Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1026

Volume 1 Chapter 1026 Imperial Palace 7

Haru had to admit that it was very hard work to clear up the Imperial Palace. He felt that his hands might be numb if it was in reality since he had been attacking Genbu for an hour or more. The chapter might make it seem short, but the battle was very long.

Sumire, Tabane, and Charlotte also felt a bit tired, however, they were quite excited since they had cleared up the strongest dungeon in the "brain burst".

They thought that there would be something special happening, but it seemed that there wasn't anything special.

"Is this it?"

Sumire couldn't help but complain when she thought about the hard work which she had done for the past hours.

"Well, the rewards might be inside the palace. Let's go inside."

Haru was more positive and thought that there were a lot of rewards which had been waiting for him inside.

They nodded and entered the palace at the same time.

Haru looked at Charlotte's Cyborg 009 and felt amazed. "Your Cyborgs are amazing no matter how many times that I've seen them." Hearing his praise, Charlotte smiled and felt quite happy. "Of course, I'm very happy with my babies."

"Babies, huh?"

Sumire looking at Cyborg 001 who had a shape of a baby. Charlotte wasn't wrong when she called her nine Cyborgs babies since there was really a baby within the group.

Tabane also looked at the Cyborg 001 curiously since it was strangely cute. It also could float in the air which made her quite amazed since it was her first time seeing a floating baby even though it was inside a virtual game.

"Well... really.. how many enemies are we going to fight?" Charlotte sighed when they entered the palace.

When they entered the palace, they were greeted by a lot of enemies: samurai, archer, ogree, etc. It was a very tiring dungeon and if they were told to clear it again then they would refuse it without hesitation.

"Cyborg 009, take care of them!"

"Yes!" 9x

The nine cyborgs used their pistol-like weapon to shoot down the enemies with a beam.

Haru also held his sword and he was ready to use his ability. "Thunder Breathing First Form..." his body was glittering in lightning. "Ten Fold!" He dashed forward and slashed at his opponent with incredible speed ten times. His figure as if lightning itself was flashing from place to place, killing the enemies without hesitation.

Sumire also did the same and controlled her weapon to rain down the enemy with a lot of weapons. She also stole the weapons from the enemies making them unharmed against them then used them to attack the enemies.

Tabane didn't do anything and looked around curiously. The palace of the Imperial Palace was quite beautiful. It was decorated in a historical Japanese style from the Meiji era. It was very luxurious, but all of those expensive interiors were being destroyed by Sumire, Haru, and Charlotte.

Tabane looked around since her intention was only to search the Fluctuating Light. She knew that they didn't need it, but she wanted to collect it, especially after they had defeated the Four Gods.

"Let's go!"

They nodded and walked along Tabane to get the treasure.

"I've heard that someone is living in this place." Charlotte looked at the three of them.

"Do you want to meet the resident?" Haru asked.

"No, I'm just asking." Charlotte shook her head and said, "So the one who is living in this place should be someone who is connected to the royal family, right?"

Tabane grabbed Haru's neck and pointed her finger at Haru. "If you want to meet a royal family, then the guy beside you is a king, president, billionaire, pirate, champion of magician, harem protagonist, galge protagonist, etc." At first, she was a bit surprised when she heard Haru's story since his identity as the first developer of the 4th Generation of IS was also very surprising, however, he was a lot more than that.


"That's right. This guy is a president, but he has given up his position." Sumire nodded. She had always wondered what would happen if Haru continued to decide to become a president in her world, but she had a feeling that her country would become the most prosperous country in the world if he decided to do so.


Charlotte looked at Haru and sighed. She wondered whether she should add a popular rocker to his identity. If she compared the royal family in this Imperial Palace, then Haru's identity would be very amazing.

"You should add a hero to your identity," Charlotte said.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, after this quest, I want to rest for a while." He really felt tired since he had always been in the quest. He wanted to let someone else do it, but their response made him a bit strange.

"What?" 3x


Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane looked at each other and knew that Haru had raised a Flag. They were sure 100% that Haru was going to enter the quest again, not because he wanted to, but because no one dared to enter the quest without him.

Even though Haru was very lecherous and loved to make love with a girl, everyone had to admit that his ability at taking care of someone was very good. It might be because, he had taken care of his little sister in his world and his identity as a harem protagonist which made him very good at house chores and took care of everyone.

"Well, let's go. I'm quite tired. Let's go back after we've taken the treasure."



Within the Palace, of course, someone noticed the disturbance which happened on the Imperial Palace. This person was the only resident of the Imperial Palace and he just happened to see what had happened within the palace.

"The "Pets"..."

He had heard about them, but didn't expect them to be this strong. He didn't intend to do anything since his parent inside the game had told him that they were very dangerous. Though, he was a bit curious toward them, but he wasn't stupid since he knew very well that he couldn't defeat them. He was also wondering what would happen after they had defeated the Imperial Palace. He shook his head before entering his private chamber within the Imperial Palace which was very secretive and no one knew about this place, not even the monsters within the palace itself.


"Fuuko, I've heard that they're going to clear up the Imperial Palace?" Kuroyukihime asked through a video call.

"Yes, they should be there right now." Fuuko couldn't hide her worry since she knew how dangerous the Imperial Palace was.

"Don't worry about them. You know about their ability."

"Well, that's true.."

"Let me know when you've received a message from them. I'm also curious whether they've successfully cleared it or not."


They continued to talk about each other and this time they were talking about each other's love life which made them blush.


Haru, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane were surprised when they saw an amount of treasure in front of them. But they knew that each of them was too small compared to the thing in front of them.

Fluctuating Light.

They have received it!