Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1023

Volume 1 Chapter 1023 Imperial Palace 4

The Four Gods!

Genbu, Seryu, Byakko, and Suzaku.

Fuuko had told them that the Four Gods were intimidating, but it seemed she wasn't lying since it was the case.

For Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane, they felt that this Enemy was very huge, but for Haru, who had gone to the world of Toriko. The Four Gods were a baby size compared to the monsters in the Gourmet World, but even so, their ability couldn't be decided by their size alone.

Haru faced Genbu and knew that he couldn't underestimate it.

The shape of Genbu was pretty much like a turtle. It had a huge body and black color. It looked very scary and its mouth was dripping with saliva.

Haru didn't even need to guess that this Genbu was ready to attack him. Some people thought that a Genbu might be at a disadvantage at fighting since its movement was too slow, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

If normal Genbu was walking with its feet then the fight would be easy since Genbu would be at disadvantage for fighting on the land, but this monster was floating in the air which was pretty much cheating.

Though he was going to defeat it. Taking out his Griphon, he faced Genbu directly.

When Haru started to face Genbu, Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte also weren't silent. The three of them also faced Byakko, Seryu, and Suzaku respectively.

The shape of Byakko was pretty much a large size tiger with white fur with black stripes. Besides its size, the most prominent thing about this monster was the electricity which was released from its body.

The shape of the Seryuu was a dragon. It was a floating dragon with a wind which surrounded its body.

The shape of Suzaku was even simpler since it was a large bird with a fire surrounding it.

Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane didn't think much and attacked them immediately since they didn't have an intention to learn the introduction of these monsters.


Genbu shot out a cannon of water, but it was useless on him since that attack only passed through Haru's body.

During his "physical permetiation" ability, he couldn't attack someone and of course, he didn't tell anyone about this weakness. He needed to return to normal state before he could attack someone. And that's what he did, he quickly reduced the distance between the two of them and deactivated his "physical permetiation" before using his strongest attack!

"Mother's Rosario!"



Sumire looked at Byakko who stood in front of her. She didn't move from her spot, but Byakko came toward her. She took out a number of weapons from her arsenal which she had bought from a shop and gotten from a dungeon. She knew that her ability sometimes lacked a means of attack when there was no metal nearby and it was also the reason why she gathered a lot of weapons during her stay in this world.

For a normal player, they could only wield one weapon in their hands, but Sumire was different. She could use her magnetic manipulation to control a lot of weapons in her bag to attack her opponent. When Byakko was about to strike, ten metal shields appeared in front of her to block Byakko's attack.



Byakko swept its claws, but Sumire's shields were harder than it had thought. Those shields were collected from various dungeons which they had cleared in the past and of course, it wasn't a normal shield. But Byakko didn't give up and was about to attack it again, but suddenly its body was struck down by someone.


Byakko roared in painful roar, but once again it struck. Then it noticed two weapons floating right on top of it.

Lance, poleaxe, sword, axe, hammer, etc; all of the weapons which they had collected during the game had been given to Sumire for her arsenal.

Byakko tried to fight the weapons, but the weapons' movement was so fast that it could dodge, and when Byakko chased one weapon then another weapons attacked it. Byakko was annoyed and thought to end this trouble by killing Sumire, but the shield appeared in front of Byakko to protect Sumire.

Looking at Byakko who was being played, Sumire smiled and folded her arms. She kept a distance between them and floated a few centimeters away from the ground since her flight speed was faster than running. She knew that it was just the beginning and it was far from enough to defeat Byakko.


But in this first exchange, Sumire had the upperhand.


Tabane looked at the Seiryu who was floating in the sky. She wasn't sure, but she could feel it looking at her with a smug expression. She was annoyed and jumped in the air directly before giving it a flying kick.



Sudden attack caused Seiryu to be stunned, but then it was quickly angered. It created a barrier in the wind around its surroundings trying to blow Tabane away.

"Territory Change! Hell Flame!"

The 100 meters in the surrounding area started to set ablaze with a very hot fire!


But it wasn't over since Tabane could manipulate the flames in the surrounding area and used to envelop Seiryu.

Seiryu, whose body was enveloped by a wind barrier, was on fire and the wind barrier fueled the fire by the oxygen in the air, making the flames even stronger.


Seiryu's HP was depleted very quickly because of this attack!

Tabane smiled and looked at Seiryu with a smug expression. It was the price for looking down on her.

"Just burn down!"


Charlotte also wasn't going to lose and nine drones on her back started to surround her, creating a barrier to protect her from fire breathing which was released by Suzaku.

Suzaku's ability was pretty simple and that was fire manipulation.

Charlotte sighed and felt that it was easier to fight it by asking Tabane's help. However, she wasn't going to do that and used her sniper rifle to shoot down Suzaku's eye.


Suzaku shrieked painfully since its eye was attacked. The details of the game were very real and Charlotte could see blood dripping from its eye after she had shot it.

'It's my chance!'

Charlotte raised her hand and shouted, "Cyborg 009!" The nine drones that surround her started to brighten up and it transformed into a cyborg.

There were nine robots right in front of her and each of them had a different feature.

Cyborg 001's shape was a baby and because of that it couldn't walk. It also needed help from Cyborg 003 to take care of it. It had an ability of psychic powers, such as telepathy, telekinesis, and extra-sensory perception.

Cyborg 002's shape was a man with high-quality jet boosters installed on his feet. It could chase someone and it specialized in speed.

Cyborg 003's shape was a woman and had the ability to search for her opponent's weaknesses.

Cyborg 004's shape was also a man and there were a lot of deadly weapons inside its body.

Cyborg 005's shape was a muscular man and its ability was its immense strength.

Cyborg 006's shape was a fat man with the ability to breathe extremely hot torrents of fire

Cyborg 007's shape was a bald man and it had an ability to transform into a variety of things, such as inanimate objects, people, and animals.

Cyborg 008's shape was a man with the ability to fight underwater.

Lastly, Cyborg 009's shape was a man, and it had the most balance ability among the nine of them. It was quite powerful, it had quite a powerful defense, and it was quite fast.

Each of them was wearing red armor and equipped with pistol-like blasters with multiple settings such as beam, energy magnum, freezer, needle and knockout ray.


Charlotte manipulated nine Cyborgs and shot down Suzaku with a freezer beam. This development was an idea from Haru, and she had to admit that she really loved it.

In their first confrontation, the four of them had an upperhand against the Four Gods. Even so they didn't let down their guard since the Four Gods hadn't shown their strongest ability.