Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1025

Volume 1 Chapter 1025 Imperial Palace 6


Black Vise didn't see Maroon Owl, but it didn't really matter since it was better to end the three members of "Pets" as soon as possible.

"Aye, aye, Sir!" Argon Array looked at the three members of "Pets" and was about to activate her ability. She was a supporter and her ability was to disturb the enemy.

"Razzle Dazzle!"

The moment she used her ability, her head was about to glow.

This ability was powerful since it could be used to blind the enemy and made them vulnerable to the attack of the Four Lords. When the "Pets" were blinded by her ability and being attacked by the Four Lords, they used that chance to attack them.

But at this moment...


Argon, whose ability was about to be activated, suddenly got headshot by someone and died. She wanted to curse someone at this moment, especially Black Vise who told her they would be alright.


"Shit, it is that sniper!" Dusk Taker panicked since he knew the one who had attacked them in the past was the long-range fighter on the "Pets".

Maroon Owl. Her name was very loud as the strongest sniper on the "brain burst", no one had ever lived after looking at her face or rather her opponents didn't even see her since her attack was very far. According to the rumor, she could shoot someone from 2 kilometers distance, but no one could confirm it since the opponent had died before they met her.


Wolfram moved in front of everyone. Out of them, he was the one with the highest defense, but even so, it hurt being headshot by someone.


Wolfram's HP decreased so much that he was blown away by that bullet.

Black Vise felt a sense of foreboding and used a black panel on his body to create a wall shield to protect him from the bullet.


Black Vise sighed in relief after the bullet was blocked in the third wall shield. "Let's escape."

Rust Jigsaw and Dusk Taker agreed without hesitation and entered the shadow which was Black Vise's ability.

Black Vise didn't forget to bring Wolfram before he escaped. For Argaon Array? She had died and it was better to leave her in this place since in an hour, she could revive back. Though, before he escaped, he glanced at the battlefield of the "Pets" who fought against the Four Gods. He wasn't sure, but he had a feeling that they would be successful. Thinking for a while, it wouldn't hurt to lurk around for a while after he had sent baggage away since he knew that it was troublesome to bring two weak fellows.


"It's done."

Charlotte reported when she saw that members of the Acceleration Research Society had run away. She continued to shoot down Suzaku, who had debuffed her with this "Infinite Enemy Kill." It was a very troublesome ability, but it didn't stop her from taking this beast down. She along with her Cyborg 009 worked together shooting down the weakness of Suzaku, decreasing its HP very quickly.


Sumire looked at Byakko calmly. Frankly, she didn't think that this monster was able to do anything for her. Looking at her full HP, she almost yawned since Byakko was more boring than she had thought since Byakko's ability was pretty simple.

Byakko's ability was its speed and electricity, but it couldn't use its speed since it was being blocked by Sumire's weapon and its electricity also couldn't penetrate Sumire's shield.


Suddenly Byakko let out a powerful roar and a black cloud gathered in the sky.

Sumire suddenly had a feeling that this ability would be a bit similar to Haru's ability. However, she only smiled since after fighting against Haru, she knew very well what the weakness of this lightning strike ability was. She combined three lances which were connected to the ground and 4 meters apart from her. When the lightning struck down, that lightning didn't strike her, rather it was moving toward the direction of the three combination lances.


It wasn't over with one lightning strike and it kept striking down.

But Sumire didn't do anything and she kept attacking before Byakko roared painfully. What she had created was a lightning rod and it changed the direction of the lightning strike which struck her. Secretly, she felt relieved when she saw that lightning didn't strike her since sometimes, she couldn't predict anything after all, especially her lances were almost destroyed by that lightning.


Sumire raised her hands and dropped down a lot of weapons toward Byakko which created a lot of wounds and holes in its body. It kept roaring, but it was useless since it couldn't do a thing to her.


Tabane really didn't do anything since she controlled her fire to burn down Seiryu which was surrounded by a wind barrier. She had never tried a grilled dragon before and she was a bit curious about the taste of this dragon. Though, she wasn't even sure whether she could eat it or not. Looking at this dragon, suddenly it deactivated its wind barrier and the fire which burnt its down started to slow down.

Seiryu's eyes were red and it couldn't wait to kill Tabane. Its body started to glow in green light and it used its special ability.

Tabane hurriedly used her Incarnate System ability quickly to escape from this attack. She knew how dangerous Seiryu was, especially its "Level Drain" ability, but she had a way to escape from this ability.

"Triple Cuties!"

Tabane's body suddenly turned into three and the three of them moved quickly toward Seiryuu. The three of them jumped together and attacked Seiryuu with an ax kick together.

Seiryuu released its ability on one of Tabane, and it quickly disappeared. It had attacked the wrong person and attacked Tabane's shadow.

Triple Cuteis was an ability which Tabane had developed since she felt that she was cute. She felt that she needed more people to make her cuter and it was the reason why she created this replication ability. The reason might be dumb, but it was very effective on running away, fooling the opponent, and various other things.


Seiryu was kicked down and dropped on the hot flame below.


Seiryu roared painfully, but Tabane didn't let it go and controlled the burning earth to chain it down.

Tabane was on the top of Seiryu's head and stomped down its head several times without mercy. For enemies, she didn't have mercy and it was better to quickly kill them.


Haru's movement was very agile and he moved from one spot to another, making Genbu confused. Though, he had to admit that Genbu's defense was definitely top-notch and very tough. If he didn't use his ability from time to time then it would take him a very long time to defeat it.


The blue barrier was suddenly erected from Genbu and pushed everything away.

Haru also moved back to avoid Genbu's blue barrier, but suddenly he realized that Genbu's HP kept increasing and it also healed Seiryu, Byakko, and Suzaku which made him to receive a complaint from the three of them. He tried to attack the barrier, but it was very tough. He could even see Genbu smiling from inside which annoyed him.

"Haru, do something about Genbu!"

"That damn monster is healing our opponent!"

"Ugh, when I was just about to defeat it."


Haru was speechless and understood why Genbu was very troublesome since it could heal his friends when it used its ability. "Don't worry, I'll deal with it quickly." He held his Gryphone tightly and took a deep breath.

"Thunder Breathing Seventh Form...."

His body was surrounded by powerful lightning and lightning kept striking down from the sky toward Genbu's barrier.

"Honoikazuchi no Kami!"

Haru conjured the image of a dragon-like creature of lightning while moving at blinding speeds. His movement couldn't be followed with his eyes and he moved quickly toward the barrier. He could see Genbu's smug expression and used his ability to pass through its barrier, entering the barrier so suddenly.

Genbu was startled, but it was too late.




The Four Gods roared loudly, but it was useless. In front of the four of them, the Four Gods were only another prey.