Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1024

Volume 1 Chapter 1024 Imperial Palace 5

The members of the Acceleration Research Society gathered together and went to the Imperial Palace.

They had only one purpose and that was to disturb the "Pets" who were trying to conquer the Imperial Palace.

Black Vise, Dusk Taker, Rust Jigsaw, Argon Array, and Wolfram Cerberus went together and were about to have their revenge. They wanted to bring Sulfur Pot, but they couldn't find him. However, they were very confident to hunt the "Pets" down at this moment!

The Four Gods had a very unique debuff which caused a lot of trouble to the players, as the members of the Acceleration Research Society, they knew most of information in the "brain burst". They only had one chance and needed to attack when the "Pets" were being debuffed by the Four Gods and when that happened, it would have been easy to sweep them down.

Everyone was very happy, but at the same time, their expression was very serious since they were about to enter the Imperial Palace.

"Be careful. We need to be very secretive and wait for our chance." Black Vise reminded them not to do anything stupid.

"Don't worry, believe in us."

Black Vise nodded and looked at Argon Array. "Argon, use your ability once they have been debuffed since it'll be dangerous if they notice us."

"I know. You don't need to remind me about that." Argon Array snorted and said, "If there is something wrong then I'll use my ability immediately."

Hearing Black Vise's words, they nodded and felt relief. Black Vise's ability was very famous among the Acceleration Research Society.

Shadow Lurker. It is Black Vise's ability, it is an ability that gives Black Vise the power to meld into shadows. Inside the shadow, he can move his being from one location to the next, so long as they are connected via a shadow. He also appears to be able to use it as a tunnel system for other Duel Avatars to use as well.

But Black Vise needed to use a lot of his Special Gauge, and it could be used by him to run away when the "Pets" were stronger than he had thought. What he feared was that they would be challenged into a death match suddenly and lose all of their points then the "brain burst" would be erased from their memories. Though, the chance was very small, especially when he thought that the "Pets" would be entangled by the Four Gods.

The five of them walked together, but they were stunned when they saw the gate of the Imperial Palace was broken.

"Broken?!" Dusk Taker was startled.

"Damn, they're too strong!"

They could tell that the strength of the "Pets" was very strong when they saw the large and thick gate being broken by the "Pets".

"Don't be surprised. Any Kings can do the same thing." Black Vise was very calm and said, "Let's go. It's better that we prepare earlier."

They nodded and walked through the bridge. They noticed the moat had turned into poison moat, but they didn't think too much since they thought that it was a feature of the Imperial Palace or a special feature of the Stage. Walking together, when they had reached the gate, they were quite wary and observed their surroundings carefully.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

"That is..."

They could see a lot of noise and became curious since it would be a rare chance to see strong fighters fight against the Four Gods. Even though they knew about the Four Gods, they hadn't seen it after all. Their leader might have told them that the Four Gods were very strong, but it was hard to imagine without looking at it. They also wanted to know the strength of the "Pets" since they hadn't seen them for a while. Walking carefully, they passed through the garden and saw the fight between the "Pets" and the Four Gods.


They couldn't say anything after they saw what had happened in front of them. They understood why there was a distance between them and the "Pets", especially when they saw the abilities of the "Pets".

Ocean Stingray was very agile and his swordmanship was very destructive. They could see each of his attacks caused considerable damage to Genbu which surprised them.

Genbu was known for its defense, but in front of Ocean Stingray, Genbu was similar to a girl who was being r.a.p.ed by him. Genbu could only m.o.a.n unwillingly and painfully when Ocean Stingray stuck his sword several times.

Lilac Deer was very amazing since she could control a lot of weapons and played Byakko made it into a docile pet and Byakko couldn't do a single thing in front of Lilac Deer's attack.

Sunset Loop was surrounded by a fire and she also could control it. Seiryu, who was boasting about its wind ability, was crying loudly while being bullied by Sunset Lop.

Lastly, they couldn't see a figure of Maroon Owl, but they could see nine humanoid figures with red color attacking Suzaku together in very smooth team-work.


If it was normal time, then they didn't think that they would be able to defeat them, especially when they saw the ability of the members of the "Pets". They were amazed by their ability, but at the same time, they were jealous and envious. They had been in this game for a long time yet the gap between them was so huge that they didn't think that they would be able to defeat them.

"Be serious. It's almost time."

Hearing Black Vise's reminder, they nodded and prepared. They almost drooled when they thought that they were able to get them in this battle.

Only Wolfram Cerberus felt uncomfortable, but he didn't say anything and could only sigh.


When Sumire, Tabane, and Haru were fighting against Byakko, Seryuu, and Genbu, Charlotte suddenly gave them a message.

Using the ability of Cyborg 001, Charlotte was able to communicate with each other using telepathy.

"There's an opponent."

They didn't feel that surprise since Sumire had raised a Flag before.

"Who is it?" Haru was wondering who it was.

"Acceleration Research Society. There are five of them. It seems that they haven't noticed me." Charlotte fired Suzaku from a distance since she was a sniper and let her Cyborgs face Suzaku from nearby.

Haru had leeway even though he was fighting against Genbu. "Hmm, let's be careful with the Black Vise. He's the one with a lot of panels on his body. His ability is troublesome since he can trap someone. If you're trapped then it'll be dangerous, especially when you face one of the Four Gods."

They nodded and knew how dangerous the Four Gods were. Even though it might seem easy for them to face the Four Gods, they put all of their focus into fighting. They also couldn't leave it alone since the Four Gods might heal and buff each other if they left it alone.

"Leave them to me." Sumire reassured them since she also left some traps around the surrounding area.

They nodded, but suddenly the Four Gods sent out a red wave toward the four of them.


They looked at the debuff which they received.

"Infinite Enemy Kill?"

Their expression didn't change, but it was a very troublesome debuff since if they died then it meant they would lose all of their points instantly and the "brain burst" would be erased from their memories. Then when they were troubled by this debuff, they received a message from Charlotte.

"They're coming!"