Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1027

Volume 1 Chapter 1027 Onii Chan?

Haruyuki sighed and felt a bit depressed when he thought about the "Territory Battle" which happened last time. He knew that his avatar was quite powerful with his flight ability, but when he lost that flight ability, he was only a weak close range fighter. There was only a limited method to stop him flying such as a long range fighter or Ocean Stingray's thunder. If it was Ocean Stingray's thunder, he didn't think too much since he realized how strong that guy was since Ocean Stingray had also defeated his master. Even so, he didn't give up and wanted to defeat Ocean Stingray, but before that, he needed to solve the matter of the long range fighters.

In the past, his flight ability was very invincible and no one had ever defeated him, but when he had become Level 4. He kept losing and it was very easy for him to be shot down. He knew that he needed to become stronger to be a help of Kuroyukihime and that was why he had downloaded a black application on his Neuro Linker to train himself.

Walking back, Haruyuki felt relief when Ocean Stingray and the "Pets" didn't even challenge him, especially when they were on honeymoon period. As long as he didn't provoke them then it would be alright. But he was curious about the identity of Ocean Stingray, Sunset Lop, Lilac Deer, and Maroon Owl. He was wondering who they were since he had never found out their identity even though they were living in the same place.

When he was about to enter his house, he stopped and glanced at Haru's house. He sighed and felt a bit depressed when he heard that Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire were going on a trip. In the past, Haru often shared delicious food with him, but since Haru had gone on a trip which made him unable to taste Haru's cooking. He shook his head and knew that he needed to be patient. He entered his house and walked while hanging his head down.

"Welcome back, Onii-chan."

"I'm home."

Haruyuki kept walking, but suddenly realized something was wrong. He hurriedly returned and looked at the living room. Inside, he saw a very cute girl with red hair which was tied in twintails.

The girl smiled when she saw Haruyuki looking at her. "What's wrong, Onii-chan?"




After some confrontation, and some inexplicable things, Haruyuki knew that this little girl, who was also his cousin, Kozuki Yuniko, was the Red King, Scarlet Rain. He was surprised by her identity and her power, especially when she shot him down with a lot of armaments during the fight before.

"So you want to meet with my master?" Haruyuki asked.

"Yeah, just got her here. I need to ask her something."

Haruyuki couldn't see the figure of sweet little sister who had greeted him before. In front of him was a fool-mouthed little girl who even dared to kick him. Though, it was also his fault to knead her non-existance chest before. But it was normal since Red King, Scarlet Rain, Kozuki Yuniko was only an elementary student after all.

"Why do you need her?" Haruyuki asked.

"That's not your problem! Just get her to me as soon as possible!"


"I just don't want to retell my story twice! And you seem slow! Just get me your master's tomorrow or else..."

Haruyuki gulped and suddenly remembered something. "If you want to meet someone strong then why don't you ask Ocean Stingray?"


Yuniko was startled then glared at Haruyuki. She grabbed his collar and asked, "Do you know that bastard?!" She could remember what the "Pets" had done to her Legion and knew that it was better to stop her plan to destroy both the "Pets" and Nega Nebulus since a big problem happened in her Legion. She was wondering whether it was karma since she planned something horrible. But enough of that since she felt that Haruyuki knew about Ocean Stingray which made her curious.

"I, I don't know them!"

Haruyuki felt a bit dizzy since his collar was being shaken by Yuniko.

"Then..? Why do you mention them?" Yuniko couldn't understand Haruyuki's words.

"I mean.. The members of the "Pets" are living in this building." Haruyuki felt relief when his collar was released by Yukino. He saw that Yuniko seemed to be stunned, but he didn't blame her since he also understood her feelings.


Yuniko couldn't comprehend what Haruyuki had told her for a while, but when she realized that she was inside the enemy's home, she couldn't help but cry out loud.



Now, there is one question, where are Haru, Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte?

Haru relaxed his body in the hot spring pool. He went to a hot spring inn in Hakone. His body floated on the pool showing his n.a.k.e.d body. Though, he didn't care much since he was the only person in this pool. It was autumn and it was almost winter which made the temperature quite chilly, especially in mountain towns such as Hakone.

Usually, he would spend time in the hot spring with a girl, but it wasn't bad when he did this alone. It was good being alone sometimes, but he also felt a headache when he thought that he would go back to the original world. He was wondering what he should tell Fuuko at that time.

It had been a week after he had cleared the Imperial Palace. He thought that there would be a big change in the "brain burst", but it seemed that there wasn't anything special, rather it was so normal which made him strange. Though, he didn't care much and it was better not to think too much. Almost all the quest in this world was almost over and he only needed to wait for Chrome Disaster to appear before he returned to the original world.

Haru closed his eyes and thought about what he had done in this world. He had to admit that he had learned a lot of things and he had gotten a lot of things in this world. It was at this moment that he suddenly noticed the sound of footsteps which were about to enter his private hot spring pool. The door was opened so suddenly and he heard a loud yet cheerful voice.


Haru looked at Tabane, who was n.a.k.e.d, which startled him. "You.. Why are you n.a.k.e.d?!" He didn't see a towel covering her body which made him unsure where he should put his eyes. If Tabane was in his a.d.u.l.t form then he would see her directly, but he had transformed her age younger which made it troublesome. He didn't want the FBI to enter this place which might cause him trouble, but thinking calmly, he felt that it was normal for children to take a bath together.

"Tabane, cover your body!"

Sumire and Charlotte entered and hurriedly covered Tabane's body with a towel, but it seemed that Tabane didn't care much and ran around the bath.

"Don't run around too much. You will fa--"

Haru was about to say, but Tabane slipped on the bath and fell. "It hurts!"


Haru could only sigh his head. He knew that Tabane was alright since her body was very strong. 'Good grief...' He then covered his lower body with a towel before he closed his eyes again. He thought that it was good to spend their days on this trip.

Little did he know that his attempt to cover his anaconda was futile since the three girls in this pool were able to see his anaconda that was on berserk.