Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1022

Volume 1 Chapter 1022 Imperial Palace 3

One of the things they needed to watch out for before clearing the Imperial Palace was the Stage. Even though it might seem insignificant, Stage could give them favorable position which could weaken the Enemy on the dungeon or "Unlimited Neutral Field". For example, a fire type Enemy would be weakened when the Stage just happened to be an Icy Stage. So don't underestimate the advantage of the Stage in the game.

Though they didn't really need to worry about it since if the Stage they had teleported was just happening to be at a disadvantage then Tabane could use her "Territory Change" to give them an advantage. It was also the reason why Tabane was a very important member of their Legion since she could support their allies during the battle.

But their luck was quite good since they happened to be in the Moonlight Stage.

What is so special about this Stage?


It was because there was nothing special about this Stage that it was good since it meant that the Enemy inside Imperial Palace wouldn't be strengthened by the Stage. Well, if they had to say what was good about this Stage would be the beautiful moon which seemed bigger than usual in the sky. Even though it was night, they could see their surrounding area clearly because of the moonlight.

Entering the Imperial Palace, they were being greeted by a large garden. There were various humongous sized trees.

"Charlotte, is there an Enemy?"

"Not yet."

Charlotte shook her head and told everyone truthfully what she had seen inside the place.

"But I can see that there is a movement inside the castle."

"It's so quiet that it is creepy." Tabane couldn't help but spat since this place was very creepy. There was no sound and it was very quiet.

"It seems to be calm before the storm." Sumire thought.

"When you say something like that, something must happen later." Haru sighed since Sumire had raised a Flag.

"Don't jinx us!" Charlotte pouted.

"Even if there's is, what is the problem? We should defeat them quickly so we can go out." Sumire's thought was pretty easy. This place might be hard for some people, but not for them.

"It reminded me of the time when we were clearing the dungeon during the Legion quest."

"That place is better since we can see the Enemy, but this time? I can't even see anything here." Tabane looked around, but she couldn't see any single enemies in this area.

"Well, let's continue to walk to the palace."

They agreed and continued their walk toward the palace.

In the story, Silver Crow had entered this place, but he entered because of an accident when he was flying. Unlike the four of them who had broken through the gate directly, their method might be crude, but it was very effective and efficient. They might able to fly, but it was troublesome since they wanted to face the Enemy directly.

Walking through the garden, they found the Imperial Palace which was surrounded by a moat within the garden. Compared to the entire garden, the size of the palace wasn't that big, but compared to their size, it was big enough.

There were four bridges which connected to the palace and they needed to enter through the four gates if they wanted to enter the Imperial Palace.

It was possible to send more players to clear the Imperial Palace, but in their thoughts, it was better to have quality rather than quantity.

When they were about to reach the bridge, they had decided which Enemy they would challenge inside the Imperial Palace.

Tabane was going to face Seiryuu, Sumire was going to face Byakko, Charlotte was going to face Suzaku, and lastly, Haru was going to face Genbu.

From Four Gods which guarded the gates of the Imperial Palace, Genbu was the strongest and the one with the weirdest ability from what Fuuko had told them.

It was also the reason why Haru was going to face it since he knew the terrible ability of Genbu. Even so, he felt that Seiryu had the most powerful ability out of the Four Gods.

Level drain.

It was a very terrible ability which is able to turn anyone into Level 1.

Think about it when you have spent your time hunting and fighting with a lot of players. You've gathered a lot of points to level up but suddenly your level returns to level 1! What are you going to do?

Haru could see that they would be in despair, especially when the players of the "brain burts" were children.

Children had a quite sensitive mentality which meant they would be greatly affected by it.

Though it was also the reason why he was a bit worried about Tabane since she was going to face it, but she had decided to fight one and no one was going to steal it from her!

"Let's go!"

Tabane walked directly, but it seemed that she had triggered the system.

Then suddenly from the garden, there was a lot of skeleton samurai and skeleton archers which slowly stood up from the ground.


Charlotte shot them directly and defeated them.

Tabane, Haru, and Sumire also acted directly.

Only a fool would wait for the enemy to get ready.

It was better to strike them when they weren't ready and quickly defeated them since the Enemy which they needed to face soon would be very dangerous.


"Damn, those the "Pets"!?"

This place was the headquarters of the Acceleration Research Society.

"Tch! I want to blow their heads! I want revenge!"

Dusk Taker, Rust Jigsaw, and Argon Array were annoyed when they remembered that they were being killed by the "Pets". They wanted to have revenge but they didn't have a chance to meet them.

When they thought that there was a chance, the "Pets" rose quickly and the leader of the Ocean Stingray became Level 9. The news of the "Pets" kept appearing to one another, but they could do nothing and endured it which was very unbearable and didn't suit their personality.

But they knew very well that it was simply impossible to defeat them, especially when the lowest Level on the "Pets' was Level 8 which was enough to leave them with their dust. They felt uncomfortable, but what could they do?

Then suddenly someone came out from the shadow.

"Black Vise!"

Everyone was startled when their leader suddenly appeared.

"There's a mission." Black Vise's voice was calm and unpurtubed by their rude action.

"What is it?"

Black Vist didn't seem bothered, he said directly. "Pets, we're going to hunt them."


"Are you sure?" Dusk Taker asked. Even though he had shouted loudly before, he couldn't hide his trauma. He had been defeated and he didn't want to be defeated again. Even though he hated to admit it, he had to admit that they were strong which made him envious.

"Yes, we might not be a match for them, but what if there is someone who is going to help us?"


Their ears perked up and seemed very interested in what Black Vise was about to say.

"Imperial Palace. The "Pets" is going to clear it."


Everyone was startled when they heard such information since they didn't expect the courage of the "Pets" would be this big to challenge the legendary dungeon which had never been cleared by anyone.

"So are we going to use the Four Gods to weaken them and then kill them?" Argon Array quickly realized Black Vise's plan.

"Yes, so are you guys going to join me?" Black Vise asked.

"JOIN!!!!" 3x

They answered loudly and they didn't feel afraid, rather they felt excited. They knew that they might not match for the "Pets", but what if they had the help of the Four Gods from the Imperial Palace? It was a rare chance and they thought that it would be delicious to receive points from three Level 8 and one Level 9.

In that moment, they were anticipating the despair which would be felt by the members of the "Pets"!


After clearing the small fries, each of them was about to walk toward the bridge, but suddenly someone appeared and roared loudly toward them.

"ROARRRRRR!!!!" 4x

The Four Gods appears!!!!