew that they had arrived at the Imperial Palace.

"So this is the Imperial Palace, huh?"

For Sumire, Tabane, and Haru, it wasn't their first time to come to this place in reality, but it was their first time to come in this place inside the game, however, they didn't feel that it was something special.

Charlotte, on other hand, was amazed since the design of this place was more amazing than she had thought.

The Imperial Palace is a huge place. It is surrounded by a large and deep moat.

Haru wasn't sure and he couldn't see the depth of the moat and it might be his imagination, but he felt something inside the moat.

To enter the palace, they needed to pass the Seimon Ishibashi bridge which was a large bridge which connected the palace with the outside.

"Let's go--"

Tabane was about to walk, but she was stopped by Charlotte. "What?"

"See that!" Charlotte pointed her finger in some direction.

Sumire, Haru, and Tabane turned their attention toward the direction which was pointed by Charlotte. When they turned they saw a tall post which was used to guard the palace, but that wasn't the point since there was someone inside that post.


Haru rubbed his chin and frowned. "It should be a guard." He had heard Fuuko's experience of the Imperial Palace and it seemed that it was more difficult than he had thought.

"I'll take them down first."

Charlotte took out her sniper rifle and shot down all of those guards, killing them easily. The damage of her attack had increased and it was very easy for her to one-hit-kill her opponent with her sniper rifle.

"It's done."

They nodded and walked toward the gate of the palace. They weren't surprised by Charlotte's power since it was normal for her to be strong since she had reached this level. They also had spent most of their time together and they knew each other very well.

Walking through the bridge, it seemed that they were on a trip rather than a dungeon. Though, they had to admit that the gate was very large and big. They had only seen it from afar, but when they had gotten close, it felt even bigger.

The Imperial Palace is also surrounded by a tall wall which was as tall as the gate.

Haru wasn't sure what material was used to build this Imperial Palace, but one thing for sure, this thing was very strong.

"Hmm, it seems that there is something..."

Haru had activated his electroperction when he was about to enter the Imperial Palace and he felt something was about to come toward them.

"What is it?"

They stopped in the middle of the bridge while looking at Haru curiously. He didn't answer them and looked at the moat before he saw a large shadow which was slowly coming out from the moat. He didn't need to explain and everyone understood that something was coming toward them.


A large shark suddenly came out from within the moat. It might seem weird for a shark to come out, but before they had seen an anglerfish. Just a shark was normal for them.

"Who is going to handle it?"

"I'll do it."

Tabane lightly jumped to the ground before she appeared suddenly in front of the large shark.

The shark was a bit surprised by Tabane's speed, but it quickly responded by opening its large jaws!

"Shining Kick!"

Tabane's leg brightened up and she kicked down the shark's snout directly!


The large shark was blown away and returned to the moat.

Tabane didn't chase after the shark, rather she used her ability. "Territory Change!"

The pure water of the moat suddenly started to change into poisonous water which gave off a very terrible feeling from just looking at it. The entire moat was quickly turned into a poisonous moat. because of her ability. She didn't do anything afterwards and returned to everyone. She saw that her points kept increasing since she had killed all of the monsters within the moat. She smiled at everyone and made a peace sign.

"This place is a treasure! I've gotten a lot of points!"

Looking at Tabane's ability, Haru realized how cheating it was since she could transform the surrounding area easily. It was a very amazing ability and at the same time very dangerous.

"Your ability is cheating." Sumire sighed looking at the poisonous mouth before shaking her head.

"Let's go. This place stinks." Charlotte couldn't bear the smell of the poison.

"Agree!" 3x

Tabane sighed and felt a bit regret for her choice of territory. "I should change this moat into lava moat."

"It's too late to do that. You can change the territory into lava later."

"I'll do that."

They continued to walk toward the large gate.

"I'll open it!"

Tabane pushed the large gate, but it didn't move a bit. "....What the heck?" She felt that her strength wasn't enough to open this gate and it made her a bit annoyed before she decided to kick down the gate several times!

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Being kicked several times, the gate opened by Tabane or rather it was destroyed by her.


"Let's go!" Tabane gave them a very bright smile.


They gave up saying anything and nodded following Tabane's back, even though they knew that it might cause trouble, but they didn't feel afraid of trouble.

Though, because of that, the quiet Imperial Palace started to shake and all of the residents of this place started to open their eyes ready to end the life of the fool who didn't know their own height.


The Oscillatory Universe is a Legion also known as the White Legion. It is led by the White King, White Cosmos. Their territory is located in the Minato area. The central base is located in an all girls' school within the area.

Hearing reports from her members, the White King, White Cosmos tapped her chin and thought that it was interesting. "Don't do anything. We can let them commit suicide in that place."

Everyone nodded and wasn't surprised by their King's decision, even though they knew that there was a treasure inside the Imperial Palace, but it was very dangerous. Their territory was quite nearby and they knew how dangerous the Imperial Palace was. Even though the one who went to clear the Imperial Palace was the "Pets" which was the most famous Legion in the "brain burst", they didn't think that they were able to clear up the Imperial Palace.

They didn't do anything and didn't think too much, but for the White King, she had thought of some different plan since there was something which attracted her inside the Imperial Palace. She looked at her trusted member and told him to come with her somewhere to talk about this problem.

"King, are you interested?"

"Of course." The White King nodded and looked at Ivory Tower. "Can you handle it?"

"Leave it to me. I'll take the boys out."

"Good, keep it a secret."

"As you wish."

Ivory Tower bowed his head to the White King before disappearing along in the shadow.

The White King looked toward the direction of the Imperial Palace and had a feeling that something would happen soon.

"As I thought, this game is interesting."