Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1029

Volume 1 Chapter 1029 I'm Ocean Stingray

Yuniko blushed when he saw Kasugano for the first time. Her face turned reddish and she felt a bit embarrassed. She suddenly realized something and tidied up her clothes afraid a wrinkle would appear. She also checked her appearance in the small mirror in the living room so she wouldn't make a bad impression on Kasugano.

This action didn't go unnoticed by Kuroyukihime and looked at Yuniko with a helpless expression. "Nico, what are you doing?"

Yuniko was startled then she quickly looked around before she brought Kuroyukihime inside. "Hey do you know that hunk?" In her mind, Kasugano was really a hunk and it might be her first time seeing someone so handsome.

Looking at Yuniko's reaction, Kuroyukihme didn't feel that surprised and shook her head.

"Just give up."


Yuniko was startled when she heard Kuroyukihime's response. She frowned and complained, "What do you mean?! Do you mean that I'm not cute enough? Do you think that I don't have a chance?" She felt that Kuroyukihime was looking down on her charm. She was quite popular at her school and there were also a lot of stupid boys who gave her a love letter. She didn't think that she was bad and she had a chance at Kasugano.

"It's not that you're not cute enough, but haven't you seen the girls beside him?" Kuroyukihime said.


Yuniko came out once again then noticed a beautiful girl with flawless smooth skin, but that wasn't the problem. She gulped when she saw the girl's chest was humongous. She looked at her airport chest and frowned.

"Oh, Hime, you're here?"

Yuniko was surprised when the girl greeted Kuroyukihime then looked at Kuroyukihime with a curious expression.

"Fuuko, you've had fun with your trip?" Kuroyukihime asked.

Fuuko nodded with smile and said, "Yes, we really have fun there."

"Where is Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane?" Kuroyukihime asked.

"They're at home. They want to take a rest after going back.," Haru answered then looked at the little girl beside Kuroyukihime. "Kuroyuki, who is she? Your little sister?"

"No!" 2x

Kuroyukihime and Yuniko glared at each other and they wouldn't want such a little sister (older sister) like her!

Yuniko smiled sweetly at Haru and introduced herself. "Hello, Onii-chan. My name is Kozuki Yuniko. You can call me Nico-chan."

Haru was about to say something, but Fuuko didn't give him a chance.

"How cute!"

Fuuko hugged Yuniko tightly and pressed Yuniko's head into her large bust.


Yuniko was startled, but more importantly she was angry when Fuuko provoked her. She knew that she had a flat chest, but she didn't need to be reminded!

Even though she had to admit that Fuuko's chest was very soft, it made her angry being hugged so suddenly. She pushed Fuuko away and looked at Fuuko with an intimidating expression. "What the hell are you doing?! Do you want to kill me?!" Fuuko's chest made it hard for her to breathe and envious at the same time.

Fuuko smiled and let go of Yuniko. "I'm sorry. I can't help it. You're too cute."


Being praised, Yuniko, of course, was very happy, but she couldn't show it on her face. Her expression was very proud as if a peac.o.c.k.

"I'm sorry, she loves to hug cute girls." Haru was a bit helpless at Fuuko's hobby. "You shouldn't hug someone so suddenly."

Fuuko pouted and ignored Haru.

Haru sighed and understood since Fuuko was a bit annoyed since he had seen her n.a.k.e.d body during the trip before. He had apologized, but he knew that she wanted him to spoil her. He ignored Fuuko and looked at Yuniko. "My name is Kasugano Haruka. Nice to meet you, Nico-chan."

"Yes, Onii-chan."

Yuniko smiled sweetly at Haru.



Haru glared at Fuuko who had said forbidden words. Fuuko snorted and ignored him. He shook his head and looked at Yuniko again. "Ignore her." But he didn't expect Yuniko's reaction to be a bit different from his imagination.

Yuniko blushed shyly and thought that she had a chance to get Haru's heart.


Haruyuki scratched his head since he was being ignored, but he didn't care much since the mochi which was being given by Haru was very delicious.

Haru looked at Kuroyukihime, Haruyuki, then Yuniko. He knew that the Chrome Disaster had appeared and it was better to act with them since he didn't know the location of the Chrome Disaster. Unlike him, Yuniko was the Legion's Master of Prominence and of course, she knew the location of the player who used Chrome Disaster since that person was a member of her Legion.

"So are you talking about "brain bursts"?"


When Haru suddenly asked this question, Haruyuki, Yuniko, Kuroyukihime, and Fuuko were startled.

"K, Kasugano-kun....?!" Haruyuki suddenly had a sense of foreboding. He had never thought about this possibility before, but suddenly he felt that there was no other person who could be that player beside him.

Kuroyukihime and Fuuko were surprised since they didn't expect Haru to tell everyone about his identity.

"D, do you also play "brain burst"?" Yuniko forgot about her real personality since it was too shocking.


"K, Kasugano-kun..." Haruyuki took a deep breath and asked, "W, what's your name on the "brain burst"?"

Chiyu and Taku also had come out from the living room to hear their conversation.

Haru didn't have a burden and he smiled at them. "I'm Ocean Stingray."


Haruyuki, Yuniko, Chiyu, and Taku opened their mouths so wide that it was enough for an egg to be put there.

Only Fuuko and Kuroyukihime didn't feel that surprised by his identity.


Yuniko thought that she was really at a disadvantage, especially when she was surrounded by both Black Lotus and Ocean Stingray. If it was Black Lotus alone then it wouldn't be trouble, but there was Ocean Stingray. She also looked at Haru's identity and was startled when she found out that he was a university student at a young age. She understood why he was so strong and it was because this guy was a prodigy. She looked at Kuroyukihime and asked, "You know about his identity?" She could see that Haruyuki, Taku, and Chiyu didn't know about Haru's identity, but Kuroyukihime knew about him.

"Yes, it isn't hard to know, but I keep it a secret since he has asked me to keep it." Kuroyukihime looked at Haruyuki and said, "But since he has decided to talk about his identity then there's no need to keep it a secret."

Haruyuki also knew that it was important to keep the identity of the player of the "brain burst" since it would be dangerous if someone knew about it. But he didn't understand why Haru decided to tell everyone about his identity as an Ocean Stingray.

Haru didn't explain anything and asked, "You're Red King?"


"....Yes." Yuniko had a complicated expression since this guy was her nemesis. She fell for her nemesis, which made her unsure what to do.

"So you know about us?" Taku asked.

"It isn't hard to guess your identity, especially when you keep coming in and out of Haruyuki's house," Haru said.


It wasn't that they didn't believe in Haruyuki, but they could see that it was quite easy for Haru to know about Haruyuki's identity, especially when they remembered that Haruyuki had tried to challenge Haru in the past.

"So what are you talking about? Both Black King and Red King are here, If it isn't something serious then you won't be gathering together."

Hearing Haru's question, everyone thought that it might be the reason why Haru decided to tell his identity.

Yuniko looked at Haru and asked, "You're going to help me?"

"Depending on the quest."

Yuniko nodded and felt happy somehow. "Chrome Disaster. I need all of you to help me to take care of it."


"Chrome Disaster?"